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  1. Yay for making boat life even more miserable and even less appealing than it already is. Giving leafy meat more uses is pretty ok though. But being able to get more goat herds is the best part of this update by far.
  2. It's a pretty good update all around. Favorite feature is probably the lower cost of marble suit and insulated pack, along with increased durability on thul club. Second favorite feature is characters' favorite food, just a really nice bonus.
  3. Call me crazy, but that moon is literally a slurper.
  4. For anyone that wants to see how the boat twitches: 2020-05-06_11-41-02.mp4
  5. I'm liking the shearling coat on Wendy. Default striped stockings look good too.
  6. Ok, don't put 2 winged sails on your boat, because going at high speed is illegal and the game will confiscate one of your sails and a chest.
  7. This is generally how I set up my boats: Lightning rod 3 masts or 2 winged sails steering wheel 2 anchors (one to slow down and two for emergency brakes, which sometimes helps) 3 chests to store lures and floats, boat patches, beefalo wool (fuel) and gold (for pickaxes) as well as junk that I find in the ocean (boards, bottles, driftwood, rocks, salt, etc.) 2 tin fishing bins. Fire pit. I generally don't use it, because I use lanterns and bring lightbulbs on a travel. For winter I have a scorching sunfish in the tin fishing bin. Ice box. Pinching winch. Pickaxe for seastacks, hammer for boat debris, sea fishing rod for fishing.
  8. So, we built a really long bridge to Pearl's island (worth it, still better than sailing) And it was working fine, until... "Images that precede unfortunate events" Pro-tip: never build bridges across bass shoals. We rollbacked, because there was a fire at base simultaneously.
  9. These are the results of having two frog rains in a row. For the first one, some frogs killed a goose and moslings. As for the second one, Abigail with a distilled vengeance did all the work. But that's not all, because afterwards we had a third frog rain in a row. For this one I had to use 1 distilled vengeance, then heal Abi with spectral cure-all, then use an unyielding draught and then heal her again. 400+ frog legs in less than 5 days!
  10. To be fair, I didn't like this update much. To me ocean exploration is still something that is completely not enjoyable with DST boats (because of how slow, clunky and resource-intensive it is plus all the seastacks in the way, for which you have to slow down to a crawl...), therefore this update added nothing I will even bother with unless I run out of things to do on the main land. Exploring the ocean is acceptable only as Weregoose. About the crabby hermit quests... kinda whatever. Find the island as Woodie, build a boat bridge to it and go back and forth between the main land and the crabby hermit island to bring her what she needs. And finding bottles across the ocean to trade with her is something I will definitely not be doing. Crab King boss. I don't like him and I don't see myself beating him, especially after the pan flute nerf. And no matter how good the Celestial Tribute is gonna be in the future, I doubt it's going to be worth the hassle of obtaining the pearl and beating this boss in the first place. Clean Sweeper though, that's awesome. Such a good QoL feature plus the ability to get skins for non-craftable items. Surprisingly the most exciting part of the update.
  11. Since people are posting their oldest screenshots, here are a some of mine. This is my oldest screenshot. I have no idea what, how or why is this. And here is our first important world. This was pre-ANR. Me and the boys celebrating 300 days. Woodie is BaneVader, Wes is SosiskaKi. In the top left corner is my "Unknown" blueprint collection before they were fixed. This is a throne room that BaneVader built. I wanted to kill the lavae for the safety of the base, but I didn't.