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  1. Here are mine. I just could not decide on one so i made 3 Multiplayer: Solo: Beginner: Keep in mind, opinions.
  2. He does attack, there was a recent bug that Klei fixed, in which MacTusk and WeeMacTusk wouldn't deal damage with their blowdarts, and in the fix it was specified, as in they should both deal damage. No idea when he decides to do it tho, and i think he can only carry 1 dart.
  3. Of course, but you did come off a little bit like your way is the right way. In regards to revealing the map, you do this once you start the world, if you like it you rollback and nothing of the map is explored, you just know it s a good one and worth your time. That's how i do it, but if ppl skip that part and leave it explored i still don't mind if they enjoy the game more that way.
  4. and i am against exploring bad worlds. It's great that we can all do what we like, otherwise we would both be unhappy.
  5. digging in winter and replanting in spring is the best bet i guess for long term worlds, but if it's long enough, sprouting stone fruits is probably the way to go. As for your op, i don't bother with design too much in the first 2 seasons, i make a few chests if any, and i also try to put the idea in my head that the first base i start is probably not gonna be my main base, so i don't give that much importance to the layouts at first. Even if it ends up being, it s easier to rebuild and design it later on when i have plenty of materials for it.
  6. Summer is hard enough dude, you want a 27k health dragonfly burning you base too?
  7. I've had it happen on public servers a few times, more so in beta but one a few days ago aswell, but never in my wolrd despite genereting a bunch and messing with branch settings trying to increase likelyhood.
  8. what are the branch settings that can merge the island into main land? i never seem to get it in my worlds edit: and also for things like reed traps and other setpieces, there are configurable mods that let you force said setpieces into the wolrgen, it does not always work but it definately saves alot of time.
  9. How can you complain so much that the games is too easy, yet you feel like it's impossible to fight bosses solo. Despite the fact that you can probably beat any of them with a 6 player party holding F, i doubt even you think that's what Klei intended. Imho it is the way it should be, you need 6-8 noobs/2-3 decent players/1 experienced player to kill the badboyz. Do you see the gap between impossible and holding F button tho? That is an area of skill, tactics, strategies, arguably the best part of this game. You should explore it more, you'd be surprised how much you can achieve on your own.
  10. setting fire to the base and instant leaving will label u as a griefer, no matter your intentions, and so it should be . In that situation i suggest you tell what happened and request a rollback, guys who player 20+ days can rollback/votekick players.
  11. Eventually you'll get the hang of it, using gunpowder for those bosses seems very unnecesary. Figure out what goes wrong, do you run out of armor? do you run out of healing? do u get hit too much? Just overprepare a little until you get comfortable and get the feel of the fights, all the bosses you mention give you the option to retreat, recover/heal and go at them again, so you can split the fight if it goes wrong the first time. They all can be dealt with other mobs, but i think with a little practice those are bosses you should be able to solo without much preparation.
  12. Controllers are now able to navigate through all open containers, instead of only the first opened container. Lovely. I've played both on pc and console, and cooking on console was really getting on my nerves because of this