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  1. I tried to take care of smallbirds, and It feels wrong, Smallbirds can't jump in to a boat, can't hatch on a boat, they have very low health, low hunger, tried to kill you... Can they even despawn with his owner? It feels outdated. I think the easy fix will be turning smallbirds in to critters, even if this mean that they will never grow, or maybe a QOL. What do you think guys?
  2. I saw people dropping items in the ground to use them as furniture, so this make me curious about what kind of furniture would people (Mostly base builder) like to see in Don't starve together. I'm talking about furniture that you can place in the ground, not drop it.
  3. I don't catch what you mean. What has a Webber quote to do with Walter father?
  4. Walter talks about his mother, but he never talks about his father like if he never had one, this offers some food for thoughts.
  5. I saw some people complaining about Woodie's wereforms because you can't heal yourself, you can't really get out of the wereform, only standing still until your hunger bar gets to 0 even during full moon. So I though, Why not make his wereforms be able to interact with his inventory? So if you need healing, just heal yourself as normal, if the weremeter gets low just eat food to fill it up or eat another idol-monster meat, and if you want to go back to normal without starving eat... Living logs? Well, there are some of my suggestions, but the point is the same, do you think Woodie's wereforms should interact with his inventory? If the answer is yes, How the wereforms will interact? Thanks for your time.
  6. I said this many times... Make Walter shoot his slingshot faster while he is riding Wobby to make some synergy betting his perks and a good reason to ride Wobby in battles. And yes his ammo with side effects are not good right now, maybe adding an AoE effect will fix then.
  7. I hate Wilson because his only power is having a beard. I hate Willow because Bernie suck with Enlightenment. I hate Wolfgang because talks like a kid with brain damage. I hate Wendy because it's like playing Pokémon but with Abigail. I hate WX-78 because he left nothing to do in the ruins. I hate Wikerbottom because she has nothing good to do in the current game. I hate Woodie because he is good in some task, but the best in nothing. I hate Wes because is Wes. I hate Maxwell because Wanda makes better use of Nightmare fuel. I hate Wigfrid because she doesn't have any "real" downside. I hate Webber because full my base of spiders. I hate Warly because he makes meals using my corpse. I hate Wormwood because it doesn't leave the garden. I hate Winona because the only good thing she has are the catapults. I hate Wortox because he never heals in time. I hate Wurt because her backstory has nothing to do with the Gorge. I hate Walter because brigs nothing new. I hate Wanda because old means near to die, not overpower.
  8. If I put a Lightbug, a mole or any creature that I can pick from my inventory and I put them into the Insulated Pack or Chef Pouch, will they last longer?
  9. Knowing that electric damage is super dangerous when wet, I'm always thinking about when KLEI will give us a sea monster with that power, maybe something between Pugalisk and an electric ell. Or maybe just another chance for this little one:
  10. I just want to see Wobby like a dog and less "furry potato". Wobby the dog: Wobby the furry potato:
  11. Make BERNIE activate with high levels of Enlightenment, working like already does when she is insane.
  12. A saw a lot of people complaining about getting salt being a pain in the ass, I also saw a lot of people saying that CrabKing reward is not good enough. Now I have an idea that will fix that, when you defeat CrabKing and you get the broken pearl you normally give it back to Pearl with this you will unlock her final item in the "shop" that she has, the BETTER BOAT KIT a boat made of moon rock (maybe) the thing is that is has double health (400) and also slower because reasons, the shape is the same has the normal boat kit visually will be like a skin. How this will help me to get salt? Because it's harder, CookieCutters can't make any lick, they will hit the boat making some damage and get stunned, so you can kill them easier. With this, you have now a good reason to defeat CrabKing (a part of being part of the Celestial Champion quest), a reason to give back the pearl to Pearl, an easiest way to get salt, even a reason to get the Malbatros Mast. I really want to see what do you think about it, thanks in advance.
  13. The first change it's his freeze attack that should be change to a hailstorm making "raining ice" if the ice hits you it will make you damage if it hits you more times you will freeze (Like Deerclops attacks) if it hits the boat it will receive damage but never a leak. The second change is that the claws will try to hit the characters like the Terrorclaw actually do, and interfere when you try to move the boat. Why this changes? Because the CrabKing fight issue is that he actually fights the boat, not you, so if we focus some attack on the player and not the boat will be a better fight or at least your boat will survive more time.