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  1. It doesn't matter if it's self contained , it's opinion I disagree with and I decided to make a topic about it. If you don't like it you're free to just not read this topic.
  2. If you go to the Steam post announcing Wortox the comment section is swamped with people complaining about it too, and if you go to the discussions there it's around also. It's a strong enough sentiment to be annoying and I'm expressing my distaste about it.
  3. That was a pretty long ramble just to say "I don't think more than one thread about a topic should exist", which is just silly. I felt like talking about it, so I made a topic.
  4. It's DST related so it's on topic, and it's about a recent trend I've seen that frustrated me so I felt like making a topic about it. "Why did you talk about something you thought about a game in a forum about that game? Surely you just want popularity."
  5. The small bit of Through the Ages we got was free. The entirety of A New Reign was free. Winona was free. They give away several skin drops for free a week, and recently they upped the amount of those that drop per week. They gave the game itself free to anyone who already had Don't Starve when DST was in early access. If you weren't there for some of those fine, but that doesn't mean they didn't happen. They've given us plenty for free, a little paid DLC isn't going to kill you.
  6. Nobody has stopped you from expressing anything, they're just expressing their own opinion by disagreeing. Games with online services have servers that need paid for, just buying the game once and never paying into it again wouldn't work.
  7. They're being up front about needing the money for upkeep and they've given several things for free that they didn't have to, the praise is because they're being a lot nicer than other companies we could name. You mostly just seem to be disagreeing for the sake of it
  8. Considering how much they give away for free regularly it's not that much, especially since the game's full price is pretty cheap to begin with.
  9. For now you can only get them via drops, but Klei said they will be making them into skin packs eventually, with versions that came from drops turning into Heirloom rarity that turn into more spools when unraveled
  10. Just add "Non-Canonical" as one of his perks on his character select page.
  11. Charlie at some point, hopefully. I'd bring over Warly, Wilba, and Wormwood first and then go through established unimplemented characters. Maybe even the Pyro they made before, TF2 doesn't carry as much clout as it used to so getting the rights could be easier.
  12. Hamlet on Nintendo switch????

    It's still in early access of some kind isn't it?
  13. Not to mention evening is only like a shade less dark than night.
  14. Skin mod: Illegal?

    While I don't agree with the modder's behavior in the slightest, this kind of mod fills a niche Klei don't seem interested in filling themselves.
  15. DST's Insulation Mechanic

    Don't Starve Together has Reign of Giants baked into it, so I don't see where there would be a difference. Summer is Reign of Giants content, basically. The base DLC-less game doesn't have it.