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  1. I got participator :'(

    Hey, I thought you fixed it?? Where'd all these other characters come from? We did a no armor no heal no death all Maxwell run
  2. I got participator :'(

    Legit I wished to see the 40 Wes characters from this match on the Wall of Fame... Whatever your fix did put like 2 hours of hard work and effort and near heartattacks from 6 people to waste! D: At least GlassArrow's Detailed Summary mod acknowledges our blood sweat and tears
  3. I got participator :'(

    Yeah Leo's made tons of furry mods!
  4. I got participator :'(

    there's a limit of 6 idk what you're talking about??
  5. I got participator :'(

    What code?? We did this with our bare hands.
  6. I got participator :'(

    I tanked all by myself.
  7. hey klei, what's the limit

    It was easy though
  8. I got participator :'(

    First try too
  9. I second this greatly! PLEASE return anim canceling as it made the Forge actually fun to play rather than "hold F to win"
  10. The fact that Klei STILL hasn't responded to this is incredibly sad. I guess everyone's just going to have to make scripts in order to compete now because raw skill won't compare on the leaderboards anymore. v( '-' )v
  11. Before you could single target anim cancel and now you can't do that anymore... Not nearly as powerful anyways. So Maxwell does half the damage he'd normally do. You're missing the point... 1: The Chinese aren't using macros they are using coded scripts so that their game does everything by itself. 2: Their scripts STILL WORK! And no non-cheater can attempt to rival them with skill anymore because Klei removed that functionality. THE LEADERBOARDS ARE SCREWED!
  12. Anti-cheat ain't going to happen no matter what way you slice it... Any way you can think of there's going to be SOMETHING taken from non-cheaters and cheaters will most likely be able to continue cheating anyways. A beautiful comparison for this situation is this... Those top teams probably have a perfect script for midslam baiting as Woodie during Boarrior. What's Klei going to do?? Make midslam baiting not work anymore? Then those teams will just change the script again and everyone else who enjoyed midslam baiting can't do it anymore. Of course midslam baiting isn't an exploit (Or at the very least it's an unintended feature?) but it's a perfect example of what's going on with stopping multitargets here. Few people can multitarget, those who do it well do it like a bot would anyways (Have you SEEN ToastyStoat multitarget?) Few people can midslam bait, those who do it well do it like a bot would anyways Multitargets help IMMENSELY with speedruns Midslam baits help IMMENSELY with speedruns Multitarget can be scripted Midslam baiting can be scripted Honestly when you look at it... I feel like Klei should just say "Hey, multitargeting is an unintended feature." because no matter what anything can be scripted to be done automatically and would then immediately be seen as "cheating" by the mass public. Both Mulk and I have put in time and practice with manual multitargets and have both been accused of using cheaty bots when doing them manually very well. Just because the mass public can't do it doesn't make it a cheat though. And just because it can be scripted doesn't make it worth attempting to patch out with a crappy bandaid fix either. It's a valid SKILL-REQUIRED strat that people enjoy to use and makes Willow a very fun and powerful character. The sad thing though is that now that we're forced to single target Maxwell's the new MVP mage and HE GOT NERFED TOO! WHEN HE WAS ALREADY SO WEAK! o_o Please, Klei… Just undo this messy "patch" and don't change anything. You're only punishing non-cheaters with this because the cheaters will ALWAYS find a way around it. Best thing you can do is delete leaderboards because they've just become "Who can make the smartest and fastest scripts?" It's really sad that it's come down to that but what else are we to do? Anti-cheat measures are impossible without punishing the modding community. Only other option really would be to ban teams you can prove are scripting their runs from showing on the leaderboard. (EVEN THEN THOUGH, they can just tweak their bots to look like human failure occurs with inconsistent timings and "mess-ups") Oh and one more thing, Klei… YOU BETTER NOT HAVE A TOURNAMENT THIS TIME BECAUSE YOU KNOW DARN WELL WHO'S ALREADY GOT TOP SPOT. It just won't be fair at all in the slightest because the winner will be who scripted the best bot >n>
  13. Yes true, the top players are using their own private script... From what I've heard they've got a script designed for each specific character that they just spend time refining. Of course removing the mod from the workshop wouldn't have stopped them but at least people wouldn't be complaining so dang much about it and non-cheaters wouldn't get the burn from this change. The cheaters are going to cheat no matter what you do. So any changes Klei makes will for the most part ONLY hurt the non-cheaters.
  14. 1: anim canceling is still possible but now it's based on distance from the mob. And if close in range you're getting similar damage that you used to with old anim cancels. Due to how freaking difficult this is manually however, the only ones ever using cancels now are going to be those with scripts (IE the Chinese who will now DOMINATE the leaderboard with a far greater edge over anyone else because nobody can manually multitarget with ease anymore) 2: Canceling clientside mods wouldn't do jacksquat at all in the slightest because you can still tamper with your own client's code with little to no trouble at all. No real way to ensure that's untampered unless Klei outright klumped every script file. But EVEN THEN! macros exist so in the end there's no real way to ensure nobody cheats. It's just not possible. 3: It's obviously a crappy fix too considering melee multitargets are still possible and still increase melee damage by quite a bit. Not to mention with how fast darts travel it's almost as if nothing has changed for darters except a slightly slower delay between clicks... IMHO Klei should've left it and probably destroyed that mod the second it went public. Because now Rhinobro leaderboard is a bunch of hot stinky cheaty garbage and Swineclops is going to be even worse with Chinese having a 5 minute advantage on literally everyone else unless they script too in order to actually compete. This is just disgusting in every way possible and I'm ashamed that Klei would even put in this poorly done bandaid fix HALF WAY THROUGH the Forge being live. They should've saved the fix for next Forge to be honest.