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  1. "Mastery" accomplishments.... @__@
  2. The Forge Extended to Dec. 4th

    Crafting might stop when the event stops though... O_o
  3. The Forge Extended to Dec. 4th

    You don't even get sanity in The Forge! O__O
  4. The Forge Extended to Dec. 4th

    I guess I'll be missing out on 1-2 nights worth of sleep just to grab up those achievements... @__@ More lost sleep dedicated to the Forge! LET'S GO! Any way we can get word of what these accomplishments are ahead of time so we can practice and construct proper comps around them? o_o
  5. Hello,

    Can you please read my message?

  6. Willow's fire damage while on firestaff is the MOST damaging you can get and will ALWAYS get you merciless if you're multishotting/single target anim canceling. That's why I'd pick Willow over Maxwell... Only edge he has over her is that he starts with a petrify book! He does come close to Willow's damage though if you're capable of flawless single target anim canceling.
  7. Now that I'm over level 100 and look back on this strat.... IT'S TERRIBLE!!! Swap out Winona healer for Wicker healer and put in a Willow as firestaff...
  8. This was already explained in the strat though... Attack and Healing banners don't REALLY matter! It's only the defense ones because they will protect the pigs from the 1-hit cataclysm. You wanna stay in center in case they are defense and then Wig and Web can knock 'em out right quick before the meteor slams. From there go corner strat stay in center doesn't matter just remember you've gotta tank swap to keep the tanks alive!
  9. First thing's first, this is only going to talk about the EASIEST comp used for the no death run. NOT in depth on every possible comp. Now that we got that out of the way, here's your comp: Woodie, WX78, Wigfrid, Webber, Winona, and Wickerbottom Woodie will fill the role of both tank and kiter. He is used because he's got higher HP than Wes and has 100% aggro with his Lucy making both kiting and tanking more easy. WX78 will fill the role of tank. He is used because the shock stunlock will help more easily stump the Snortoise spins and his passive perk doesn't freeze him in place. (like Wolfgang's does) He also does more DPS using the hammer because of increased electric damage allowing for faster killing of mobs. Wigfrid will fill the role of both ranged and melee DPS. She is used because the drill spear that drops when she's part of the team provides higher DPS to the tanks and allows for a faster Boarior death. Webber will fill the role of ranged DPS. He is used because he and his spider babies have the highest DPS of any other character! (Honestly, if you go Webber and don't get the Merciless card at the end then you messed up real badly...) Winona will fill the role of tank at first and then move on to healer once the firestaff drops. She is used because faster heals are far more important for staying alive. The more time the Boarior is stunned the more breathing room everybody has and the better they can concentrate and keep their HP up. Wickerbottom will fill the role of healer at first and then move on to mage once the firestaff drops. She is used because she has higher HP than Maxwell and her charged cataclysm strike can 1-hit kill the pitpigs. NO MATTER YOUR JOB, PLEASE READ THE FULL STRAT. I will list everything about the strat all split apart into each character's job and you don't want to be that one guy who ruined it all because you got in the way of someone else's job. (Every + = higher difficulty) Woodie:++++ Stick to your Lucy, she's built perfectly for both kiting AND tanking! At first, you want to stick to higher defense armors so you can help tank enemies and fell them all like the trees they are (not). When the first Boarilla spawns, you'll need to swap your tank armor out for speed armor so you can kite more easily. From there you'll be kiter up until the team begins fighting the third Boarilla at which point you need to take the tank armor off of Wigfrid and if it at all spawns, the healing garland for the passive healing. (Yes, even with the slowdown tank armor you can still kite first phase of Boarior for the short few seconds needed) Don't forget when tanking Boarior you can pull 100% aggro on yourself to keep others alive using Lucy. Just do it from a short range so you don't peel him away from the healer in case they cast. Lastly, one of your most important jobs (both tanks) is keeping Boarior in center stage for the first half of the fight. (Reasoning as to why will show in other characters) WX78:+++ You're first to get the tankiest armor and you need the headband to keep your 150 HP up to par with Woodie's 200. Just stick to your hammer until Scorpeons then go with Wigfrid's spear. Please do not AOE on Snortoises or Scorpeons because having too many beyblades or too many acid spitters is going to be detrimental to your team's survival. Just have the whole team focus fire hard on one target at a time and be incredibly careful with that acid because it WILL kill you if you're not paying attention. Come the double Boarilla wave when the first Crocomander spawns you can hold the first Boarilla off all by yourself while everyone runs away to crush the Crocomander. If done right you can even solo the rest of the Boarilla by yourself before they get finished with the Crocomander! When the team begins attacking the third Boarilla you want to upgrade from your current spear to Wigfrid's drill spear for even higher DPS. Remember with the drill spear that you can jump half map and instantly lose any aggro you have! So if you're about to die JUMP AWAY FAST! Woodie will take over for you if you need to run. Lastly, in order to stay alive for Boarior's final phase (both tanks) you will need to tank swap. Basically one tank will stay back while the other takes on Boarior up close. This will allow for the tanks to stay nice and healthy and they can swap during healing breaks. Wigfrid:++ When the first jagged armor drops help Woodie out by dropping your speed armor down by where the first Boarilla spawns and then get the jagged for yourself since you'll be meleeing for the beginning and need that extra protection on yourself but don't want to take wood armor from any of the other tanks. Stay melee up until the Scorpeon wave where you want to go ranged in order to stay out of the way of the poison. From there, you can safely stay ranged until the first Boarilla dies and drops the tank armor and drill spear which you'll want to get and help "tank" to the best of your abilities. (will be hard considering you're lowest priority on enemies' aggro list but it is possible and does work for the short time it is called for) When the team goes after the third Boarilla hand off your drill to WX and your tank armor to Woodie and go back to ranged with jagged armor and stay that way for the rest of the match. Remember, Webber is going to be upgrading his DPS hat to the best one available and you'll want to be holding the next best DPS hat. Webber:+ As Webber you'll want to be looking for the highest available DPS hat and the 2nd jagged armor if it spawns. (If not, just stick to some wood armor as soon as there is a spare one lying around) You'll be the one to get the only molten darts that spawn. (the usual 2nd molten darts get replaced with Wig's drill spear) During the Boarior fight when the healing circle shows use your molten ult to stunlock the Boarior in place. EVERYONE ELSE MUST STOP ATTACKING so that your ult is the last thing that hits him. It'll force his battlecry and he'll be standing there long enough to pass out. As for why the tanks need to keep Boarior in center stage? If he spawns defense standards along with the Pitpigs it could ruin your whole entire run! Should this happen, you and Wigfrid need to coordinate and from the center ground destroy 2 standards each. If they are healing or attack standards then they don't matter until the Pitpigs are dead. Winona:++ Stay tank with wood armor up until the Scorpeon wave where you'll swap to healer with Wickerbottom and she can go full mage from there. As the healer you'll want the cooldown armor, tiara, and healing dealt garland. (juggling the two hats in order to output the fastest heals possible) During the Boarior fight you really only need to know 2 things. 1: Stay back and don't fight at all... Your extra slight DPS isn't worth your life. Just run in to cast the heal and run away. 2: You're going to have to guesstimate based on how much damage your team is outputting when the Boarior spawns the Pitpigs. When he begins to spin attack it signifies that he's close but you can still fit 1 or 2 more heals in before you need to stop healing and save it. Once he starts spawning the pit pigs just stay close-ish to the center and give it a second or two before you spawn the healing circle. (he won't attack and the Pitpigs take a couple of seconds to get to you anyways) Once healing circle is up EVERYONE needs to gather close near the Boarior so that the Pitpigs gather too. Wickerbottom:+++ For the first couple of waves just stick to your petrify and stay away from meleeing. Many nodeath runs have been lost to early game Wicker-tanks. Once healing staff spawns you can make yourself useful and take on the role of healer for a short while. After the Snortoises are dead though you must hand your cooldown armor, healing staff, tiara, and healing dealt garland all off to Winona. From there stick to wood armor, (unless a second cooldown armor spawns) When the first Boarilla comes out and Woodie drops the splint armor take your old and frail body over there and protect it with that splint for the rest of the game regardless of having another cooldown armor. You'll end up receiving the mage hat after the first Boarilla. Do remember to juggle the petrify book, tome of baconing, and lava staff up until the team begins fighting the third Boarilla. At that point stick to lava staff only and forget about the books because they are pretty much useless or get in the way. THE NEXT THING IS VERY IMPORTANT, PLEASE REMEMBER! The whole run rests on your shoulders and your ability to 1-hit kill the Pitpigs that spawn during the Boarior fight. Once you see the Boarior start to spin STOP using your ult so that it's charged up and your amplified spell is ready come time to wack the pigs. Wait for Winona to cast her heal, Wigfrid and Webber to break the defense standards (only if defense standards spawn), and for everybody including the Pitpigs to gather around in the healing center. At that point cast your cataclysm and every Pitpig will be properly wacked so that everybody just needs to hold on for the final stretch. The strat has been heavily improved on since this video was recorded but here's me and some friends playing with @Zeklo (who is also friend) getting the Mis-Fittest achievement with this comp. Enjoy!
  10. Modded Skins (API)

    I will at some point be obtaining the gladiator portrait and will update the portraits on this thread. As to how? Not sure if I'm supposed to keep it a secret or not so I'll just keep it a secret. Also, I'll soon be updating Modded Skins and Mods in Menu to work with the new Forge UI!
  11. That will change after the Forge is over though right...?
  12. Heck yeah!!! I'm super hyped! One question though... Will we be receiving the server code this time so that we can host our own private modded Forge servers for the fun of it? (Getting no rewards or XP of course...)
  13. Can you put a timer for the Forge's release time as well?
  14. I was re-reading old stuff and stumbled across your post in this old thread:

    Got me chuckling, that day was super funny tbh xD

    Good times.