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  1. i feel like wagstaff has a lot more potential as a more fun and interesting character compared to walani
  2. best skin set ive seen in a while, EVERYTHING looks amazing, cant wait to get my hands on that crown and dark sword skin
  3. i've tested the pigs in a lot of scenarios, they are super niche and i couldn't find a unique use for them. the best results i've gotten were to kill treeguards or damaged bishops, all the other tasks they performed rather poorly in
  4. [Game Update] - 382128

    if you aren't aware, the belt spawn chance outside of the event was 5%, now it is 1% imo this change needs to be reverted, they were rare enough before and the drop to 1% is way too overkill
  5. when will the klei rewards rotate? i've been waiting for any sort of change in rewards but it hasn't rotated once and it's been four months.
  6. [Game Update] - 371739

    a late post, but thank you so much for the lamp buff, it's something i've been hoping for a very long time and i'm very glad to see the change!
  7. perfect. thank you so much for the changes
  8. part of my megabase, the spawn portion.
  9. me and my friends during forge season 2
  10. poop rock variations
  11. not a wacky or funny screenshot, but i took a screenshot of my base at 1k days also: WIP ruins bee box area
  12. before a hound wave begins a player will be warned via sound, there's no sound any more
  13. i can access my world now, but i crash whenever i try to enter my base something with the previous update made you crash when there is too many entities, can't even use geometric placement without crashing
  14. new high quality textures