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Don't Starve Together - Return of Them: Eye of The Storm Now Available!

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With the three lunar altars now complete, the truth at the center of this ancient mystery will finally come to light...
They've been here all along.

Don't Starve Together: Return of Them - Eye of the Storm is now available for all players. With this conclusion of the Return of them Story Arc, worlds collide as old threats and familiar faces make themselves known.

As this chapter comes to an end, we are left to wonder to what end will Charlie's machinations bring our survivors. And what does she still have planned?

Major Changes:

  • Added Moonstorm Event
    • You're just going to have to see for yourself

Bug Fixes 

  • Fixed a bug causing stuff to drop off boats during lag or an autosave.
  • Lichen can now be fed to beefalo, pigs, ect.
  • Fixed a bug causing a crash if you hovered over the mole trail fx while holding the beefalo bell.
  • Fixed a bug causing the spawning time to not queue for a number of things (Wobster Den, Splumonkey Pods, ect) if they were offscreen when the spawn time finished.
  • Fixed a bug causing the Celestial Sanctum to have no mini map icon.
  • Greatly improved performance for worlds with lots of lights in the world.

Unfortunately console has been delayed a little bit, details on console delay can be found here

New Skins
This Cottage Cache Chest contains the following skin items: Pastoral Chest, Parchment Paper, and Woolly Chester. This pack is $4.99, (10 RMB).


Twitch Drops
We will be adding the "Briny Salt Box" to the Nautical Collection. Our drops system has recently changed and only a select group of streamers will be able to offer skins. You can see a list below of those that were selected. 


These drops will be available only from select streamers. For more details see this post


1aHausmeister DrewDuckington lady_ena Restobtw
2_hopi DukeBradley ladylz Rhovious
22tv__ Dun_adan LaHoraDeLaPurga ringgi000
420dinsmoke Dunken_Engel lakhnish_monster Roguekimiko
Absuul DUSG_ LeandHeiwa rol0mi
abuelomio ElClubDeJavi Leedzii94 Roztargany
ahbiga ElectronBee Lem0ncurD russiann_ssanta
aiai0962 Eleonnoree LePuFe ryojin_09
Akamiya eljoegamer lessmora ryukamiya
aletzsoda ElTacoWard Limbocato
aliencraft2020 emiikocak Lineallstar salsanity19
AllFunNGamez EnfadHada lionessinflames Samreio
AlmostBlindGuy ER_ElwaSiC littlevillain0
Altodor Eryuyu longshot_plays savant2k19
ANDERSHOOW7 evil_pessimist LostScholar Selestiyaa
AndronovaChronicles Ewrise lucyfitzpatrick selibonne
AngelicArdour eymiih luques_ Sericats
angelio6 F_a_x_i_m MacK_ZH Shaman2525
anna_wizzard facelyss maddie8251 Shanksu
AnteaGames fan_777_ MagnumofSpades SirToastyT
ApothecaryWitch fantastikdiyarlar MariMalina SirWorran
ArcaneNoodle Fjorvarr marleemcfly Sisheline
Archimans Fluffy_Elastico Marmol27_DST skylucas
Argonath7 Fly_Diiqqiidy massolkim SlaptainShwirv
AriChuo foxifox3003 Melerickk Slavyaninoff
ArttFito frankwizza meowwwnaaa SleepyMythia
artzully FTLAK midorima303kun
AshanGG FuegoRorschach milkdrinker_ smellathemella
axweel_ FurryTofu Minertoast somegamer420
azone24 g_retrie Minimaxpower songsong1849
BakamBakamBu gabogabo_ mino2ne1 sorisol
bb_oao Ganxet8 missbaechu SouthernWiz
bbonang ggorida MisutoM SpiderLeWiki
Beard777 gk00z Mitchit666 Sqirls
BeastArchers Gleenus miss_minxxx squishat
belune_bm glermz miyako_baba Sr_Dlusca
betough719 Gmunneey MizaSparrow starlogy_
Bibo130 gpmfogao Moi_Sophia starrystoryshark
BinnyDiz GrandHenks Moka_gmr Stavrah666
BlaBlaLogia_ttv Grillofernandez mpiro
BoaNoiteRPG Griver84 MqxLive sv_theking
bongsss030 gutooss mr_dstacos
BonniUrsa hakowll MrMNWorm Takenaki
BorisTheCheese Halstatt mrwigwag territheginge
bovedadeldodo HENRIQUE11 Mtijger Terry_Lee
brainfreezeblitz HenriqueLindemann myhidy Thalz
breendan_hit hhoki9449 Myko_b ThatGuyViral
BrownRicee HitoriSama_ myoungday TheCursedArmy
bruno_fariaz hju96 NaitL TheCursedWisp
BrunoSystemYT hoonyten NakedAngel
BulbahBulbah HoradoCrime nanakoa ThiemiMaki
Bunaspiro hunter5267 NaNdagos ThornyCube5
Buzz_Nitro IamJohnath nanoenten Tiberian39
canzv1 iamlikeyou2 nashizu TigerGirlly
capiciolli Idefixsio NeOneGame TimNight
Casador19 im_jayjay nephr0 TiTANiAAB
catstar101 ImminentXD NerdGuide tonydigimon
Cauzito imortaljoeyy newvertex ToxiSparK
cd00223 imStarmi Nigaito01 Toxist1
Chachit inandratv Nikkih0424 Triers
Charbendersworld IndeedeeSycamor nindivo trochilidae1
Charizm0 InfamousJ0 NitriDDa Ucella
chilsaek informal_grandfather Niverwastaken umReplicante
chimkiins IsJang noragewithsage Unorthodogg
Chiripiritiflautica itsBequinha O_buD_ V0ETEX
choiedle j19950609 ODesplugado valen7im_
choneng2110 JadeSilk Odiseopb varenechkimoyi
ChouTV Jakeyosaurus odiseoxs VJM75
CiriNine Jammerqueen OldFashionedPlays VolodiaAKAVlad
Ck_SshadowW Japarioca_Oficial OnceUponAnAllie vu84mida
cockroach0904 Jess_Sabatini ONigoroshiTV Wape98
CraftingSean jiy223 OntariOso Wappo777
cubozumbi johnnydelarisa oOWhimsyOo WebCums
daereung JustMaybeGaming ovelhuis WesleyCaribe
DaisyDaisy kagekokko pablopcb Wespenkoenigin
dangrape KalebGamerS Palomo_Sensei WhiteVivian
Daniibeats KamioSparkle8 PatashnikPok wildappls
DarthKoravek KarethCrestfall PEDRO_ISTRIM wirai_vv
DeadZPanda katdingledang PenaBranca wizzard747_2
death9999999 keizoworld Phyrexxian wkdrlzh
DemonRebuilt KingAllonsy piachuz WolfnRoses_
Depofig kittyukari PoissonduJello WonGe
diim4iik kkoml PoketVision22 Xellroy
Dimasthef1rst klarth000 PopCrush Xemandeen
DiNelsonX KnottaHooker Potrol420 xSploof
DirtWolf5829 Kogoruto PrimitiveNomad yadorigi6s
disl3xo KorraAndRiza prunus_sen YakuTyan_
DizzyDizaster KraBerm Pyruz_ YAMI_X_X
dkdlrh8510 Kreintar qjatn9455 ym_05
dondabals kristinii qmarceline yuricahanatan7
dontak10 KuaConKChow Qumancio ZeroOhNo
DontStarveJazzy Kudanez QUSYjfm zooy10o
DragonsBreath9 kyeungwoongi rachyto zzamilain
DressaFilth Kyojitsu RedBabies  

These streamers were selected from the group last group, as well as streamers that have streamed over 20 hours in the last 30 days. 

Streamers, you can find images of the drops here. 




New Login Bonus!
We have a new login bonus for you too! The Paper Lantern skin will be yours just for logging in to the game. 


Official Klei Discord!
Yep, it's about time! We quietly soft launched our Klei Discord last week and we're already over 3k members! If Discord is your thing, come hang out with the Klei Community over at: https://discord.gg/klei See you there!

Reward points!

It wouldn't be a proper update without some reward points. And you certainly wouldn't let us forget it! Click the link for 1700 reward points. This link is good for 7 days, so be sure to claim them now! 

New gameplay trailer,
To Celebrate the end of "Return of them", We made a new gameplay trailer for Don't Starve Together.

And that's it!
The team has been hard at work on the next set of updates. In June we're going to see a couple of cool updates. A new summer event we're calling "The Midsummer Cawnival" and another character refresh. This next character refresh not many people are interested in, so we're not going to make a big deal of it. But if you want to be spoiled, I'll give you a little teaser work in progress art in the spoiler below. Can you guess who it is?


I lied. It's gonna be awesome. 


View full update


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