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  1. You most likely have Timeless versions of all these skins that you got a long time ago for launching the game at the right time. The ones you can redeem with Klei points are Loyal rarity.
  2. I agree with most of those proposed buffs (especially #5), but think glossamer saddle is alright the way it is. You only need to make it once and you don't need 68 butterfly wings (you can use a construction amulet to make it cost only 34). Plus the game pokes fun at its cost with its crafting description ("Offsets the time spent making it. Maybe"). And 15% speed difference is still considerable, especially because it's permanent. If the normal saddle is like a walking cane for your beefalo, then glossamer saddle is like a walking cane + almost magiluminescence speed boost. 80-100% would be absurd.
  3. Snowflakes on both the Winter's Feast Lantern and Candy Cane/Explorer skin.
  4. The beefalo in the clip IS fully tamed. Ornery beefalo has minimum obedience just 10% (one item) short of letting you ride it.
  5. How to move a beefalo herd? I had a couple crashes during contest, which duped the beefalo I was taming, so now I want to try to make a pen for them. I've killed adults and left babies alive, but they still insist on walking towards their previous herd location. And how safe is a beefalo pen? Are they gonna break free? Should I just scrap that idea and repurpose the pen for something else?
  6. Can't really explain it. It might have to do with beefalo's skin. Here it looks normal: But on another frame you can see how the beefalo looks a bit "split".
  7. Of course the beefalo will take damage, but -3/-6 health is insignificant to a mob with a 1000 hp and natural regen.
  8. You can collect cactus/spiky bushes on a beefalo without taking damage yourself.
  9. I use body slot items, insulation items, base in the oasis, unironically build rainometers, and "rush" the "ruins" for belt of hunger of all things.
  10. What happens if you hop on a boat while Antlion's warnings are happening? Are you gonna get sinkholes next time you go on land or are you gonna cancel them completely?
  11. I was thinking this icon was gonna be available during the encore instead of the star caller icon, but I guess it will be forever unobtainable.
  12. I accidently paused on this cursed frame