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  1. I really wanted to have that possibility too, but I don't know anyone, it looks like I'm going to be without
  2. I really wanted the skin of the chester backpack, but now it's just a dream... (Obrigado por escrever em PT/BR)
  3. After the last update the enlightenment stopped working on a large part of my lunar island, working only in specific parts of the island.
  4. the acquired skin does not work within the game
  5. thanks for the quick update, i'm having a problem with the dragonfly pet skin, i bought it, and when i use it it just doesn't work, even using the clean sweeper
  6. These are loyal skins that we won, just like the PC players, but as our version of the game will only be updated next week, we can't use it now, only when we update
  7. if you are playing on PS4 / Xbox one, you won the skin, but it is not in this version of the game yet, it will only be available next week when they update
  8. @JoeW I'm still working, and some friends have told me that the fantasy skins are already available for use on PS4, can we buy the new packs or weave the skins with spools? or do we have to wait until next week for that?