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  1. all my friends are warning me that they can't connect to their servers now it seems to be some error in the psn
  2. update: after uninstalling again, restarting my PS5 and installing the game again in English no more error! Should I leave my console in English only from now on?
  3. It freezes the screen on this error, and does not give the option to do anything, I can't report, and i have to force the game to close . I have already uninstalled and installed the game again, and changed my language to English, the error remains the same ... I maintain a Brazilian community with 16 thousand players and several are having the same problem I am attaching the image of the same error happening to another player
  4. after today's patch it got even worse VID-20210216-WA0101.mp4
  5. It's impossible to make any trade of skins in the trade inn section, because the game crashes, and if you spend some time with the curio cabinet open, it crashes too, it's been like this for a week, can you fix it? note: I play on a Playstation 5
  6. thanks for the tips In the event's launch post says that there is also the standard beefalo doll, how can I get it?
  7. Congratulations, the event is incredible! A doubt, can beefalos skins be used after the event? (I would really like to)
  8. after the beefalo year update, the game can't stay open for a few minutes and we already received the crash message, I'm playing on a PS5
  9. On the consoles we are still at Christmas, I saw an administrator here on the forums a while ago saying that the event would come out soon, but it did not come out .... who is from the oldest time of DST on the consoles knows that we already had events that stayed for 6 months (Halloween), any news about what will come?
  10. hello guys, i've been trying for several seasons to spawn the lord of fruit flyes, but it just doesn't show up, I made a reasonably large area (6 tiles), planted and cultivated several different vegetables and even let it rot for a while, and it doesn't show up ... can someone tell me how to do it?