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  1. are you aware you are commenting in same thread with people who are buying them low and selling them that high? With only few available on market the price is made up by these forum people lol. Sometime even same ones that whine about prices of skins. Yet no one is counting 1$ elegants because those are not the hottest sh... lol at "36$ were harmed" ... thats more like "i made already 360$ off these"
  2. Guys don't worry lantern/staff skins coming soon .)
  3. It is waaay over 400 .) Also DANGLING DEPTH DWELLER SKIN FOR WEBBER WHEN???
  4. At this point Rose collection is so "old" that i would rather not to have it. We didn't get new character collection for so long that i would expect to get something new and cool (mainly something different). The reality that we know what we gonna get and waiting for it like 6 months or maybe even year already is so sad :/
  5. Hello, I was wondering if you know someone who's trying to get a GoH Webber off their hands. If so, I hope you can give it to me. I know it sounds unfair for you to just give me an Elegant but it's worth a shot.

    1. thesquirrelking1310


      Sorry I didn't see that I could message you personally. Ignore this.


  6. A daily reminder of the skins that are scrapped because they were too weak to add to game .)
  7. How many pink shirts for cup? .)
  9. @Mobbstar someone already posted them here. I think they are source
  10. hahahahahaah wow ... what is wrong with you dude! Did this page made for DST fans that changes time to time and you need to click on some stuff here and there so you maybe can get some digital item for game you like made you so angry? Also .... meme child? What? Back to puzzle. Who else inspected both torches 3902409324x already .) @MikelJohnson you need to do it with same person you did first part
  11. Nice so our original torches changed to Timeless and new ones are loyal ... cool! @NickPuzanov you can't! Only one person in whole world is worthy of that skin. It is me but @nome took it from me .)
  12. @The Helper one is Loyal and one is Timeless @The Curator can you please stop whining already? Yes we get it you dont like this puzzle. For plenty of people this puzzle is cool and no one is forcing you to do it!
  13. This went from worst puzzle (just wall updating) to the best puzzle ever! This was (i hope still will be) lot of fun! Cool from Klei that they made this CO-OP and added old puzzle to this puzzle basically and that they gave away those torches again but changed the rarity so original torches are "more special". IMO win win I wonder why we can "inspect" both of those torches. I guess puzzle needs update so we can continue solving this