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  1. before the beefalo rework they would also poop all the time while you we're riding them. At least now they only poop if static. Still, a tamed beef shouldn't poop at all. It's also the main reason I don't use them regularly.
  2. I love the randomness of the game personally. Those sweet 1%'s always feel good. I also gamble for a living so I might be biased. But if I knew what to expect from each map and run I think I would've gotten bored by now.
  3. dude you play on console, how could you possibly want a nerf for Wortox? he's like half as effective on console than on pc.(and even on pc I don't rate him that high personally). the qol idea to sense your wounded allies sounds nice.
  4. I don't know how you can play with lag compensation on outside of solo/local worlds. I know I can't handle it Good to know it will be fixed by tomorrow tho, I didn't see the statement.
  5. no, it's a bug that unfortunately completely broke the game since the update was released. Hopefully they will address it soon.
  6. it works but playing with lag compensation on outside of solo worlds is a horrible experience for me and most players I know
  7. I think it's the same case for everyone, I don't have them either. It might just be that the ps version of the game is not yet updated to the latest version to include those skins, from what I understand
  8. honestly pretty bad look that this was released in this state given it was a known issue on the pc version afaik. Better to wait a few days to fix a game breaking issue than release an update like this. Just my 2c I don't want to come at the devs I appreciate the work they've done a lot in the past few years, but this just looks bad.
  9. Try keeping your tools/items you want to swap in hand in first positions, so even if you do switch between 3-4 of them they still all stay up front. Usually I have slots: 1 cane/weapon 2 lantern 3 tool 4 helmet/minerhat if I'm using a backpack, ofc with small adjustments depending on what I'm doing. The annoying part for me is that I can't use the front backpack slots to do this, because if I swap them around they go to the nearest inventory slot, and ofc I don't want my inventory full at all times. For fights with a lot of item swapping having full inventory is recommended. The only solution I can think of is some sort of qol togglable option to allow you to force certain items to lock-swap into in certain slots even if it's occupied.
  10. Sorry for the delayed response, at the time I posted it it happened to me a few days before the post at most. Since then I don't remember seeing it happen to anyone, but I didn't play Woodie myself to try. The skin I was using at that time was the hipster Woodie with little glasses(only one I have), don't remember anything specific in terms of items. But it's a good sign if you tried so much and could not replicate it I guess, It was happening quite often. Thanks
  11. Both sides of gatekeeping this are wrong, not wanting other people to have access to some skins or wanting to desperately own every single skin, neither affect your gameplay experience. I don't mind some items staying exclusive for early access people, it makes sense they do so, but things like this make me want it to be added.
  12. Thank you! But please fix the attack speed game is broken for me rn
  13. Nope, they are part of the pub experience for the most part