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  1. I wanna see some steampunk variants. With alchemy engine style, with pipes, levers, etc.
  2. I'll be glad to repair thermal stone by just stone. Like fueling miner hat or lantern.
  3. @Mike23Ua, on last Dev stream they literally do things, you mentioned last. They put mining hat on a spooder to light up. However, celestial crown doesn't work on spider, cause they don't have sanity.
  4. Oh, and it can be build from that fisf, which swim near sea flowers. They will become actually usefull.
  5. So, now we have cool fields to plant a lot of crops. And they can be almost automatic, but... What about sort of machine, like flingo or sprinkler from Hamlet, which will water fields? As options, it can be also fertilizer, if you drop some manure or rot in it. Also it can have different speeds, based on crops water consume speed.
  6. Klaus is really easy. Don't build campfire, he just broke it. Cook some pieorogi. And don't let Abi kill dears.
  7. I use it only once, when looks for crab king. It was a big problem even with detector, but goose form of Woodie find it so fast. Maybe, Klei should just make idols more expensive, but portal is ok right now.
  8. Not a long time ago I read that people want more lunar craft and magic. So what do you think about my idea? I suggest add a new staff, making of moongleam, lunar glass and living log/driftwood. Of course, you should stay near lunar altar to make it. After using, small area of land become like land from lunar island. Sanity will replaced by lunarcy and gestalts will spawn. For a few days. I'm not sure how it works on fuelwear, maybe even totally block his ward-spawn attack and screen-blocking attack, why not. What do you think? Let's discuss, and give us new suggestions)
  9. I think white spiders are the most kickable. They looks soft and springy.