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  1. and having to cycle through 2 of them in the skin selection part of the crafting thingo
  2. It doesnt. Timeless' only difference is a slightly more teal tint compared to Loyal, I see no point in Structure Timeless Skins since there is no way to see it being timeless or loyal, so its just a way to clutter your inventory more
  3. Cherub, since it reminds me of what my heart looks like
  4. Probably the new twitch system will drop klei points instead of actual drops and drops will become klei store items, would be kinda cool since you can always go back and get what you want
  5. W a v e r l y is all I hope for especially after wurts hallowed nights teaser literally screaming waverly and ending up in a let down
  6. There's still a year ahead of us, Year of the Rat was given to a creature released fairly recently so whats there to say that a better candidate for the tiger is not coming soon tm
  7. Uhm no, that Firepit skin was assigned to Beta Testers as a thanks, it wasnt available to everyone. To me this is equivalent of giving people an option to get the Monument Firepit Skin for free when its supposed to be a reward for having RoG
  8. I mean, the only Loyal Skin that should truly remain gone is the Bottomless Firepit, all the other ones were just event tied, which should be fine since it sucks for the people that didnt get it v( '-')v
  9. Please delete this, also Winona 4Head, but please this is too creepy
  10. 5guys is the silho's name, what could that mean...
  11. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2383171734
  12. Probably Wortox, problematic and witty with a big heart