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  1. Someone might have already said this I'm sure as I didn't go through every reply or anything, but seeing as we're supposedly only getting non humans, I would love if a little crow kid was added. They could have their own crafting tab, making stuff like a little backpack/jacket combo that insulates and provides storage, not as many slots as a backpack, but still multipurpose. Birds wouldn't be scared of them, and if they had a crow in a cage then they could get 5 sanity from feeding the crow (max 5 times per day, so 25 possible sanity per day), and they lose 15 sanity if a bird is killed near them (I know that sounds sort of a useless mechanic but I like it). I would say their favorite food is trail mix but that's already Walter's, so theirs could be maybe the Froggle Bunwich, although maybe since they're a Crow *kid* it should be something sweet like taffy. I also think that they should have some sort of a glide ability. Basically, they can do a short glide (maybe like around 7 seconds?) that makes them go a bit faster. They only have a 50% (or perhaps 75% I wouldn't want it to be too overpowered) chance of getting hit when they're gliding. If they try to glide over the ocean, a little wind current blows them back to land after a tile or so. I also think that they should have a slight damage reduction against specifically monsters (because they are scary). Feel free to leave anything else, and thanks for reading!
  2. Mothling, not even because it provides light, it just has really cute animations in my opinion and it makes me feel like even worse of a human being when I don't feed it than usual
  3. Beefolomew for the win, gets me top prize in all my beefalo contests (in my dreams , he isn't the prettiest boy)
  4. My friend told me to convince them that Wes is a good character, I was supposed to solo Dragonfly and get icebox chester all by myself.... I mean this technically wasn't in the rulebook but.. I started the world as a different character and THEN fought it as Wes..
  5. I really hope that little thing is his idle animation and if so that is so frickin cute and also a great animation for him Also my friend has literally no knowledge of don't starve lore but i make him play it with me sometimes and when i sent him the eye of the storm trailer he said "Oh god... them"
  6. I watched that OrangE video, and I honestly agree with the Wagstaff thing. I think he'll be the next villain instead of a playable character. Honestly I don't want him OR Charlie to be playable. It might be interesting enough for lore purposes, but.. I feel like Wagstaff just isn't very compatible for DST as a playable character for gameplay reasons AND just sort of logical reasons. He wants to explore and exploit the constant, whilst everyone else wants to escape it. Everyone would be trying to work to escape, while he's dragging them in the other direction. Charlie is great and all, but I think she'd just be female Maxwell. It would be cool if maybe she escaped the constant (is that where she is? I have no idea), and then she became good and found a way to contact and communicate with the survivors, and helped them to escape, but her being playable just feels unnecessary. Wagstaff, maybe he will try to enslave the survivors to help him exploit things like nightmare fuel and bring it to the real world, or he'll just try and force them to stay there as his science experiments and such.
  7. I had one where me and my friend were going to fight the ancient guardian, but instead of the guardian being there Usami from Danganronpa 2 was there? Then a big text that said "duo's mode" (I assume because two people, me and my friend, were in the dream) popped up and two giant gummy bears spawned in? Now the dream goes into first person like we are actually in the game, and we have to fight the gummy bears kind of like in a boxing match with our bare fists. My friend's gummy bear that they are fighting is acting kind of like a baby? and they aren't fighting, they're playing and stuff, meanwhile mine is trying to kick the sh*t out of me and I'm doing the same back. I try to ask my friend for help, but they just ignore me. Then, I start to realize that these gummy worms are acting really "life like" (whatever that means), and I'm creeped out because despite being in a video game they are acting like they are alive or something. Then we defeat them and the dream ends, but we feel bad about it ad still weirded out because they seemed so real. Yeah, I got some messed up dreams..
  8. Just unraveled my in-game life savings for a Wes skin, thanks Klei. hope I wasn't planning on using that WX or icebox skin soon..
  9. Is the Wes refresh actually counting towards our 3 this year? Ngl I actually like the rework but I still feel like other characters had some more dire needs. I know that the refresh was released on April Fools but is that just because it's Wes why wouldn't you do it then, or is it because the refresh is a joke and doesn't count towards our total this year? I still would've loved to see WX, Webber, and Wolfgang refreshed but Wes, great as he is, might have taken a valuable spot
  10. I have a few ideas, some for who I WANT to be refreshed, and some that probably are I love Wortox but maybe he could use a rework. I really don't know what they would change, but he's rather overpowered. Then again, there are always going to be characters that are stronger than others so maybe he's good. A WX rework would be great, I love my boy but he's sort of.. just there. Maybe some sort of charging system? Instead of his overcharge he has a charge meter and if his charge meter gets low he acts more sluggish (Slower, less damage). Obviously his charge should last pretty long, maybe a charging station or just electrical doodads to recharge him? Also like how there is a sanity drain in caves he could have a sanity drain while on a boat, though this might be more of a buff than a nerf because of enlightenment, so maybe a different debuff for boats. Wolfgang, honestly I'm pretty sure he needs a rework but I don't play as him and don't know anyone who does, so all I know of him is more food = stronger, faster, ect. and that might be all there is too him therefore why he needs a rework. I think Wurt might have needed a tiny rework prior to Reap What You Sow, but just being able to grow crops in winter now gives her a big boost (also I'd love her no matter what with that new goat skin ) Webber needs a rework in my opinion because pretty much everything he does, you can do later game just slightly differently. Want to make a spider war? Just make a pig war instead or murk a spider queen and, tadaa. Want to make a spider nest? Just wait for some far away to get to tier 3 and relocate them, also don't destroy nests before tier 3. He really just needs something that makes him Different. Wurt is a great example of this, with the merm houses, warrior merms, clever disguises, and especially the merm king! I think that a disguise that webber could make to trick spiders is a beautiful idea, though also they probably don't just want to copy and paste wurt onto spider boy. Wicker is another character I don't know very much about as I don't play as her nor know anyone who does, but I'm pretty sure Reap What You Sow messed her up big time (badly) and they also split her applied horticulture into two seperate books which I personally think is dumb. I love what they've done with the reworks so far, so no matter what they are I'm very excited to see them, along with that DLC character. Personally I'm hoping it's a new character, not one we've seen before. Love you Klei
  11. This has been happening to both me (the host), and my friends. Basically, we try to press X (PS4) on something, we get stuck trying to interact with it. If we try to walk away, the game forces us to walk back to it. For example, it makes us open and close Chester repeatedly, but it also happens on sticks, grass, players, ect. Leaving the game and rejoining fixes the issue.
  12. I would really like an option when creating a world you can make it purely solo.. Not even local play. I don’t have the original Don’t Starve game so I can only play DST, but since I cant play online I find it really hard to do fights when the health is adjusted to have multiple people fighting