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  1. Maybe the hermit island, or maybe the ancients were given enough knowledge to build a replacement for the fissure, or maybe the moon planned to drop the island with celestial fissure later.
  2. Detector designed by the ancients look for celestial objects in this order: Sanctum, then Altar, then Tribute. Coincidentally, this is also the order in which the Celestial Champion uses them. That might suggest that there's some kind of order between three lunar altars. So I imagined a story like this:The Sanctum was the first celestial objects to arrive in The Constant, and when the ancients abandoned their belief in the moon and turned to the darkness, they buried the Sanctum underground and somehow halting the progress of the celestial arrival.
  3. So I tried to use them (and other cawnival decorations) to decorate my base. I found that although they looked small, they needed a lot of space to fit, which made them very difficult to place. So is it possible to shrink it down to the same size as potted fern and potted succulent so that it can be placed all over the site? Their small size would have been a good fit to fill the space between the buildings on the base. These statues have no collision volume, so I guess there's nothing to worry about.
  4. After so many years, I saw this topic for the first time, I almost missed the treasure. Look at it from nowaday, I was a little surprised at many concepts actually ended up as skins in games...
  5. So I read @Tim S.s topic about portals and dimensions lore, it really inspired me that things that I thought were meaningless could be connected in some way. So I went back and looked at some old things, trying to explain the ultimate question: Why does The Constant work in such a strange way in all senses? Let's start with Wagstaff. As you know, Wagstaff's quotes focus on how he looks at this different world and wonders at how it works. So what did he see? Let me put it this way: it's more Gameplay than special physics. For most games, something like breaking the fourth wall is usually designed as a little easter egg, but Wagstaff is clearly significant to Don't starve lore, and it's unlikely that the developers would have written so many string just to make people laugh, which leads me to believe that the lines make sense. The fact that Wagstaff noticed these and the other characters didn't might have something to do with Wagstaff being "out of the world". but that's not what I want to talk about. We've long known that Maxwell also had some fourth wall breaking stuff, but it used to be thought of as a little Easter Egg to make people laugh. Let's take another look. It's not hard to understand. Real world gold is soft. Making tools out of gold only happens in the game. So why tallbird are a "failure", The Constant is full of strange creatures, what's so special about tallbird? the only answer is: they will kill their children. Maxwell caused this to happen, even though he didn't want to. Whichever way you look at it, this move looks more like a "programming oversight" than a biological habit. Remember how long this was mistaken for a bug? Tallbird attacks all living things near the nest. Small bird is near the nest. Tallbird attack small bird. May I take this to imply that Maxwell's way of remaking the world from the Nigthmare Throne is akin to programming? Keep going, older and darker secrets: Forbidden Knowledge Trailer Puzzle In this puzzle, there is a message written to the player in the name of Maxwell. It said "My associates at Klei Entertainment", and talked about how it felt like they'd developed Don't starve together. (laugh) Return to Wagstaff. This quotes tells us that the throne is also a portal that can link worlds, which explains why Maxwell is still able to talk to the player at the beginning of the game while stuck on the throne (the black portal at his feet was the throne), but it also leads me to think of another possibility: Maxwell passes through the fourth wall through the throne and touches developers and the game code. And so, in a sense, he becomes one of game developer. That's why he was able to create the world from Nigthmare Throne. So Klei entertainment has such a good working system because they use shadow magic to kidnap game characters to work for them. Once you start thinking about it, you can see how the multiple dimensions of The Constant are similar to a game save or server. If you take them as the same thing. It explains why completing the adventure mode in a single player game using a different save will see the same character you used last time, as there are many dimensions and only one throne. It also explains how the portal Maxwell and Wilson built led DS story to DST story. The last part of the theory concerns shadow realm. I'm not very confident about it so I saved it for last. "Go to the dark side and be on top of the world."——Triumphant Wigfrid skin description "The shadow realm is pretty much the same as here, just darker."——Triumphant Woodie skin description The Throne may teleport people to the Shadow Realm. "Greetings, mortal. Come to receive gifts from the Shadow realm? You need only open your chests."——maigc skin collector The Shadow Realm is also outside the fourth wall, or the Shadow Realm is the source code itself something. Because it's where does skin this "quite gameplay" thing come from, probably, you know what I mean.
  6. Hey, if I remember correctly, the drop rate for rare skins and theme skin increases during the Winter Feast and Halloween. So will something like that in midsummer event?
  7. I guess they give winter's feast so highly utility just because they're getting started develop holiday event and design concept not mature yet. Nothing like this will happen again. Seriously, a large number of public servers host winter's feast all year round just for cheap bundling wraps and bulb . It made me a little tired of winter's feast, and it kind of lost the meaning of the "holiday event".
  8. GREAT! Im so exciting to see classic, unique and amazing DS art styles are back online!
  9. My guess is that most gem just natural products, without any mysterious darkness forbidden origins. If you have to get something lore things, I think it may be the natural magical energy due to biological metabolism and other reasons condensed into gems. On ones hand, yellow gem can be extracted from the gallstone of the antlion. on the other hand, Maxwell injected the magic of the gem into the hound to create the red and bule hound, but when we kill these hounds, those magic revert back to gemstone form.
  10. You can use lureplant to trap the fuleweaver at the edge of the room and attack him standing on the abyss. It works the same way.
  11. I don't know if that's ominous, but I decided to share it here. All the characters were attracted to the knowledge of the moon, except for WX-78, which wanted the power of the moon. As it happens, we know someone else who wants the moons power...
  12. BTW. I felt that the PR-76 was not a dimensional travel device. In the Wes short we learned that shadow portal amd shadow hand does not need a radio or any device to appear in our world. PR-76 was just doing what it was meant to do —— transmitting and modulate signals, but between different worlds. "Requires a PR-76 tuned to the right frequency."——wagstaff, exam locked Teleportato in adventure mode "Amazing! It appears to work similar to my radio."——wagstaff, exam Sea Worther. sea worther is a radar, remember that?