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  1. RIP @Chris1448 i just looked in game for what is PeterA talking about. You gonna loose your mind man! GL tho
  2. Hi Peter. Since you are making changes to wardrobe i would suggest sorting by items with duplicates. We have already tons of items in there and it is tedious to go trough every profile icon, emote, etc just to find which one i have twice so i can unravel them Thanks!
  3. I beat you to it by few minutes (you can delete my thread) So is this coming to macOS/iOS in fall when Apple Arcade launches or can we get macOS version soon or something? Does this also mean Hot Lava will be iOS exclusive? (i dont mind here just asking for our Android people) Apple Arcade preview video here: EDIT: one more question @MarkL is this gonna be 100% Metal optimised or is it some kind of port to Metal of already existing stuff you have? EDIT2: OK it seems im the only one excited about this. I just read that Apple is working with these developers (Klei) to make those games. Also it will be the same game on iOS, macOS and tvOS so i can switch between them and progress will be saved. This is what i always wanted. I thought we will get this with Dont Starve when it came to iOS but nah. I am really curious about that Metal optimisation tho. Plz tell us/me more Mark!
  4. So how long does this event last? (how long we have to buy the skins?)
  5. Yo KLEI come on! @V2C Add those profile icons and other stuff to the whole pack we are buying for 13$!!! Come on! What is this? Why on earth are these not in the pack? Every time i need to buy stuff from market to unspool them and weave tons of ridiculous icons and other stuff just because it wasnt included in 13$ price? Please for the love of god add EVERYTHING to promo chest which SHOULD include everything in the first place. This is why i missed all that small stuff from first pack you sold because who would think you exclude profile icons Im still gonna buy it but those profile icons are tedious to deal with especially when you release tons of them at the same time like in winter :/
  6. OH MY GOD those items have rarities O.o never realised this before and i have almost all of them except some of the items from first winter batch. What a twist indeed! Thanks for info
  7. @V2C Old Snowfallen collection items are now for 450 spools although other items are for normal spool amounts like 15 or so. Is this a bug or these are real numbers?
  8. Griftlands Update

    This is all we ask for. Maybe throw some art here and there to keep the hype going and its all good .) Good luck with this cool project Klei!
  9. [Game Update] - 291539

    Shouldn't Spider gorillas be neutral to Webber? I thought that was just a bug but they are still hostile. Webber should eventually be able to befriend them right?
  10. [Game Update] - 284213

    It was said Mac version is coming in first few updates when Hot Lava released first version. There is STILL absolutely ZERO information if Mac/Linux versions are even happening?
  11. [Game Update] - 282864

    Oh hi Mark Please any info on Mac version? We should have it for months from what you said last time
  12. [Game Update] - 276567

    Oh hai Mark! Any ETA on mac/linux version pretty please? I hope it is still happening
  13. 99% of those vignettes are old artwork profile frames are just game screenshots and it looks really bad as profiles 99% profiles icons are old artwork - these look ok i guess as icons 99% emotes are old artwork - meh don't want to be harsh on Klei but this is WEAK guys
  14. are you aware you are commenting in same thread with people who are buying them low and selling them that high? With only few available on market the price is made up by these forum people lol. Sometime even same ones that whine about prices of skins. Yet no one is counting 1$ elegants because those are not the hottest sh... lol at "36$ were harmed" ... thats more like "i made already 360$ off these"
  15. Guys don't worry lantern/staff skins coming soon .)
  16. It is waaay over 400 .) Also DANGLING DEPTH DWELLER SKIN FOR WEBBER WHEN???
  17. At this point Rose collection is so "old" that i would rather not to have it. We didn't get new character collection for so long that i would expect to get something new and cool (mainly something different). The reality that we know what we gonna get and waiting for it like 6 months or maybe even year already is so sad :/
  18. A daily reminder of the skins that are scrapped because they were too weak to add to game .)
  19. How many pink shirts for cup? .)
  20. So you rather want Rose Wilson than Young or Mad scientist Wilson?
  21. At this point do we even want Rose collection? IMO it has been already way too long and Klei should rather release some proper and cool looking collection and keep Rose to tencent or whoever. If they release it there wont be any hype we usually do because we seen all of it already like 6 months ago (maybe even more?). Seriously it is old news. With this going on we have nothing to look forward because rose collection is still not here and we already know what we get next - it will be probably at the end of ANR beta so this could be another month or so. Do you want new collection or rather get old Rose one?
  22. IMO Klei should time those updates to be released EXACTLY after stream. That way everyone would watch stream because after that new goodies in game
  23. You know what country i am from. Its the one under yours. Tell me then what is special about our new year. @Chris1488 i hope it is really soon and not like before. 01:44am here already :/