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  1. That sentence hurts my brain a little bit. ^o^;> But if that's the case, it's even better than I thought, and I don't think that farming once every eighty days is very often at all. If you want to take a break from farming for a year, you can, and you'll still have all of your seeds in an ice box or seed bag.
  2. It seems to be just an idea at this point. Perhaps it could craft a little upgrade kit that you could apply to the Seed Pack-It, rather than incorporating the bag itself into the recipe. And if the wiki is correct, and if I'm understanding it correctly, then I think that seeds placed in a Seed Pack-it or Ice Box (they both reduce spoilage rate to 50%) will last for 60 days, up from the default 40. I personally don't feel like having to farm once every sixty days is that bad. That's almost a whole in-game year, certainly enough time for the growing season for any crop to come back, if you got the last harvest just as the season was ending. But maybe I'm not understanding the spoilage rate decrease, and it's a shorter time than that.
  3. When the crow kid wearing the red scarf fell asleep, the part of the scarf around its neck vanished. The knotted part is still visible. I think I saw the scarf disappear when it did other things but I was only sure when it fell asleep.
  4. If you think the second year is too soon, then the hypothetical new bosses could appear in the third or even fourth year, depending on how difficult you think they could be. New players probably won't get that far until they have more experience and aren't new anymore. So I think it would probably be fine. Adding new camp-crashers to the first year would definitely make it much harder for new players, and I don't think that would be a good idea. But after they're experienced enough to start playing through the year-loop without losing the world, then I think new bosses like that would add some welcome variety and challenge.
  5. I think that leafy meat is meat, because it's called leafy meat, not meaty leaves. It's meat that has leaf-like properties. And I always welcome more recipes for the cookbook, I love collecting recipes and cooking.
  6. I'd personally like to see more non-optional bosses. I like the challenge of having to deal with Deerclops and Bearger and hounds. They barge into your camp if you're there when they show up. I'd like more bosses that force you to deal with them, rather than ones that you summon or awaken or assemble yourself. Feels more like surviving in the dangerous wilderness when bosses invade your camp with little warning, rather than you seeking out challenges for yourself when you feel like it. If new seasonal camp-crashing bosses like Deerclops and Bearger showed up in year two and onward, I think that would be cool.
  7. That is, indeed, overheating, as the previous posters said. Did you change the settings so that you started the game in summer? Autumn is the default starting season, you don't overheat then. Or did you perhaps install any mods? Mods can sometimes have unintended effects, so if you have any mods, try disabling them and see if you still overheat when it's not summer.
  8. In one of my own private worlds, beefalo went extinct due to an unfortunate combination of frog rain and hounds. I've been more careful about running to beefalo for protection from those things since then, so it hasn't happened again. But it did happen to me once without me hunting the beefalo myself at all.
  9. Are you using a torch or a lantern or some other source of light? I'm pretty sure that stagehands only follow actual fire, so a lantern wouldn't attract them, but a torch will.
  10. Interesting. I very rarely use a backpack, so I didn't know that. Makes it seem even more unintended to me.
  11. While harvesting giant crops with a full inventory, the character complains that they can't fit it into their inventory. But I don't think they should be trying to put it there in the first place. I wasn't trying to carry the giant crops anywhere, just harvesting them so I could hammer them.
  12. What I like about ocean fishing is that you can keep the fish in the fishing bin forever. They'll never spoil and will always be ready whenever you need them. I think this is one of the easiest ways, if not the easiest way, to keep food that never spoils. Hunting land animals or growing crops doesn't have that benefit, and I think that this is a pretty good "reward" for ocean fishing. That said, I usually fill my fishing bins with wobsters, so I agree that there isn't much incentive to go deep sea fishing. But I also don't mind that it's there for people who just enjoy doing it, with the added benefit of being a source of food at sea if you happen to need it.
  13. Very subtle, so subtle that it feels kind of silly to even mention it, but it's the kind of thing you notice when you're just standing there waiting for a fish to bite. I was playing as Wilson, and when pond fishing so that Wilson is visible from the side, as he breathed or whatever that idle animation is while he's holding the fishing rod, I noticed that his sleeves kind of twitched a tiny bit each time the animation cycled. closeupsleeves.mp4
  14. Are you using any mods? If so, if you disable all of them, are you able to see the flowers again?
  15. I get the joke that it says either "moose" or "goose" randomly whenever you check it, but when I use the scroll wheel on my mouse to scroll through the obituaries, the moose/goose text flickers very fast, so fast that it seems like it couldn't be intentional. But maybe it is. In the event that it's not meant to flicker quite so fast, I decided to post it here. If it's supposed to be like that, then, never mind. ^o^;> moosegoose.mp4
  16. I never knew that a buzzing robot noise could sound so anguished before I watched that video.
  17. I knew I was saving my Klei points for something important! Got 'em all now. Thank you for making them available this way!
  18. Maybe WX was Wagstaff's sibling or other relative, so they were both Wagstaff.
  19. As a Wilson main, I really like this idea. I like Wilson the way he is, I don't think he needs to be changed. But allowing him to change the game for other characters sounds really cool.
  20. I already have all the skins I want, but I wanted to say how generous it is of you to do this giveaway. Super nice!
  21. You have to craft a garden digamajig and make a farming plot to use the hoe on, if you haven't done that already.
  22. Wilson is 100% an alchemist/artificer. Maxwell would be a warlock with the pact of the tome. I agree that Wolfgang would be a barbarian. Not sure about the others. ^o^;>