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  1. Honestly you're going to piss someone off no matter what you do. Personally I don't like the skin packs at all as they are currently implemented. In my opinion you should finish the sets that are incomplete and then maybe concentrate more on item/building re-skins since at least you can enjoy those all at once in-game. If you're going to release more character skins maybe do it one or two at a time and get really creative with them. I wouldn't mind paying £2 or something for a couple of new skins every time you do an event, even if it's repeated content but I'm getting tired of spending £7-£15 three or four times a year just based on the knowledge that I might never get a chance to purchase those skins again.
  2. I'm having the same issue, no mods, verified game cache, restarted, still not working. Can gain exp fine and get chests but no Daily Bonuses after a win or quests available. No point in posting a screenshot since it just says the same thing as the others "Failed to retrieve your quests."
  3. Wilson suffered a nerf when Beardlings were introduced. His ability wasn't just a magnificent beard it was being the only one able to make a meat effigy. I'd be happy with that ability being given back to just him and everyone else becoming more powerful in other ways.As for "cave immortality" if players HAVE to respawn outside the cave entrance they should respawn with 1 health and very low sanity as if they'd been dragged out of the cave by something nightmare inducing.
  4. Max days you've survived?

    Heh, 172 is the longest I survived. Committed suicide though because it was back in Beta when there wasn't much to do. Currently at 101 and going to try for 1000.
  5. Well you'd have to go insane to prototype stuff after that you could build it whenever. I'd say you could build the machines as well, but yeah given how easy it is to go insane it wouldn't really be that fair. Unless you increased his max sanity or something.
  6. Seeing as Wilson is a mad scientist and all it'd be cool if he didn't need the research machines. Instead he just unlocked each tier the more insane he got, ending at <30 where he can make Shadow Manipulator stuff. Maybe a bit similar to Wickerbottom's ability but it'd suit his character.Not quite sure how carpeted flooring would work as a mad scientists greatest invention though.
  7. Making a small saferoom with an entrance hallway full of traps seems to be safest way, I usually tank/kite them til about day 70 though.Really bored of saferooms though, want to come up with a more interesting defence...
  8. I don't want achievements, they don't mean anything. But I would prefer unlocks that have interesting requirements, which I think are planned. For instance:- A character unlocked by surviving 100 days- Different modes unlocked through accomplishing milestones in survival like hound kills/trees burned- Something silly like a cosmetic item that's only unlocked if you land the killing blow on deerclops with a punchI'd also like to be able to build some things that are only in adventure mode in survival, like maxwell's tooth traps/torch, marble pillars/statues/trees since they look fantastic but they're so rare in survival. So having a way to unlock them would be cool.
  9. Show us your camp!

    Current base, think I'm going to start a new world though. Despite how long it took to perfectly arrange all that grass.
  10. Lies. Spiky bushes are amazing. Just dig them up to get the twig without being damaged and then replant it/use it for fuel.
  11. “Magic's just science that we don't understand yet.”― Arthur C. ClarkeGiver Wickerbutt that as a line. Everyone's happy.or"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."
  12. I do mean complicated in comparison to the others. I'm fine with it as long as all the characters are taken in a direction like this. But imo it's all or none. If we're taking characters down this route then Wilson's beard should grow a stage longer and you trip up on it occasionally, or it makes him more flammable the longer it gets. Abigail should be able to absorb other ghosts to get stronger and Wolfgang should have a strength increase depending on how much protein he's getting. Their descriptions are going to get messy is all I'm saying. I'm of the opinion that clean and simple is better.
  13. I took a massive break from this game but I love all the changes that have been made recently and I've become obsessed with it once again. I've got to say I used to get really worried about the suggestions people made and how willing the developers were to implement them but everything added to this day is brilliant. Some ideas for this character overhaul worry me though.I'll start with what's good. Wilson's beard ability seems useless to a new player but it's brilliantly subtle once you learn what it's for. I think Wes' new balloon ability is the same, virtually useless but if say hounds get distracted by them it's subtle enough to work. I only played Willow once but I think she is fine, the addition of starting random fires when going insane and gaining sanity from fire is a nice touch and not too complicated for new players to grasp. WX-78's proposed changes are what worry me though.WX-78 is my favourite character simply for how he looks, the food spoilage thing is a bonus too because I like being able to take long trips away from camp without worrying about starving (and it promotes exploring as opposed to staying close to home base which is something I know used to be a concern). The whole lightning/umbrella/rain/gears thing is needlessly complex though. One of the things I like about Don't Starve is how simply the character differences seem.First of all, holding an umbrella to negate lightning is... odd. If anything it should increase the chances of being hit for all characters, but getting hit should cost them the umbrella and maybe damage them a little.Here's what I think should happen with WX-78. Either have it so:- Can eat spoiled food- Rain hurts his heart not his head (rain damages his health but not sanity)- Walking, talking, lightning rod (give him a 50% chance to get hit by lightning usually, and a 100% chance to get hit while holding an umbrella, gets sanity loss/small heal/glows/speed boost for as long as a lightning rod would, no fire)or- Can eat spoiled food- Rain hurts his heart not his head- Can eat grave items to upgrade stats (It'd be nice if certain grave items gave certain boosts. so gears/rocket gave him a speed boost, lying robot/wires gave him a health boost or just any grave item that's not a gem gave a boost. Otherwise it's just a case of find Wooden thing, eat 8 gears, find all things, jump to a new world, repeat...) this way each world could provide different boosts.I prefer the first because it just seems like a cleaner ability, and in both cases the rain damage can be adjusted if their bonuses are too OP.
  14. This has probably been posted before but on the off chance it hasn't, why don't maps generate endlessly? It would deter people from setting up a home base because there could always be a better place to put one and it would encourage exploration for the same reason. I currently "give up" on a world once it's fully explored because in all honesty there's nothing left to do. And another idea I had was for science machines/alchemy engines/research points. Since this mechanic is going to be changed anyway, why not have the science machine work as a transmutation device. For instance, you feed in a Gnome from a grave and you're still given the 80 research points (the name might need a change), but you can then use those research points to create something of equal value, since a twig is worth one, you could get 80 twigs (obviously that's a bit overpowered but you get the idea). The Alchemy engine could perhaps give a better return on your investment, it's maybe twice as efficient as the science machine at transmuting resources. EDIT: Food would have to be a one way trade though, you can feed it into the machine for points, but can't create it.
  15. Killing

    The nests go through three stages of growth, each stage adds four new spiders to the nest. Hitting it during the day will release the first wave of four spiders, so hitting it twice or three times will release 8 or 12, which is usually a bad idea. It's best to release one wave then kite them away from the nest and any time a spider gets ahead of the others give it a quick whack then back off again. Or stay near enough to them that they lunge at you, then back off before they hit you to thin them out. I usually hit the nest then hit the first spider I see twice, then kite the remaining three. If you have two left you can hit one then the other whilst standing still, without them being able to hit you back. Alternatively if you wait til dusk, they "trickle" out of the nest more slowly so you *might* be able to kill them one at a time. Only a good idea if it's a lone spider nest though.