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  1. I mean more people rely on the shorts on YouTube than the in-game compendium anyway. Also the lore is the main flavor of this game, what are you on about?
  2. As much as I want unlockable Charlie, it would likely have to be towards the end of DST's plot-relevant updates because otherwise there won't be an antagonist. Someone has to be in control of the throne. They might elaborate more on "Them" at some point soon and introduce some kind of force we have to cooperate with her to fight though, depending on how the Metheus puzzle thing is supposed to pan out.
  3. Why do they keep making skins that would be fun/funny to fight with into tool skins instead of weapon skins? I know the Bat Bat has a scythe skin but the scythe skin they gave to pickaxes would have been so much cooler as a spear, and while a crowbar hammer makes sense it would be so satisfying to get to wallop a monster with a crowbar.
  4. A QOL that I personally would enjoy is the return of sets having ensemble emotes, and more emotes in general. Emotes are so fun but seem to get the least love when it comes to new releases.
  5. Another loyal for the collection, thanks Klei!
  6. I'm hoping so too, if only because I collect Loyal skins and they released one for the Forge beta participants.
  7. It's better this way though, it's better to know something is in fact coming than to have waited through half a month more of "when is something gonna happen?"
  8. Well we did get a date, thankfully. It's weeks away but I guess we've waited this long.
  9. I hope it includes a date because otherwise it's nothing we don't already know.
  10. The hopes of something actually happening around here after so long continues to dim.
  11. We're hoping there might be a teaser at the end but I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they continued to act like it never happened.
  12. Exactly, that's all I was saying. When you see new stuff it's natural to be like "Something's finally happening!" But no, it's pushed back into the undefined "eventually" zone.