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  1. Well, my bad in that case. I saw it was also about gekko's and the thing DarkXero posted seemed pretty accurate in that topic. Sorry!
  2. I think the command you need to place into some files I know nothing about is in this topic:
  3. You use bushhats as decoration! That is so creative! Love it
  4. Looks like we had the same luck. My drops were also limited to common shirts, pleated shirts and an occasional silk robe. My activity wall has been full of people getting elegants out of the chests or regular in game, so I guess we're just extremely unlucky at this point. Nothing to do about it.
  5. Maybe this helps. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1101769273&searchtext=GNOME
  6. I always have to generate a brand new world first when I want to continue on another computer. I generate a new world (on the second computer) with the same settings as the one I want, then I quit the game and paste the file over the new generated world (in the correct cluster). Then I can just start up the server and continue playing.
  7. If it's a winter skin, see Daniels post. If it's any other skin, you can buy anything on the market and offer it to your friend in an empty trade. Meaning, you offer them the skin and ask for nothing in return.
  8. I was JUST visiting the first base topic for inspiration not even a week ago! I'm glad to see this is back. ^^ I'm having fun on this server testing various mods. Main area [Defaults festive mod, API skins, Shipwrecked shelter that doesn't actually work] My bee area [Plant flowers closer].. Here you can see how many times I killed Bee Queen and got her ornament! Spiderfarm finally finished! [Pvp Turf and Marble Walls, personally not a fan of the turf, probably gonna enable Turfed again and change that up soon]
  9. Extra Loyal
  10. So, eh. Are you supposed to have 2? I have two in game and in Steam for some reason.
  11. Just wanted to say happy birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day. :)

    1. ProfessorAlpaca


      Thank you so much! And so far its been a great birthday, I was lucky enough to get the hambat skin from my forge chests. :D

  12. If anybody wants the skinned prestihatitators, skinned firestaves/icestaves, endtables or just different chests in general, feel free to invite me to your server, I'll gladly make them for you! :]

    1. disies


      I think I'm interested. We could do that during weekend after I decided for a nice spot for them : )

    2. Kittydub


      Sure! I'd love to. Leave me a link to your profile when you want me to come in. :)

  13. They both look quite good in game, I have to say. Nice update!
  14. This is a pretty old server I don't use anymore, I just wanted to see what they looked like. I do have painted pighouses on my current server.
  15. Pretty cool. Chestihatitator has to be my personal favorite.
  16. Aha. That Antlion fix was welcome. Thanks!
  17. There are so many options!
  18. I'd rather have the young skins/creepy skins at this point. We already have two sets of fancy ones. What in the world do you need to get that fancy for in a survival environment..
  19. Might have been a premature happydance from my side, my second drop was a common. Ahem *cough* .. Sorry.
  20. Me and two old friends played for an hour or so and we all got distinguished items as a first drop.. Is there something special going on I don't know about or is this a coincidence?
  21. You can really tell you've been drawing a lot lately, I can see it in the drawings! Good job and keep up the good work ^^
  22. Strange, it didn't bug out for me. Also, I looked up what Thurible means because why not. A thurible is a metal censer suspended from chains, in which incense is burned during worship services. The more you know.
  23. Thurible looks amazing. Definitely gonna go down to check that out.