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  1. Are Sharx Removed?

    Nope, they are definitely no longer in the game.
  2. [SW beta] Quackering Ram crash

    My "update to dev build" button seems to be broken.
  3. A touchstone-less resurrection

    You might have a guardian angel.
  4. Random crash when ramming water beefalo at full speed. Haven't been able to reproduce the crash.
  5. From here. Hound mounds and hound waves in SW-compatible worlds spawn crocodogs instead of hounds. Also, the SpawnCrocodogPrefab function is defined twice in data/DLC0002/scripts/components/hounded.lua, so only regular crocodogs are spawned.
  6. @Rellimarual, yep, I edited my comment. I still find it weird that there was no (pre-)announcement for Winona or XBox on the forums, it's where I look first.
  7. @fimmatek, it's a type of skin item, like "emote", "feet", "hand", "body", "legs", "base" (for characters), "item" (craftables) or the also unused "oddment". It's not a prefab. @Daniel86268, Klei have already announced that they'll be changing how skins drop and will be sold. In the context of skins, "mystery box" suggests (to me) something related to these gambling systems. However, until it's actually used, we don't know. And as I said, I hope it isn't any of that. It could also be something else, left unused or removed.
  8. Play2Drop2Pay2Open. Or plain gambling by buying "boxes" from the market or Klei directly without needing a "key". Either way, yuck. I hope that's not what it is.
  9. @Devon Aster, yeah, I'm a bit confused by their choices in communication recently. Winona was announced via email, but not here on the forums, now this far greater announcement is kept on the forums and Steam instead. edit: I mean, yeah, they already said that Winona was coming, The Forge and Hamlet aren't available yet, and they probably only want more dedicated players in the beta for feedback and bug fixing, but it still seems a little weird to me.
  10. This reminds me of @Lumina's Aura of Darkness idea and @PeterA's answer:
  11. @Devon Aster, you can follow Don't Starve on Steam (top right-ish, below "Store Page") and receive news updates in your Home/Activity feed.
  12. skinsutils.lua now mentions a new type of item: "mysterybox". Currently unused.
  13. Crocudogs in RoG

    Yep, looks like they went overboard went replacing hounds and sharx with crocodogs, now hound mound and all hound waves spawn only crocodogs, even in vanilla/RoG SW-compatible worlds.
  14. When you run RunDSTServer.bat, the window will shortly after close itself, but it launches another two windows: one for the overworld shard and one for the caves shard. Isn't that the case? When you want to close your server, you have to type c_shutdown() into both windows, AFAIK there's no command to close both shards at the same time.