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  1. Except for removing iceflingo from craft tab, frog fighting moose goose and workshop, YES !! I would say YES for absolutely EVERYTHING !! Im using some of them but i would love if they were fixed.
  2. Craft a thulecite medaillon, it will show you the ancient guardian guaranted.
  3. Ill definitly kill for the Krampus sack. Killing Glommer everytime before full moon. If im killing some mobs for reasons and then i ear the hissing, ill kill some more just to spawn Krampus. I always need some bunny houses for spider farm and cave entrance and im destroying their houses and killing them only after days 100 for the extra krampus since i know i will spawn one. For the second question its situationnal.
  4. You dont need constant connection. I have kind of bad internet but i can still play offline on my own server. You just need it when you enter the server, go in or out of the cave. Its really annoying when i just need 10 lightbulbs to refuel my lantern and i get disconnected because i forgot i was offline but rest of the time it work perfectly. At least i can still play Wurt with her beautiful skin *florp*.
  5. Not the solution you're looking for but, you can try public Endless server instead of Survival.
  6. Weather pain doesnt work too, just tryed it.
  7. Haha, nice joke Klei XD *login and actually receive "nothing"* You are the best Klei !
  8. I have a spider farm with 8 Rabbit Hutch and i want unique hat for each that will last forever (so no armor and no "clothes"). So far i have: Bush hat, Beekeper hat, Minor hat, Gardener hat (and the premier one) Am i missing any ? Does they all last ? What about Lucky beast head and Walter's hat ?
  9. The Glowcap give differents light radius with each color : - 4 Blue ~ 1.5 tile - 4 Red ~ 2.0 tiles - 4 White ~ 2.25 tiles - 4 Green ~ 2.5 tiles Since Glowcap accept spore that can last 60 days, its better to use it if you dont want to refuel it every 20/40 days like with the Mushlight. The thing is, whatever you put in the Mushlight, it will always give the maximum light radius of 2.5 tiles with a white light. So, if you dont care about the color and just want the best radius, you should put your festive light in Mushlight.