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  1. After importing a non-beta world, I would get a crash every time I attempted to startup the server server_log.txt
  2. it makes sense that beefalos attempt to make distance between themselves and the player, but in practice it falls short because the beefalo will actively run away from you when you are trying to interact with it shortly after dismounting, personally i believe they should discard this behavior entirely or make the beefalo/woby stop everything its doing and run towards the player if the player is trying to give, mount, or open it edit: i dont see why anyone is defending the beefalo ai when it is flawed, yes theres counterplay to the flawed ai, but why do we need to actively work against the ai to do what it should do in the first place? in situations like this, your first instinct is to unmount and interact, not unmount, run away from the beefalo, and then interact because if you dont the beefalo will run across the world to get away from you having to compensate for poor ai is not good design
  3. i will always be for the implementation of infinite mushlights, i hope it'll find its way into the game soon enough considering the amount of threads made on it in the past year
  4. love the new book, a very perfect compromise to such a big problem
  5. my exact suggestion and i couldnt be happier, thank you so much for this change!
  6. this is an excellent idea, makes getting new volt goat herds natural, i also like the idea of them only having the chance to spawn while tracking a dirt pile in rain
  7. welp now we cant create new volt goat herds anymore, meaning that if your world generates with one herd you're stuck with it forever... wish the devs would introduce a new feature or mechanic to compensate for this so we can get new herds, ruins a lot of late-games funsies not having it
  8. i've been really enjoying testing walter, he seems really cool my biggest gripe is woby's speed, he feels so incredibly slow to ride, following roads feel faster without woby and thats a shame also his hunger stat is sooo low, doesnt feel right
  9. if you aren't aware, the belt spawn chance outside of the event was 5%, now it is 1% imo this change needs to be reverted, they were rare enough before and the drop to 1% is way too overkill
  10. when will the klei rewards rotate? i've been waiting for any sort of change in rewards but it hasn't rotated once and it's been four months.
  11. a late post, but thank you so much for the lamp buff, it's something i've been hoping for a very long time and i'm very glad to see the change!