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Community Choice Vignette - Wortox - Possessions

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Hey all,

We hope you enjoyed participating in the Community Choice Vignette for Winona's short, Next of Kin. Thank you all for joining in and nominating your favorite scenes. The winning nomination ended up with 100 votes!

In case you missed how this works, we’ll post a thread for one of the animated shorts with a link to YouTube, and you can nominate your favorite scene by posting a screenshot. Cast your vote by giving one or more of the nominated scenes an emoji response. After a week we'll tally up the results and add a Vignette based on the winning scene into a future build of the game.

Try to avoid nominating a similar scene to one that's already been posted. We'll remove nominations if we feel they are too similar to an existing nomination or the Vignette we already made, or in the case of shenanigans ;) 

The next short is Wortox's short, Possessions. Plenty of great scenes in it to choose from!


Our choice for the Vignette was...


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53 minutes ago, zVince said:

I really hope this time i have more than one choice. This is one of my favorite animations in art style. Deserves many vignettes .

I hope too! One is definitely not enough, Klei made too much good moments in shorts!

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I've seen the baby beefalo here a bit already, but not the shot that I chose. So, here's my nomination:




When I think about having to look at an image for perhaps a minute while my computer loads the game, I find myself hoping it will be something cute. ^o^;>

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