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  1. I saw there is 2021 roadmap for DST. Is it one planned for ONI too? @Ipsquiggle @JoeW
  2. Either reply to my whole comment or stop making snippets from what i wrote. Answers you are looking for are in the same comment you quote me from. Im not asking for apology (lol) or refunds and if you took my comment listing what i bought from them that is not the point. The point is im not here first year and that i supported them through good and bad times. Most of the time there was more info and that is what i was looking for. I already know the evil side of things (from experience) and i was looking (and hoping) for the good side of things if there is some. JoeW provided something so im ok now And also what else was here to do from the Founder. I was pointing this out that lots of founders made those claims and we got slapped after. What do you think he would wrote "We got bought by Tencent and we need to make more money so expect in couple months more micro transactions and less content updates"? I already made some examples where they said something but it changed ... because of money. But i guess you are right there is nothing they can say (legally) so this is pointless
  3. JoeW thanks for answer i appreciate that Lets be honest here tho. You dont need to explain to me how stuff works i have my own business too and there are more ways how to do stuff (you have been doing them better than other for long time). You working especially in this industry know what im talking about when companies make this kind of deal and what comes next. I always saw "we wont change" but that is basically impossible since majority of your shares changed and it is expected to make more money from your investors. This is a fact Since you said you wont be going bigger and keep doing what you are doing then in my "calculator" that equals only to make stuff more expensive or get money trough other means which is more microtransactions and less updates Most importantly i WOULD believe you if it was some time ago but i have been burned even from you guys couple times before. you said Hot Lava will be on steam for macOS (like every game you made) but that was a lie and i didnt even get answer how this Apple Arcade works from you guys when i asked you said your IP is your IP and now we have some to me very very bad version of DST on mobile for chinese at that time you said dont worry its just this and just for chinese and nothing will change for us here and BAM Tencent "owns you" Before this i would believe you since i think you know me and i was HUGE fan of yours. Now i have very very little hope Now this is where you are wrong my friend I bough several stuff from Klei ONLY to support them. I bought their games multiple times over, I never played any of the soundtracks, i never used 95% of skins, i didnt even play Invisible Inc. because its not my kind of game but i bought it with DLC and everything. Im never ever gonna play Griftlands because i hate those kind of games but it was Klei so i supported them. And you are new here but i made other crazy stuff just to support Klei in the past
  4. I actually like that Epic games made their store and Steam has some real competition. Exclusivity is crap but its timed so it doesnt hurt so much. Steam being basically monopoly isnt good for anyone. I was just pointing out that Klei got tons of money for this exclusivity deal which wasnt user friendly one bit Not to add more? I actually added more and you completely ignore it. We already have more than enough examples how company went from user friendly to user crappy because of some acquisition. Not just gaming companies but i saw it with several app/software companies too. I just wanted to know if "signing with devil" actually brings something to users and not just fill Klei pockets. I also mentioned their previous deals and they got huge paychecks and we get middle finger. Just one example because of their crappy exclusivity deal with Apple i bought Hot Lava on Steam and Klei promised beta with macOS version too (like every other game they made) and now its locked behind Apple Arcade subscription and i cant play my copy of the game. This one looks like is not timed (since Klei is quiet about this which is again not user friendly) Lol i want Klei to be successful but im not their open wallet. I made post in first 10 pages where i explained that i actually fully supported Klei to this date. I have all their games several times, all art, all soundtracks, everything they released, multiple plushies and i also had 100% of the skins they released. I put more than healthy amount into Klei because i believed in this company because they were user friendly and not another cancer company milking everything from their users and doesnt even bring new content like we see these days with popular games. Take ActiBlizz for example ... they swim in money and Klei made more updates in 6 months to their games than Acti made in 2 years and they are making billions just from crappy skins. Come one man i dont mind them making that money but if users wont get almost anything back i dont want to support them at all This argument i love it. So they made Apple deal, ok, then they made Epic deal, well crap but ok, now they get bought and thats majority of Klei so what is next? Next is sucking users dry to get more money. All i want to know if this is our future so i dont need to waste my time here All we got is PR crap all companies make every time this happens. ALL COMPANIES. I thought Klei is different (naively so maybe) so i wanted some extra info about all this. I dont think its that much to ask is it?
  5. @Bigfoot so how about "What changes for our users?" Because there is nothing mentioned in your post. Does this mean more updates? Bigger updates? More DLC? Updates for games that are dead already (maybe because you didnt have funding?) Bringing back community stuff like PUZZLES? Or something? Or does this just mean more money for you and you continue as before? Because you obviously put something on the line except reputation and if the only gain is your full pockets then i was **fully** supporting the wrong company. I just want to know. Maybe the answer already exists because you already made one "deal with devil" with Epic Games and is Griftlands because of that better? AFAIK you didnt say it is. Griftlands wouldnt exist without Epic money? It would be nice to hear what this mean for real and not just "This partnership helps us navigate a changing industry" which is just PR BS. The changing industry is full of microtransactions and YES Tencent is really good with milking people for more money
  6. Yeah i know but now they are FREE to tell us for example that ONI will get next DLC 100% or that DLC will be BIGGER because they now have "the stability" or whatever this deal means for them. This is what im asking. I never said faster because i know that more money = more problems Since when is Klei broke? That is FAAAR from truth. What about money from Apple deal? Money from Epic deal? If after all this they are broke then they should just close the shop lol. Again you are talking about speed. I dont care about speed i care about content and since they have now HUGE funding i was expecting more content. Silly me?
  7. That was before this huge funding so i would like to know if something is changing for users too or just fuller pockets for Klei thats all The second part sounds nice but i would like to hear from Klei so it is based on something real and not just wishful thinking
  8. Honest question @Ipsquiggle Just want to ask since now you have that huge funding from Tencent will you make this DLC bigger or put more resources into the development or something for us players? Or did i completely missed the reason with this acquisition? There wont be anything "for your users" for now?
  9. I dont know about that one. That could be just choice of developer. I havent heard any exclusivity with Mac App Store just with Apple Arcade service. All the games in Apple Arcade are available ONLY trough Apple Arcade, not even trough macOS/iOS stores, only with Apple Arcade subscription Not even Klei said anything about Apple Arcade exclusivity which sucks big time so thats why IDK if this exclusivity is times but Apple Arcade is here for long time so i dont have high hopes. It would be great if at least Klei said that this is never coming anywhere else (and i bought Hot Lava because they said they will bring it to macOS, this exclusivity happened after that)
  10. Griftlands was exclusively on Epic Store for long time. Just recently they could release it on Steam because the exclusivity deal ended Hot Lava is impossible to play on Mac other than trough subscription for Apple Arcade. I have it on steam but Klei blocked mac version on Steam because of the exclusivity deal which AFAIK doesnt have expiration date
  11. Just to add my 2 cents I love Klei. I have all their games, multiple times, soundtracks, art, everything and even all skins. Not much time these days but you can see im not new in these forums either We have seen this countless times. This sentence is half truth at best. Yes Klei retains full autonomy but that means just very very little since they have "boss" now and boss invested money and now they want more money in return Klei have full autonomy to make more money. So Klei can decide how to make more money and we all know there is not much choice here but they HAVE TO make more money. So what is different here? Tencent doesnt need to decide what games they do because they just want more money and its up to Klei. Remember how Klei went trough making DLCs, sometime give it to testers for free or free skins, more manageable prices for games and other stuff? (remember puzzles???) FORGET ABOUT THAT. They are now in big boys league and we will get cancer other companies are doing to milk the most money from their customers But yes they have full autonomy how to do it. GG FYI "about user friendly Klei". They already made deal with Epic for Griftlands exclusivity. Deal with Apple for Hot Lava exclusivity so now i cant play the game i bought on Steam and i need to subscribe to some service to play one game. OH and about keeping their IPs? They aready sold Dont Starve IP to chinese so they can make completely garbage mobile game. I am not surprised about this deal since Klei already made all the shitty deals. Im just sad my favourite gaming company i supported fully for several years became "this"
  12. THIS is all i expect while waiting for this DLC. This brings up some discussion, fuels our hype, brings at least something new and doesnt cost much for devs IMO Why not do something like that for ONI? Little tiny teaser? Klei? Please? Anyway i will still quietly refresh this page every day like i was doing for so long already .)
  13. Well shieeet that sounds crazy and over the top with the mutiple bases. I hope the radiation part has some structures mechanics into it also all this sounds like it will chew trough our computers much faster than vanilla. I hope for some performance magic happening too
  14. One question if i may. Is the heat bug on conveyor rails outside of screen part of this or that is separate thing on your list? So far this has been little bit frustrating and it is making lots of contraptions broken. I stopped on my 2k+ world because of this and lots of stuff i wanted to build use conveyor rails