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  1. at first i thought you were a guy but i have guessed every single person's gender wrong on this forum so it most probably isn't your fault
  2. it. anyways my real pronouns are he/him.
  3. @Articestone yeah i don't really have the time to read 2331 chapters the story seems good and it has a lot of good reviews but ill have to read it when i have more time(which at the moment. I do not have)
  4. jeez that novel must be extremely good if it completely changes your tastes in novels
  5. uh ohhhhhhhhhh im stupid imma delete my account now bye @inferjus4 cut me some slack tho they're called visual novels so thats what i thought he meant by novels in my opinion thats a pretty common misunderstanding
  6. i have never read a single novel EXPECT for one that I've been reading recently i generally don't like anime because of how the world has portrayed it to me but when i say the novel on steam, it was almost as if god wanted me to check it out so i did and the novel heavily reminded me of this web series i read every Thursday called unordinary both storys have superpowers, romance, and this element of mystery to it i've only finished the first chapter I'd give it a reasonable 8.5/10(maybe 8/10) I'd say its better but something happened at the end of chapter 1(in the game they're called episodes) that i don't want to spoil that made me say its only an 8.5/10 oh yeah i haven't even said the name of the novel it's 9-nine if you wanna read it so to answer your question "do i like novels" well based off the one that i read, sure most probably won't be reading any other ones tho k have a good day or night wherever you are in the world
  7. life goes on you just gotta continue livin and if your "friends" no longer speak to you were you ever really friends if they just stop talking to you one day? in my opinion someone who just stops talking to me wouldn't really be considered my friend
  8. bro you got two reactions from two devs teach me your ways
  9. its honestly really interesting to hear everyone's favorite creators because i have no idea of who any of those people you mentioned are(expect BBH and skeppy) and its always nice to find new creators to enjoy
  10. who's doing that? certainly not me because i ain't telling people to stop, im just saying what true if its been 2 months since this thread came out where are the askers? cus i can't find em
  11. yeah its a real cool game but i really suck at it like i REALLY suck at it but its still a lot of fun
  12. i remember this thread i don't like it
  13. yeah because its klei's most popular game what do you expect?
  14. its been about two months since this announcement came out and literally nothing has happened klei are still making the same updates nothing has changed with the forums and klei's games are still the same you're a bit late,this joke would have been better when this announcement first came out but hey better late than never