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  1. After latest update, anywhere I have an enclosure with a gate for entry they no longer sit flush with the wall.
  2. After 2.08 I passed by my mushroom planters and noticed mushrooms were all gone and had turned to piles of rot on the ground. They always stayed fresh before and I hadn't harvested them for hundreds of days. Is this intended? P.S. Rain is back, thanks again.
  3. This has been reported and should be fixed next patch early this week.
  4. Sorry it's worse for you, I can't say I'm having that same experience.. Mostly happening for me going in and out of gates but I'm able to break free of it.
  5. Thanks @CharlesB I appreciate it, gotta get volt goats back somehow
  6. First play today I notice that Beefalo mating looks like default but as soon as I move through the settings it changes to what I had selected.
  7. Use the circle button to break free until this is fixed, I also noticed if I slow down a bit and make sure my actions are smooth it doesn't happen anymore.
  8. @CharlesB - Made it back to Spring, no rain at all or snow. Lightning also turned back on but once again no change. - Had Deerclops turned off before but she spawned as intended after turning back to default. - Antlion was always at default but this summer no sinkholes came, Antlion did spawn though. - Mactusk turned to more but there is no change in amount or respawn time. - Changing Beefalo mating tendency to little or none doesn't work. When reloading server stat always goes back to default.
  9. Went through 10 days into summer without it raining once, I'll report back if it doesn't rain next time spring rolls around.
  10. I'm getting that playing solo sometimes when opening fridge and gates. Pressing circle seems to disengage.