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  1. Hey there my guy. Do you know who i am? Might not, and thats fine, My name is Yeticake-but you might know me by the name of YetiFoot? Yeah thats me, sorry its been awhile and alotta stuff happened between then and now. 

  2. "Wghll, ghts rghly yrgh ghwn fghlt, grghl." Gyx shrugged, "Yghm nght thgh wghn whgh cghm ghvrgh tgh thghs sghd ghf thgh ghlghnd."
  3. "THEN THE PACT IS SEALED. IF YOU CAN FIND A PROPER DISH BY THE NIGHT OF THE MORROW, I SHALL SPA--" Gulligus heard a random scream, and looked down to see Jaw punch his leg to no avail. Gulligus let out a mighty caw, and dozens of Gulls appeared and ganged up on Jaw, entrapping him in a pecking ball of feathers. He then looked back at Mena. "I SHALL SPARE BOTH YOUR PET, AND THIS HORRID BEAST. YOU HAVE EXACTLY 24 HOURS. IF AN UNSATISFACTORY MEAL IS PRESENTED, I SHALL DEVOUR BOTH." Gulligus then stretched out one of his wings, and from it dropped 3 spell pages. He then shot upwards, with the same effects as when he left. Gyx picked up the pages, awkwardly put them into his book, and looked at Mena. "Rgh... Wghps?" The flock of birds waddled away from a bruised-up Jaw.
  4. (I HAVE RETURNED MY CHILDREN) "Mgh lghrd! Sgh ghs nght prght ghf thghs bghrghn!" Gyx hardly took two steps before Gulligus squawked right in his face. Gyx fell and crawled back. Gulligus turned its attention to Kate once more. It simply grabbed Meri with one talon, picked it up off the ground with disproportionate strength. Gulligus then realized only Gyx could fluently understand its tongue, and spoke in english. "GIVE ME YOUR SNACK. REFUSE, AND I SHALL DEVOUR THIS SEA-DEMON IN ITS STEAD." "Thght wghsnt prght ghf thgh dghl! Ygh rgh BGHND frghm sghch bghhvrgh!" Gyx mustered up the pitiful stupidity he called his courage, and climbed Meri's back to face his master. "NO. THE TRADE WAS OFFERED FOOD FOR POWER. THIS BEAST WAS OFFERED BY NOBODY, AND I WOULD BE DENYING MY DUTY AS AN AVIAN LORD TO LET IT LIVE. SO, CHILD. IF YOU GIVE ME YOUR SNACK, I SHALL LET THE BEAST LIVE, AND GRANT YOU POWER. REFUSE, AND I SHALL KILL IT." Gulligus's claws tightened on Meri, as if to make a point.
  5. Suddenly, Gyx's prayer was answered. Althought it at first seemed like a shooting star, once it descended straight down and curved towards the small island the group stood on, it was apparent it was something different. Thousands of fish were sucked from the water and into the light as it approached. As it closed in on the island, it flew straight up, and exploded into fragments of light, that quickly reformed into a giant Seagull, that stood across from Gyx at his sacrificial circle. GYYYYYTHDPN. WHYYYSTHOW. SUUUMOME. The Giant Seagull's voice boomed like thousands of squawking gulls, in a perfect concordance that made a powerful shriek. Gyx raised his head, and still held his hands open. "Ygh bghsych ygh frgh fghvr, grght Gulligus! Ygh ghfr ygh thghs hghmblgh ghfrghng!" He gestured to the sacrifice in front of him. Gulligus leaned in and examined the flaming crabs closely, before opening it's mouth and sucking it in, quickly gulping it down. THIIIIIPLESME. STAAATYOURDES. IIIISHALLGRANT. "Ygh wghs frgh mrgh srghvnts, ghn yr gh nghm, grght Gulligus!" YOOOOOONEMORE? THIIIIIINGZATKILL? "Sghdly, thgh dghd fghtng gh Pyghrghsghm." Gulligus shrieked at this, and hundreds of Seagulls flew in the distance. PYYYYYOSOME?! TEEEERBLEBEAST! Yhh knghw, grght Gulligus!" Gyx bowed his head. VEEEERYWELL. IIIIISHA-- Gulligus sniffed the air for a moment. Thanks to it's massive size, it could see Noctimus, being cradled by Kate. It craned its neck over, and cwacked YOOOUWANGIFTTOO? GIIIIIVESMALLFOOD.
  6. Gyx sliced the bird's throat open, causing it to shriek for a brief second. Hopefully nobody heard that. He then poured the bird's throat into the sand, forming some sort of ritualistic circle. He put each of it's feathers burrowed into the sand at each of it's six points, representing the beak, wings, feet, and tail of a bird. He then searched for a brief moment, and picked up a piece of wood, two flints, and then spend thirty minutes picking the beach for worms and small bugs, including crabs. Once he collected a large number of worms, and eight crabs. He pounded the worms into a sticky mush, which he dunked the piece of wood into. He then put the carefully bound crabs in the center of his circle. Then, he pounded the two flints together on the piece of wood, lighting the jelly-like wax from the dead worms. He lit each of the six feathers on fire, and then the pile of crabs. Crab simply watched them struggle, with black soul-less eyes. Gyx then carefully placed the torch in the pile of crabs, and then stood in front of the circle, fell onto his knees, placing his hands over his mouth, and letting out a powerful bird's whistle. There had to be a better time to learn more summonings, but hopefully the others would know better than to interrupt his ceremony.
  7. Gyx decided to collect some rocks for... "Rghk thghngs," he assured any onlookers. Crab sat on his head. Gyx then walked out of view of the rest of the group, where a single bird sat pecking for crabs on the beach. Gyx raised a rock, and hurled it at the bird. It squawked loudly as the rock collided into it's body, knocking it unconscious. Gyx walked over and collected it's bright purple plumage, which he handed to Crab, who held the feathers with a determined look. Gyx then pulled out his Sickle, and held it against the unconscious bird's throat...
  8. Gyx climbed over onto Meritursas. He didn't trust the Sharx.
  9. Gyx runs over to the back of Jaw. sneering at Otto.
  10. Gyx stood up, and angrily shook a fist at Otto. "Hgh! Lghk YGH wghld lghk bghng drghpped ghn gh fghlthy hrghy lghnd bghst!" He set Angelle on the ground, and his mouth-tentacles shot out straight as he made a hissing noise which sounded like a man blowing his nose into a tissue, which sent saltwater saliva spraying towards Otto.
  11. Gyx peeked from the cave, and saw through the ripples that Jaw was both A) Really really huge B) Putting everyone on his shoulder Gyx swam towards the surface, and tapped Jaw's foot, still holding Angelle like a baby, while Crab sat on top of his head.
  12. Gyx looked around confused; completely lost as to what his next actions should be. The island was sinking, the boat was in ruins; Meri was fighting to escape the whirlpool, Niella was severely wounded, and Malii was confused. He didn't have much time, so he elected to place Crab on top of his head, pick up Angelle, and dash towards the water. While Gyx was clumsy on land, he was an amazing swimmer. He scooped up a handful of seawater, stuffed it in his maw, and blew a bubble big enough for Angelle, in which he stuffed the little pupper inside of it. He then carefully took several steps back, and leapt from the sinking island towards the end of the whirlpool. Thanks to his Deep One heritage, he had sick azz jumping skills. Even though he was part trout and part octopus. F%&# human logic. Once Gyx hit the water, he swam with every ounce of energy in his legs quickly away from the pool. He ducked beneath the water and swam into a small cave, where he sat against the wall, wretching his horrible breathing. The Thing's that Killed all withered and died, once their quarry's life was no more.
  13. The Root's ray of fire knocked almost all of The Thing's That Kill off of it's side, most of their roasted bodies falling into bloody pieces. A few managed to survive, however, by cutting holes into The Root and hiding inside. They come out severely damaged, yet still functioning, and went right back to attacking. Even the ones that fell off began crawling towards The Root wielding weapons with their remaining claws, on both hands and feet, or even in their mouth's. Even the severed limbs slinked towards the beast as if they had minds of their own. Their goal was to kill this abomination, and they'd do it if it took them a thousand years. In the mean time, Gyx's Creation slid between Kate and The Root, and screamed as it shot fire towards the beast's head.
  14. The things Gyx summoned were finished constructing themselves. The finished product was almost two hundred of naked, extremely malnourished hairless birdmen with glowing blue eyes that twitched and spasmed randomly. Almost a quarter of them started dismembering other members and gruesomely tearing out their bones, which they used their beaks and claws to quickly chisel into a large arsenal of Bone weaponry; All sorts of swords, axes, and spears, caked with blood. Gyx pointed his finger towards the massive Pyrosome, and shouted: "Things that kill, your quarry!" All at once, they leapt like frogs onto The Root, and all immediately started stabbing, tearing, and slashing at it. They stabbed their black claws into the beast's side, making it nearly impossible for the massive beast to simply shake them off.
  15. Ding! Turkey's Done! Gyx finished his ritual, and belllowed "Things-that-kill, I beckon thee!" The spell circle had crackled with red lightning. The lightning struck and danced along every single feather, with vibrated violently as they transformed into hearts, that slowly began building bodies around themselves, much like the giant owl made to protect crab friccin forever ago when they were inside of the giant pelican, yet now there were dozens of things like it, all slowly forming in preparation to meet their adversary.