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  1. I can also confirm that I'm having the same issue, I think this is a bug, and will be patched soon
  2. Hi guys, the other day I posted a picture about an amazing world gen here and I've figured out how to get the world seed and successfully recreate said world from day 1 this world gen SEED is 1608382646 Step by step how to regen this world ( credit: reddit link that helped me with this ( the game version at the time of posting is after RWYS update) ( I don't think console player can tamper with world gen seed, sorry Mike) ( Close the game before proceed ) Step 1: go to the directory where Steam store your game ( Example: D:\Game\Steam\steamapps\common\Don't Starve Together\data) ( you can read the "scripts_readme.txt" here for more info) Step 2: go to databundles folder, extract the "" file, there should be a new "scripts" folder here Step 3: rename "" file to something like "" Step 4: move the "scripts" folder back 1 level ( the "scripts" folder path should looks like this D:\Game\Steam\steamapps\common\Don't Starve Together\data\scripts) Step 5: inside the "scripts" folder, open the "worldgen_main.lua" with notepad program, looks for the line change it to: ( remove the -- in front & you can use my seed or a world seed of your choice) Step 6: From now on, any map you create will be the world with said world seed If you want to revert back to random map on create, just rename the "scripts" folder to "backup_scripts" and rename the "" back to "" That's it , I hope this help anyone looking for a way to reuse/ sharing a world Happy 2021 & Enjoy building !
  3. I'm asking the host to get the seed for this world. But how do we get the world gen seed? With mod?
  4. Holy Charlie! Just got an amazing world gen playing with a facebook game group "The weird set piece" ↓
  5. Mr. James Bucket channel has a lot of good tutorials for new~average players, and the rhyme is amazing And about your friend's choice, you can advise him, but it's still his choice to follow your advice or not, just warn him DO NOT pick Wes
  6. If I play alone, I usually pick depend on my whim, but if I play with other, my choice is always Woodie. Wood gathering, leaving flint for other, scouting,... Also one more tiny thing , if I pick Woodie, other newbie will looks to pick other char to avoid duplication, and they won't panic if they are transformed on the 1st full moon, or spawn a tree guard ^^^ This
  7. I can only imagine Charlie, sitting on the nightmare throne, magnanimously watching the survivors fiddle with the new farm, then saw Wes chatting away with a plant and she goes " Wait, that's illegal"
  8. Ah yes, RoG summer, super fun time. Where cave doesn't save you from overheat, you cannot extinguish smolder, and items near burning object just straight up caught fire. Winter start please
  9. After the last QoL update, we have the cook book to store recipes, and soon we will have 2 new compendium for crops & fertilizer. As I was testing the beta, it occurred to me that I have to notice my character quote to know if a crop is recorded or not, so maybe add a jingle (like the sound when an item can be prototype) to help new player learning?
  10. Such an interesting idea! Though there might be a problem with scalability, each crop will need a variant for its mutated counterpart, each with their pros & cons My suggestion would be the mutated version will be a body template (think wx with verdant skin) and the hair/hat will be the crop it mutated from
  11. Amazing! O.N.I. And DST both are getting major changes, don't even know how are you guys doing this On the other hand, everyone here is arguing over the Wicker nerf, and nobody mentions this (Klei, please commit to this nerf, I know this sounds like a complaint but it's not.) Didn't get to test the game yet, so how does it function now?
  12. LET'S GOOOOOOOO!!! Still hoping for a QoL update for disease but I will have whatever I can ( also the care for the modder is AMAZING! ) Big welcome to Zachary Lockwood too, congratulations on joining the team!