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  1. Ok, so... The boat, broken mast on it (4 silk, 2 boards, few ropes and hammer nearby), fish tank, wheel, sceleton. He tried to get out of here, but hold space near mast with hammer in hand
  2. I thought about some kind of food that make hunger drain faster. For example (all names and numbers only for example): Lunar berryes. 35 hunger, 0 sanity, 0 health. After consuming hunger drain 2 times faster. Effect stacks up to 10 times and timer (1 full day or 8 minutes) update every time your eating it. Fried lunar berryes. After cooking effects totally swap, so: -35 hunger, 0 sanity, 1 health. After consuming hunger drain 2 times slower...
  3. https://forums.kleientertainment.com/forums/forum/83-dont-starve-together-dedicated-server-discussion/
  4. Oh, I couldn't get this new log in skin cause of war in my country... Hope, it's will appear in reward page later)
  5. Maybe not actual birds but just animation, but it's a neat idea
  6. Maybe upgrade trawlers with magnet beacon to force it follow you It's lot more expensive and more less mobile. I think it's enough
  7. Maybe to choose an order of updates minor things. Like update pigman or merm. Rabbits or moleworms. Or voting for skins. So community can choose between skins for different items. We could choose not skins as is, but item for its.
  8. Maybe make it like rudder. You click on it, then can slowly move it by WASD. Then press LMB or F to fire. Also Klei should expend hitbox of flying cannon ball and, of course, dmg.
  9. My favourite is Wanda, Wigfrid and Waxwell. I'd recommend choose character for your playstyle and skill
  10. It's also can be new cool animation, if player hit boss. Player feels impact from hit and stuns for a few seconds. Also boss can be not immune to dmg, but have ~90% protection, but weapon durability drops faster. And fire should deals in 3-5 times more damage per second. Oh, s... it can be not just coolest water fight, it can be coolest fight in the entire game! (Beta spoilers)
  11. But you don't need to move boat while fighting. You can get benefit from bosses attacks. For example, make boss immune to attacks. The only way to deal dmg - is chopping down spike from his boat attack. So you need to provoke it to attack your boat and then chop down spike. Maybe also deal dmg via fire, and add a cool animation for extinguishing. Like boss should grab some water and shower itself. It can help save boat durability and resources. I think Klei can make cool fight that don't tie to speed
  12. With (here is beta spoilers) all water fights will be much better. Here can be 2 types of water attacks: directly to player, and to the boat, maybe growing spikes, which damage boat. Also it can summon water spiders, why not. But if you retreat and jump on land, it lose his boat attack and mobility, attack player only if he close to boss, throw figrenade. And it should destroy structures on the land, I think