Don't Starve Together - Return of Them: Eye of The Storm Now Available!

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1 hour ago, Take_Off_Hoser_ said:

No update for console???


4 minutes ago, derbaron187 said:

and when this update will be avalibale to konsole edition?

i also log in to my account but i dont get the log in bonus this lantern skin

Maybe next week :wilson_cry:

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9 minutes ago, Missing2135 said:

I was playing on a dedicated server, but when I logged in after the update, all the Christmas Winter bundles I had on the floor disappeared.
Please return it.

they are invisible

press space near of where you leave them

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10 minutes ago, ArubaroBeefalo said:

they are invisible

press space near of where you leave them

It doesn't look real, but it's picked up!
Thank you very much!

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38 minutes ago, BezKa said:

@JoeW be honest. Is there anything hidden or are we stressing ourselves out for no reason? (My friends decided they don't want to look with me anymore and disconnected :( )

@JoeW please help us out, our sanity already started decreasing...

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you know the musik taht plays when wagstaff does his machine thing is way too quit thanks to all this moon noise things you can only hear it if you consentrate on it

this one is it you can not realy hear it if you help wagstaff and defend him from birds

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3 hours ago, Dr.Medic said:

хорошо, с чего мне начать? Посмотрим

image.png.bd1a2810eecf00becdc9574fd99ef800.pngрусалки с копьем, пожалуйста, сделайте это

image.png.83b53e37881bc8e6d1dcb79672a6b704.pngЧарли сейчас там, в районе лунных руин, и, вероятно, творит там что-то странное

image.png.51b728cb4289183a47f3e0da93b4480a.pngлуна сейчас в гневе

image.png.33cd1f73d95e3764fd9a67049e82ab35.pngWagstaff что-то делает

image.png.2fa8a03d5175390f7bc95306212774ff.pngЯ не знаю, но это выглядит забавно, как это лицо Уилсона, о, это потенциал мема, если я его видел

image.png.df24e911fefaedb5fc71a10f1d34e428.pngЯ не знаю, но мне нравится, как он вот так взрывается

image.png.7f0ca22ff623b0b821bc415a006b3ae8.pngalsol, это произойдет на самом деле?

так что это будет эпично, не так ли?

YES ,merms holding a spear !

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something is missing here maybe its the fact that wicker is behind wilsons hair and winona behind wolfgang and warly or the fact that wortox and maxwell just dont exist at all it seems but well other then that it is best picture

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A storm came through yesterday, we caught the eye of it.. get it? Eye of the Storm?

ahh Nevermind, I’ve been without power since around 5pm yesterday, it’s 4pm right now... I’m using data on my phone just to check the Klei forums.. god there’s something wrong with me.

For once I’m actually “glad” that all my console buddies don’t get to play the update, otherwise they would be playing it without me right now.. 

I can’t say the same thing about the new season of Apex Legends, but at least when it comes to DST HAHA They’re gonna be waiting with me!

Webber’s Rework is next huh? I like Webber as he is now.. not to complicated, but not completely boring either, I will ALWAYS feel like Klei colossally missed the Mark with my second favorite character (Wigfrid) but I’m glad they at least got my main perfect :) 

Just because I Main Wendy DOES NOT mean I don’t enjoy playing other characters- I’ve played them ALL from time to time & when I get bored of playing them I delete the entire world just to start new as someone else.

Lately I’ve even found myself enjoying Wes’s Rework a lot.. they don’t HAVE to be Overpowered god tier characters... they just need to be unique and enjoyable & I think that Wes’s new abilities do that quite well.

Im slightly worried about the remaining Reworks, I most certainly do not want another Wigfrid situation of “Theyre fine enough as is and doesn’t need much reworking” 

I keep saying this: But as a Console player without access to the world that is PC Mods, these character reworks are Klei’s way of delivering us console players New and exciting content/ways of playing the game.. there’s still One rework after Webber’s and a Brand New Character coming..

Wolfgang, WX78, Wickerbottom, Maxwell, Wilson are left to be Reworked- Klei is slowly but surely getting them all I used to enjoy playing Wicker.. but I stopped playing as her when I saw all the cries of “Nerf Wicker” in fear that she may indeed get nerf’d.. so I’ll just wait till she’s been reworked before I play her again.

who’s the new playable character gonna be? Wagstaff? Charlie? Pearl? Something entirely brand new?

Theres also still two content updates coming (not including the summer event)

All in all- dare I say the last few years have never been a better time to get into DST!! Monthly content updates are absolutely Amazing and I can only hope Klei plans to continue this method for as long as they possibly can.

Remember: the BEST updates didn’t add any new content at all... it just gave us more control over what was already there... 

I “personally” would be happy if they introduced one new mob per month to keep things fresh.. and that be the Entire update. 

the TL:DR- something they can do that doesn’t take a ton of time and over crunched work hours, but still keeps us engaged in the game because it’s something new to explore/do/fight.

In conclusion: I hope everyone who CAN play the new update enjoys it, and there’s still a lot of exciting stuff to come!

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