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  1. Walter "Boy detective" skin can be a reference to Angus McDonald from "The adventure zone" BTW, Are not all the Halloween skins a reference?
  2. We already have something like this mod, are called tackle box and specktacler box. And an expectackler box have 15 slots, so it's the vanilla upgrade of the seed pack. But yea, I think both should slower the spoil time of the seeds.
  3. All Walter's skins have a hat, all Wilson's skins have a beard, all Webber skins have a beard too. I think Wendy has to be the same with her sister's flower. I'm waiting for the blue flower from Halloween skin.
  4. Can someone show me how looks a player wearing the Deerclops Earmuffs (skin).
  5. By "accident", I discovered that burning giant rotten veggies don't release Fruit Flies.
  6. THE BEST BASE, ok no, but at least it's more creative than making base in the oasis.
  7. Walter:
  8. Just wait until Wolfgang's rework comes out.