Walter & Woby Now Available!

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That short was hilarious lol I especially loved THIS Part..


(kinda wish he would’ve got pummeled Around like Woodie did with the Treeguard for a few seconds here..) Till Woby rushes in to save him but hey I guess that’s just me?



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2 minutes ago, DavePlaysDST said:

someone play as woodie and someone play as walter

why does water wanna know abouthe werebeaver


does he have some relitive with that curse or something or maybe...

I am now, Walter has a generic quote for default Woodie

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I got an update installing now on Xbox One is this Walter? O.o are we finally getting an update at the same time across all the game platforms? Wow man I.. I kinda expected it would go live on PC/PS4 for a few hours first then hit my Xbox later this afternoon, this is actually a delightful little surprise can’t wait to check it out! <3

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i've been really enjoying testing walter, he seems really cool

my biggest gripe is woby's speed, he feels so incredibly slow to ride, following roads feel faster without woby and thats a shame

also his hunger stat is sooo low, doesnt feel right

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