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  1. The line in Chinese says "The artist is leave". Ridiculous. I removed it from the wiki as it seemed to be just a meaningless piece of development junk, not a game feature.
  2. It seem just classic DS short transition, they used a lot of these things in the original don't starve era.
  3. My Steam and Wegame are tied to the same email, but every time I try to tie my Wegame account it gets the same prompt. But i used WeGame to log in and then tied to Steam from that side and it worked. A lot of people I know have the same problem, it seems to be a ubiquitous, repeatable bug.
  4. Most of crossover fanfiction is catastrophically terrible, not only dst
  5. They did't removing anything, they still added 25 health , 25 Hunger and 50 sanity for WX. There were so many statistics given to WX because gears were a fairly scarce resource in the early days, and now that the problem has been resolved, it should not have been necessary to continue.
  6. They were supposed to be available only during the winter feast, but now they're available all the time.
  7. 1.Make Bio Data combustible and fule They're just paper with holes after all, right? It would be strange if it didn't burn. 2.Increases the WX-78's minimum body temperature when Thermal Circuit installed to 5° (or remove freezing warning) Currently, WX's minimum body temperature is set to zero after installing a Thermal Circuit, so WX never needs to worry about the freezing. But when the temperature drops below 5, an ice effect appears around the screen to indicate that the player is too cold, even though the WX is never freezing. Refrigerant Circuit has the same problem, insulating you from fears of overheating, but high temperature warnings have persisted.
  8. Wait, what? I think some further clarification is needed here, when I was exploring the new WX with my friend a few days ago, I as host could see his indicators from a long distance, but he could not see me.
  9. Oh, I see. That makes sense. I remember once a period of time can see here do not tally with the actual situation of the minimap.
  10. I noticed that the Sacred Altar has been modified in the beta, removing the abyss that originally surrounded the set piece and the small abyss next to the pseudoscience station. So instead of having to access the room from the corner,"the bridge" can now be connected directly to the altar room. Well, the original room seems more beautiful than the new one, and it would be nice if the bridge could be connected to the altar room while remaining intact. Also, if decide to modify the terrain, can we get World Retrofit for this and Ancient guard walled garden? The old walled garden and the new ancient guardian are really out of place. This is what it looks like now: And this is old version:
  11. Hey, does this mean the bug that turning on small textures makes UFT-8/Unicode characters unusable has been fixed? Otherwise, this change may be an inconvenience rather than a convenience to players who use some languages.
  12. To me, there are a lot of underutilized features in the game, and these are the areas where mods can be used, but most mods seem to stick to those simple, boring areas.