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  1. Not to sound the alarm bells, but oh no
  2. Winona. Almost picked Wagstaff, but I forgot he is quite old and frail compared to Winona, sure he has the Brain advantage, but Winona's got both. WX-78 is just a robot, they are both experts in mechatronics, also a basic EMP would surely kill WX78 Wagstaff is quite old and frail, his stomach cant handle raw food, let alone survive any blow of physical force. Winona's got the advantage of being Smart and quite Strong and Independant Woman, she can craft Gadgets, surely not at the levels of Wagstaff, and is physically strong, surely not as WX-78 who is literally made out of metal, but compared to him she isnt working on some circuits
  3. unsure about Webber being a Warrior fits the theme Spring, ya know? Maybe save it for something else. While Wort looks cute, its too close to uncorrupted for my taste.
  4. The only thing I can imagine is a goo like texture with your most hated taste
  5. No, its just made so that the eyebrow doesnt overlap with the hair (that's the drawback of abandonning hair_front instead of fixing it), when he blinks you actually see his second eyebrow. Strangely enough that is not the case for the snowfallen, maybe they just forgot, but you can see it in the salute
  6. Wouldnt this only work when bloom is on though? Either way it still feels more like a hackier way rather than just adding what is already present in DS. I recall DS having SetEffect and SetEffectParams as AnimState args, why is it not present in DST though?
  7. It has come recently to my knowledge that Animations dont have a way to run custom shaders. It is available for the ImageWidgets, why not give it to anims too? I have so many mod projects that I simply struggle with resource-wise because I cant apply color cube shaders or other custom shaders I've written and have to make the effects as seperate builds. The Ghost Haunted effect is already a shader and it works fine on anims so it has to be possible, right?
  8. So much this, Toadstool's loot is so underwhelming compared to most bosses that at least infinite Mushlight (and Glowcap) would be nice
  9. basically Klump was Klei's way of keeping the Gorge spoiler-free from the dataminers, now its just there to house that 1 .txt file explaining its not used
  10. that's because they used to be encrypted in a special way (klump) to prevent people from leaking the dishes during the event, now they are just normal .dyns again, same was with the .tex and strings for these dishes back then
  11. .dyn serves more purpose than just encryption, I asked a dev about it and .dyn or dynamic actually means that these assets are loaded dynamically and only when needed. They are HQ so loading them is a bit more expensive than your normal triple-downsized builds. That's why when you enter your Curio Collection Screen with all the characters it takes a while to load them with a lot of skins. All Characters are .dyn'd, they just put back the old .zip builds for modders, so are most of the skin assets and credits. They aren't needed all the time so why clog up the mem with unnecessary assets?
  12. I missed the semi original art style for the shorts, the voices were a surprise, but I cant shake the feeling that I've heard Maxwell and Wilson's voice in Wortoxes Story Booklet before hehe. Lovely surprise tho