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  1. Just add "Non-Canonical" as one of his perks on his character select page.
  2. Charlie at some point, hopefully. I'd bring over Warly, Wilba, and Wormwood first and then go through established unimplemented characters. Maybe even the Pyro they made before, TF2 doesn't carry as much clout as it used to so getting the rights could be easier.
  3. Hamlet on Nintendo switch????

    It's still in early access of some kind isn't it?
  4. Not to mention evening is only like a shade less dark than night.
  5. Skin mod: Illegal?

    While I don't agree with the modder's behavior in the slightest, this kind of mod fills a niche Klei don't seem interested in filling themselves.
  6. DST's Insulation Mechanic

    Don't Starve Together has Reign of Giants baked into it, so I don't see where there would be a difference. Summer is Reign of Giants content, basically. The base DLC-less game doesn't have it.
  7. Burn baby burn~ (Note: This did not scale up well.)
  8. They have to work out marketplace-type stuff with Sony and haven't had much success there.
  9. I wonder if they could legally get the rights to have unmodded Pyro implemented this way. But regardless new characters are always fun, I'm excited to see who else besides Wortox is being added!
  10. Considering how much they already gave us for free (including the game itself for some people!) and how well they handle skin mechanics I don't mind tossing them more dosh for characters.
  11. In the main game PVP was an afterthought that the game's mechanics aren't really balanced around, but the Forge is a perfect environment for something like that. Confined space, set powers, set weapons, I think it could work really well in a future Forge season. Don't Starve Together Battle Royale
  12. Refueling the Cowl

    The firefly creatures seem to drop glowing objects (light bulbs, I think). Do those work?
  13. Aporkalypse thread

    As far as I've been able to gather, the Ancient Herald is a boss exclusive to the Aporkalypse.
  14. How does this egg even work?

    I'd assume it works like Tallbird eggs. Keep it near a fire at night, don't during the day.
  15. Charlie was feeling chair-itable. And also wanted power.