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All Released Skins (as of now)

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Silxer    386
36 minutes ago, JellyUltra said:

Winter Hat and Cat Cap skins?... I get that skins are just for fun, but why are so many being added for items you won't use after the first winter?

It would be amazing to have a skin for an item like the Tam o' Shanter, but I'm not sure on how they would make skins for dropped items like that. 

Anyways, always nice to see some neat new cosmetics. 

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Mudley    1145
5 minutes ago, 50shades-of-blue said:

In many Asian cultures, side-oriented clothing depends on if the living or dead are wearing it

With this skin, it's right-over-left, which is used for corpses

Oh, that's a cool fact.

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