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  1. 我之前说这个问题的时候zarklord只是发了个shopcat,不知道那是什么意思... 可能这不是bug吧
  2. i think it just a way to show ancient ruin in the deep underground. for technical reasons , klei use other way to show it in dst. there nothing change in lore.
  3. Maybe Crawling Nightmare is from Dust Moth under the influence of Fuel. They looks so close.
  4. I will try. Just for my curiosity. I don't have too much confidence in temcent's game.
  5. I perfer more boat item to making cookie boat different, rather than more type of boat. Keep the design consistency.
  6. Im trying to create some kind of "indoor" effect like classic 2D quarter view game.
  7. Maxwell also indicating that cave will prevent moon's influence. "The cave provides sanctuary from the "moon's" prying eyes."
  8. I think Wormwood's Triumphant skin theme is about the aporkalyse in hamlet. So there's still some kind of connection between them.
  9. 麦斯威尔的暗影矿工挖掘未修复的大理石雕像的时候会掉落对应的可疑大理石。 补充:熊獾和克劳斯也有同样的bug