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  1. To all people saying it would sink the constant has it own law this is where a normal stone sink but a Dumbbell that made out of 4 stone and 1 stick doesn't so I failed to see why putting some meta to upgrade a wooden cookie can make it sink
  2. me as Wendy main: Klei, why? Also who drew this and why?
  3. who need "man" when our "little boy" Webber can do the same
  4. how about a water monster that can tranfrom into any animal shape it could be ironic to have it only shapeshifting into land creature, and able to stand on water in Genshin, there is a water boss and she has this line: "Coveting the shapes of the living, pure water can take on many forms. In this way shall water deliver your punishment"
  5. their story either has Maxwell as their daddy or Charlie as their mommy I guess Maxwell's children are now Charlie's adoption children? oh, and there are Celestial Champion who is "belong" to Wagstaff?
  6. You can say the same about Emoji yet every now and then, we get new emoji meanwhile those things have been sitting there collecting dust for 4 years :((((
  7. oh, I do Geometric Placement and ActionQueue Reborn
  8. Has anyone encountered this problem? Sometime, when i try to craft a structures, the game does not let me place it I can't cancel the placing (my mouse show the structures in green but not let me place it down) and can't move in that stage I have to log out and log in this doesn't happen eveytime, but when it does, it's so annoying because I'm the host :< I have this problem since Wx rework