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  1. so you clicked regenerate world instead of rollback? I always had the fear that i would do it to, but somehow it has yet to happen to me.
  2. i kinda like the fact that you can only find it there and it's fitting with the envoirment
  3. you can get 4x wax per winter from Klaus and you also get one with every beequeen fight, that's more than enough and makes it kinda renewable.
  4. you need to find glommer statue first because the panflute is there -> kill dragonfly. And i agree with each of your points; i played pubs a lot, learned so many random stuff from strangers.
  5. i've played over 5k hours and i feel bad about it
  6. you're right, i forgot about Wendy; i did him solo on pc a while ago and it was pretty smooth, it might be the best bet for ps4 as you don't have to deal with wooden shadows so much
  7. what is your strategy? Is there really a way to defeat him legit excluding Winona? No matter how well i prepare the fight is always messy and there's just no way i can keep him from healing, i'll always target him if there's a wooven shadow/unseen hand close to him, and if i'm far from him i cannot cast the weather pain. It's pure pain to try
  8. I've just tried the FW fight again after a long time, it's absolutely impossible solo no matter the buffs, i'll always target FW instead of wooven shadows and unseen hands, weather pain is also unusable unless the target is near you. Is there any way one can defeat him solo legit? Being Winona seems the only way.
  9. I'm with you, i struggled so much with the fight with another friend and solo; I want to do it legit but it's so annoying with the targeting
  10. wasn't there a re-Forge-itated mode as well for Forge? There sure was one at one point edit: i misread your post nvm
  11. make a trashcan boat, once u filled it with enough **** send it to the abyss
  12. DST is hard AF until you go on wiki, then it becomes easy AF
  13. Webber tends to be a griefer friendly character indeed.