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  1. I didn't want to enter the fray but I think this is kind of lazy way to tell if someone is good at the game or nice in general...(But I completely agree with the Webber players being clueless) Not everyone is the same stereotype just because they play the same character as others.
  2. Na1t art

    Perhaps she's training them to do her bidding. Nice adding in tentacles as a reference to on tentacles, and I love the fancy throne she has.
  3. Ninjanemo's art dump of random doodles

    I was expecting a cursed image when I saw you posted in here.
  4. Examine while moving

    "Ctrl + left click" while moving. Edit: I do believe examining stuff while doing an action interrupts it.
  5. Beefalo Damage Equality

    I love the baby beefalo at the lower right judging the pudgy beefalo "You drama queen."
  6. How positively charming.
  7. Hambat skin...the DLC is called the Hamlet.
  8. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Nope. But every time someone tries explaining Winona is fine and actually doesn't look ugly, Donald trump saying "ya wrong" plays.
  9. But will there be any skin...shown.
  10. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Good job @minespatch however I thought Greg was the one with facial hair. =p
  11. Winona Rework

    I think Jinona is an okay character and doesn't need any visual or ability rework, at all! Warning take all satire with a grain of salt
  12. Ask "Wher bze" and if no one answers, kill yourself with a green cap until they do.
  13. Oh that sounds a lot like how buildings worked in the older paper mario games.
  14. @Instant-Noodles Anyway to see the in-game sprites of Winona's skins?
  15. Winona confirmed perks

    Tell that to Woodie.
  16. This actually looks really good, I don't understand why they didn't go with this since her dafault is pretty bad and ugly.
  17. Winona confirmed perks

    I've heard a lot of people describe Wickerbottom as such a character with that play style. I agree she's garbage, deserves to be fed to the trash man, Wolfgang.
  18. Winona's Mending Tape

    Could be possible via how bundling works.
  19. Winona's Mending Tape

    Perhaps it'll cost 50 green gems, 10 bone armor hats, 300 bee queen hats, 30 opal gems. and it'll only repair 5% on the selected item and use 20% durability.
  20. Look at this dude.
  21. I can't believe I was that tired and wrote "the's the" instead of "that's the."
  22. Meet Winona!

    When you're excited about Winona but fear her only good traits about her is lore and being Charlie's sister since you remember one of her perks being dodging Charlie's night attack once and her design is pretty ugly.