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  1. So how long does this event last? (how long we have to buy the skins?)
  2. Yo KLEI come on! @V2C Add those profile icons and other stuff to the whole pack we are buying for 13$!!! Come on! What is this? Why on earth are these not in the pack? Every time i need to buy stuff from market to unspool them and weave tons of ridiculous icons and other stuff just because it wasnt included in 13$ price? Please for the love of god add EVERYTHING to promo chest which SHOULD include everything in the first place. This is why i missed all that small stuff from first pack you sold because who would think you exclude profile icons Im still gonna buy it but those profile icons are tedious to deal with especially when you release tons of them at the same time like in winter :/
  3. Communicating with players = CHECK Explaining whats up with game progress = CHECK Releasing stuff when its ready not when "shareholders" say it is = CHECK At the end getting polished updates/game even in early access = CHECK I think you are starting 2019 in a very good way guys so PLEASE dont change (maybe just do this to all other games ... looking at you Hot lava nad Griftlands)
  4. @JoeW just to be sure so i dont miss anything. There are no new skins at the moment to be earned with twitch right? This Spectacular Stationary Wayfinder is the last item we had right? My bud @YouKnowWho said that TENT is in the play now so im on it!
  5. OH MY GOD those items have rarities O.o never realised this before and i have almost all of them except some of the items from first winter batch. What a twist indeed! Thanks for info
  6. @V2C Old Snowfallen collection items are now for 450 spools although other items are for normal spool amounts like 15 or so. Is this a bug or these are real numbers?
  7. Griftlands Update

    This is all we ask for. Maybe throw some art here and there to keep the hype going and its all good .) Good luck with this cool project Klei!
  8. [Game Update] - 291539

    Shouldn't Spider gorillas be neutral to Webber? I thought that was just a bug but they are still hostile. Webber should eventually be able to befriend them right?
  9. So...this game is dead?

    No this is not the problem. Problem is absolutely ZERO info/text/picture/whatever between first announcement and whatever is next. It is like FOREVEEEER since they said anything about it. I have no idea what kind of weird strategy this is because it takes couple seconds and no work at all to put some concept art or WHATEVER in forums time to time This is not what Klei was about before with their other games man! Even Hot lava had some info/picture time to time trough that time. NOW? I cant even get answer if it is still coming to mac or what although they said it was. And AGAIN it is not a problem if it is not coming. Problem is that they didnt write "we got into some issues with mac version so it will come later" or "we thought it will be easy peasy to make mac version but the scale of this game prevents that and we postpone that into future ... maybe" Seriously wtf
  10. [Game Update] - 284213

    It was said Mac version is coming in first few updates when Hot Lava released first version. There is STILL absolutely ZERO information if Mac/Linux versions are even happening?
  11. [Game Update] - 282864

    Oh hi Mark Please any info on Mac version? We should have it for months from what you said last time
  12. So...this game is dead?

    One thing is “making game takes years” and second thing is to release one picture of some art or something once a month or once in 6 months or once ina a year for gods sake. There is absolutely zero reasons not to say anything or show us anything i own all Klei games and they are amazing IMO but this is too much. Same with MOTN remaster. No info at all. I miss the times when they had road maps and were releasing all crazy artworks which i actually collected or made puzzles time to time. Count me +1 to pissed people
  13. [Game Update] - 276567

    Oh hai Mark! Any ETA on mac/linux version pretty please? I hope it is still happening
  14. 99% of those vignettes are old artwork profile frames are just game screenshots and it looks really bad as profiles 99% profiles icons are old artwork - these look ok i guess as icons 99% emotes are old artwork - meh don't want to be harsh on Klei but this is WEAK guys
  15. are you aware you are commenting in same thread with people who are buying them low and selling them that high? With only few available on market the price is made up by these forum people lol. Sometime even same ones that whine about prices of skins. Yet no one is counting 1$ elegants because those are not the hottest sh... lol at "36$ were harmed" ... thats more like "i made already 360$ off these"