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  1. One hundred percent agreed on every point of this post. She needs less tiny perks/drawbacks, some nice big pros to compete with Winona and Wortox, and a fun and challenging drawback. I full heartedly believe THIS is what should be done to Willow: Thoughts?
  2. Set up a protected burn area with a load of trees. When hounds spawn set them aflame and fight them from within the fire. Willow and Bernie can solo a pretty big hound wave with fire immunity I think.
  3. Being a newb is something people deal with for a short period of time. We've all been there, we've all done that. We all have to make mistakes and learn from them. restricting certain challenges or drawbacks to avoid that does not teach players. It just babyproofs the game and makes it less interesting.
  4. No? Not at all. The trick Willow needs to preform is making a designated burning area that's controlled for her to have fun burning things.
  5. I see what you mean but honestly there's no difference between that and someone crafting a torch and lighting everything up anyways. There's really nothing to worry about. If a griefer wants to grief they're going to grief.
  6. Drop the niche little weaksauce changes that have to do with how temperature and things affect her HP and sanity. They have almost no impact except for new players and should not be bothered with. Make her immune to fire. This allows her to abuse fire in combat which would be GREAT! Keep the more effective at fueling fires thing, I like that touch. Keep this new buffed Bernie it sounds cool. (also make him attract ruins nightmare creatures as well as normal sanity creatures) Make lighter infinite in Willow's use As a drawback, make her sanity tank and maybe make her get cold if she's not regularly lighting things on fire. She's a pyromaniac she should need to light things on fire. And the challenge here is doing it responsibly so that you don't burn entire forests down. Something ontop of this all that I feel like should be said. Do not keep her lame because of griefers. The torch still exists. Making her a fire addict does not make her a grief character. A Wilson can burn everything down just the same as a Willow. The reason Willow was a problem before was because she lit fires randomly. We want STRONG fire-based buffs to make her worth while and comparable to Winona and Wortox. Just because she'll be heavily associated to griefers does not make her a problem though. We'll get griefers just the same without her anyways.
  7. You can use fire immunity in combat and use fire to your advantage
  8. I agree with others here, Willow should definitely have her fire immunity back. Other than that the other bits of her rebalance seem pretty cool... Very weaksauce though compared to Wortox or Winona. If there was a neat way for her to abuse fire immunity for a plus in combat that would be really cool I think. My thoughts on what should be done with Willow are on the second page..
  9. Add smaller inventory drawback back Remove the airhorn entirely, it's really not needed at all to be completely honest. Speedbuff's ok, she's an explorer right? Covering more ground faster is good and makes up for the smaller inventory. The way the compass is loaded needs to change. Right now it counteracts anything you can do for a "smaller inv" debuff by adding another slot to your inventory without cost. Not to mention, it bugs out like crazy with a backpack. There should be a new way to tell the compass what to search for and it should not use the anim at the player's feet but rather the compass UI from Don't Starve Together colored blue. To compensate in combat for the runspeed and dodgeroll (making kiting VERY easy) she definitely should have a very small health pool. Nerf dodgeroll a small bit... Right now it's so easy to combat mobs that you don't even need armor. Maybe less I-frames? Or maybe no I-frames at all and you have to use it to dodge *away* from the attack very last second? If these changes are made made this makes her an exciting challenge character that has plenty of STRONG pros to compensate for the challenge. I really would love a character like this. Right now though she's just way too powerful and I feel like her items were poorly implemented.
  10. Fidoop, you had a wonderful mod idea a while back, "Unnatural Selection" of which there has been no news about for a long while now.  You seem to have come back to the game after a while, so if you don't mind me asking, what's the status on the mod, and do you think it will get done?  While I'm totally fine either way, but would just like to hear about it one way or another.

    1. Fidooop


      I never left the game just sort of stopped looking at the forums is all. The problem with Unnatural Selection was that we were building up hype for it all the time and at the same time coming up with more and more ideas to push and getting hype for those ideas too! Buuuuut eventually we realized we had a project on our hands that would take even Klei a year or 2 to put together. And we had more hype built up than we could even deliver on which lead to some serious impatience in some people and made working conditions incredibly stressful for us. Not to mention we'd have to be doing all that work for free... And even if we set up a Patreon or something for it we'd end up having to split the money 20 ways because of how big our dev team was.

      In short, as much as I hate saying it Unnatural Selection is just too big of a feat to tackle. So we've recently decided it was time to put it out of its misery. Unnatural Selection is no longer going to happen. HOWEVER, we are keeping the characters, some of the assets, a lot of the code we had, and some of our ideas. They'll come out in my other mods in time!

      There is a new project in the works that I'm working on with a small team... It was originally just going to be named Unnatural Selection but we decided with how different of an approach we were taking people would get mad if we released it under the Unnatural Selection name. There's not much I can say about the project other than it's being worked on. We really don't want to build hype before we're ready for it and cause yet another mod to die because of it.

  11. I feel like you're trying to suggest that I'm bad at the game and need the catapults to survive. That in fact is not the case at all, I do not rely on catapults. And by the way, the fact that Wicker also can be used as a swap character does not make this any better. I am trying to point out in the plainest speech possible that character swapping is a very bad thing. Just go back and read Mulk's last post. It touches on every bit of what I've been trying to get at. It turns characters into tools, it reinforces bad metas, it makes the game way too easy. I want characters to be unique to themselves not just tools for the "better" characters to use. That's just dumb.
  12. But if gemerators were only fuelable by Winona suddenly all her structures become parts of her survival perks just the same way as spiders are a Webber perk or Bernie is a Willow perk. In my honest opinion a character should not introduce things that any character can use. It's like if you spawned in as Webber and then changed to Wilson and was able to still befriend spiders as Wilson.
  13. The whole reason Klei's doing character revamps is to balance the characters all out and diversify what people play and give them more options rather than have every single server be filled with Wicker, Wigfrid, and Wolfgang. Character swapping completely tears apart that idea and people will just use a character for things they make and then swap back to the most powerful character. It's not fixing how unfun it is to play on pubs, it's just sort of reinforcing it instead.
  14. The point trying to be made here is to avoid swapping to Winona just for a single use and then back to "your character". The point is making it so that people use a character for the character and not the character's items. It's not cool if a character's just used to spawn stuff and then gets swapped out right away, there's then no point in the character anymore. lol
  15. See, the issue here is that the structures took resources to make. And also might mess with placement. (imagine setting up your crockpots and fridges just right and then suddenly your crockpots self-destructed) I think a better solution would be to have them deactivate outright. Only problem with that though is that they'd deactivate if she left to caves. Which is why I believe they should just degrade overtime and require a Winona regularly fixing them up.