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  1. Another loyal for the collection, thanks Klei!
  2. Mmm... It feels bad to be upset about the delay but at the same time this isn't a small delay, it's half a year.
  3. I'm hoping so too, if only because I collect Loyal skins and they released one for the Forge beta participants.
  4. It's better this way though, it's better to know something is in fact coming than to have waited through half a month more of "when is something gonna happen?"
  5. Well we did get a date, thankfully. It's weeks away but I guess we've waited this long.
  6. I hope it includes a date because otherwise it's nothing we don't already know.
  7. The hopes of something actually happening around here after so long continues to dim.
  8. We're hoping there might be a teaser at the end but I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they continued to act like it never happened.
  9. Exactly, that's all I was saying. When you see new stuff it's natural to be like "Something's finally happening!" But no, it's pushed back into the undefined "eventually" zone.
  10. Teased=/=Released. It doesn't count until it's out.
  11. Dang, and here I thought after the content drought something was going to actually happen around here for once. Back to SoonTM I guess.
  12. I certainly hope the actual event itself is coming soon, these skins look delightful and what little information the items give has me excited. Apparently we're fighting some force called "The Gnaw" this time, and if those icons are any indication there's a lot of event food.