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  1. yes, I mean the game update, bioms and mobs, not the characters ....
  2. @JoeW I know dozens of friends who are waiting for the update to create a world, since we do not see more sense in investing in a world that will not receive the new content .... we should wait until when in the consoles for this?
  3. @JoeW for consoles are the dates the same? new beta content will come out for us?
  4. Base Showcase!

    a spider ornament for Halloween tree
  5. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    hello darkness my old friend...
  6. I'm sure they will surprise us.
  7. since the last update, the klei servers are disabled...
  8. Butterfly wings are tiny now?!

    Hahahhahahahahahahhahahahha @CharlesB they get small on the floor
  9. [Game Update] - 142

    @CharlesB @justinliew Congratulations to the quick answers and the effort to solve all the problems, this is very rare to see today .... and congratulations to all the team that acts in the consoles for bringing this update of corrections so fast for us...
  10. Game crashes when trying to repair portal

    this bug has already been identified by the developers, but said they will only fix the next update
  11. Can’t connect to servers

    also happened to me, started that night, only klei servers were available
  12. [Game Update] - 141

    Thank You @JoeW