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  1. Thank you both. I've read most of the posts in the update thread now and have a better understanding of it all. I really hope the old farms are left in the game in some form though since it seems uncertain. They're great for decoration and it would be a shame to lose them as an option in favour of a square patch of mud that is locked to a tile space.
  2. With the new farming update, what has happened to the old basic & advanced farm plots? Are they just gone?
  3. I didn't anticipate this. Suddenly my boulder wall doesn't feel so secure.
  4. Pretty happy with most of these now. Personal favourites are Winona as Jubilee (from x-men), Wortox as Hellboy, Maxwell the Abomination and General Wickerbottom.
  5. I'm sure some of this has been posted already but I'm not reading 20 pages : ) - If you're desperate for sticks you can plant trees and dig up the sapling for 1 stick - If you're incredibly desperate for sticks you can dig up a spikey bush with a shovel for 1 stick AND take no damage - Lureplants planted on boats won't spawn eyeplants but still produce leafy meat - If you burn (and ideally then extinguish) a bee hive/box the bees will become "homeless" and start roaming the world looking for flowers, after visiting six flowers they will spawn a new flower the next time they land. The new flower will depend on the other 6 flowers they visited (6 normal = new normal flower, 6 evil = new evil flower, a mix will produce a chance of each) with enough bees you can produce massive fields of flowers, great for quick sanity/rot/manure (if fed to werepig)/and a mediocre source of nightmare fuel if using evil flowers. - If you have a bird & birdcage you can recycle your meat into eggs if you have too much and its spoiling, then if the eggs are spoiling you can cook them and feed them to the bird again for fresh eggs - Werepigs drop the required 2 meat and pigskin for a hambat, converting a friendly pig with four monster meat and then killing the werepig is a good way to get the materials for a great boss fight weapon, as long as you don't let the meat rot you can wait to craft it until moments before a big fight and it will have 100% freshness and max damage - You can feed glow berries to pets to make them glow and get a temporary light source without the sanity hit - If you damage Dragonfly enough for her to drop some scales and then leave her arena and relog (only really good for solo play/with friends) you can return and damage her again until she drops another set of scales and repeat as many time as needed. This works especially well if you lead her into a small "alleyway" in between two bunnymen pens and let them damage her until the scales drop. - If you burn Antlion's sand spikes/castles they will turn to glass and can be moved around like statues and used for decoration/blocking mobs - If Antlion causes an earthquake when you are in the caves there will be a cave-in and boulders will drop from the ceiling, these can also be moved like statues and used for decoration & to block mobs or as a source of rocks/flint/nitre. - If you mine all the moon glass from a hot spring that had a bath-bomb put in it during the night of a full moon it will fill up with water again at the end of the night, meaning you can get a harvest of moon glass every full moon if you're quick enough mining all your hot springs (there's better ways to spend a full moon though) - If you chase McTusk for long enough (in one direction away from his igloo) eventually he will stop running and start calmly walking back to his igloo giving you a great opportunity to stun-lock and kill him. If you run up and quickly kill both hounds, McTusk will break you out of being frozen with his first dart, then you can start chasing him down, sometimes he will fire off another dart just as you reach him and you can stun-lock him here as well - Ice staves are a very inexpensive way of getting the attention of creatures that run away from you (koalafants/volt goats) - (not 100% sure on this one, someone confirm?) You can create a "new" beefalo heard by taming a beefalo and then moving it to where you want the heard to be. Leave it penned in until it becomes wild again and during the next mating season it will produce a baby beefalo - You can move volt goat herds if you have a lot of time and patience. Start by killing all but one goat, then start sweating as if this goat dies your whole herd is gone forever. Now wait for night and when the goat is asleep you want to start nudging it's completely rigid sleeping body towards where you want the heard to be. The fun part is that this goat doesn't represent the herd you are moving, there's actually an invisible marker that sort of lazily follows the herd around that the goats are all tethered to as well. Personally I pen the goat in during the day and do the moving at night but if you move it too quickly the marker will still be lagging behind and the goat will always try to run back to it. If the goat is running in different directions (even when penned) then the marker is likely close by and you can continue moving the goat. The herd will respawn in the new location over time as long as at least 1 goat is left alive (up to the maximum amount of goats you had before) - Mole burrows have *unlimited* storage and whatever they are storing can be retrieved by digging up the burrow, great for massive amounts of turf - If you catch a mole but leave the burrow intact and then take them to the caves or surface (opposite to where you got them) and release them they will create a new burrow and the burrow you got the mole from will spawn a new mole after a few days, you can create huge mole farms from this and then dig up the burrows for minerals during dusk/night time (burrows drop whatever the mole has stored in them + 1 random mineral) - I'm unsure of the exact cause but as well as being "pushed" through mobs can still occasionally move through walls made from skeletons/statues/boulders/structures when offscreen which makes them bad for penning in creatures but still great for protecting the player (during hound waves or moon altar event). If making "bait" stations I'd suggest using walls/gates/fences as I've never seen anything "phase" through proper walls. - No-Eyed-Deer won't despawn if they're near structures so penning in a herd will let you keep them around (anyone confirm this I might have made it up?) - You can hammer beefalo horns and deer antlers to get bone shards (This isn't true but dear god Klei please make it a thing)
  6. Honestly you're going to piss someone off no matter what you do. Personally I don't like the skin packs at all as they are currently implemented. In my opinion you should finish the sets that are incomplete and then maybe concentrate more on item/building re-skins since at least you can enjoy those all at once in-game. If you're going to release more character skins maybe do it one or two at a time and get really creative with them. I wouldn't mind paying £2 or something for a couple of new skins every time you do an event, even if it's repeated content but I'm getting tired of spending £7-£15 three or four times a year just based on the knowledge that I might never get a chance to purchase those skins again.
  7. I'm having the same issue, no mods, verified game cache, restarted, still not working. Can gain exp fine and get chests but no Daily Bonuses after a win or quests available. No point in posting a screenshot since it just says the same thing as the others "Failed to retrieve your quests."
  8. Heh, 172 is the longest I survived. Committed suicide though because it was back in Beta when there wasn't much to do. Currently at 101 and going to try for 1000.
  9. This has probably been posted before but on the off chance it hasn't, why don't maps generate endlessly? It would deter people from setting up a home base because there could always be a better place to put one and it would encourage exploration for the same reason. I currently "give up" on a world once it's fully explored because in all honesty there's nothing left to do. And another idea I had was for science machines/alchemy engines/research points. Since this mechanic is going to be changed anyway, why not have the science machine work as a transmutation device. For instance, you feed in a Gnome from a grave and you're still given the 80 research points (the name might need a change), but you can then use those research points to create something of equal value, since a twig is worth one, you could get 80 twigs (obviously that's a bit overpowered but you get the idea). The Alchemy engine could perhaps give a better return on your investment, it's maybe twice as efficient as the science machine at transmuting resources. EDIT: Food would have to be a one way trade though, you can feed it into the machine for points, but can't create it.
  10. The nests go through three stages of growth, each stage adds four new spiders to the nest. Hitting it during the day will release the first wave of four spiders, so hitting it twice or three times will release 8 or 12, which is usually a bad idea. It's best to release one wave then kite them away from the nest and any time a spider gets ahead of the others give it a quick whack then back off again. Or stay near enough to them that they lunge at you, then back off before they hit you to thin them out. I usually hit the nest then hit the first spider I see twice, then kite the remaining three. If you have two left you can hit one then the other whilst standing still, without them being able to hit you back. Alternatively if you wait til dusk, they "trickle" out of the nest more slowly so you *might* be able to kill them one at a time. Only a good idea if it's a lone spider nest though.
  11. I honestly think the best solution would be to scrap fertilizing. But instead have a hostile mob spawn from grass. Even better would be for it to be more likely the more grass there is in the area. There should be a risk of death, not a risk of running out of manure. No one wants "Died from poop shortage" on their gravestone.
  12. Yeah that's it, tell everyone to play your way because theirs is wrong I'm sure that'll work. People are upset that their way of playing is being nerfed, just because it doesn't affect you doesn't mean it's fine. It's nice that you don't care though, that means that the game offers enough different styles of play to keep everyone happy. This update however forces people to change how they play. There being a specific way to play what is kind of a sandbox game is frustrating.
  13. I'm really worried for this game. You yourself have said that you don't want it to be a grind. Yet changes keep being made that make it more and more grindy, just in different ways than before. The time it takes for the grass to regrow is enough, it's just within that time there should be more chance of death, more things threatening your life. It should be harder to survive from one grass regrowing to the next. I said elsewhere that each day is just turning into a checklist of things to do before the next night. It seems a lot of those things are now "put poop on all my plants." You're fixing things in what I was assuming was the early game and claiming that they're fixes for end game situations, it worries me that that means not a lot more is going to be added. Honestly though, do you really want the main focus of the game to be literally sh*t?
  14. It was intended to nerf axing them all questions all day erry day. The point is traps cost resources, whereas cutting them down as they run to their holes was relatively free.
  15. I don't like ghost chests. They should have a collision box even if it's just a small one to bump into that still leaves enough of a gap to walk between two placed directly next to each other.