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  1. Even if Klei isn't gonna make it refuelable, at least increase the durability. 225 items picked up is nothing. I suggest a 1000 uses. Then I'd start comfortably using them for log gathering after using a bearger to annihilate a forest. With only 225 uses it's just not worth it (it's only 11 stacks of logs without counting pine cones). I'd need to make so many amulets that it will not even offset the time to pick them up manually and that's not even accounting for all the thulecite and orange gems.
  2. Fantastic character. My second favorite character after Wendy. Massive convenience with faster seed planting, good sanity management (seriously, I didn't even bother farming for a tam before I got the enlightened crown) and the speed boost. Didn't get to use bramble traps very much though. Oh, and his skins (including the default) are absolutely beautiful, playing him just for visuals alone is worth it. And also playing as him made me realize that I don't actually like preparing healing food for boss fights in the first place, especially with bundling/unbundling. The only thing I want for Wormwood is just more unique crafts.
  3. I don't think giving any amount of slots is gonna make anyone start using body slot items instead of a backpack... Plus how would that even work? You can't put backpacks in your inventory. So if body slot items gave you slots like a backpack, you wouldn't be able to carry them in your inventory either and only be able to wear them in a body slot? To me that'd be an awful change.
  4. Blue amulet is very cheap as a way to lower your temperature. As a way to freeze attackers it's honestly a meme. I think tail o' three cats isn't meant to be used for damage. The only buff I'd want to see is just make the loud snap have a 100% chance to happen. That way it'd be a great de-aggro tool. Hibearnation vest is far from useless. Beefalo hat + thermal stone doesn't give you sanity to offset dusk/night sanity drain, doesn't allow you to wear enlightened crown and stay warm for long at the same time, plus it stacks with hibearnation vest, which means you can go out in cold for much longer than with beefalo hat alone. The change I'd love to see for hibearnation vest is just make the durability longer than 7 days. Darts are complicated. Without a Wickerbottom the only darts that can be reasonably mass-produced are electric darts and even then, I feel bad about actually using them. Actually, with changes to hound attacks (they come much less frequently at default settings), even with Wickerbottom, blow darts would be kinda hard to mass-produce now, hounds teeth of all things would be a limiting factor. Day 500+ in my world and I only have like 3 stacks of hounds teeth in my chest, you'd have to either build a varg farm or farm mactusks at every opportunity now. Agree on fire staff, it's essentially just a long-range torch. The only things that push it and scalemail back is the loot turning to ash and fire doing poor damage. Perhaps fire isn't meant to be used for damage, but instead its main purpose is to make mobs panic? That's very effective against some mobs, mainly bishops.
  5. Why are knobby trees so cursed in winter? Sometimes they even briefly turn invisible when you use jam on them.
  6. The most obvious one, somebody is absolutely gonna say it. Thirst meter.
  7. Hurricane season work (SW). It's a shame you don't get to hear it much because daytime is so short.
  8. They sound so similar. 

  9. I really like the ambient sounds of the waterlogged biome.
  10. Poisoned them as normal while I was on the surface. When I came back to them in the caves, they were invisible in birdcages (was still getting a poisoned canary like normal). I couldn't reproduce the poisoning in a creative world with LongUpdate or c_skip. However, by trying that I found out that dead birds are also invisible (don't know if it's any birds or just canaries and don't know if it's like that only in caves or on surface too) 2022-05-07 12-08-06.mp4
  11. Just use campfire star caller staff, hambat thulecite club, 2 parogi 0 healing items, full marble armor and a battle helm full thulecite armor, or 2 foot ball helmets 2 bone armors . Its easy when you can't freeze to death
  12. Bramble husk and electric circuits aren't the only things with a "revenge" effect. Chilled amulet freezes attackers (each hit you take acts like one ice staff shot) at the cost of 3% of durability. It also doesn't seem to have AoE. It's hard to find any practical use for that. Also no idea how it interacts with electric circuits. Bee queen chilled amulet strats anyone, lol?
  13. They play boss music when fought (except poison birchnut trees). Doesn't need more reasons to be considered a boss for me. There's also Wortox. Those mobs drop more souls (6-8?), I believe.
  14. Waterfowl can doesn't require a watering can in its recipe. It needs a malbatross beak, rope and driftwood.
  15. Where are my thermal stone skins for every pickaxe skin Or bush hat skins for every straw hat skin smh