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Found 3 results

  1. So, back in July I made a thread showing off all of the concept art skins before we knew about the clothes system. Since then, the thread died off as it was no longer relevant. So I was thinking, "Hey, the wiki doesn't really show off all of the new clothes, someone should do something about that." But since I can't edit the wiki (or know how to), made this thread showing off all the skins that Klei has released to DST as of now. I will update this thread with new skins as they roll out. enjoy! Common Skins: Buttoned Shirts Collared Shirts Lumberjack Shirts Pleated Shirts T-Shirts Pants Skirts Hand Covers Long Gloves Sneakers Booties Classy: Cardigans (Lunar Collection) Suspension Shirts Sweater Vests Tweed Waistcoats Checkered Trousers Knee Pants Plaid Skirts Driving Gloves Buckled Gloves Tuxedo/Striking Gloves (Formal Collection) Canadian Boots (Formal Collection) High/Low Heels (Formal Collection) Mary Janes (Formal Collection) Pumps (Formal Collection) Riding Boots (Formal Collection) Steel-Toed Boots Sandals Spiffy: Silk Robes (Lunar Collection) Dainty Coatdress (Lunar Collection) Quilted Outerwear (Lunar Collection) Trench Coats Jammies Overalls Letterman Jacket Awarded to those who visited the Klei booth during PAX Smart Sweater Awarded to those who visited the Klei booth during PAX Toga Sleeveless Blouse Item Skins (Winter Collection) (Only drops during the Holidays) Distinguished: Silk Loungewear (Lunar Collection) Distinguished GoH's (Formal Collection) Distinguished Survivor (Survivor Collection) Distinguished 'The Triumphant' (Shadow Collection) Nightdress Bunny Slippers Fuzzy Slippers Flouncy Dress Shearling Coat Toggle Jacket Yacht Suit Follower Costumes (Costume Collection) (Only drops during the Halloween season) Item Skins (Lunar Collection) (Only drops during Chinese New Year) (Winter Collection) (Only drops during the Holidays) Elegant: Click here to be redirected to ImDaMisterL's Big Portrait and Quotes Compilation! Guests of Honor (Formal Collection) In-Game Survivors (Survivor Collection) In-Game The Triumphant (Shadow Collection) In-Game Item Skins (Lunar Collection) (Compatible skins:) (Compatible skins:) (Compatible skins:) (Survivor Collection) (Costume Collection) (Only drops during the Halloween season) (Compatible skins: ) (Winter Collection) (Only drops during the Holidays) (Lunar Collection) (Only drops during Chinese New Year) Loyal: (Shadow Collection) (Lunar Collection) How to Obtain Event: Hallowed Nights (Only available during the Halloween season) In-Game Winter's Feast (Only available during the Holidays) (Compatible skins:) Year of the Gobbler (Only available during Chinese New Year) Reward: How to Obtain Proof of Purchase Store Pages Timeless: (Ancient Collection) (Compatible skins:) How to Obtain Special thanks to @ImDaMisterL and @Aquaterion for providing the portraits, quotes, and in-game pictures! ~~~(Rose Collection) Leaks The Mod Rarity Thread
  2. Wow! It's just like if Charlie knows which chest skin is my favorite! But, I don't need three of them, so the ones in my inventory are up for trade. The Train Case or Carpet Bag would be nice. Please send me an offer or else I will be very upset.
  3. So, I had an art thread for Don't Starve stuff, but it kinda died because I stopped drawing Don't Starve stuff... But then I thought, "Wait, I still draw other things sometimes. I could make an art thread in the Off-Topic section so people could see my other art." and now after a long time of procrastinating, eh-ing, and getting my drawing tablet to work again, it's finally here! *cue pre-recorded audience applause* Now have a couple forumers drawn as Undertale Characters! @Halved @geni0529 Feel free to request something if you want but I'm not promising that I'll actually complete it though because I know myself too well *rolls into the corner*