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  1. Yes but you should just craft a hambat and kite him. It's not a long fight.
  2. Well, Yeah. WX and Wickerbottom are the easy-mode characters.
  3. You don't need health leaching when the DS/T mobs/boss are so easy to kill and healing as wimpy > Wigfrid's vampirism, Wolfgang is great because playing as him means less time pressing F and exploring. Klei thinks that giving more health to the bosses is gonna make them harder but just makes combat more tedious and it's the reason of why i didn't play as Webber/Woddie/Wathever-character-i-think-is-funny in DST and i decided to switch to SW. Not only in combat, In DST there is food everywhere and you can be mighty 24/7, which means wasting less time. Mighty Wolfgang + Cane > Any other pleb with a cane. With Wolfgang you can be mighty all the time, Overload is really fun and blah blah but in Together you can only be in that mode during Spring and some moments of autumn.
  4. Maybe, I believe that this would look weird in DST.
  5. Meet Winona!

    Heh, She looks like a Tumblr dyke.
  6. Who the **** cares about why you pick Wigfrid?
  7. See around 4:40, You can also easily beat Bearger with him.
  8. Bees are , in my opinion, Extremely easy but the monkey are really annoying so you have a point. Abiagil can beat the Hounds too if you are helping her. Yeah.. But you can do the same faster using bunnymen and/or Pigs or by just playing as Wolfgang/Wickerbottom. Eh. You're actually right but 75 damage is still a lot and that you need one more hit to get a feather for just 5 hp is terrible. I know, my point was more about how she was able to beat all the spiders at the same time of multiple lv3 nest at the same time without any help in RoG but she can't in DST because everybody got more HP but Abigail still has just 600. Taming a Beefalo is a long and extremely tedius job tho and Abigail is supposed to balance Wendy's damage, The fact that you need a cow to do that shows how inconpetent Abigail is. That's a waste of slots. You could use any other character so you wouldn't need Abigail to balance your damage and you would use less resourses BTW, You don't need to worry about Frog rain if you let Goose or beefalos fight with them you get frog legs and/or meat with feathers and you don't really need gears to survive summer, you can just go to the caves, make a summer base (or just one in the Antlion desert where things never start burning randomly in summer) or waste your time in Spring killing Goose and her annoying babies to make fancy fans. I know a lot of people that love Willow, Woodie, Wendy, Mawell but stopped playing as them because their abilities suck (thought Maxwell is great imo) and i believe that is a real shame.
  9. The only characters that in my opinion need a change are Wendy, Willow and Woodie. - Wx-78 is extremely powerful if you get gears or during spring, - Wigfrid has extra damage, Sanity and health from fighting and a good helmet and spear (That are only useful early game btw) - Webber is great if you're playing solo or with others Webber's, After some time the world will be infested of spiders but he doesn't really works with other characters. - Wes is a joke characters He's supposeed to be bad and doesn't needs a change. - Wilson is supposeed to be boring, You can get beard hair with bunny farms anyway. Wendy deals less damage, All mobs got more HP in DST but Abigail still has just 600 HP, She can barely deal with one lv3 spider nest and wouldn't help you at all with the bosses. She can't get a lot of blow dirts (A weapon that would be really useful to her) because she needs two hits to kill a bird with the boomerang (Birds have 25 HP , The boomerang with Wendy deal 20 damge, You need an extra hit for just 5 hp). Just to see the damage difference: The total damage dealt from a 100% Dark Sword is 8,500 with Wigfrid, 13,600 with Wolfgang, 6,800 with the rest and 5,100 with Wendy and Wes, Abigail dies after 3 hits of almost every boss and she deals like 300 damage to the boss during the night (When she deals 40 damage), So she will be even less helpful during the day or Dusk. That's a really huge difference. You need a lot more time to kill the bosses. She loss less sanity from mobs but it doesn't really matter because you will loss around the same that every other character because they can beat the mobs faster. And like was mentioned before Wendy's ability to farm spiders is nothing compared to Webber and Wicker who can do the same but better. Basically Wendy is female Wilson when she's with Abigail against normal mobs and female Wes when she's fighting bosses. Everybody already knows why Willow and Woodie sucks.