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  1. New skins

    I'd love a hoodie. Who doesn't like an oversized hoodie on a cold winter night, eh.
  2. screen shot show case

    Pierogi, anyone?
  3. screen shot show case

    As long as they keep the lavae in for at least a few rounds with Dfly (which already worked a few times, she only went to the ponds i already had walled off), it was worth it Thanks!
  4. screen shot show case

    Happy Willow! Big project, finally almost done. A bunch of moon caller staffs later and I got this:
  5. Lustrous alchemy pod skin?

    Someone told me that topic was fake. The roses wouldn't fit in with the skin, those are the roses from the Tragic Torch skin. So I think they locked it to avoid confusion or something.
  6. I personally make sure I have a wormhole close by, works like a charm.
  7. screen shot show case

    Started a new server. Oasis base. Antlion spawned. Good for my symmetry but.. Come on game.
  8. My general area, storage and gathering / farming presents. My favorite of this is my little boss area, the tree has their ornaments as well. There's usually a tent up top but it just ran out so just imagine there's a tent there. My closet is so full because of the hats I get out of the presents, I don't use most of them. This is of course just decoration, but it makes me happy. You can see a tiny bit of my bees up top, I built a pig village to the right of them (pig skin farming) and the whole right of this is bunny vs spider. Have two nests planted and over 20 bunnies. I don't know btw if this is a bug or not, but tree stumps as decoration, the birchnut ones work, but the pinecone ones disappear when I log back in? Strange. And this is where I deal with hounds.
  9. I got booties, red sneakers and green sneakers last week.. I guess they know of my shoe addiction.
  10. screen shot show case

    My absolute favorite of all time..
  11. This is awesome! I love the lining with the trees that you made. I'm totally going to steal that, no shame. Nice rabbitcage as well! [lowkey stealing that too]
  12. I am playing with Winter Feast Event turned on, it's something you can do when you generate your world.