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1 minute ago, WilliamHiggsbury said:

tumblr_ojlbrgBLYH1vw7uaqo1_500.png POTATO MWWAHAHAHAAHAHAA !

Hhahaha nice , he kinda resembles me with that edit :wilson_laugh:

but ı am going to Maxwell memes PRE-sequel , ı don't want a get some kind of ban cause of spamming heh.


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He's is remembering his time in the army.

How he lived through a barrage of meteors. How he escaped the hands of a gigantic ape-shaped monstrosity. The Flood of day 45 that flooded so many homes.

He has seen many men die... good men. All with families to take care of. Now, he's one of the few left that can tell the tale. 

That´s why he is sad.

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