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  1. If you already have a crockpot, there will be no problem. If you still have time to make some bee boxes before winter, monster meat from spiders + honey is good food + healing forever. I always tried to make the honey farm before winter. If not, just monster meat + ice during winter is really easy way to make your meatballs, and you can sleep or fight more spiders to recover that HP you would get from honey recipes.
  2. screen shot show case

    @Rellimarual @Endramada I see nothing wrong with your Pig Kings.
  3. This is not a competitive game. Why would one care about how others play it? If that happens on your server, talk with your friends and decide how do you want to play. If not, what is the problem for you? There are a lot of players who play with lag, or for whatever reason they don't want to risk themselves so they have the possibility to play it safe. Also, the bosses in this game are designed for multiplayer, so looking for tricks to outsmart the enemies is a very useful thing. Be it build a fight arena, use Wicker tentacles or use the terrain on your favour.
  4. Noob stories

    Friend comes home (in real life) Me: "Hey lemme show you something new I made in DST!! Bunnymen vs spiders farm!!" Then I walked into the farm while carrying meat. Lost the world in front of my friend in my new fancy farm.
  5. I posted right after having a look on that thread because I understood nothing . That link is in OP, so it was the first thing I saw.
  6. Is this puzzle thing related to DST? Or just a game you guys found? You get any DST item for making the puzzle? It's been some time I don't play and I'm a bit lost here
  7. Wow @Amanda Pikachu your cave looks more confy than my bedroom. Both my Wicker base and the only cave base I made would scare away any kind of tidy human being. xD
  8. @minespatch Sounds great! I'm glad you like these screenshots, Wes worked hard during that time!
  9. Hey, thanks for that drawing piece of Wes on his special backpack and the broodling
  10. SCARY. Ruins were already creepy, now I'm not going in there alone anymore unless I play Wes the superior human. If anyone wants to organize a group visit give me a call. I'll be running in circles around the cave exit, if anyone wants to meet me.
  11. Lies. You are the kind of woman who always change what I say to win the arguments
  12. No.
  13. Oh, nevermind. I didn't read the last part :v I was really looking for a reason to start a new world and come back to DST after some days away . Back to flingos times huyeah. Pls gimme gears on the surface world generator!
  14. So I really need to build a lot of flingos before summer hits . And my base is in the desert, I'm so afraid this thing will just spawn and destroy my home. I don't even want to see
  15. Hahahahaha now I really like that one