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  1. "Group X that said something vs Group Y which said something different, lol the irony xd"
  2. Abigail: 600 max HP after 3 days, 60 dmg when Wendy is at 1 HP Bernie: 2000 HP , consistent 50 dmg You can make multiple Bernie's and they're really cheap, Bernie farms NF and protects you from the cold too.
  3. Wendy's problem has always been that she's not good with things like bosses but is good killing spiders/bees which are not hard to kill or not that useful. I don't understand why they would reduce Abigail's HP to 150 (which increases after some days but the max is 600) and to make it worse she only deals 60 damage when Wendy is at 1 HP, you have to wait for what basically used to be the regular Abi (Which will get killed easily by even Deerclops) while Wendy is vulnerable at 1HP and would get killed with one hit by anything. I was expecting Abigail to start with 600 hp and increase DMG/HP over time. Pipspooks are a fun idea but the Elixirs don't help at all, They don't stack and Abigail will get killed fast even with the regeneration because of her low HP. It's nice that you can control her better now and the Animated short was good. The Sisturn gives Sanity but is inferior in every way to the old Sanity Station. Somehow, This rework fells like a Nerf and is very weird since Wendy was one of the weakest characters in the game.
  4. So, You can't do the Sanity station anymore and Abigail does like only 60 damage when Wendy is at 1 HP. Looks very bad for now.
  5. It's delayed for 3 days each time someone in the forums asks.
  6. I'm aware, Which is why i'm asking if they sell. I don't see too many Winona's and i was wondering if there is some info about which skins sell the most.
  7. I seriously have to ask: Why? Do they actually sell? Like only one of them is good.