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  1. I mean to be fair you can't buy the skin drops, and I think people set the price of the Steam Marketplace. There's no way Klei tried to sell any of these skins for upwards of $300.
  2. People who want a Winona rebalance rejoice as she gets the ability to build a Megazord for the Survivors. It never works out because the people controlling the legs each want different things.
  3. I was browsing the Google Chrome store and happened upon it. I enjoyed the demo so I got the real game and have been enjoying it ever since! A simple story, I know.
  4. The Forge with the only change being that friendly fire is on.
  5. Big Event 2 Predictions: Forge 2: Electric Boogaloo Dungeons and Dragons Campaign Charlie Charlie Challenge "We Have the Rose Set, What Do We Complain About Now?" Meeting
  6. Also: Give existing sets complete set emotes, now that set emotes are an established thing.
  7. They've said they have no plans for this so far. A different company helped to code ShipWrecked and balancing would be even harder for a lot of reasons. (If everyone takes all the flint from the island the Florid Postern was on or cut down all the trees on that island you'd basically have to play as Walani or Woodlegs or you'd be stuck for example.)
  8. Young Wickerbottom, from the concept art. That is all.
  9. A few suggestions for nice anniversary skin items: Dowsing Rod (Spear Skin): A nice little reference to a base game only feature, and it's not like they don't already have the art laying around. Update Wilson (Wilson Base Skin): That completely shadowed-out Wilson with an evil expression that used to appear on the title screen of the base game on the timer for an upcoming update. Birthday Cake (Campfire Skin): A large cake with a probably dangerous amount of candles serving as a firepit skin. Birthday Candle (Torch Skin): Sort of matching with the above, an oversized birthday candle to serve as a torch skin. The first two could be a bonus for owning the base game (like the Mini Monument/Pirate Birdcage) while the second two could be given to anyone who logged in during the event.
  10. remove trails and roads

    You used to be able to pitchfork them like other tiles, maybe there's a mod to reimpliment that?
  11. Year of the Varg?

    All you need for the stonehenge one is to buy Reign of Giants in the original Don't Starve though, or did they deactivate that?
  12. The Forge is Now Live on Steam!

    Apologies for the impatience, I collect loyal rarity items so the prospect of a new one is just exciting. >·<
  13. The Forge is Now Live on Steam!

    Is it nagging to ask what the holdup is on the beta background? People datamined what it is already, unless it's being changed in some way it seems like it should be a simple matter of turning it on.
  14. Wait, the Formal collection is our exclusive? It's so bland though.