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  1. The beefalo in the clip IS fully tamed. Ornery beefalo has minimum obedience just 10% (one item) short of letting you ride it.
  2. How to move a beefalo herd? I had a couple crashes during contest, which duped the beefalo I was taming, so now I want to try to make a pen for them. I've killed adults and left babies alive, but they still insist on walking towards their previous herd location. And how safe is a beefalo pen? Are they gonna break free? Should I just scrap that idea and repurpose the pen for something else?
  3. Can't really explain it. It might have to do with beefalo's skin. Here it looks normal: But on another frame you can see how the beefalo looks a bit "split".
  4. Of course the beefalo will take damage, but -3/-6 health is insignificant to a mob with a 1000 hp and natural regen.
  5. You can collect cactus/spiky bushes on a beefalo without taking damage yourself.
  6. I use body slot items, insulation items, base in the oasis, unironically build rainometers, and "rush" the "ruins" for belt of hunger of all things.
  7. What happens if you hop on a boat while Antlion's warnings are happening? Are you gonna get sinkholes next time you go on land or are you gonna cancel them completely?
  8. I was thinking this icon was gonna be available during the encore instead of the star caller icon, but I guess it will be forever unobtainable.
  9. I accidently paused on this cursed frame
  10. Besides stat boosts, don't forget WX can also eat stale/spoiled food without penalties, which is a pretty considerable upside.
  11. Self-explanatory. It shows the "Return" prompt when you hover it over lightbugs and it returns Abigail into the flower. 2021-01-18 19-08-40.mp4
  12. I hardly ever see this being mentioned, but you can draw anything that has an inventory icon on mini-signs. That also includes things that you can only carry on your back (suspicious marble, statues of all materials, moon altar pieces, giant crops, glass spikes/castles) and even slurpers! Bonus: lanterns have 2 states.
  13. When you use a feather pencil on a mini-sign next to a lantern that was reskinned by clean sweeper, you will draw the initial state (and skin) the lantern was in until you update it (by turning it on/off or picking it up) In the video I used lantern's default skin, drew it as normal, then changed its skin with clean sweeper, tried to draw it, drew the default lantern. Then I turned it off to update its state and it drew the salt lantern. Repeated a few times for demonstration purposes. 2021-01-18 18-27-09.mp4
  14. With that, I have both night armor skins EDIT: Literally next day I login for a daily drop, I get a second Elegant IN A ROW. Since Elegants have a 2% drop rate, that's a 0.04% chance to get two in a row!
  15. NO! Nothing makes any mobs wet besides the world's global wetness. Dragonfly and players are the only exception to this. You can make her wet with a watering can or balloons, but not any other mob. 2021-01-15 18-54-47.mp4 No. Same reason as above. Can only be wet if the entire caves are wet. 2021-01-15 18-57-37.mp4
  16. You can deconstruct wax paper from Klaus' bundling wraps. It's expensive, yes, but it is another way to get wax.
  17. Overall more yes than no. Boats are still bad, ocean is still barren and there were only two character reworks this year... But RWYS alone makes up for that, plus the quality of life updates, they really improved the game significantly.
  18. Yesterday I played solo for 35 days until 1 AM, today I also played 35 days solo until 1 AM. Reap What You Sow truly is a fantastic update. Sometimes you get giant crops by accident without even trying! Got like 6 giant eggplants, even though I was just planting crop-specific seeds randomly together.

    I don't even have to kill goats and collect cactus anymore, which were my main sources of food previously, combined with honey.

  19. This update was a rollercoaster. At first I didn't like it, because I was intimidated by how much more complex the farming became ("seasons? water consumption? what are the nutrient cycling shenanigans!? all for each plant!?"), but after reading, learning and asking questions I started to think it might singlehandedly be the best RoT update, it made farming satisfyingly good (and Zeklo, QuartzBeam, Lakhnish and others, thank you for the guides, you guys are legends). And this update also served as Wormwood's "rework" and solved every problem I had with him (blooming being mostly a downside, attracting bees that aggro on him in spring, losing sanity from wetness/wet items despite being a plant) And this update deleted disease, no one is going to miss it. Bunnymen and Wicker nerfs were something I always was neutral about. Never used either of them.
  20. glermz got 10 christmas lights from packages, that's insane.