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  1. How many items do pirate monkeys need to steal before leaving? Is it items total or items per monkey? And how many bananas? One banana per raid or one banana per monkey in a raid?
  2. One time I got two elegants in a row (it was a night armor skin and Wolfgang magmatic head). Recently in a multiplayer world I randomly stumbled upon a malbatross and killed him with 1% of the night armor remaining. Then I got insane and barely survived a hit from a terrorclaw (I thought I would be dead for sure).
  3. Myth: Scaled flooring slows dragonfly and lavae. I've heard this a long long time ago, but I'm not sure if it's true or not. You can also try this with extra adorable lavae.
  4. It blows my mind how 4 monkeys was already overwhelming, but Klei made it so now you get 4 + a 70% chance for a fifth one. Why?
  5. Oasis desert. It's always the last biome I find when starting a new world and it's usually very far from the center of the world. Which makes me restart the world and look for it again.
  6. Nautopilot seems like such a cool structure with a huge amount of potential, but I really can't think of any use for them. I've seen the boat carousel. Any other ideas?
  7. After trying out some raids in a creative world, I can say the raids are not the worst thing ever, but still a bit much. They're not hard to defeat if you're in a perfect scenario where you are prepared (about 17 electric darts are enough to kill a raid and you only lose about 8 hp with thulecite armor). Unfortunately, you can't kill them with darts from a distance - the range is too short, their rowing is too fast and they will always jump on your boat. But still, just the fact that you have to tank them at all just rubs me the wrong way. All because kiting a group of mobs on a boat is literally not possible (and you can't convince me that it is, don't even try). Pan flute is an option, yes, I acknowledge that, but it's honestly a wildcard for just about any situation. BUT THIS? WHY AND HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE? One raid is bad enough to deal with, but TWO AT THE SAME TIME? This is stupid and completely unfair. I can't name any other situation in the entire game that screws you over this much (maybe double terrorclaw or double rockjaw). You can't even run away from that. Also, question: Do you have to hit their boat with a cannon to scare them away? Or do you just have to shoot it and they're gonna go away even if you miss completely (or even if you shoot in the opposite direction)? Obviously this doesn't help you kill them, but still, I'm interested.
  8. With lag compensation on, the game tries to make your experience only look smooth. With lag compensation off, the game shows where you actually are in the world.
  9. My way of dealing with them would probably be – not getting my boat anywhere near them and shooting them from a distance with electric darts. Why electric darts instead of normal darts - they're much easier to mass produce. About a stack of darts (that's just 5 canaries, a stack of reeds and a stack of gold) to deal with one raid is not a bad tradeoff. And well, finally something to actually use them on instead of stockpiling them forever.
  10. Very interesting. I knew of the item before, but the animation looked even less finished than it does now. Maybe it's actually going to be added eventually? This gif is from 2020.
  11. And taffy is a goodie, Wigfrid can eat it, but how to justify that?
  12. Hammering the walls in the archives for thulecite fragments is very safe, much safer than going to the ruins.
  13. No rushing. Fighting bosses or going into the ruins only when I feel like I'm ready. The only thing I "rush" ruins for is belt of hunger. I use backpacks only when I need the inventory space, which is not all the time. I occasionally swap to Winona to build catapults for bee queen and fuelweaver. I never swap to Warly, I don't need his food or spices. I usually base in the oasis, main reason being goats.
  14. I mean, we don't even know what it's called. Way too early to be asking a question like that.
  15. Turf recipe changes deserve more attention. Getting 4 per craft, stacking to 20, lower costs and not needing to be near the terrra firma tamper. Cobblestones alone are a win in my book, not needing stacks upon stacks of boards and having to go out of your way for rocky turf. Least liked - no idea, honestly. I don't recall any QoL changes that made me go "man, that's not good a change".
  16. Like - the trees. They're very pretty. And the event itself makes for an ok setpiece in your base. Don't like - pretty much anything else. Minigames are just whatever, rewards are just whatever, the crow little guys complain all the time if your trees aren't decorated enough, which makes me discouraged to even do anything with the event.
  17. This thing. It steals morning star's effect and doesn't even work with it. Worst item in the game, would rather make wet goop. I'd even go as far as to say it's a waste of goat horns.
  18. Reason №1. There's water in DST. And that's all the reasons why people want Walani in DST. Thanks for coming to my ted talk.
  19. Y'know, people use Terraria's EoL fight as an example of an enraged boss with a reward here, but at the same time there are more "enraged" bosses that don't reward you in any way. Queen bee, plantera and duke fishron enrage outside of their biome, gaining double damage, double defense and faster attacks, skeletron and skeletron prime one-shot you when it turns daytime (dungeon guardian doesn't count, it's not the same boss as skeletron). You don't get anything unique out of fighting them like that, because you're not supposed to. I'm not against there being a reward for fighting enraged Klaus, it's just that it was always meant to be a punishment and the Terraria comparison doesn't hold up at all.
  20. Hamlet has this and it's called "root trunk". I'd love to see this in DST. Transporting items like that can come a long way, especially with multiple players.
  21. Grumm is not talking about what items from FW and moon caller do, he's talking about how unintuitive it is to just start the fuelweaver fight and moon caller event. I mean, theoretically you could figure these out on your own, but it's hard to imagine. Ok, so you mine stalagmites in caves and get a rare fossil drop. You notice how you can place it on the ground. Turns out you can add more to it. You assemble the full skeleton, examine it, the character says something about it being assembled wrong. You hammer it and rebuild it until you get the correct one. You find unique-looking marble statues and mine them. They resemble clockwork mobs that you may have seen before. You bring the heavy missing pieces and repair them. You finished assembling them and mining them just breaks them apart, so what's next? You're going to occasionally pass them by and if it just so happens to be a full moon or a new moon, you will notice them shaking and making sounds. You mine them, clockworks spawn (full moon) or weird new shadow monsters spawn (new moon). You notice the sketches that dropped, build the statues and logically assume that if you create the sculptures they're gonna act the same way on a new moon. Ok, you fought the shadow pieces and got the shadow atrium. Somehow you assume that giving it to the skeleton makes it come to life. Then, you find the ruins by exploring the caves, find the ancient guardian and kill it for the ancient key. That's pretty straightforward. You kill a giant tentacle and find out it acts like a wormhole. Then you decide to kill all the giant tentacles to see where each one leads, you stumble upon the atrium biome and make your way to the ancient gate. You logically assume that it requires the ancient key you got from the guardian. Great, you activated it, now what? How are you supposed to figure out that you need to assemble the skeleton in this exact location? How are you even supposed to figure out that giving the atrium in the caves is gonna summon a different stalker than on the surface? And moon caller, well. You (somehow) think to insert any magic staff because of the base of the altar. Examine it and see that it's a wrong staff. You put each staff and examine it, notice that star caller is correct. Wait for a full moon for something to happen (logical connection: moon altar -> full moon) and defend it from monsters that try to destroy it. TLDR: it's not impossible to figure all of this out, but it's highly improbable.
  22. Even if Klei isn't gonna make it refuelable, at least increase the durability. 225 items picked up is nothing. I suggest a 1000 uses. Then I'd start comfortably using them for log gathering after using a bearger to annihilate a forest. With only 225 uses it's just not worth it (it's only 11 stacks of logs without counting pine cones). I'd need to make so many amulets that it will not even offset the time to pick them up manually and that's not even accounting for all the thulecite and orange gems.
  23. Fantastic character. My second favorite character after Wendy. Massive convenience with faster seed planting, good sanity management (seriously, I didn't even bother farming for a tam before I got the enlightened crown) and the speed boost. Didn't get to use bramble traps very much though. Oh, and his skins (including the default) are absolutely beautiful, playing him just for visuals alone is worth it. And also playing as him made me realize that I don't actually like preparing healing food for boss fights in the first place, especially with bundling/unbundling. The only thing I want for Wormwood is just more unique crafts.