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  1. I was JUST visiting the first base topic for inspiration not even a week ago! I'm glad to see this is back. ^^ I'm having fun on this server testing various mods. Main area [Defaults festive mod, API skins, Shipwrecked shelter that doesn't actually work] My bee area [Plant flowers closer].. Here you can see how many times I killed Bee Queen and got her ornament! Spiderfarm finally finished! [Pvp Turf and Marble Walls, personally not a fan of the turf, probably gonna enable Turfed again and change that up soon]
  2. In-game display of Elegant forge items

    The fatsuit. I'm still a little sad the fence skin didn't come. Man, those fences in the Forge look great.
  3. Extra Loyal
  4. So, eh. Are you supposed to have 2? I have two in game and in Steam for some reason.
  5. Just wanted to say happy birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day. :)

    1. ProfessorAlpaca


      Thank you so much! And so far its been a great birthday, I was lucky enough to get the hambat skin from my forge chests. :D

  6. Opinions on the forge beta?

    I personally enjoyed most of it. As a solo player I did have some concerns as well (playing with randoms) but that didn't matter in the end. My steam friends list has always been full of DST players I have basically never had an actual game with, so for me it quickly turned into this place where I would actually play with these people, get invites, get to know them and ultimately win lots of games together. It was great fun and I am excited to go at it again!
  7. Poll: Does anyone play Winona?

    She's my new favorite as well. I just love the crafting speed, as building is my main objective in the game. I don't think she's bad at all, she's very nice to play with, for me at least.
  8. If anybody wants the skinned prestihatitators, skinned firestaves/icestaves, endtables or just different chests in general, feel free to invite me to your server, I'll gladly make them for you! :]

    1. disies


      I think I'm interested. We could do that during weekend after I decided for a nice spot for them : )

    2. Kittydub


      Sure! I'd love to. Leave me a link to your profile when you want me to come in. :)

  9. They both look quite good in game, I have to say. Nice update!
  10. This is a pretty old server I don't use anymore, I just wanted to see what they looked like. I do have painted pighouses on my current server.
  11. Pretty cool. Chestihatitator has to be my personal favorite.
  12. Thanks @shad1, it worked, Stage 2!
  13. I'll do your black, Thank you so much!
  14. I need someone for that first part, quote me I guess if you are that someone that wants to help. :]
  15. Aha. That Antlion fix was welcome. Thanks!
  16. There are so many options!
  17. I'd rather have the young skins/creepy skins at this point. We already have two sets of fancy ones. What in the world do you need to get that fancy for in a survival environment..
  18. Might have been a premature happydance from my side, my second drop was a common. Ahem *cough* .. Sorry.
  19. Me and two old friends played for an hour or so and we all got distinguished items as a first drop.. Is there something special going on I don't know about or is this a coincidence?
  20. You can really tell you've been drawing a lot lately, I can see it in the drawings! Good job and keep up the good work ^^
  21. Strange, it didn't bug out for me. Also, I looked up what Thurible means because why not. A thurible is a metal censer suspended from chains, in which incense is burned during worship services. The more you know.
  22. Thurible looks amazing. Definitely gonna go down to check that out.