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  1. in the past, I though the reason Klei did this were because they don't want the app too heavily I though the reason Klei remove Seaworthy function because they have remove all other stuff from Rog and normal DS but no, not only you can spawn and use the stuff from RoG, all of them work almost perfectly fine, you can even go down to the cave Why are all of them still in the game even though we can't normally access it? down bellow is a video of me going down to the cave and go up, it spawns me in a normal Don't Starve wolrd which working fine, other than the the land being invisible, everthing is good the save even show the icon of normal DS friendly reminder: this video was recorded from an vanilla DSSW on ios non-jailbreak (meaning I can't use or install mod to do this) all I do is open DSSW on PC, spawn stuff and put the save into my phone, and bem: my suggestion: merge 2 app into 1 app only and maybe increases price. Doing this also reduce the time for finding and fixing bug since now Klei only need to focus on 1 app instead of 2 also It's 2020, heavily game on mobile isn't a problem anymore, Game like genshin impact, Identity v, fortnite,... already prove that
  2. I wonder, does the skin canon in the lore? the Forge and Victorian set is 90-100% canon but what about the orther skin set? :v and the Belongings skin too?
  3. here are some ideas I have to make her rework feel more like a rework 1) Klei should add here Forge mechanics as a song (Battle cries increase nearby allies' next attack damage by 25%) to make this not too OP, the effect only happen randomly after she sings, making it not alway give other player a attack buff 2) give her spear and helm a special alibity only if you use both to not make her spear being useless after you get other stronger weapons Klei should make that if Wigfrid use both the Battle Spear and Battle Helm, Wigfird will able to use Sky Lunge (from the forge) this will be super useful not only during battle but outside as well since it act like a teleportation skill. (Klei can neft the range of this skill to 3 or 2 turfs rather than the whole screen) she should be able to block projectiles and dodge when wearing them like what she did in the animation short this will give the player a reason to keep using the battle spear 3) Gorge mechanic could work too, allow her to get an extra meat when kill a mob
  4. I don't like the shadow under it other than that, it looks great
  5. the song does effect Wigfrid (singer) and other player maybe to keep her in combat all the time? but yeah, I think it need to be a little bit slower yes u can, when your inspiration fill up, you can see there is a "bone" that grow bigger when you at a specific point of inspiration there are 3 "bone" that allow you to use 3 effect at one nah, it might be quite complicated for some people actually Wendy update used to be one of the worst rework, it ruins the character and a lot of people on the Fourm complain about it after that, Klei deside to "re-rework" Wendy :v
  6. ha, this post has been moved to "Don't Starve: Pocket Edition] iOS / Android" I hope it means that someone from the dev team has seen this and do something about it...
  7. the same way other app allow you to add stuff to its file (it already easy on Android so I not gonna talk about it) on Ios you can do that if the App allows you to Minecraft bedrock allow this so people can donwload world, texture pack, add-on (aka mod) and this isn't exclusive for MC Terraria mobile, Stardew Valley mobile both allow you to download and import world to your game on mobile (in fact, Stardew Valley mobile allow you to import your existing save from the pc version) actually, you CAN use mod on console, you just need to work-around it :v you can't download mod because console doesn't have a way to download file but if you make a world that has add-on in it on other platforms and upload it to realm, you can use realm to export the world to your game on console and play it aren't they said that they have different teams for different projects?
  8. since Walter/Wortox is exclusive character for DST and DSPE is like the single version on phone, they won't add them They haven't even added Wagstaff to the pocket edition even though the guy is DS single version exclusive at the moment
  9. First, I know this forum for DST and I apologize but in my defense, have you see the forum for the pocket version? almost all of them don't even have a single reply. I feel like even the dev forget about its existence due to the fact that a lot of them are bug report, for example, the bug of boss doesn't spawn has been in the game for years there is some bug report about it in the forum WITH NO REPLY FROM THE DEV Unlike the PC version, most of the player on the mobile version doesn't know about the forum to report the bug they know, so it needs a lot of attention from the dev themself the "boss doesn't spawn" issue has exit in the game for god know when and it still there to this day ----------------- you seem to own all of the version of the game on PC, why do you care? Yes, I do own all of them but it doesn't mean I only play the PC version, sometime I do play the mobile version and it's so frustrating when you get some visual glitch or gameplay bug that may ruin my world (spoiller, it does!) I'm a DS fan from the beginning to this day, one thing I love to do is get my friend into this game. But not every people own a PC to play, a lot of them will search for the pocket edition on the phone. It's just sad that due to the number of bugs, glitches, they just drop the game ----------------- if the dev has discontinued the development for this version yet but if you guy do, just take the game down from the store, plz if you guy still keep this version alive, can it has some attention for you guy? doesn't you guy said you guy has a different team for a different project? so where is the team for the pocket edition??? ----------------- also, I would love to have some official mod support "no, the phone can't handle mod" let me tell ya, there is a version that has been modified to have mod support, not only that, it also fixes all of the bugs of the game, ya know, the bug that supported to be fixed by the dev themself ---------- even if some old phones can't handle the base game itself let alone modded, Klei can choose to stop support old phones, Minecraft has started to do this recently with their bedrock edition to add more advanced add-on customization. Nowadays, you have a phone that can run game like Pubg, Fortnite, Minecraft (with advanced shader), I don't think DS with some mod can be a problem ----------- if there is a better version, why don't you just play it instead of complaining here? First, it isn't official, it like "why don't you use mod instead of telling the dev to add new content" statement Second, I pay for the game, I have the right to complain about its quality.Although mobile's players are small, its still a part of the DS community! Third, I am a long time fan, and I want to support the developer, last time I checked, download a private version instead of paying for the game isn't a way to support your fav developer ----------- I'm in a DS group, when someone wants to ask about the want to play DS on mobile, the first thing people recommend is the modified version and not the official version. Although as a Klei supporter for years, I can't disagree with them because I know in fact that if they spent their money and get a buggy game, they will drop the game right away. That's why I want to ask the dev, do you guys still care about this version? if not then I suggest removing it from the store thanks for reading...