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  1. Shadow Pieces trinkets

    Wierd, you should find all 3 statues somewhere. You won't be able to find the trinkets in the tumbleweeds before you unlock their respective blueprints, you'll probably only find the rook. I remember wasting hundreds of days opening tumbleweeds a long time ago thinking the same thing, in one of my ps4 worlds where i didn't find a suspicious marble. So my suggestion, if you can't spawn it somehow via console, and if you are certain you ve exploired the whole map, then regen and make sure u find the pieces before you invest too much in the world.
  2. I agree on some, disagree on most, i hope i'll go in detail later but just wanna say that you completely negate the purpose of the BeeQueen Crown and it's reverse sanity aura, it's not meant to be hit with it, but it's insanely usefull if you fight deerclops and espacially the Fuelweaver, if you kite or switch armors when being hit. So in the ways you put it, it's a boss item that helps you kill clops with no sanity issues, and makes the fight with probably the hardest boss to solo a lot more managable. There's no way it should be even better. This is a perfect example of misunderstanding an item a little, and there are some similar cases in your original post. That's fine anyway, as i said in the begging i do agree with some of your suggestions, but not with most. I just think your approach might make your experience a little less enjoyable.
  3. 1. Glowcap 2. Dark sword & Shadow manipulator hopefully themed together 3. Stone walls
  4. i like him alot, he s fun to play as, he forces me to approach things differently than i do with most characters; but i do think he's for sure the hardest one for begginers, so that could be a big reason why he s not that popular. My advice as far as food goes for the first few days would be to pick up the berris&carrots around, kill a few butterflies, hopefully kill a koala, if not settle for a few spiders. Then settle the pot in a place where u can farm some rocks or wood while your food cooks. Then use your ingredients to make 2 potato tubbers(u should have your 2 potatos), 2-4 buttermuffins, depending on the meat situation make 2-3xmeaty stew and 2-3meatballs, and with the remaining carrots and berris 2-3 rattatouile. Pick up the cookpot and go find the goats Another thing i do as him is rush farms pretty quick(you'll eventually want a massive farm), hopefully find a large beef herd and set some up before i go for lightbulbs for the poop. I find it that i have to prioritise things better as warly, with other caracters i rarely cook anything in the first 15-20 days(and if i am i just spend 1 day cooking 20 pierogis for some fight and that it), so this takes some time and i'm not able to get the some amount of things done as i would with someone else. Use your spices :D. Best way i see for them is on powdercakes. Just have an icebox with spiced powdercakes, they basically never spoil and just pick up your buff when you need it . And i usually make all the jellybeans garlic jellybeans, since i most often eat them when i'm fighting something. A good warly could do magic on public servers, or just multiplayer servers in general, his buffs are nice and convenient, not only the spicy goat jelly to give to wolfgang to kill any boss in 2 minutes, also the wet and summer dish, i find them usefull and fun, and also the spicy powdercakes ofcourse; exploring caves in winter is great with no wetness penatly, having some azpagaragazpacho or whatever that dish's name is on you in summer is also convenient :D. Those are not game changers, nor needed, but they are usefull and fun nonetheless. So that my take on warly, he okay
  5. I will approach the goat topic at least for now, since i tend to farm them as much as possible. The best time to move them is during the day, but it's a bit tedious. You do the usual kill all but 1, but then you "scare" the remaining one 1 step at a time, or like 3-4 tiles at a time, then wait until it feels "confortable" aka doesn't return to it's original spot, but heads in a different direction. Then u can repeat the process, until u get her do your desired location. It would only reproduce if it's comfortable and not if it tries to get back to another location. It can be also done during dusk, but during dusk i've seen that goats tend to want to return alot more. I think helicalipuma had a video on goat pens on youtube, but maybe my explanation was clear enough. And i could approach monkeyponds too, as far as i know the buildings will be destroyed. What you can do is make walls around their pens, this way you'll be safe even after the regenerations.
  6. It has also happened to me before that some of the pieces are missing, in a world i died a long time ago. But since then i always scout the pieces early on just to make sure they are there, before puttint too much time and effort into the world. It should normally never happen ofc and maybe they improved it since, but still i think checking early is never bad. I tend to do this a lot when i m planning to play long on a server, try to scout for the pieces and check the ruinis gen fairly fast. But i generally think it shouldn't be changed, it's meant to be somewhat of a chore, even tho your suggestion is not that gamebreaking :).
  7. Thanks for clearing up, lovely by klei to do so. A litte part of me was hoping my account was bugged somehow and i would get all free skins for the rest of my life, i gotta admit
  8. Hi, is this intented? It seems like i have all they merrymaker skins availalbe to use, and the 5 item reskins on my ps4 account. Are they also available for limited use like the holloween skins? Awesome whatever the case is
  9. i thought you had to chase them down to the village to get cheers. I cornered one once at it seemed like i could not hit him. Do u get cheers from killing them?
  10. u got too much time bruh
  11. Reskins for Cane and Mushlight? 2 of my favorite intems in the game? Oh yes please ! Edit: Can you put festive bulbs in mushlights? :-s
  12. Hi, so i'm just curios if this update will reset the current ongoing public servers, i'm quite attached to a day 500 one going on now
  13. Has Anybody Gotten Good Skins?

    i think you ran pretty well. Also hoping for curio chests