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  1. So they finally caved in, eh? That is truly unfortunate, now its only a matter of time before people start begging for the tournament stuff from Gorge and Forge and Klei caving in to that as well...
  2. Now you know why I lost interest and quit the game. The feel has overall softened, after A New Reign the colors became more saturated, the lines became softer and overall the game friendlier. Nowadays the game feels less survivaly and eerie but more sandboxy and wacky (like Alice in Wonderland kind of wacky, where the original felt Alice Madness Returns kind of wacky) I feel like the game has no idea what it wants to be at this point, then again I did kind of expect this from a title that has been going on for this long Just compare these 2 trailers (Im not even gonna use the old trailers but instead hit you with one of the newer ones that hit the feeling very well too)
  3. For some reason this only happens when the original sprite's canvas was bigger than necessary, unsure why ktools do it tbh and its really annoying (example)
  4. I love how emotional their canary is; Me on sunday right before monday Me on monday morning Small note about her for those that cant access the new home files, her file name is "fake_ghosthunter002_build"
  5. p is purchasable aka guest of honors/... that you can weave d is dropable aka halloween mob costumes which are normally limited event that you can get
  6. Seems like this fella needs a bank update, since it uses the front piece for the back piece, so the lambs mouth is on the backside too
  7. Oh mah goodness, Witherstone is back baby! And this is why Max isnt too pleased with Wes, he pushed Witherstone out of the way
  8. basically Klump was Klei's way of keeping the Gorge spoiler-free from the dataminers, now its just there to house that 1 .txt file explaining its not used
  9. that's because they used to be encrypted in a special way (klump) to prevent people from leaking the dishes during the event, now they are just normal .dyns again, same was with the .tex and strings for these dishes back then
  10. .dyn serves more purpose than just encryption, I asked a dev about it and .dyn or dynamic actually means that these assets are loaded dynamically and only when needed. They are HQ so loading them is a bit more expensive than your normal triple-downsized builds. That's why when you enter your Curio Collection Screen with all the characters it takes a while to load them with a lot of skins. All Characters are .dyn'd, they just put back the old .zip builds for modders, so are most of the skin assets and credits. They aren't needed all the time so why clog up the mem with unnecessary assets?
  11. For the curious what the Bugfixes for the 2 'nona skins were
  12. Hah mine made it, so happy! At page 42 if anyone wants to peek ^^ Happy Late Hallows
  13. Also Im gonna hope the next Events will be announced a bit earlier than now since it was difficult to squeeze a piece in 5 days
  14. hopefully mine makes it tomorrow, just finished it and oh boy I wish I had more time but my Halloween time was a bit too busy to really squeeze in the few more things I wanted to put in
  15. I wonder if I'll finish in time, still a bit to go but its alrdy nov 1