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  1. You have to be doing some thing wrong, i rely on coal for quite some time as my main power source and rarely have issues, usually my main power supply with petroleum is not set until cycle 200 or so; depends a little if and where i find a nat gas vent, but assuming i don't at all it's still fairly easy to manage. Do you keep storage units with coal next to your generatos? So dupes don't have to run across the map to fuel it until you get to sweepers. Do you farm hatches? It's vital if u rely on coal. For me personally, i tend to have 2 ranches going pretty quick, like around day 30 to 50 max, and add another 2 later on, depending on coal demands. I have excess coal probably in 8/10 runs. That works for me.
  2. Nature reserve /parks

    as seen in some posts above, i also like to make it as my main hallway so everybody will pass it easily during the day. I get the bonus for everyone by doing it this way.
  3. Bee Queen vs Bunnymen

    it can be a bit tricky if they move too far from hive or separate on the screen, however i think if they got proper protection they should do just fine. How i usually do it is 20 bunnymen w 20 beekeeper hats, but i also hit the queen abit myself. It may sound expensive to make 25 beekeper hats for a fight, as i keep some for myself too, but you will use those for multiple fights as the bunnymen should wreck her with abit of help, and also this is where the silk happens so it should not be an issue.
  4. So, i'm not a huge fan of those kinds of exploits firstly, and i would really like it if we could not kill hard bosses anymore by glitching on water, or now by standing on a raft, wich actually makes it seems like it's more legit :D. Hounds can already swim :D. Dragonly and Beequeen could just fly over the water, and a swimming smashing bearger or deerclops animation would just be cool if anything :D. Whatchu think?
  5. Actually in my world they re mothers(Tallbirds) will kill them before they mature always. I thought that s always the case.
  6. Hi there guys, i'm currently overwhelmed with all things going on it s so fun to explore while clueless Anyway i found those 3 celestial altar pieces on the island, the orb, the base and the idol. They act like big statues, not like the celestial orb so they are heavy, but i have not managed to put them together or make any use of them. Was thinking maybe you can craft things at it using moon shards. Also another interesting thing, when i examine the hot holes with wigfrid, the ones that freeze at night, she says that there s probably a fire beast beneath. Uuuuh
  7. can't hosted games work as beta or do we have to browse for them?
  8. I just don't get it, i have my twich account link to the klei one, i tried in the past with other items and never got drops just thought whatever, but this thermal stone i like so i let it going yesterday for about 10 hours still no drops notifications or anything. Am i missing something, anything i need to do to be able to get drops other than link account and watch?
  9. i often base close or in the dfly desert. This one time i was a little too close. Tumbleweeds catching fire from magma and traveling to my base. I figured out quite late what was going on, after first finding my bee area burned down and then seeing a tumbleweed work is magic in for the whole base.