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  1. Walter is all over the place! He feels like a modded character. You need to slim down his perks and give him an actual downside. Honestly, your recent characters have all felt like this. His in-game art and poster have also suffered in quality. I feel as if you should take more time on your characters and stop making so many. The environment is more important. Your better characters have maybe 1-2 perks and a countering downside, and any complexity comes from them interacting with the game environment.
  2. Goodness gracious, aren't you fearsome.' The apostrophe on the end is in the actual quote.
  3. Wortox will lose godmode if he soul hops.
  4. When using the carol emote, Wortox does not make sound. When emoting, Wortox does not make sound.
  5. Winona's catapults break walls. Not sure if intended or not, I believe it isn't since they don't break statues, structures, and they don't hurt chester and survivors. If it IS intended, I believe it should be changed because of what they don't break already and how no one seems to like this as it ruins a lot of potential farms or other cool uses of the catapult. edit: to be clear, they don't target walls, they destroy them with AOE
  6. remove woodlegs for being a pirate. pirates are terrible people. and remove walani for depicting hawaiians as lazy edit: remove wolfgang and woodie while you're at it. gotta get rid of these offensive characters all in one sweep
  7. when was warbucks a colonizer?? he always seemed like those old explorers that would travel to the amazon and hunt and bring back trophies and such. bad people, sure, but he REALLY fit the theme and environment of hamlet
  8. why would you completely remove warbucks though? i feel like you shoulda kept him and updated him at a later date. his character fit well with the environment
  9. All i know is that in SP he is supposed to have a increased swing speed as beaver. Beaver was heavily nerfed in dst so maybe changes are intentional
  10. You were feeding him too fast. Some mobs have hunger meters, he was full. Just wait a sec also they wont starve
  11. I'm no artist, I was more enticed by wanting to write about the ecology of Don't Starve creatures. So yeah, the art may not be nice, but I still loved making this. I intend to make more but I'm posting this now to gather criticism. Try to focus on the writing, because I am HOPELESS when it comes to art. I was inspired by a guy posting pokedex entries of creatures on the subreddit and some old art a guy did of a koalephant dossier type thing. For clarification, this is written in the POV of Wilson before the events of DST. That should explain the lack of being able to ride the beefalo.