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  1. Don't worry it'll probably be a common.
  2. Winter's Feast???

    I think we'll get it in February, that sounds way more feasible.
  3. "Fan art" suggests she's legal.
  4. I agree as well but you never really need butterfly wings with life steal so better to just collect them and give them to your friends.
  5. But Klei ships Wendy and Webber. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  6. Correct, however you still need to get a lot of reeds to do so and have a lot of healing for emergencies unless you have the bone helmet. I forgot about that, thanks for reminding me.
  7. Feelsbadman, when you never get duplicate loyal skins.
  8. I'd say killing bunny men with a star caller and flingo freezing them is way easier since you don't lose sanity and you get a ton of food for pierogies, I will say the only downside is you'll need a plan for hounds since you can't leave til the star goes away.
  9. Screw fighting over a walking cane boon, I'm rushing towards the oasis before any hosers get there before me!
  10. I could tell, what noob gets past winter without help?
  11. Nah it's Wendy's new skin "Definitely not Willow."
  12. I'm interested.
  13. Sometimes when I'm reading a forum post I think to myself: Why am I reading this? Why am I still here, just to suffer.

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    2. GiddyGuy


      @DragonMage156 It's a jape, I like reading some forum posts.

    3. minespatch


      Was this about the pic of Wigfrid spanking wes?:wilson_ecstatic:

    4. DragonMage156


      That was @LiptonPee not me, I swear to god XD

  14. Random Questions

    He also has the ability to read Wickerbottom's books which is useful if you want to farm birds for feathers, meat and summon krampus. Or just passively help with gardening.
  15. I would never make a thermal measurer with or without always on status since it's not very clear. I love how the moon dial as decor looks so even without or with always on status I would at least make one. Edit: I only just now read how toxic this page has gotten.
  16. Well at least he's in his early 30s and not 12.
  17. Such a wholesome reason to play Wilson.
  18. Try looking at old threads where people complain about this. For one DST uses a different programming language called lua and this apparently isn't great for multiplayer games in terms of lag compensation, but you can still try to adapt as others have it's not that hard to master and figure out how everything works.
  19. 3 MAN WIN MY BOI

    Almost an hour?...That sounds horrid, I'd never do such a thing unless it meant I got more exp... Anyway good job my fam squad.
  20. Would be nice to have a shadow geek squad following you everywhere...or perhaps horned imps to help with your bidding.
  21. Beware nsfw pic above I swear to you my fam... But really why does Wolfgang's breastplate do this to Wigfrid dafault.
  22. JBeetle's Learning to Art

    It actually took me a few secs to realize it's the bird cage from DS...probably because I use the pirate version more. Nice job it looks gorgeous.
  23. Well I don't really think they're short on money since they're working on five different games all at the same time.
  24. This just kinda seems like an anti consumer idea.