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  1. Besides living logs and Wes' balloons, what other obscure things can you deconstruct? Can you deconstruct Maxwell's clones? Pig/merm heads?
  2. Uploaded a cursed image, got a happy upbeat and somewhat catchy tune in return. Obligatory nome bonus:
  3. This one comes to mind first. Wigfrid was singlehandedly the most destructive character in the entire game. Just her existence at any point ceased all life in any world. I also recall a bug during RWYS beta where fertilizing a farm plot would just crash the game. (fixed here)
  4. Ornery for me. Second easiest to tame and highest reward, with just the downside of having to feed it to mount it, which is fair. Default would be my second favorite, if I knew how to reliably tame one (never tried, but balancing all 3 tendencies seems difficult).
  5. I like to imagine that this skin is a reference to the time when she was speculated to be a goat before she came out (based on Wortox's "NEXTCHARACTER" quote from a really long time ago).
  6. Yes, but only in a very late-game world, to collect them and display them in fish scale-o-matics. Not an enjoyable task, but just a goal to set in mind.
  7. inb4 topic gets locked. For Sunset Skye WX's gender is the single most important thing about the character. Gender and pronouns first, anything else last. Gotta remind and correct it every single and I mean, every single time WX is brought up. That gets annoying. Yeah, the game uses "they/them" for WX, that's true. And? Why is that so important that it needs to be brought up all the time? For me it's just easier to call WX an "it" or "he" without thinking about it too much, it's just how I naturally see him. I'm not gonna be forcing myself to be politically correct.
  8. Depends on how long I've played the world. Normally - just for lunar island and salt. In a 1k+ day world - a lot more, for catching every kind of fish for display.
  9. Here is an example. Texture streaming off: Texture streaming on: When it's off, it's a bit choppy. When it's on, it's smoother, but you can see everything as it loads in.
  10. Cursed image


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      Everyone including me are doing sprites.:wilson_ecstatic: