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  1. ok yeah but im not saying its not useful for that im just saying it should drop more logs lol
  2. people arguing for things when they have no idea what they are talking about is the reason why we can't have nice things
  3. please make it so you can grow the giant trees on land also the giant trees should drop more logs, 6 is so bad its hilarious. maybe 40-60?
  4. professional co-op survival sandboxer
  5. if woodie hides in a snurtle shell for a couple of seconds as it transitions to night he can completely avoid transforming
  6. Even though I'm close to light and have no negative sanity auras nearby, I'm still losing sanity as if I'm in complete darkness. It seems inconsistent as you can see in the video, I'm moving around and it's constantly changing. 2021-04-22 15-20-34.mp4
  7. Now that the crown is uncraftable, maybe a crafting recipe for the shards with infused moon glass? Or maybe the Enlightened Snares the 3rd phase Celestial Champion spawns should drop more of them?
  8. I believe the crown should keep it's dupable status and the developers should add more loot to the guardian's pool that isn't dupable to give players a reason to keep fighting the boss even though the crown can be duped and shared. Having a significant item be dupable shows the genius of DST's core design in which knowledgeable players can take advantage of mechanics, it makes for a unique sharable item aswell because as of now the celestial guardian's loot is only sufficient for one player. The common community opinion is that the crown isn't good enough loot by itself anyways, why can't we get more items based on the other stages of the fight? Alternatively, maybe Wagstaff can reward the player for helping him contain the celestial guardian? Maybe blueprints for thumper, telebrella, or something else entirely? I believe this is the best compromise to this situation, because having the megabasers community rejoice only to get shut down by "This isn't intentional" was heartbreaking. Glermz ranted for like 60 minutes and went through every stage of grief and I honestly don't blame him
  9. that's why i decided to report it, everything code-wise makes sense since the crown checks the user's max sanity, but the code doesn't take into account maxwell's minion max sanity. it's not *technically* a bug but perhaps a overlooked mechanic, no harm in reporting it either way
  10. If Maxwell wears the new crown and summons minions he'll never be able to reach the 85%+ sanity threshold for the crown to activate, not sure if its a bug but it doesn't seem like intentional behavior
  11. After assembling the alters it'll replace every night afterwards with a new special full moon, and if you relog afterwards you'll get a normal moon cycle but still experience lunacy during night and the storms still exist. If you go back to the alters after a relog the event with trigger once more and everything will work as normal.
  12. helicalpuma was one of my favorite members of the community; always humble, nice, and looking to help others. he's one of the main reasons i started to play and learn dst thank you helicalpuma for making the world a better place for most members of the community, and rest in peace