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  1. Poll: Does anyone play Winona?

    She's my new favorite as well. I just love the crafting speed, as building is my main objective in the game. I don't think she's bad at all, she's very nice to play with, for me at least.
  2. New skins

    I'd love a hoodie. Who doesn't like an oversized hoodie on a cold winter night, eh.
  3. screen shot show case

    Pierogi, anyone?
  4. screen shot show case

    As long as they keep the lavae in for at least a few rounds with Dfly (which already worked a few times, she only went to the ponds i already had walled off), it was worth it Thanks!
  5. screen shot show case

    Happy Willow! Big project, finally almost done. A bunch of moon caller staffs later and I got this:
  6. Lustrous alchemy pod skin?

    Someone told me that topic was fake. The roses wouldn't fit in with the skin, those are the roses from the Tragic Torch skin. So I think they locked it to avoid confusion or something.
  7. screen shot show case

    Started a new server. Oasis base. Antlion spawned. Good for my symmetry but.. Come on game.
  8. screen shot show case

    My absolute favorite of all time..
  9. If anybody wants the skinned prestihatitators, skinned firestaves/icestaves, endtables or just different chests in general, feel free to invite me to your server, I'll gladly make them for you! :]

    1. disies


      I think I'm interested. We could do that during weekend after I decided for a nice spot for them : )

    2. Kittydub


      Sure! I'd love to. Leave me a link to your profile when you want me to come in. :)

  10. They both look quite good in game, I have to say. Nice update!
  11. This is a pretty old server I don't use anymore, I just wanted to see what they looked like. I do have painted pighouses on my current server.
  12. Pretty cool. Chestihatitator has to be my personal favorite.
  13. Thanks @shad1, it worked, Stage 2!
  14. I'll do your black, Thank you so much!
  15. I need someone for that first part, quote me I guess if you are that someone that wants to help. :]
  16. Aha. That Antlion fix was welcome. Thanks!
  17. There are so many options!
  18. I'd rather have the young skins/creepy skins at this point. We already have two sets of fancy ones. What in the world do you need to get that fancy for in a survival environment..
  19. Might have been a premature happydance from my side, my second drop was a common. Ahem *cough* .. Sorry.
  20. Me and two old friends played for an hour or so and we all got distinguished items as a first drop.. Is there something special going on I don't know about or is this a coincidence?
  21. You can really tell you've been drawing a lot lately, I can see it in the drawings! Good job and keep up the good work ^^