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  1. i'd like to see a celestial champion skinline for every character, like the triumphant set but the characters conquering/being influenced by the power of the moon.
  2. the flare is good, it provides a way for players to challenge themselves in order to get more of a resource that is usually extremely limited. personally the one deerclops a year felt like a relic of old DS and not something well suited for the multiplayer environment, it never felt good in a co-operative sense to have to find the player best suited to wield the item, or miss the opportunity to have one yourself. inb4 the uncompromising crowd replies to this message with "killing a deerclops is not a challenge"
  3. the hostile flares feels like it was made to be a solution to scarce resources, in a server filled with players, it's a very elegant solution because it supplies more of these resources at the cost of fighting several deerclops and it encourages co-operation to deal with and provide these resources to other players that would not have gotten them otherwise, because of the harsh limitation of resources. mactusk really feels like he should have the same treatment as deerclops, simply spawn him and his family at a chance. i understand that they went with an approach that attracts the mactusks, but that interaction is quite buggy and doesn't make much sense in the context of the hostile flare being able to provide more of the resources you couldn't get before
  4. After reposting a wall with the new fencing sword, you'll get a new orientation. However, after a server restart the walls will return to default orientation.
  5. the hostile flare is such an amazing addition, it solves so many multiplayer-oriented issues that have been present since the beginning of the game. no more having to fight between one eyeball in a server full of a dozen people. same for mactusk drops
  6. most books have a safeguard that stops the player from reading if the book doesn't grant any benefit. for example, reading the angler's survival guide with no water nearby will stop the player from losing sanity and book durability. if the lunar grimoire is read during the night of a full moon the book has no safeguard and will cast regardless, not being consistent with the other books
  7. Every ally in the game will teleport near the player when they get unloaded to stop them from falling behind and never catching up, the new grumble bees summoned from the new book don't do this.
  8. this is without a doubt the worst quote in the game. I appreciate wickerbottom's character so much because despite the survival situation she is put into, she remains elegant, knowledgeable, and smart about everything she interacts with. this quote feels like it completely breaks her character as she refers to herself as "librarian" in a caveman-like sense along with seemingly incomplete sentence structure
  9. i really like this rework, it makes wicker feel like she fits in with the rest of the cast in terms of utility, something she has sort of struggled with since all the other reworks has come out. but i still have some small issues with the rework 1. woodie continues to suffer from constant full moons, he used to only suffer during late game in which moonstorms were active but now they can be early game and unpredictable. woodie really *really* needs a way to reliably deal with full moons with how often they appear compared to the past 2. having the first item that can summon rain be exclusive to wicker kinda sucks, the presence of rain is very important in a lot of situations and having control over it being locked behind wicker feels bad. maybe a new rain flute item? idk
  10. with this patch you can no longer build a perpetual motion machine with a circle of boats with nautopilots, really sucks because i saw a lot of people excited over this quirk and i hate to see it gone.
  11. As of now, Wonkey will start running after ~3 seconds, but will immediately stop running if movement is halted. The running feels nice to control, but it feels bad when trying to rummage through menus and the map as you're travelling because you'll have to build up speed again after any slight stop. Most of the time it feels like my running is reset because of things outside of my control. I feel like Wonkey should have a small grace period so you won't need worry about the controls messing up your speed.
  12. the same happens when a wanda's inventory is full of watches, because nothing can force watches out of the inventory the trinket gets stuck on top of you
  13. you cannot dig up monkeytails despite there being a dug up version
  14. another curse crash on the beta branch, to clarify i was playing wanda
  15. Personally I believe the lazy forager is massively underperforming in it's main use, picking up items. It's durability is lackluster and it's quite expensive, if you want to farm a lot of trees or similar resources you'll have to spend tons of thulecite and orange gems to simply have the luxury in which only the lazy forager provides: picking up items quicker. Klei gave the magiluminescence the ability to refuel and it became a massively popular item, and It'd be great if the lazy forager got the same treatment, it really needs some love to transform itself from a cave hole clearer to be more in line with it's actual main purpose.