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  1. Im sure the second image come form a mod called legion....
  2. It's still there. I'm talking about other things. This is original DS (i use a mod to show up mushroom) This is DST,there are no mushrooms in the marsh, no grass in the desert. but DST game file say it should be. The reason it doesn't work is a other mechainc. It is stated that these things will not generation on some turf. to ensure that the desert does not fill up with grass when the player adjusts the setting. now world generation has been improved. I hope klei bring them back.
  3. So here's the thing, in original Don't strave Reign of Giants, there is a small amount of grass in the desert. When RoG be added in DST, these grass been removed. because developer add a mechanic keep the grass will not gennerate in desert turf. To prevent grass abounds in the desert when player setting "more" grass. Nowaday the world gennerate mechanic has be improved. It won't happen any more. (that true, right? as zarklord said) Can we get these grass back? here's some early DSTRoG promo, you can see there some grass in the desert. Also, for the same reason. green mushroom and blue mushroom wouldn't generare in DST marsh. (in original DS it will). We have a vegetarian character who is encouraged to live in the marsh, and she is the least used character (after wes). I guess bring these mushruooms back will have some positive impact to her?
  4. If no fish bites for a while Maxwell : "Why won't they take the bait? Perhaps I should offer secret knowledge..." :P
  5. I think if Wally feeds his food to the Beefalo. Beefalo should gain buffs from food.
  6. Looks like your secrecy work didn't working very well. HAHA
  7. Antlion desert. Wildfire is a imprison to design inspiration.
  8. All other ocean fish have a animation show that fish rise from the deep but fish in malbatross shoals just appear out of thin air
  9. I know some players,a non-negligible amount. They only play forge mode (reforge mod), doesn't really care about base game, split with other players. Forge just a event mode. I belive Official DLC will only get worse.
  10. I think "watching" doesn't mean do noting. Take the moon, for example. Based on moonlens, moonrock portal, moon dial and some official art. Moon is like a giant eye and it's "sight" is magical.
  11. hmm, what is practisw...practice? Not survive problem, I mean... I build a base, set trap, make pig house, wall it in......It's supposed to be my safe haven and safe house, my walls, traps and pigs should protect me from danger outside. But in fact. wall can't do nothing, it offer even less protection than a table. Pig kill red hound on wrong place and burn my base. I haven't had enough time to open ice flingomatic. I need get off my base to protect my base. how ridiculous.