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  1. I don't know if this is true or not, and I haven't done many tests with this... BUT I have found that wavey jones doesnt spawn under yellow amulet (magi) light. It was really only one occasion that made me think this, as I was sailing with a group (one of which was insane) and we didn't have any light so I was wearing a yellow amulet, someone then picked up a driftwood and lit the deck illuminator, and I took of the yellow amulet... And a few seconds later, wavey jones spawned. So that's why I believe that the yellow amulet prevents wavey jones (if anyone can find anything in the code that proves this, that would be awesome, but I have my doubts about this being true)
  2. Likepoints.. Like points.. kLei points It all makes sense now
  3. Just because he founded the company doesnt mean he is the one working as the manager there, just sayin.
  4. I personally don't see why people think wagstaff is in the constant. People say its because the guy in winona's short was pulled into the portal. But its always shown that wagstaff isn't even in the constant. he is projecting himself into the constant. That's why I'm hoping that "Mr Boss man" will be the next new character. because that silhouette looks nothing like wagstaff.
  5. Well, I know that all common items are replaced by the curio chests when it's winters feast. But that's about all I know.
  6. Aside from being the second best way to clear rocks Or a really easy way to bring items close to you Or get fish very easily and quickly? Yeah, I guess it does
  7. I would love to have these added. Being able to plant on boats and being able to "tie" boats together would be amazing and help immensely with boat basing. The reinforced boat shouldn't really be a boat upgrade, but rather a separate boat all together. Although I did just post an idea on another thread here about rock jaws having a special drop (tldr: gives boat a temporary HP bar of 50 and you can't get holes in your boat from impacts unless the damage from the impact is more than the remaining THP)
  8. Yeah. If rock jaws had some kind of special drop. That would make them much more tolerable to encounter. The idea of a boat upgrade that makes boats break even less would be pretty nice. Maybe to balance it. It could give your boat a temporary health bar or something. Maybe around 50 HP? And while that is there, the boat can't get any holes from impacts (unless the damage is greater than the remaining HP) That way, it won't make your boat invincible, but you won't be punished as much for looking at your map while sailing. And if you are still careful, then you could get away with a lot more stuff and still get another one by the time it breaks Having this kind of thing would be AMAZING for boat bases out at sea. I have lost multiple boat bases just because a gnarwail tried to attack a shark and caused waves that made my boats collide. So being able to prevent holes like this would make that experience much less headache inducing
  9. Not what I meant by "always" but okay Yes it would have to have a toggle. I ment "always" as it not ONLY playing when chopping a tree
  10. Definitely more of a sanity food than a healing/hunger food.. if you just cooked both potato's and ate them. That would be 50 hunger and 40 health.
  11. Personally I would just love to have music always playing in game (and I believe that's what this post is asking for) The working music is nice, but it does kinda give me a headache coming in and out like that depending on what I'm doing. So having just constant music with no dead space would be nice. I know there are a few music mods on steam that change the music, and have the option to have them always playing. And it's actually really enjoyable to have that. Only issue is that it might be a little annoying only having the same 4 working songs playing all the time instead of only during short periods. And their higher energy may not fit with say... Sitting at a fire for the night. So.. they MAY need to make new and fitting music for this which may not be worth it unless they open up to allow community submissions or something.
  12. Yep this is because those items all got upgraded to "Timeless" So you technically don't have those Loyal skins It has been said that they are working to show this change. But a lot of other people have already commented on this
  13. The funko skins actually used to be proof of purchase. But I remember seeing videos on youtube of people complaining about them becoming elegants and what this would do to the skin market