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  1. THE SCREECHER I can't forget that night... I can't forget the screams... I can't forget this creature...
  2. Are you still crying because no one care your opinion about make Don't Starve Together a different game? Take this I think you need it a lot:
  3. We already received 8 gifts at the week for playing the game and a diary gift. The difficulty in this game depends on the player experience and of course about the character that you choose. Pass.
  4. Don't thank me.
  5. If I could ask for an upgrade for the slingshot I would like to make this 2 changes: Delete the damage of the Slow-Down Rounds (the purple ones) and reduce more the target speed making them a full control ammo. Because now they make a really low damage and I can't really see the difference between normal speed and the ones hit with these rounds, making them a waste of purple gems. Make the slingshot a little faster, I mean in the same time that a player can deal 3 hits with melee, Walter can shoot 2 times, making it a little faster and maybe better than low damage weapons (of course if you use marbles of coursed rounds) making the slingshot a little more useful and more enjoyable to use.
  6. THE BEST BASE, ok no, but at least it's more creative than making base in the oasis.
  7. Walter:
  8. Just wait until Wolfgang's rework comes out.
  9. When you tell Woby what happens if someone eat monster meat. video_2020-09-21_14-08-43.mp4 Yea I know that Woodie and Webber exist, but they are weirdos.
  10. It looks a wonderful idea, and maybe she can make a use for the seashells, but I hope the new "songs ability" don't replace the "seasoning ability" of Warly, you know, the defense buff, damage buff, or make the characters work faster.