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  1. Recently had a frog rain as Wendy, stockpiled a chest full of Abigail flowers, couldn't be bothered to run anywhere to aggro the frogs on, so I just decided to let Abby defeat the entire frog rain at base. Of course summoning Abigail so much costs a lot of sanity, so I was running away from frogs and then nightmares, I didn't have a weapon or armor on me (because frogs). Though we had a Willow so I dropped a Bernie on the ground to distract nightmares so I could have time to grab a glass cutter. Also combine all of that with almost starvation. Eventually the frog rain stopped. That was one exhilarating near-death experience. I even have a screenshot of the situation saved.
  2. I think all armor should've just had its normal durability from singleplayer instead of 70% of it. Water balloons need to affect all mobs (preferably setting their wetness to 1 instead of percentage like with players or dragonfly), morning star and electric darts need to be affected by goat jelly (I'm never gonna stop saying this) Lazy forager needs to be refuelable. ... Nothing else comes to mind yet, might edit this post if I think of something.
  3. Screenshot showcase

    Fought malbatross solo, brought 2 weather pains, destroyed everything on the boat, had to build an anchor mid-fight, got 89 feathers for my efforts, totally worth it!
  4. Definitely agreed. The way you find malbatross now is horrible. I'm debating if finding malbatross is harder than summoning the fuelweaver. For fuelweaver the RNG isn't bad - The only real thing you have no control over is just finding the correct big tentacle, that's not a problem. Every chess sculpture part is guaranteed on the main land, finding the ruins and the labyrinth isn't difficult when world gen follows a consistent pattern (like ruins being always connected to a muddy biome with a lot of lightbulbs, which also connects to the 3 colored mushroom forests). Fossil fragments aren't rare plus they're guaranteed if you mine spilagmites. For malbatross RNG is a brutal deciding factor that you have 0 control over. Can be anywhere in the ocean, only 25% of the places where he can spawn can have him at all. And if you don't kill him in 3 days after (somehow) finding him, he's gonna relocate. The ocean is massive, sailing is very slow (and sea stacks make it even slower).
  5. wurt loses more sanity?

    oh my god, I didn't realize this is general discussion and not return of them subforum. Then yeah, you can salt the fish that is currently in the live branch!
  6. wurt loses more sanity?

    Unfortunately, you actually can't. Would've been hilarious if you could.
  7. Eel

    Eels being stackable makes them an excellent source of gold (pig king gives 5 gold for each) and they're really easy to obtain. I don't usually use them as a source of gold, because there are many other ways, but if they weren't stackable, it'd pretty much remove them as an option.
  8. [Game Update] - 379886

    I'm pretty confused about Tackle Receptacle. How are you supposed to get spoiled fish to make it? It seems like a paradox to me. You need to go fishing to get spoiled fish, but you need spoiled fish to go fishing. I tried multiple ways. Freshfish from ponds turns into rot. Fish morsels turn into rot. Eels turn into rot. Only the new ocean fish seems to turn into spoiled fish. I assume you can't catch any fish without any bait. Another thing that can give spoiled fish is ocean debris. I assume you don't need bait for it. But it works kinda like tumbleweeds, so you are not guaranteed to get spoiled fish from it. Edit: nevermind, apparently you can use seeds as bait, my friend just told me this.
  9. Not only that, but changing the normal pond fish to freshfish is also bad for crock pot. Since now it's just fish morsel (0.5 units of fish) instead of 1 fish unit and 0.5 meat units. AGAIN, Klei nerfing things that weren't used much and no one ever asked to nerf. Good thing is that at least eels were completely unchanged (they probably just forgot about them though) EDIT: after a bit of testing, it turns out that fish morsel actually has meat value (using 4 in a crock pot gives meatballs - in SW it would give wet goop)
  10. Refuelable Lazy Explorer

    I agree that it needs to be buffed in one way or another. Even though I'm mostly ok with lazy explorer for what it is, right now I feel like it's only used for: Saving time teleporting to/from the Atrium (depending on the world gen if atrium generated close-by) Fighting the Fuelweaver (very important, especially since the edge strat was removed) Perhaps for escaping from a pinch (pretty rare, but still something to consider) And the worst one of all: misclicks. Typically not a problem for me, but it does make you apply more brain power so you don't accidently do it. It's supposed to be a convenience item and yet I always feel bad about using it. Another bad thing about lazy explorer is that it does the same damage as a fist (10), despite being made out of a walking cane, which does 17. Doesn't make much sense from that standpoint.
  11. Screenshot showcase

    Does she want to sacrifice Webber?
  12. Has Anybody Gotten Good Skins?

    I'm not bragging, I swear.
  13. This set piece always looked like swiss cheese to me.
  14. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    My take on pix2pix Warning: cursed.
  15. Has Anybody Gotten Good Skins?

    Nah, Ancient Pseudoscience Station all the way!