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  1. how to create about regen mod

    @orlyx, I think so.
  2. ThePlayer.components.playerlightningtarget:DoStrike()
  3. Hi @Xiellify, welcome to the forums! (And sorry for the late reply!) It does look like the port that your caves server is trying to use is already being used. Do you happen to have another server running? If not, you can manually change the port by going to (My) Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether\Cluster_5\Caves and opening server.ini with a file editor, then changing server_port = 10999 under [NETWORK] to something else, for example, server_port = 11009.
  4. @lilmist, yes, you have to shut down your server first. Start the game client, go to the Host screen, open the Mods tab and deselect the mods you want to remove. You might have to briefly enter the game to confirm the changes. Exit and relaunch your server via your script.
  5. Hi @lilmist, welcome to the forums! Check the section "Help! E_INVALID_TOKEN or E_EXPIRED_TOKEN" in the OP.
  6. @Scrubberinos, yes (unless you have set up your server not to pause when empty).
  7. @Soulk, it should. @Scrubberinos, something's preventing your server from launching. Usually it's either a mod crashing (try hosting a world without mods) or the ports are already in use (could be an instance of the dedicated server tool running, for example). If you're still having issues, post your client_log.txt (Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether\client_log.txt) and your master server's server_log.txt (Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether\Cluster_5\Master\server_log.txt).
  8. Use the PeriodicSpawner component.
  9. It seems to me appeasing the volcano doesn't increase/reset the timer until the next eruption, but instead pauses the current countdown. Either way the eruption is delayed, the difference being the lack of new warnings in the current form. I don't know if it's intended, but it does feel counterintuitive.
  10. Thanks, I can't try it out right now, so I've linked your suggested script in the OP.
  11. @canada11, welcome to the forums! It doesn't matter if the Caves or Master server is started first, the server.ini file for your Master server will be set up appropriately (is_master = true) when creating the cluster. A little testing suggests E_INVALID_TOKEN is shown if there's no cluster_token.txt in the cluster folder or if the file is empty, and E_EXPIRED_TOKEN if the token is invalid. Also note that I originally wrote in the guide that the token file should be named cluster_token.ini instead of the correct cluster_token.txt, I've corrected it. If moving/copying the file to your cluster folder doesn't work, I can only suggest generating anoter code by login into the game, pressing the Account button, then the Generate Server Token button and pasting the new code into the cluster_token.txt file in your cluster folder. Other than that I can't think of anything else.
  12. [Game Update] - 233745

    Hey @Jason, it's great to see so much effort is still being put into SW! Are there any further plans for SP other than bug fixing the new content in SW (and Hamlet)? There are a couple of new cool things mentioned in the code that don't seem to be implemented yet or are simply commented out. There's also old unused code that hasn't been removed, like the fire snakes - any chance they'll be included in the future? On bug fixing, there are still old SW bugs (and vanilla and RoG) that remain unaddressed, including some crashes (Wilbur speech crash or ignited beeboxes), annoyances (krampus spawns were fixed in SW but not in vanilla or RoG, the Quacken can spawn out of reach) or several other minor issues that should be easy to fix. Should we re-report them?
  13. [SW beta] Quackering Ram crash

    My "update to dev build" button seems to be broken.
  14. Random crash when ramming water beefalo at full speed. Haven't been able to reproduce the crash.