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  1. if you enjoy Pick and Swap characters, then you do you, if you don't, then don't do it? Personally, I don't have any problem with it I don't abuse it because I don't find the fun of abusing it, but I do use it sometimes due to getting bored after playing a character for too long or try out a new DLC character. If the others like to abuse it because they enjoy doing it then it's their choice. DST is a game, a survival sandbox game, so let them do whatever they enjoy and if you don't want to do the same thing? well, just don't do it? Nobody force you to abuse the mechanic so why try to force them to stop abusing the mechanic that they enjoy? You can argue that it is't fun, and I agree. But that is our opinion, not their from what I saw from every people who complain about the Pick and Swap, they are: 1) enjoy the difficulty of the game. 2) somewhat annoyed when seeing other play with or just enjoy the easier difficulty by abusing gameplay mechanic something along the line "Being creative and think outside of the box is fine as long as your method doesn't make your gameplay easier than mine", "Every fight must be fought with your weapon, using a catapult, Houndius Shootius,.. is cheating, lazy", "your method makes the game easier for you and that is wrong because I like the difficult gameplay, that was what the game intends to (IMO but your too because you have to)" 3) and the irony, some of them are the ones who gonna abuse it because they can while continue complaining about how OP it is
  2. finally found it :v https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1570373549
  3. to be honest, Winter fest has always been a great event from day 1, it adds: A sweet menu theme THE BEST boss in the game Winter’s Feast Tree, a nice decoration structure that "fix" the underate game mechanics (maybe useless in some people opinion), sleeping by giving you a small reward for doing it and Gift Wraps the later additions is nice but not really that necessary
  4. is it just me or the Cawnival tree and the yard look kinda "out of place", something that from a mod (especially the yar) it look so nice in this picture though, but seeing it ingame kinda disappointing
  5. I was hoping for a new boss since the best boss, Klaus was introduced in the Winter's Feast update
  6. I think because not many speak out about this (or they do but being ignored) and some just ok with it because "guy, it's just a mobile port" which annoyed me the most. In my opinion, as long as it is still being sold, Klei still have a responsibility to fix the bug, no big content update is fine but bug fix is a must have plus, base on the dev reply above, the "4.4 stars on the appstore and 4.3 on android" might affect their view on the game current stage
  7. people seem to forget that non-DST character can get reworked to like Warly, he being added to DST as a reworked character :v
  8. yeah, something like that Wx skin missing a few details compare to the artwork like the frost on his left face, the Ice on his shoulder in side view :v
  9. Yub, that's why I hope one day Klei will go back and adjust some of the old skin Oh no no I think you misunderstood I don't ask the dev to make the ingame art to looks exactly the same as the portrait art (Shading, coloring,..) :v ingame art has always been a simplified version of the portrait art and I don't have any problem with it, My problem is when the art draw something but the ingame art draw a different thing Or it looks "bad" due to rush or something else there is always room for improvement Of course I don't ask them to drop everything and do it now, but maybe in the future