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  1. hey joe how is everything

    1. JoeW
    2. beanboy12


      well after youre done with whatever youre doing, i hope you get some good rest, take a break, watch tv do whatever!  you do you joe!

  2. i think the whole point of the costume / outfit is supposed to be scary for lucy. considering she hates trees, this would scare her
  3. imagine putting all the skeletons next to/ behind the developer graveyard setpiece. that would be great
  4. bans bone armor "yea that makes sense" bans every armor except grass suit "uuuuuuuh? what?" bans every weapon except shovel "why? this isn't a weapon! Its a tool!" Wes comes in with full thulecite gear "I'm the mod lol and you arent being very nice" you are banned from this server
  5. imagine these things being decorations, like an archeology tab where you can dig up fossils, maybe it could be used for lore but mostly decoration.
  6. me neither, after me getting almost banned for posting that ill never utter the color again
  7. so a lot of people have seen the images, a new beta is coming to dst for the return of them. many speculate that it will lead to the moon. and that the moon would have a lot of new content. but personally I think that it will give our survivors the gear and weapons that they need to defeat Charlie, and whatever other beasts are behind the shadows. Who knows? Maybe Charlie isn't the main bad guy. Maybe something more sinister and terrible waits for our survivors after they eventually confront Charlie. but that's just me, what are your guys thoughts on the new upcoming beta / update?
  8. i know it isnt a meme but sorry joe and the klei team
  9. this update good because funny mackswell and double yew ecks sefenty eit skins. but all around this update was the coolest, right behind the full a new reign update, because of bq, toadstool, and the fuelweaver
  10. my firststr mackswell maymay : ) its called umbrella and football helm sunset skye he oynlt etz bluwe cayups ande piroghey bu wayt THAYT CROWK POWT FUOD no beard 777?
  11. im going to play the video game

    1. Clifford W.
    2. beanboy12


      hey uh yeah you probably heard about the issue where i posted a website link....sorry about that.

      guess i cant play the game anymore.... : (