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Don't Starve Together - Return of Them: Eye of The Storm Now Available!

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Okay, I just love this

1. Update dropped one day early, plus thirty minutes earlier than expected.

2. This was a HONEST trailer. We saw players and items with skins, we saw megabases built with techniques players use (such as rocks dropped as a decoration around the farms), we saw real gameplay, (Default Wormwood base sitting next to a default campfire and a grass suit on the ground).  

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ok where do i begin? lets see

image.png.bd1a2810eecf00becdc9574fd99ef800.pngmerms holding a spear please make this a thing

image.png.83b53e37881bc8e6d1dcb79672a6b704.pngcharlie is now there in the moon ruins area abd doin something weird in there propably

image.png.51b728cb4289183a47f3e0da93b4480a.pngthe moon is angry now

image.png.33cd1f73d95e3764fd9a67049e82ab35.pngwagstaff doin something

image.png.2fa8a03d5175390f7bc95306212774ff.pngi dont know but this looks funny like that face from wilson oh thats meme potential if i have seen one

image.png.df24e911fefaedb5fc71a10f1d34e428.pngi dont know but i kinda like how he explodes like that

image.png.7f0ca22ff623b0b821bc415a006b3ae8.pngalsol this will this happen actualy?

so this is goin to be epic is it not?

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cool stuff! the only problem i have is now that this leaves more questions than answered. i need more lore! that giant eye is just staring at us menacingly until the next update?

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I hope that Charlie being surprised by the shaking means that the 'Moon' is actually an opponent not to underestimate instead of being a 'oh gosh oh golly it sure sucks to be an eldtrich god that is hopelessly being used by an old man and a puppet queen'-kinda thing.

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