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  1. It was a wonderful year for the consoles, I am already a fan of the work they have done for years, and I can say that 2019 was the best year for us, you did an incredible job and I will always be grateful, congratulations to all, and know that we believe very much in potential they have! @JoeW @JanH @CharlesB @PeterA @bizziboi @ScottHansen everyone was somehow part of the incredible year that was 2019 for the consoles, thanks and a hug directly from Brazil to everyone!
  2. [Game Update] - 171

    Everything is amazing, thank you

    I bought it in the store, after Tuesday's update we can buy the new currency, Bolt, and weave the store's skins with it, if you go to the store, you will see that there is now the option to buy the bolts... I will add you
  4. Sorry for bad english

    We have players from all over the world, for example I am from Brazil, and my English is not good

    I loved it, bought it now, and a lot of new individual options and promotions came into the PS4 store, thanks Klei

    the skins are amazing! they used the items that didn't have skin yet, the developers are surprising us a lot, congratulations ... thanks to all of you
  7. GingerPig houses missing....

    @CharlesB any news about the update in the store? the new currency or when can we buy Christmas skins? Thanks for the informations
  8. GingerPig houses missing....

    Yeah, I have the same issue ...
  9. [Game Update] - 388647

    2019 was an amazing year, and I'm sure 2020 will be even more, thanks Klei
  10. Tesla coil lantern

    When they were released, it was still possible to redeem the codes on PS4, soon after, it was removed
  11. Tesla coil lantern

    I have My id: MarcoF-Livio
  12. Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas
  13. My world reached 7K

    The game has received a lot of new stuff this year, and I try to share my time doing a little of everything ... Having a big base like this is a lot of work to maintain, I have some projects yet, such as expanding my base in the cave, it still very small (I want to be inspired by yours, I loved it when I met) ... In general that's it, I divide my time between the Bosses, the seasons, and changes I'm always making.
  14. My world reached 7K

    At the main base I have a bit of lag, especially when I'm with friends, but nothing that gets in the way of gameplay, my base occupies almost the entire pig king biome ... As for the volt goats, I changed their spawn point in about two days ...
  15. It is with great joy that I bring you another birthday of my world, The Robot Saga, which completes its seventh millennium today, was an amazing year, I dedicated myself a lot, there was a lot of news and a lot of affection and love in my old world that I love so much . Who ever played on the console knows that there are no mods, and this makes the players have the pure experience of the game, I like it very much, thanks to all the developers who have always been there every time I needed this year, you are amazing !!! @bizziboi @CharlesB @JoeW @JanH @PeterA @nome Thank you for making 2019 an amazing year for us in constant.