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  1. Mustache said this:
  2. Yes but you should just craft a hambat and kite him. It's not a long fight.
  3. Well, Yeah. WX and Wickerbottom are the easy-mode characters.
  4. You don't need health leaching when the DS/T mobs/boss are so easy to kill and healing as wimpy > Wigfrid's vampirism, Wolfgang is great because playing as him means less time pressing F and exploring. Klei thinks that giving more health to the bosses is gonna make them harder but just makes combat more tedious and it's the reason of why i didn't play as Webber/Woddie/Wathever-character-i-think-is-funny in DST and i decided to switch to SW. Not only in combat, In DST there is food everywhere and you can be mighty 24/7, which means wasting less time. Mighty Wolfgang + Cane > Any other pleb with a cane. With Wolfgang you can be mighty all the time, Overload is really fun and blah blah but in Together you can only be in that mode during Spring and some moments of autumn.
  5. Maybe, I believe that this would look weird in DST.
  6. Who the **** cares about why you pick Wigfrid?