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Don't Starve Together - Return of Them: Eye of The Storm Now Available!

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2 minutes ago, BezKa said:

Anybody looking for clues? I got nothing... 

I went through some of the transitions, but I didn't see anything.

Also there are no new strings except for the skin stuff.

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20 minutes ago, Szczuku said:

I hope that Charlie being surprised by the shaking means that the 'Moon' is actually an opponent not to underestimate instead of being a 'oh gosh oh golly it sure sucks to be an eldtrich god that is hopelessly being used by an old man and a puppet queen'-kinda thing.

This basically what I’ve felt the entire RoT update. It felt like Charlie literally knocked a shard of the moon into the ocean just to say “lol it’s just a prank”

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Both the video and this post say "full update here" and neither of the full updates are an actual patch note

It would be nice to know the actual changes instead of "see for yourself"

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Webby boii, I guessed right! Seems that finally Klei figured out a way to show his backstory without R rated vore lore xD

But I'm a little confused now, is the Celestial Champion the moon entity or just like a sentinel send by the moon entity?

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32 minutes ago, Dr.Medic said:

ok where do i begin? lets see

image.png.bd1a2810eecf00becdc9574fd99ef800.pngmerms holding a spear please make this a thing

image.png.83b53e37881bc8e6d1dcb79672a6b704.pngcharlie is now there in the moon ruins area abd doin something weird in there propably

image.png.51b728cb4289183a47f3e0da93b4480a.pngthe moon is angry now

image.png.33cd1f73d95e3764fd9a67049e82ab35.pngwagstaff doin something

image.png.2fa8a03d5175390f7bc95306212774ff.pngi dont know but this looks funny like that face from wilson oh thats meme potential if i have seen one

image.png.df24e911fefaedb5fc71a10f1d34e428.pngi dont know but i kinda like how he explodes like that

image.png.7f0ca22ff623b0b821bc415a006b3ae8.pngalsol this will this happen actualy?

so this is goin to be epic is it not?

Follower refresh confirmed?

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10 minutes ago, HowlVoid said:

Don't mean to be a debbie downer but that honestly confused me even more. Seems really anticlimactic.

Its like Winter is coming! In game of thrones but... wait, Winter has been here all along! 

Now the portal seems even more useless than ever. Also I am wondering why "They" have just been hanging around all along not really doing anything. The moon is also "Them"? 

Maybe I'm reading too much into it. We'll see! :)

It's a bit anticlimactic I guess, but in a way we basically already knew? Like, the Moon has always been present.
It's just now reawakening.

It makes me wanna go back to my theory-roots of how I used to think the Shadow Entity IS the Constant. Another Celestial Body just like the Moon—just the one we happen to be standing on.

Bit sad we didn't get any concrete answers on the identity of Metheus though.

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I really hope that little thing is his idle animation and if so that is so frickin cute and also a great animation for him :wilson_flower:

Also my friend has literally no knowledge of don't starve lore but i make him play it with me sometimes and when i sent him the eye of the storm trailer he said "Oh god... them"

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2 minutes ago, Falkenpelz said:

Dear Klei devs, can you please at least spoil, if there are any secrets in the new trailer to be found at all, so that we don't lose our sanity watching it frame by frame in vain?^^

They could, but where's the fun in that?

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