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  1. like I said before, they used to do that... I guess they had changed it
  2. I'm petty sure that it used to give you an extra copy like DST so I was confused why now it doesn't
  3. Ah, ok... actually it was my friend who sent me that screenshot so does the the Klei still gives you an extra copy after you bought it or it was a old thing and they no longer does that?
  4. can someone helps me? I don't get the extra copy of Hot Lava? :<
  5. today, my uncle bought Hot Lava as a gift for me and my brother since steam said it come with an extra copy But after receiving the gift, I didn't get the other copy we has checked both my and his Stean inventory and nothing can be found :<
  6. here are the skins for people who wondering whether to buy it Rose Victorian Trawler
  7. it in the game file though :v
  8. is that mean... we can craft moon caller staff now?
  9. Wormwood is Now Live!

    Wormwood is a crystal gem XD
  10. Wormwood is Now Live!

    someone may need this :3
  11. Wormwood is Now Live!

  12. this is my fanart/ fan design for Wheele's GoH skin
  13. my design for Wortox's Rose skin :3 


    1. minespatch


      Thanks for reposting here. Hopefully you'll do a wheeler art before next tuesday.:wilson_smile:

    2. MikoFanboy


      I think I've already late XD

  14. this is my fanart/ fan design for Wortox Rose skin :3