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  1. As a main Wickerbottom, I approve the nerf The Applied Horticulture was very overpowerd BUT I think the sanity cost could be a little smaller now, like 25
  2. Hi everyone! I just wanted to share with you the newest mod that my friend Catherine and me had developed Its name is "Rail Cart" With this mod you can place railway tracks all over the map and move over them at high speed with a rail cart. There are 5 types of railway tracks: Default: Does nothing in special Floater: Can be placed over water Booster: Increase your speed on the track Damper: Reduce your speed Reverser: Change the moving direction I did the programming and Catherid did the drawings I really want to tell you that I'm very happy that @zarklord_klei commented on the Workshop page that our mod looks very cool! This motivates me to improve my modding skills and producing more mods! So thaaanks! Here the Steam Workshop link: And here the youtube video: (well, I'm practicing my English, I hope it is ok)
  3. Hi Just posting a minor bug When you throw Distilled Knowledge ["archive_lockbox"] on water, the animation of "floating on water" is not played and the item looks like it is on the ground (see the print screen)
  4. I made a custom mod emote for the event! Here the scene
  5. Hi @JoeW I was planning to make a custom Halloween Related Emote This is a valid submission?? If it is valid, how should I submit it? A gif with the Halloween 2020 signature?
  6. So if I'm allowed to publish the mod without restrictions? Thanks for your answer! I love this game and its community! I'm not expecting an answer that fast!
  7. So, I don't know what is allowed exactly in the community, so I think I can't share videos here But the children here do not see twerking as a sexual thing, is something similar to hula hoop
  8. I sent a direct message for some admins, now I will wait for the answer Thank you all!
  9. Guys, this thread is going to the wrong direction. I really not trying to make any "fight" here. I just want to know if there is a problem to allow all characters to twerk, I want to finish this mod today For my culture its a okay, but I don't know for Klei community standards
  10. Hi! So, I'm not sure about how to ask a dev and which one, so I made this post There is any chance of them see this post?
  11. Hi! (I'm not sure if I'm creating this post in the right section, I didn't find a section called "Questions") I'm Gleenus, new to this forum, but around here have a video of me playing "Starver's Carol" in my diatonique accordion I stared developing mods for Don't Starve Together some months ago and this week I posted a "preview" of a mod I'm working on The mod is: "Twerk Emote", and, like the name, its allow the player character to twerk (video attached) Someone posted on my preview that its stated that Wendy has between 8 and 10 years. Here in Brasil is very common to see the children twerking for fun, so I didn't imagined that this could be a problem The question is: Should I put a flag in the mod to prevent Wendy and Walter to twerk? Thanks in advance (Sorry my bad English)
  12. Hi! I have a question: I want to extract the build.bin and the anim.bin separately, but the krane don't allow that Like, I want to extract a "general build" with all swap objects, hats and etc from the "build.bin" of Wolfgang But since there is any file for the "swap_body" inside used in the animation, the "place" for this images is not written inside the extracted "scml", even they existing inside the build But this "place" for image is necessary for situations like, "you equip an armor" There is anyway to extract only the complete bin to scml folder structure?