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  1. I'd like to see Warbucks like a treasure hunter instead of a normal hunter, having some type of gimmick with ruins, archives, and sea treasures.
  2. I have already seen people talking about what to do with all that glass. Do you guys have any idea to make glass and the celestial tab more useful? Share your ideas and opinions here. I'm going to start with: Binoculars!! You have to hold it in your hand, and you will see much further. 4+2 +2 =
  3. What I have: What my friends see: New Bernie skin leaked:
  4. I saw here animation of some character/creatures in other ones, and I have a doubt that maybe you guys can help me. Big Woby is like a beefalo and even recycle some assets, when you feed a beefalo it makes a "munch animation" but when you feed Big Woby she doesn't make any animation at all, so I though that maybe is because the animation doesn't work well on her or something like that. Can you guys show me how looks Big Woby with the "Munch animation" that beefalos have?
  5. Wigfrid's Fireproof Falsetto Now heat the body and make the character that has this buff impossible to "freeze" I mean they can't turn you in to a block of ice, since we have 3 bosses with this power and 1 very annoying. Wendy's Vigor Mortis works in dead character too, because it's a ghost potion and I didn't see people using this, they despawn and spawn Abiagail instead. Willow's Bernie Now can turn into big BERNIE! When enlightenment reach 100-120 and Gestals target him instead Willow, and helps other players too like normal Bernie. In resume Bernie woks the same way with insanity than Enlightenment because with the last update make him useless when all night is full of Gestals, and Willow deserve a little of love. Astroggles make Woodie impossible to transform in full moon, Woodie is another character that feel awful to play when the moon event start, Why stroggles? Because it comes at the same time that the full moon event. To valance Woodie a little I suggest losing sanity when Lucy is not in his inventory. Walter's Slow-Down Rounds now deal a little area of electric damage like Moongleam does (You know, the new spores from the moon event) Why? Because no one use this ammo, I'm running out of ideas and I think is fine for the cost. PLEASE TELL ME YOUR OPINIONS ABOUT IT, YOUR IDEAS, AND SHARE WITH OTHERS IF YOU LIKE IT
  6. I just want to put the "Witch hat skin" in the scarecrow. And yea change the skin system please, it take really long to chose what I want.
  7. People talking about souls give me an idea about what can be these creatures:
  8. When I'm sailing in summer I use the Luxury Fan because I don't need to place any structure in the boat, and it's efficient. I wish that Klei make the Fire pump a "manual" iceflingomatic in land. BTW your idea it's cool too.