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[POLL] Seasonal Clothing

What kind of seasonal cloth do you use?  

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  1. 1. Head cloth

  2. 2. Body Cloth

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I want to know your opinion what seasonal cloth do you use often or even sometimes in specific situations. List includes clothes with freezing/overheating protection and water resistance. List excludes hand held items and armor protection, for example a football helmet that also gives 20% water resistance. If I forgot to include an item, please tell in the comments.

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I use beefalo hat for the first winter, and tam for the rest of the winters, unless I got unlucky with mactusks, I use eyebrella for spring and for some summers, and miner hat for summer in caves, I usually spend the first summer on the surface, and then switch between caves and surface, I also wear tam if i need some sanity but otherwise wear football helmet, I use log suit, i never need seasonal body armor.

Could you add an option for none of the above for body armor? thanks.

Edit: I use desert goggles for summer too. ( i cant re-vote though)

Edit 2: I use a mod to wear piggyback with a log suit too 

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i use the tam and the dapper vest for fashion (i don't have PS+on my playstation so skins are a no go for me sadly :( )

in terms of what i use for real.i use a tam for winter,eyebrella for spring and dessert goggles for summer and in my body slot i use a backpack all the time(except when i quickly put on armor to fight a boss)

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i find it fun to play around with different hats especially on public servers where ur not guaranteed eyebrella/tam. But the body stuff is so hard to justify over backpack... i wish there were niche circumstances/areas during winter/summer with severe elemental danger that would warrant head to toe insulation 

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The only time I have ever used a body slot item of seasonal clothing was as Woodlegs in DS. Hibearnation vest + Tam was the only way to negate sanity loss when caving as him. It was sort of fun to be forced into that situation and I do wish the rest of the body clothing items were actually necessary sometimes but I'm sure I could live to regret that wish.

As for hats, if I join a server in winter and don't intend to ask where the base is I'll often spawn as Wicker just so I can make rabbit earmuffs right away. They obviously aren't the best but it's a nice change of pace to prioritize them. Other than that the only items that I ever put effort into crafting/obtaining are tam, eyebrella & desert goggles. Top hat sometimes gets made but it's more for looks than anything. In multiplayer servers usually an umbrella and football helmet is as good as it gets for rain protection though since there's just the one deerclops eye to work with.

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I use beefalo hat and puffy vest in winter. Hibearnation vest after the first Bearger is dead unless someone wants an insulated pack.
When I play with friends, I usually leave the eyebrella to others. I can do just fine with a rain coat in spring and a floral shirt in summer.

Top hats for early game if I have spare silk, Tam if I get lucky with MacTusks and others don't need a Tam.

Belt of Hunger is pretty much the main reason for me to "rush" the ruins just for 6 slurper pelts. This is an item I can wear in place of a backpack as soon as I get it.

I sometimes wear skinned straw hats and rain hats just for looks.

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Winter hat first then Tam o all year long for sanity.

Beefalo hat in spring when they are in heat.

Eyebrella for spring and summer.

Miner hat everynight except in winter and when it rain.

Rain coat when im fighting Moose goose or Toadstool (i prefer head armor)

Hibernation vest when im chilling in base.

Desert goggle for obvious reason.

Fun cap every autumn (since it doesnt require any specific clothes) after defeating Mysery to fuel my glowcap.


Always playing solo so i have the best loot, always in cave during summer and i cant play without a bagpack so i barely touched the others.

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The only body slot shirt I use is Bearger hibernation vest, the others don’t really seem to be all that useful, especially if you have a thermal stone/Eyebrella already.

Also I’m addicted to skins, I use the Lime Green Winter Santa Hat even though Beefalo Hat would be better.

I use Mad Moxxi Top Hat even though Tam’O is clearly better.

Poll should have included an option for I use X less useful item just cause it has a cool skin I like.

2 hours ago, D7X said:

I'll often spawn as Wicker just so I can make rabbit earmuffs right away. They obviously aren't the best.

Just wanted to point out that not only did these get a buff in Klei’s second QoL update, but they also no longer require you to build a science/alchemy engine to craft.

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Chose tam, eyebrella, desert goggles, and the miner hat for fairly obvious reasons.

I also did choose the rain coat. While I don’t often use it for the surface, I actually do use it quite a bit of it in the caves when I’m digging up turf. I usually leave my krampus sack nearby the entrance, slowly filling it up between trips, which is nice.

For temperature purposes though, I honestly don’t think the thermal can be bested for me. That easily takes care of heat/cooling purposes, and swapping a thermal out for a new one takes about 5 seconds and potentially gives you 6+ minutes of time away from a heat source. This is especially nice later on when you can have multiple “thermal stations” around the map.

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I use thermal stone in winter only, if I can't make one I'll try for tam or winter hat.

In spring I prefer umbrella and any hat with wetness protection, probably football helmet and miner hat. While eyebrella is nice, you can't wear that and the miner hat at the same time, and setting the lantern on the ground annoys me.

Summer I usually don't use anything, living in caves is easier than the surface. I'd love fashion melons, but they require a ton of set up. Desert goggles are decent, but mobility isn't that valuable when I'm hugging the endo pit anyhow.


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I love rain coat, has a 100% resistance to wetness and lighting, provide insulation from freezing, and is a really great for horror movies. Very cheap too, I just have to go to the swamp to get tentacles and the body of some unfortunate player.



The picture is just from a no copyright image bank.


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In Autumn, I wear a Fun Cap and Backpack primarily as there is no real effects during this time to prepare for.

In Winter, I wear a Hibearnation Vest and a Tam or Beefalo Hat for either high Insulation or sanity regen

In Spring, I swap in between a Eyebrella and Rain Coat per situation, but focus mainly on using a Rain Coat + Fun Cap

In Summer, I'm either in the caves and thus use a Miner's Cap, or I'm on the surface and use a Eyebrella and swap between a summer frest and Blue Amulet for either endo-insulation or cooling

I like to stack up the ,most amount of insulation and endo-insulation as I don't like having to stop a bunch to put down fire or burn the nearby flora and like minimizing it a much as possible. I also like using the Fun Cap as while there are multiple methods to reobtain sanity like Jelly Salad and Cooked Cactus, minimizing hunger is significantly more rare. I just like conserving my prepared food a little bit more so that I can better focus on whatever random task I'm focusing on instead of making more food. 

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For head items I use.

Top Hat: Early on for sanity, prior to getting tam o' shanter.

Winter Hat or Beefalo Hat: For insulation fully switches to tam o shanter if its winter hat, otherwise I use tam o shanter until my sanity is topped off then switch to beefalo hat.

Tam o' shanter: long term sanity headgear.

Eyebrella:For spring, also for summer outside of the oasis. I also sometimes use it on a boat if I want the sanity and reduced hunger rate from the hibearnation vest.

Rain Hat: For spring, if someone else got the eyebrella and I'm on land.

Miner Hat: All the time, being able to use a walking cane or tool without having to drop a lantern.

Desert Goggles: Pretty much only during summer in an oasis base.


For body items, I mainly just use the backpack if on land, but on a boat I tend to use a couple other body slot items.

Hibearnation Vest: For the sanity and reduced hunger rate, making both less of an issue during long sailing trips, also means I can save my tam o' shanter for when I'm on land and wear a helmet in salt shoal areas.

Rain Coat: For when I need to put on a helmet amidst a rainstorm, like when theres a rockjaw about to leap onto my boat or when I'm in a salt shoal.

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