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  1. Modded Skins (API)

    Updated the tutorial to make it a liiiiittle easier to read and included some of the new functionality added in recent updates. Namely, the ability to set a base item's atlas when adding a new modded skin and the ability to set a function when replacing items for a modded skin starting inventory.
  2. Ok, the first ones made me a bit salty but this last one more than made up for it. I still can't stop laughing XD
  3. Known Issues

    This is not an issue! @Zeklo is rather good at what he does!
  4. Go ahead and discuss ideas to add to the mod and/or changes to make to existing things in the mod! We're happy to read through any ideas given to us!
  5. Known Issues

    Hmmm I'd say it's an issue that there's no public release yet...
  6. We're actually planning to implement a few fixes that will make the game run even smoother! (chests for example will delete all items and keep them as saved variables... Making it so that 10 full chests is just 10 prefabs and not 100 prefabs. This should make building bases FAR less laggy on bad computers/internet!)
  7. We're always open to new members joining our dev team as long as you can prove that you can create content like that of Klei themselves! (We want US to be a very high quality mod) Would you be willing to send me some things you've worked on in the past? If so then thanks!
  8. Hey, everyone! Just updated the main post! Hopefully it's a lot more pleasing on the eyes now
  9. Yes! Do that! Do that thing! Not the nightmare bosses! Don't do the nightmare bosses at all o_o' Actually, nightmare bosses would be pretty coo-- WHAT AM I SAYING?!
  10. TFW


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  11. This is fine... I'm fine... Everything is fine... potatocups.... potato... cups... this is all I see now... all I know...