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  1. finally.... dont starve's notch hammer
  2. IIRC you can only make skins of things that are added in mods, and no non-head skins for characters I might be wrong, but I don't think you can make a skin for Walter unless you literally added a new character who is just identical to Walter but has the skin It might be totally different even then if you really dont plan on publishing it or anything... one of the api nerds will probably have answers to that
  3. Klei usually comes through on the monthly update thing... even if it ends up being like the last day of the month
  4. I think the hunger buff makes enough sense, idk about other people but for me personally I can eat something that's filling but if I don't like it a lot it won't really fully satisfy me But if I eat something I really enjoy I'll be way less hungry and I'll feel totally fulfilled. I have always found the lack of sanity increase to be odd, though This would be too easy to exploit
  5. A nightmare throne figurine and character figurines (+ Charlie) to go with it
  6. Yoo you got a custom title, good on you Waoling (also how i want one please ive been wondering for so long)
  7. For everyone who's annoyed that they're potentially locked out of a skin because they don't have a copy of Don't Starve Together on another system: You ONLY need an account for Xbox or Nintendo to link to your Klei account. Signing up for an account on Nintendo, Xbox, or Playstation even when/if that ever gets merge support requires no money. You don't need a console to do it, and you don't need another copy of Don't Starve Together to do it. As long as you have the account, Klei will let you merge with no problems. ...whether making an account for something you may or may not ever use for one little skin is up to you.
  8. Yeah and I dont think you even need to own the system of said account
  9. In my experience the typical ruins rusher is the mysterious type. You almost never see them, except for when they come to base and give you a bunch of stuff. More often than not, they're spending most of their time either gathering, or at their own completely separate base that they've built. And you never see those bases. Maybe if you're lucky, you'll stumble on one by pure accident while you're running around. But you pretend you don't see it. You never saw it. It was in your head. The one who rushes the ruins wouldn't dare to be seen relaxing in a base.
  10. They really havent added to those since the Gorge, huh
  11. Honestly, WX is perfect besides some QOL and stat number tuning, all that could be asked for is new stuff down the line. But not for the same reason as Winona, because WX has a LOT as is. Something more in tune with them adding new spices for Warly once in a while. I know they only added like one new spice to Warly post-update but still Though they could not get any new circuits and there'd still be nothing to complain about because there's a lot there as is.
  12. if scott the woz monopoly exists you can put anything on that damn board