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  1. geometric placement is probably the only mod i'd say is worthy to be implemented, other mods aren't as necessary or dire. one mod i would like to see implemented other than geometric placement is the ability to turn off the snowy ground filter, makes winter a lot more easier on the eyes.
  2. i don't understand why they went through with this nerf, was anyone complaining that glass production was too easy? now your glass production is capped depending on how many hotsprings your world generates, bleh.
  3. a late post, but thank you so much for the lamp buff, it's something i've been hoping for a very long time and i'm very glad to see the change!
  4. i think the game is fine at the moment
  5. perfect. thank you so much for the changes
  6. although i agree that reworked woodie needs some minor changes, spamming "#fixwoodie" in the largest font possible makes you look a little childish anyways, i feel like the new transformations don't last nearly as long as they should, even when you're performing the transformation's preferred task. you should replenish your were-meter instead of slightly delaying the human transformation when you do the correct task.
  7. part of my megabase, the spawn portion.
  8. I actually have exclusive access to the upcoming Woodie update, here's a sneak peak at one of his new transformations
  9. first try actually, your ability to stunlock the guardian is based on your attack speed, which seemingly fluctuates based on many unknown factors. if you rewatch the video, the only thing i did was attack him while he was vulnerable, no timing necessary
  10. i don't think they did anything regarding the ancient guardian arena's pillars and graves, perhaps the ToT world generation indirectly changed it. even if they did it doesn't really matter, you don't need them!
  11. Who do you main?

    i play every character pretty evenly besides wilson and wolfgang (the two characters i don't play at all) though, i'd say the character i play most is WX-78 (around 2,000 hours of playtime on them), i enjoy playing them because of the overcharge speed boost and cold resistance, being strong is fun.
  12. me and my friends during forge season 2
  13. i'm a big fan of wagstaff, i admire pretty much everything about his character: his appearance, his tinkering tab, his blindness, his significance to the lore, and even his glitch effect when stats are low, i love every little detail. crossing my fingers and hoping that he gets added as a rework similar to warly, although he doesn't need many changes other than his telepad, which doesn't function well at all in a multiplayer setting