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  1. OH MY GOD those items have rarities O.o never realised this before and i have almost all of them except some of the items from first winter batch. What a twist indeed! Thanks for info
  2. @V2C Old Snowfallen collection items are now for 450 spools although other items are for normal spool amounts like 15 or so. Is this a bug or these are real numbers?
  3. CUDA is proprietary BS from Nvidia which doesnt like to play with others
  4. Guys guys chill lets keep the discussion on topic PLZ Damn i didnt know its this bad. Now im curious how it will really run on my machine so i will install anyway FYI i think Klei did say they will do performance updates at the end. I just hoped they did something trough these updates. I think they are well aware that the game has poor performance when people with Ryzens and top of the line Intel CPUs cant run this game steady. I have 100% faith in Klei but im also worried if they can make enough difference that this game will run properly even in late game Also Klei is well known for 100% Early access experience. They did EA for all their games and all of them are awesome IMO. I also played Rimworld for a long time while it was in EA (recently released 1.0) and i never had any problems even with huuuuge bases and i play on MacBook not a desktop
  5. Last time i played was around 3-4 major updates ago. I played a ton but every time i got into mid-late game the performance would get a huge hit and later would be basically unplayable. I see Klei added tons of new stuff into the game and i want to try it all out again but if the performance is still bad i wont enjoy this game at all. I can imagine with so much new stuff and same performance this time it will be even worse I play on macOS if that means anything but i wanna hear from everyone!
  6. Hamlet Update - October 29

    Yeah i have all DST skins but i dont think the last batch was 2 months ago. It feels like AGES ago .)
  7. Griftlands Update

    This is all we ask for. Maybe throw some art here and there to keep the hype going and its all good .) Good luck with this cool project Klei!
  8. Hamlet Update - October 29

    OH i forgot DST skins you sell in shop ... just bought the whole pack ... ok so its not that bad And of course i will buy gifts ... all DS and DST stuff you released i bought 3 extra times for my little cousins ... they are 3 little psychopaths for DS
  9. Hamlet Update - October 29

    Klei wtf is this seriously! You giving away 12k copies of Hamlet? We dont deserve that imo and i feel bad now. I always want to give you money to support whatever you doing but seems that is impossible lately (probably for whole year) MOTN remaster = free ... ok so i buy Hamlet although i dont play DS THAT much ... Hamlet? = FREE ... uhm oksoooo what now?
  10. Its been pleasure Klei

    Finished the game with all achievements ... again! MOTN still my favourite Klei game. I own all Klei games and lets say DS/DST is epic but MOTN has some magic to it i don't know how to say it. I have around 60h in this game combined with "old" MOTN and it was fun every single minute. Shame its so short tho :/ FYI i play on 2016 MacBook (real) Pro 13'' with 3440x1440 ultra-wide monitor, macOS 10.14 (Mojave). Outside of no ultra-wide support (for legit reasons) the game is 100%. Performance is great and i haven't seen single bug! I really hope we get to see MOTN 2
  11. Iron Goliath Concept

    WOOOOOW dude this is amazing!
  12. [Game Update] - 291539

    Shouldn't Spider gorillas be neutral to Webber? I thought that was just a bug but they are still hostile. Webber should eventually be able to befriend them right?
  13. When you finish the game you get option to start "new game plus" which gives you harder opponents and you wont see sound and stuff behind you .)
  14. Thoughts on Warbucks?

    IMO Warbucks with his perks is here for beginners so its OK what he does although i agree its little bit boring. All that wont matter one bit if we get the second character interesting and PLEASE a lot harder or unique in some way. If it is that piggy tho i have bad feeling it will be something trivial that makes her special ... we will see What i dont like about Warbucks is that it feels like he is modded character. I dont know what it is but it feels little bit off seeing him in world. I hope he gets some graphic update for final release
  15. Delay in Linux fixes

    GG on the little ninja!