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  1. Can we have a beta on console to test so we have less problems when updates come out? And to help them be ready? Other games on console already do this
  2. After latest update, anywhere I have an enclosure with a gate for entry they no longer sit flush with the wall.
  3. I would love it if you could change my chests! One type of skin I wish I had... Take_Off_Hoser_ PSN
  4. Woohoo thanks Joe, can't wait for some new drops exciting!
  5. We getting some points today? or a twitch drop?
  6. After 2.08 I passed by my mushroom planters and noticed mushrooms were all gone and had turned to piles of rot on the ground. They always stayed fresh before and I hadn't harvested them for hundreds of days. Is this intended? P.S. Rain is back, thanks again.
  7. This has been reported and should be fixed next patch early this week.
  8. I've had a few issues, but playing in my own world the game is still very playable.
  9. Sorry it's worse for you, I can't say I'm having that same experience.. Mostly happening for me going in and out of gates but I'm able to break free of it.