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  1. Woooow!! Your character is the girl on your profile pic, I love that haha! Did you make it yourself? Or someone made it for you? Either way, it looks lovely and such a great idea!
  2. @minespatch Sounds great! I'm glad you like these screenshots, Wes worked hard during that time!
  3. Hey, thanks for that drawing piece of Wes on his special backpack and the broodling
  4. SCARY. Ruins were already creepy, now I'm not going in there alone anymore unless I play Wes the superior human. If anyone wants to organize a group visit give me a call. I'll be running in circles around the cave exit, if anyone wants to meet me.
  5. Lies. You are the kind of woman who always change what I say to win the arguments
  6. Oh, nevermind. I didn't read the last part :v I was really looking for a reason to start a new world and come back to DST after some days away . Back to flingos times huyeah. Pls gimme gears on the surface world generator!
  7. So I really need to build a lot of flingos before summer hits . And my base is in the desert, I'm so afraid this thing will just spawn and destroy my home. I don't even want to see
  8. Scary. Is that a zombie carrot, or did Stephy old up very bad?
  9. I don't think a personal doodle or drawing "can" be improved by others in any way. It's your doodle and it is what it is. If it was me, I'd do it on ms paint, add colour and funnier expression, but I already did that . If you really were asking for advice, I'd say stop drawing on blue and use a black pen, but it would be changing your style and I'm not here for that. The poor vegie just lost all its soul and awesome hands on your version.
  10. @DwerBomb Thanks a lot, that's indeed my drawing, and the original one I meant the blue pen version made by minespatch. I recommend you taking a look to the thread it came out. Art is in there.