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  1. You can definetly see klei has been toning the game down, omitting the Wilson bloodletting, for example. Hell, they even sponsored a Roblox YouTuber, so it's safe to say they have been aiming for the younger audience, and I can see why. DST nowadays is way less somber than what it used to be. The forums also tamed down quite a bit. Just ask a veteran forum regular about the long pig discussions. Scary stuff. I'm happy it's toned down so everyone can enjoy, but sometimes I miss the dark hint of the game. 2013 don't starve was really scary to child me, it always made me have this... Hopeless feel? Maybe I grew up, but this feel isn't around anymore on DST. I'm guessing because of the more lighthearted tone and the whole multiplayer thing.
  2. Coffee would utterly destroy DST meta and change the way we play forever... I'd rather not.
  3. I personally don't like terraria, but content is content, I'd enjoy it.
  4. Is this some sort of glitch? I was exploring my world near a swamp when I saw the lunar Island on what I consider to be the most funky world gen I have ever seen. Before you ask, no, I have not tweaked anything on the world configuration. Am I just THAT lucky?
  5. Nope, it already registers your watch time. Resume a stream and it'll drop like normal.
  6. They're limited, once the new one rolls around the other one is removed.
  7. I hope they don't. What's the point of watching limited time streams when you can just effortlessly buy them from rewards? They're limited and I hope they will stay that way
  8. Apparently when you die, he has no ghost, and woby keeps following him, could you fixt that, please?
  9. Cool and all, but where's the big pile of spool? (jk don't kill me)
  10. I guess it's time to decide if I'll use my winter's feast lantern or this one... Tough choice... Watch on your browser
  11. I spent way more time in this then I should have