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  1. I love that the in-game clips still show the characters in the animation, makes it feel like whats happening in-game is the same as whats happening to them (because it is). Also that music is awesome, I hope that's some pirate monkey battle music.
  2. Haven't even gotten to try this beta but I'm already a Wonkey lover
  3. I love WX so much, he was my first name and now I'll finally have more fun playing as him all the time
  4. Ohh thank you for clarifying. Both were great updates so can't wait!
  5. wortox looks so cute in your pfp aaa!

    1. HojMcFoj


      thank you so much! definitely one of the drawings im more proud of :)

  6. So excited for this entire roadmap and 2023 now I was a little sad that we don't get any content updates this year but I realized it's much better for them to take the time to smooth things out to get ready for big stuff . I'm so greatful they're continuing this game, I honestly thought it might start to slow down this year but once again it looks like things are just picking up. I'm also so stoked for more Cawnival stuff, by far my favorite event I love the music, Mr. Goodfeather and all those crow kiddos
  7. This has happened to me and a friend too, one was with i think the torso of the free Wortox halloween skin, and also some gloves on Willow but im not sure which ones,
  8. I'm on PS4, and my world is currently in summer. I'm not sure if this happens in any other season. Entering the Oasis desert causes an error in the application.
  9. Not sure if anyone else has said this, but This is a super awesome idea, but I think it would only work on PC with the steam workshop. I mean I don't know that for sure but I've never seen anything like that done on PS4, while Steam has things like you unlock Hatty Hattington in Castle Crashers by owning Battleblock Theater. And I'd hate for something so cool to be PC only. But I'm probably totally wrong and it's just that consoles haven't done this, not that they can't, or maybe even they have and I just don't know about it. But there are just tons of things even in Don't Starve you can get on PC for owning ONI or Hot Lava that you can't get on PS4. I really love this idea though
  10. Anyone know what Wormwood is supposed to be? I'm thinking a sea weed and its just more obvious when he blooms, but I can't tell.
  11. My friend told me to convince them that Wes is a good character, I was supposed to solo Dragonfly and get icebox chester all by myself.... I mean this technically wasn't in the rulebook but.. I started the world as a different character and THEN fought it as Wes..
  12. I really hope that little thing is his idle animation and if so that is so frickin cute and also a great animation for him Also my friend has literally no knowledge of don't starve lore but i make him play it with me sometimes and when i sent him the eye of the storm trailer he said "Oh god... them"
  13. I watched that OrangE video, and I honestly agree with the Wagstaff thing. I think he'll be the next villain instead of a playable character. Honestly I don't want him OR Charlie to be playable. It might be interesting enough for lore purposes, but.. I feel like Wagstaff just isn't very compatible for DST as a playable character for gameplay reasons AND just sort of logical reasons. He wants to explore and exploit the constant, whilst everyone else wants to escape it. Everyone would be trying to work to escape, while he's dragging them in the other direction. Charlie is great and all, but I think she'd just be female Maxwell. It would be cool if maybe she escaped the constant (is that where she is? I have no idea), and then she became good and found a way to contact and communicate with the survivors, and helped them to escape, but her being playable just feels unnecessary. Wagstaff, maybe he will try to enslave the survivors to help him exploit things like nightmare fuel and bring it to the real world, or he'll just try and force them to stay there as his science experiments and such.
  14. Just unraveled my in-game life savings for a Wes skin, thanks Klei. hope I wasn't planning on using that WX or icebox skin soon..
  15. This has been happening to both me (the host), and my friends. Basically, we try to press X (PS4) on something, we get stuck trying to interact with it. If we try to walk away, the game forces us to walk back to it. For example, it makes us open and close Chester repeatedly, but it also happens on sticks, grass, players, ect. Leaving the game and rejoining fixes the issue.