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  1. does this fix picking items on a boat and into backpack/sack disappearing in general or just fixes the chester going out of map thing?
  2. It took me 3 winters of full on sailing to find one shoal of them, they're just rare I guess, don't think there is much you can do to increase your odds
  3. yes, there are a few reasonable options, Wormwood with speedboost and armor that hits you back and stunlocks should be good too, but the sleeping is just so broken that whoever does it first usually wins. And wicker's sleepy time stories has a bigger range than the panflute(twice as big), if you're not zoomed out a wicker can sleep you from out of your screen.
  4. umm, the small islands don't have fissures do they?
  5. more of my friends are getting this same bug, even in places where they we're able to place it before. To the point that I'm scared to even attempt it again in my world.
  6. that's sad, it never happened to me to lose that many progress for no reason. I do back up my worlds about once a week, once lost ~200 days of progress because I could not find my remote control and my tv has a shut down timer, but that's on me =) . Sometimes I had it happen that I lose the current day progress, but I think never in the tens-hundreds of days range.
  7. it used to be able to destroy Krampus sacks, I think that made some people mad
  8. Lazy foragers make a big difference in my log harvest, in particular because after everything is chopped (1k-2k logs range) the lag in my case is ridiculous, and I'm probably picking 1 item every 2 seconds by hand. I use ~6 foragers for every log harvest and I'd estimate it saves me around 2 days of picking. Even after constantly doing this for thousands of days for logs and the more rare stone-fruit harvests, I still have excess orange gems as much as I do yellow. As for treeguards and bearger, birchnuts are the way to go for me, they don't damage him much and are easy to run over. Evergreens harvests are also managable but it's a bit more work and time consuming. Stalker is fine as well, but it feels bad to burn so many stumps, and he is also slower. For quick clearing a small-ish area, I guess any character with glass axe and honey is enough for those jobs.