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  1. Unless they rework the turf system entirely this will never happen
  2. Implying that I actually leave summer on as a season lol. Generally Wildfires are the main reason, but otherwise there is nothing summer specific to make that season worth while.
  3. I'll be real with 'cha, the event feels like an event for the sake of an event. Too bad there were no skins included to make it sweeter but I guess that's the downfall of releasing game content for 4 games or so at the same time....
  4. the biggest thing that bothers me with the cawnival tree is that they seem to not make it as lush as the previous ones were, just compare them yourself Compared to the classic trees the new tree feels flat and nearly devoid of the lines that make it feel lush Even the Sugarwood Tree has got a lot of furry leaves that blended well with the gorge enviroment Now looking at the Cawnival Tree, it just seems like a lot of zig zagging with more zigs at random hues between grey and black with random yellow star/explosive shapes and the birch tree's textural pattern pasted in the background Even something about the trunk being much less pure front view and more upper front view makes it stand out so much more As for the style shift, yes. It has been happening, I did my rant post and deleted it shortly after. Unsure if anything will be done about this art clash issue, but we can only hope
  5. You know, making a client mod for this should be simple enough, I'll look at this when I get home
  6. Wait, a Promo Poster in the original DST Art? Klei are you okay?
  7. As far as I am aware if you essentially were to reskin [prefab] without making it its own prefab ie. the prefab "wormhole" but it looks like your [insert skin idea here] then its not allowed. if the object were to be its own prefab, say "wormhole_alien" then its your own prefab, the fact that you used the same bank for it is not gonna count it as a skin even if it technically does the same thing. Skins simply imply you have an unmodded prefab that looks unlike itself/its skin
  8. p is purchasable aka guest of honors/... that you can weave d is dropable aka halloween mob costumes which are normally limited event that you can get
  9. It would be nice yes, but Im 99% sure there would be a technical problem associated with that. Turf is all on 1 plane, and Im pretty sure the ocean is on that same if not under the ground layer. Judging by that if you were to move the water layer lower so you can see the pretty land edge better the objects on the water would need to be moved down too and this brings the whole y axis can of worms into this, because if the boat were to be still ontop it would look weird and not aligned, if it were to be lower, players etc. would need to be moved down too... and y isnt really used so it would mean a lot of rewrites Just saying, it would be fun, but there are a lot of complications to it
  10. Are you really surprised after Wurt issues (that still exist) that this is a thing
  11. Then you'll love the original sprite I found somewhere in the files As for my favourite Hat, it's bound to be the lovely Funcaps!
  12. What is for sure is that Maxwell and Wilson won't be next, it would only be fitting to leave the 2 "main" characters of the game for the finale, as for the upcoming rework it could be anyone, we've seen that Klei is going to push for a rework that people want the most so the next one will be chosen by voicing yourself on the forums
  13. Seems like this fella needs a bank update, since it uses the front piece for the back piece, so the lambs mouth is on the backside too