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  1. That's a nice emote, did your husband make it for you?
  2. Think about it: Your opponent is wearing a perfectly-crafted outfit not only meant to make them look good but strike fear in the hearts of their enemies, only for you to quickly run in and give them a hit from your trusty Clean Sweeper. Now they're wearing a random assortment of basic skins and skins meant for other survivors that looks atrocious. Morale? Destroyed. Sleepytime Stories? Activated. Fun Little Easter Egg for a Fun Little Tool? Achieved.
  3. The Roseate skins were Tencent exclusive too at one point (and if memory serves they don't/didn't have the Guest of Honor set?), so they might incorporate these here in some way. Loyal rares are different from normal skin sets though, so it might be more complex than that.
  4. I feel like most if not all of them were less at risk for that before joining the group. Wilba was a princess in a civilized town and merms usually win their fights against pigs so I doubt Wurt was in much danger. Wortox can in his own words come and go as he pleases, he's not even bound to the Constant. The only one that seemed in any real danger was Wilbur.
  5. The goal of the majority of the survivors is to (eventually) leave the Constant and get home, but what about the survivors already native to the Constant? (Or in Wortox's case, whatever dimension he came from.) Are Wilbur (Presumably? Is he a Prime Ape specifically or a normal monkey?), Wilba, Wortox, and Wurt just along for the ride?
  6. Wilba, I honestly would've rather had her than Wurt in the first place. She'd need tweaking for sure but still.
  7. I mean more people rely on the shorts on YouTube than the in-game compendium anyway. Also the lore is the main flavor of this game, what are you on about?
  8. Webber's playstyle seems frankly a little incomplete at this point, he's in need of some kind of rework. At the very least some kind of spider-related Shamlet Mask version he can give to others so that using him at his full potential doesn't require him to stay away from the other players and camp. Giving him other spider-related powers wouldn't be too out of sorts though, like letting him "learn" to temporarily do one other spider's attack at a time by fighting that kind of spider. (The warrior's lunge or spitter's projectile, etc.) And if he did get an animation it'd probably just be the little "growl" the spiders do when aggroing to you.
  9. The plot to progress in a palpable way. Return of Them hasn't really had any "Them" return, the Lunar Island and it's creatures are implied to be new to the Constant so I don't think that counts as a return. We also haven't had any significant run-ins with Charlie yet. I know she's keeping her cards closer to the chest than Maxwell did but we're gonna need more than her walking around in the scrapped Portal plotline.
  10. What makes all of this funny is seeing Maxwell as an intimidating force again, considering in the present he's basically been demoted to the team's sad magic grandpa ever since Wilson freed him.
  11. Yeah, if you bring the popup down yourself you'll see the number of skins going up over time but it's not very reliable. Lately it doesn't do a notification, and even the menu showing how long ago you got a drop has a habit of getting stuck on "now" even after 3-4 hours.
  12. The problem with comparing DS to DST is that any and all major updates to the game take place over here. The plot, skins, character refreshes, etc. don't transfer over and the only major changes we get in solo DS are major DLC releases. (And are there even going to be any more after Hamlet?) DST isn't just a mutliplayer mode, it's a sequel. And something that really needs to get through a lot of player's heads is that it's not a competitive game, content can be just for the sake of it instead of solely existing to make the game harder. It's like people want the learning curve to be impassibly steep or something.
  13. I think they might consider that too close to /carol? I do like the optimism of playable Charlie happening to have emotes assigned to her though.
  14. Is that what that perk description was supposed to mean? I thought it was just a joke on Canadian thanksgiving.
  15. As far as I know she doesn't consider milk to be meat (which I agree with) so I get why she won't eat ice cream. And her eating eggs is a stretch to begin with, I definitely wouldn't consider a waffle to be meat either.