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  1. Personally, I try not too put too much pressure on myself with the location and layout of the first base. If I'm going to play the world long enough I know I will probably redesign everything later; So I'm very ok with being messy af and close to whatever interests me in the short term for the first few seasons or so.
  2. This really is a great idea, you always have those sketches in excess, while at the same time you never have too much reeds.
  3. Ancient Cane shadows are also my fav. I also love the sound fx for some of the bug net skins.
  4. not necessarily, we do not know if potato and garlic have equal values, just that adding 4 of each will grant us a victory.
  5. Not only telepoofing and the soul hop, this also affects all spell casts, among others making the strident trident a lot less useful than on pc.
  6. The first things I would want is probably a targeting priority system, please put walls and chester on very low priority, farming werepigs or generally anything near walls is an absolute pain. Teleporting/souls hop/various spell casts rework to be able to use them further than right near the character. Better controls and control changing options, for example on console you cannot interrupt the moonstone event, while on pc it's a viable vanilla way to farm moonrock without using your star caller.
  7. Because really every character is good in late game, and which is "best" is just dependend on what you want to achieve in the next time frame. Late-game is also not a universal playstyle, it varies a lot from player to player and even for individual players it's ment to keep changing. Characters are of course not equal, but how are you going to rank them when all survival aspects are nearly automated ? It just becomes a question of what you want to do next, and if it's worth swapping characters to do so. Or, what others recommended, explore strategies and obscure tactics for fun. Also, what is with your fixation with day 1500?
  8. Walter is fine for late game comfort too, you don't ever have to up your sanity, and he can eat raw honey, which is an important part for my late game. But as other said, mostly any character can thrive in late game, it really depends on what you want to do and how you enjoy spending your time.
  9. Nothing against people abusing portal, I do a bunch of it myself. The problem is Winona is one of the least popular characters, and rightfully so. Her gameplay is just Wilson after you craft her structures. And adding more structures won't fix that, so even tho they look neat I really don't think she needs it, as she needs other things first, badly.
  10. I understand, but my point was that if she needs anything is not more structures to build and swap back, but rather some unique gameplay to give people incentive to keep playing her. Your point is she needs more structures, right? My point is she doesn't, so I am directly addressing your point.
  11. IDK exactly how the whistle works, I've played very little during that event and I remember the whistle being meh; as far as late game hounds options, I think houndiuses are easily the best choice. The reason everyone including me is adressing the hounds is because the title makes it seem like you'd want advice with those. After reading the thread again I understand you only wanted to know about the whistle, but the title is a bit misleading.
  12. won't make her less of a pick-and-swap than she is now
  13. Nope they don't move, that's for sure. I have heard of a bug happening if all his spawns are blocked that he doesn't spawn at all, but it never happened to me, and I have him locked for a very long time.
  14. yeah something is off, you shouldn't overheat until day 56 under normal settings. Sounds like fire neetles from farms.