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  1. OH MY GOD! RED SUS!? sorry,anyways this is some really nice art i like it 9.5/10 the problem is that it's too good and makes other people's art look terrible
  2. foolish is cool i like him he deserves to be in the lore he's like the better dream(storywise)
  3. yoooooooooooooooo dream revived tommy and tommys traumatized thats really all that happened tho no one else really streamed today expect tommy sooooooo BBBBBBBBRRRRRRRRRRRRRRBB
  4. ban zee dragon because all that is a excuse to go poke people with a reed
  5. ban umm....who are they again?i think their name was blue moth right? yeah ban em because it being funny doesn't make it any less evil
  6. imagine being a person who has their threads archived 

    literally couldn't be me

  7. ban zee dragon because i haven't been on the main forums aswell
  8. ok so today not much happened the only real "lore" we got today was tubbo lore tubbo tried to figure out who caused the explosions in the prison which led to tommy being stuck with dream and dream henceforth killing tommy tubbo got really close to figuring out who did it but then realized that his character wasn't meant to know yet so blamed it on mcpuffys(the Dream SMP version of mcdonalds)which was really funny eret paid his respects to tommy's shrine (RIP tommy) and ranboo was blaming tommy's death on himself because he could have done something but he didn't but lets be honest if anyone here watches ranboo's streams we all know that ranboo was the one who caused the explosions in the prison,of course its his evil side who did it tho but that still mean that ranboo kinda got his first canon kill thats all that happened i highly doubt anyone reads these but if you do can you at least say so that i know im not talking to myself here k BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBRRRRRRRRRRRRRRB
  9. do you have amazon prime?

    if so who have you used your twitch prime on?(if you use twitch that is)

    1. beanboy12


      i dont use twitch and i dont regret it

    2. viberr


      so you're telling me you watch youtube livestreams?

      im quite frankly 


  10. does anyone on forums like chess? i personally like chess(im bad at it tho)
  11. nah its alright big man,it sometimes can seem like klei don't listen to people's suggestions but thats simply not true im also pretty sure they one time gave a reason for why mods like geometric placement aren't in the game but i don't remember if thats true what the reason was
  12. yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tommy died why? i thought him and dream were gonna have a cool love/hate friendship arc but dream just straight up killed him with his bare hands and by that i mean he CANONICALY killed him meaning tommy won't be streaming anymore Dream SMP which is just so sad but hey at least ranboo is the main character now? but ranboo is quite bad(his character,not him irl)and he's done some pretty bad stuff but its because he has a split personality and one of them is evil BUTTT jack manifold now owns big init hotel and we all love jack manifold like honestly who doesn't like jack? ummmm what else? oh yeah jschlatt is gonna be more involved in the story now than he was before which means we will be seeing more ghlattbur in the future which is pretty pog that all i really wanna say right now if you're interested just the slightest bit then i recommend you check the Dream SMP out