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  1. I'm using that mod :v but still... save a world by a mod kinda is quite worrying also, do you know where is the file of the save slot in other page?, I can't find it there is a comment asking the same thing but the creator doesn't answer :'< (this is why I don't like relying on the mod)
  2. can you guy update the game UI? ---------------------------------------- my first suggestion is.... CAN WE HAVE A SEARCH BAR FOR THE MOD? I've added alot of mod and I do use all of them, but for different world, it is a pain to find it in the mod menu I used to think the mods were listed by the alphabet but not all of them for some reason but still, a search bar would be nice --------------------------------------------------------------- can we have more save slot? In Don't starve, we have 3 dlc yet we only have 5 save slot, like why? with RoG and SW alone, already used all 5 slots, I guess I have to delete one to make a new world for Hamelt,... In DST, there are more reasons why 5 slots are not enough for example: I have 5 different friends/groups, and I host 5 server for each of them what sould I do when the 6th person (a newbie guy who I told him to buy this game becasue I love this game and he don't or can't host the server) want to play with me? A) I guess the one of the other 5 isn't that improtant anymore, I gonna delete all of our hard world to make a new one to play with this guy B) invite him to one of the 5 200+ day world and ruining his first impression of this game one of the reasons why I like DST because of different people bring different experiences for the game everytime I play, and it being limited by the number of the save slot yes, there is a mod for that, but mod like that tend to be unstable ----------------------------------------- my last suggestion is.... can I change the profile background and the profile icon with the wardrobe? like why can't we do that in the first place?
  3. Abigail's human skin :v

    Trong hình ảnh có thể có: vẽ

    Trong hình ảnh có thể có: vẽTrong hình ảnh có thể có: vẽ

  4. my Skins Concept/ fanart for Wendy's Verdant skin :3


    1. minespatch


      Oh neat! Looks nice.:wilson_smile:

  5. I would love to see this in the game as a new umbrella's skin :>
  6. So...Deerclop is a female...ok LADY DEERCLOP XD