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  1. while going to shop to check out new stuff it said steam overlay had to be enabled despite it being already enabled in the settings i don't know how to currently fix it
  2. After the wigfrid rework im wondering who's next in line for a refresh/rework
  3. so to be clear, wigfird's powerful voice makes her teammates fight better as her
  4. Im honestly hoping for most reworks that would help the team in some sort of way increasing the chances of survival and making the character more intresting to play
  5. Not a very creative name but here's COUNT robot (get it cause numbers) ()
  6. May not have wurt but here's the epic survivor cast who are ready to ask where base is
  7. you are correct since he does look a lil different in game
  8. while thinking of a good outfit for woodie's rose skin which i named: Dad joke woodie (one of my friends gave me that name for the outfit)
  9. May i ask is there a way to use certain items like lucy or wes's balloons or abigail's flower?