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  1. probably not...and we don’t even have a forecast for the launch of Hamlet, the Xbox has received it some time ago, I'm starting to believe that Klei may have a relationship problem with Sony, watching the latest news here
  2. I need to see this, I'm sure it looks amazing, congratulations, friend
  3. It is sad to hear that, I have been playing DST for 4 years on PS4, and I followed all the difficulties that Sony imposes over time ... today we can already see Hamlet with an early debut on Xbox, and with the new generation coming we do not know how our skins and saves will look in this possible migration ... it is natural that the Xbox offers more facilities because it is from Microsoft, what remains for us is to wait ... or do some extra hours at work to be able to buy a Pc and start from zero
  4. The game is incredible, but it is undeniable that 90% of its players are from the PC, I compared for a few days the number of active servers on Steam, and on PlayStation...while Steam has an average of 7,000 active servers, PlayStation has 250, it's a surreal difference ... that's why I think the effort that Klei has been making for such a small portion of console players is incredible, and that they still care.
  5. I've played DST since its launch on the PlayStation 4 in 2016, I have a world with almost 10,000 days, and I went through all the difficulties that the console had at the beginning (events that lasted a year, updates every 8 months) and I can say with absolutely sure that the game today is perfect for me! I have a large network of friends, and there is nothing today that gets in the way of our gameplay, klei turned our experience on consoles into something much more enjoyable and they managed to do it very fast ... I believe that for the future, they should bet on improving servers, to avoid the lags that we have much more often, and to improve targets by using teleports and crosshairs .... we are about to change the generation on consoles, the future is still uncertain, but I believe that klei may surprise us still ... in short, they are trying very hard not to have any delay in content ... this for me is incredible!
  6. I don't know how it is in all countries, but here in Brazil we have 1 Xbox player for every 10 of PS4 sometimes I cannot understand the logic of their priorities, I imagine that Microsoft is more malleable to negotiate
  7. I believe that as the launch will be in December, they will not give us information now, we know that Sony will offer backwards compatibility, but we do not know how Klei will behave in this regard, as it will be the first time for them, I would like to know if at least the skins I got in those 4 years will be migrated to a ps5 account...
  8. a friend just told me it's available for purchase at the Xbox store, why not on PS4? @CharlesB
  9. I play on PlayStation since launch in 2016, without interruption, and redeem all possible skins, this information does not exist
  10. use a web browser other than Chrome
  11. hi friend, I'm great and you? In Portuguese, very good is said: Muito Bom!
  12. Hi everyone I would like to share with you the talent of Gustavo Ourique, who is part of our Don't Starve Together Brazil community, the song is "The starver's Carol", and the instrument is Diatonic accordion!
  13. The costume collection is different