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  1. Spoilers and such: new public beta branch "updatebeta" for the upcoming update "Waterlogged", includes 64bit execs for Windows.
  2. Hi there. You are trying to access a variable anim in lines 864, 866, 875 and 878, but you haven't declared it. The original teatrees.lua from Hamlet declares it in line 1013 ( local anim = inst.entity:AddAnimState() ). However, if you compare the deciduoustrees.lua from DST and Hamlet you'll notice that Hamlet also uses an anim variable (ll. 1178-1204) whereas DST doesn't. Instead, in DST the AnimState is initialised without assigning it to a variable (l. 1229) and inst.AnimState is accessed directly (ll. 1247-1278). Since you already have inst.entity:AddAnimState() in line 850, simply change the four instances of anim to inst.AnimState (so inst.AnimState:SetBank("tree_leaf") and so on). Untested, hence not guaranteed to work. Good luck!
  3. @Kupciaczek, sorry to hear that! Were you playing DS, DLC/DLC-compatible, DST? Could you share a screenshot of the crash or your crash log so I can take a look at it?
  4. Version 1.0.1


    * Beefalo can always be saddled and ridden. * Beefalo don't buck players or throw their saddles. Thanks to @rezecib for the Upvalue Hacker. Compatible with all versions (DS, RoG, SW, HAM, DST). Steam Workshop (DS) & Steam Workshop (DST)
  5. I reported this bug a few months back (link), but it hasn't been addressed yet. Luckily, you'll only lose up to a day's progress, the issue is resolved when reloading your game and you'll be able to continue normally.
  6. It seems to me appeasing the volcano doesn't increase/reset the timer until the next eruption, but instead pauses the current countdown. Either way the eruption is delayed, the difference being the lack of new warnings in the current form. I don't know if it's intended, but it does feel counterintuitive.
  7. Hey @Jason, it's great to see so much effort is still being put into SW! Are there any further plans for SP other than bug fixing the new content in SW (and Hamlet)? There are a couple of new cool things mentioned in the code that don't seem to be implemented yet or are simply commented out. There's also old unused code that hasn't been removed, like the fire snakes - any chance they'll be included in the future? On bug fixing, there are still old SW bugs (and vanilla and RoG) that remain unaddressed, including some crashes (Wilbur speech crash or ignited beeboxes), annoyances (krampus spawns were fixed in SW but not in vanilla or RoG, the Quacken can spawn out of reach) or several other minor issues that should be easy to fix. Should we re-report them?
  8. TheWorld.components.hounded:GetDebugString() TheWorld.components.hounded:GetTimeToAttack() TheWorld.components.hunter:GetDebugString()
  9. My "update to dev build" button seems to be broken.
  10. Random crash when ramming water beefalo at full speed. Haven't been able to reproduce the crash.
  11. From here. Hound mounds and hound waves in SW-compatible worlds spawn crocodogs instead of hounds. Also, the SpawnCrocodogPrefab function is defined twice in data/DLC0002/scripts/components/hounded.lua, so only regular crocodogs are spawned.