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  1. Of course i remember. And i remember times BEFORE steam marketplace where we could just trade stuff which was another part of fun with DST so they killed that and went to marketplace, then killed that and went with what we have now. At the start it wasnt flexing money because there was no money involved. You seem too much angry about that tho. First of all there was one or two skins with ridiculous price for the first few weeks when it released thats it. Other 13094732094 skins were extremely cheap and most of them cheaper than Klei is selling Your "flexing money" is happening now because you can buy this game and buy all skins with MONEY. No gameplay no action nothing just pure money. There is nothing into most of the skins only MONEY now They could just release few skins time to time as drops which will be marketable so we could have more types? You know choices? Im from EU in country where our paycheques are third of Germany for example. Dont forget when someone has 50-100$ to "plenty eat for a month" he wont buy skins in game what the hell. For me 15-20€ is still a lot so im not gonna buy 15€ pack with 3 skins right? Jesus christ man. What are you even comparing here because Apple doesnt even make desktops towers for regular users and noone even mentioned PC so why so deffensive. Only real desktop Apple has is Mac Pro and no one buying machines like these (workstations) from separate parts lol. Then they have iMacs which are the same or even cheaper compared to PCs. Same with Mac minis. You can say their notebook line is more expensive but outside of gaming its much more versatile machine. Anyway you do you the important part is here: You either didnt read what i wrote or just ignore it. We are talking about DST mobile game here. Developers are making MUCH MORE MONEY on iOS than Android with just scraps of user base compared to Android. Now Apple making move to their own ARM CPUs which will run all iOS **** by default thus making the user base even broader and making the development ridiculous since you can make one game which will run on phon, tablet and now PC. This seems like nice future to me but Klei rather licensed their IP baby to China
  2. If money is your only goal then go ahead. You can also save lot of money pirating software or games but it doesnt mean you should
  3. Well shieeet that sounds crazy and over the top with the mutiple bases. I hope the radiation part has some structures mechanics into it also all this sounds like it will chew trough our computers much faster than vanilla. I hope for some performance magic happening too
  4. People here mentioned already why this is complete BS from Klei and lets not lie to ourselves they made it for easy money. This is not the Klei i know for several years already. I am part of this community and overall huge Klei fan for looong time. It all started slowly but here we are. First they killed any drops in DST and marketplace. No skins released outside their MTX. Even killed in one way those skins still available lol. No biggie tho... Then we got side project Hot Lava which became full cool game. Now its only part of Apple arcade, macOS support outside of that is killed, no explanation and no answers from Klei, of course its because of Apple said it needs to be exclusive. I bought the game as all Klei games and TO THIS DAY i cant play it on my Mac because i bought it on Steam! (at first macOS version was coming and no one knew about Apple arcade) Well this is slap to users and im even Apple user. Sure whatever lets move on i still trust Klei Here we go Epic exclusive for new title. I dont mind Epic and what they are doing that much and i get devs who just drool over the money bags they throw at them but i thought Klei is different and wont go this route. Im not a fan of card games so i didnt mind that much and i didnt even posted anything since. But this was already big eye opener I bought all their games and some of them several times for everyone around me, bought all skins and everything they released, they got even that Apple thing going on which must bring them tons of money and most importantly exposure to Apple users which have no problems spending money on this stuff.... it seems that Klei has money problems but then they sign deal with devil for exclusivity now so this should be plenty for them to continue comfortably or they are greedy 1mil donated. Lets not talk about THE donation BUT no way in hell company which has money problems can drop this HUGE!!! amount of money on some issue. So there is no way they have money problems Now we have this tencent garbage. Again lets not lie to ourselves. This is not Riot games with LOL situation. Tencent have hands literally everywhere and thats not the problem (many people here mention this). Problem comes when they just buy the licence. This is their knockoff with horrible art put together as quickly as possible to make as much money as possible which will be riddled with microtransactions just to milk chinese (looks like us too) players which like DST. (did anyone even check that company games?) Again just greedy move and even stupid move. Here is why: OBVIOUSLY Klei dont wanna spend time and money to make internal iOS/Android team otherwise they would make mobile DST long time ago since this is their main game which has the most players and bright future. These days Apple is even bringing their whole line of devices to one code. You can make next game with that in mind and just push your pc/mac game into millions of mobile devices Now people will know DST from mobile. Mobile market is HUGE and 99% of people dont care one bit about some licence or some other stuff. No one cares, people wanna play games and not get into the politics of games. Klei will have now **** reputation on mobile. Their mobile titles are dead and not updated anymore and now there will be cheap DST title which will completely destroy their reputation (this is the price for Klei doing this cheap move to get more money so this was definitely on table when they did pros/cons) This also completely killed future for other mobile titles. Not to mention Klei will now see how easy is to make cheap easy money from few cancer microtransactions and WHO KNOWS what they will do next. If you like it or not mobile stuff is the future since our mobile devices are getting really close to our PCs and it becomes closer and closer when it comes to development. This is why its beyond me why is Klei not investing in this Just FYI to this day Klei made every shady/controversial move in gaming industry that was possible. I dont know what else could they make to add to this list so correct me if im wrong. Broken promises, exclusivity, more exclusivity with Epic and now throwing licence to their baby for Tencent.
  5. One question if i may. Is the heat bug on conveyor rails outside of screen part of this or that is separate thing on your list? So far this has been little bit frustrating and it is making lots of contraptions broken. I stopped on my 2k+ world because of this and lots of stuff i wanted to build use conveyor rails
  6. You guys rock. This game is ridiculously awesome and i cant wait for the future updates
  7. So i bought the game when it was first available, maybe i was part of early beta-alpha too. MacOS support was planned and i asked about this several times. Now its out but the "macOS support" is only part of the Apple Arcade and i cant play the game i bought trough Steam although it was part of the early access info? Whats up with this @MarkL? Did i buy Hot Lava on Steam and i wont be able to play it at all? AFAIK Apple Arcade games are exclusive only on iOS but maybe im wrong. One way or another is macOS version coming to Steam too or Apple paid more money to have it exclusive only on Apple Arcade? Like im really glad you are getting all these money deals from Apple and Epic so the money will help your development but maybe inform your fans little bit more?
  8. RIP @Chris1448 i just looked in game for what is PeterA talking about. You gonna loose your mind man! GL tho
  9. Hi Peter. Since you are making changes to wardrobe i would suggest sorting by items with duplicates. We have already tons of items in there and it is tedious to go trough every profile icon, emote, etc just to find which one i have twice so i can unravel them Thanks!
  10. So how long does this event last? (how long we have to buy the skins?)
  11. Yo KLEI come on! @V2C Add those profile icons and other stuff to the whole pack we are buying for 13$!!! Come on! What is this? Why on earth are these not in the pack? Every time i need to buy stuff from market to unspool them and weave tons of ridiculous icons and other stuff just because it wasnt included in 13$ price? Please for the love of god add EVERYTHING to promo chest which SHOULD include everything in the first place. This is why i missed all that small stuff from first pack you sold because who would think you exclude profile icons Im still gonna buy it but those profile icons are tedious to deal with especially when you release tons of them at the same time like in winter :/
  12. OH MY GOD those items have rarities O.o never realised this before and i have almost all of them except some of the items from first winter batch. What a twist indeed! Thanks for info
  13. @V2C Old Snowfallen collection items are now for 450 spools although other items are for normal spool amounts like 15 or so. Is this a bug or these are real numbers?
  14. Shouldn't Spider gorillas be neutral to Webber? I thought that was just a bug but they are still hostile. Webber should eventually be able to befriend them right?