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  1. ban kawaiiangel because I don't speak japanese neither am I any good at it also, high bets this was google translated
  2. ban nightfall because that's not true my grandpa hasn't moved in 30 years, he's still in his coffin, not moving a muscle
  3. I'm disappointed in myself because I don't know the part that's from
  4. I you eat! NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM! (in space with markiplier reference for anyone who doesn't know)
  5. sounds like a sore loser, most probably for the best you killed him but wait, why did you kill him? was there a reason?
  6. that's tragic I used to have a friend name Brian, he sadly contracted ligma though, poor guy
  7. do people care about what they eat? I guess if you want to be healthy stuff but I don't care about that I just eat whatever we have at my house, I'm not that picky, there's not much stuff that I wouldn't eat
  8. what you spoke there is all true but everyone should know that already! but some vegan people, they just go to an absolute extreme and basically make it out like you're the devil for eating some meat and that vegan teacher is a prime example of that thank you for giving the video some attention!
  9. yeah! he helped me out some stuff. I didn't even ask him, he just wanted to and that's really cool of him!
  10. so I've been, over the past of days, working on a youtube video and it's finally finished! and while I don't care about subs or likes or views, I care about something else, but in order to get that something else, I need a bit of subs so while, I won't ask you to watch the video, all I ask is that you leave a like and a comment so that the youtube algorithm picks the video up ok, that is all! thank you!
  11. that's what the internet is for you just search something up and it gives you info on it it's not that hard to use
  12. oh yeah, tunnel vision, I didn't know what that was until just now I sometimes get that when I try to draw when I'm tried, I can barely focus, it really sucks
  13. I've been trying to be more lenient, but I just forget sometimes I'm used to only writing so I by instinct push my pencil too hard into the paper but I've been trying to not do that