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  1. the funcap is at LEAST D tier, because it can be used while sailing to not need to eat as much and you can avoid the downside by just having a boat on the fridge with all the food
  2. well there are things like Winona being able to make her tape which can be used as boat patches. as well as putting catapults and stuff on boats (Not recommended) And Wurt is able to hold fish for sanity and hold thermal fish for even longer. As well as she doesn't have a penalty for drowning. Same kinda happens with Wes, being able to use his life vest balloon to not lose health. Walter is like a 'budget' Wendy, being able to shoot things from a distance with his slingshot. Willow having bernie to take care of terror claws and cook with her lighter on a boat can be a lifesaver (but always having wavy jones sucks) Basically its about who's abilities are still useful out at sea
  3. Personally. I feel like it would almost be faster to just get the shells from sunken chests. Because its a 30% chance to get 4-6 shells from them. And i find whenever I go on treasure hunting trips, I will usually end up with 2-3 stacks of them (In about 1 season). But the issue with this is I feel webber wont be THAT good of a sailor (at least not as good as Wendy or Maxwell) so you may want to ask your local sailor rather than going sailing yourself as a Webber though just from reading it so far, the being able to sleep in nests could be useful on a boat depending on if he can do it endlessly or if it breaks the nest at all. (Assuming webber would still be able to upgrade nests and be able to upgrade nests on boats)
  4. If you are talking about the current system in place. You can actually just go to your twitch inventory and claim the drops from there! There is also a little bar there to help you track how much more you need to watch. No need to watch in the chat for a popup, that's just there for convenience
  5. Honestly.. now I want one of those crows to be a playable character.. they are just too cute! (And it would fit in with how every paid DLC character so far has been non-human)
  6. You can always just set a picture of Wendy as your profile picture. It won't be an animated one tho, sadly.
  7. The only time I find funcaps to really be used to their full potential is sailing. Having a funcap + belt of hunger / hibearnation vest can let you sail for days without needing food. And you can keep food in a fridge on your boat so you still take it with you, but is completely unaffected by the funcap downside. And keeping more mushrooms in your fridge means you can craft more funcaps when it gets worn out.
  8. personally, when i need a stack or two of gold, i will usually go to the dfly desert and get trinkets from the tumble weeds there and trade them with the pig king (As i am usually on a world where other people have already cleared the ruins)
  9. Character swapping in itself is a good mechanic and I hope it stays. But it's execution is flawed. It's far too easy to do. Once the portal is upgraded, all you need is one moon rock and a purple gem to completely change your character. And it's because of this that I think is the reason some characters are seen as bad. Like Winona and Warly. Who you just switch to when you need catapults or spices, then switch back. If it was more difficult to do/could only be done at the very late game (like say, after the guardian) then I feel it would increase how much people use those characters, especially Winona.
  10. It could simply just be their connection that isn't the best.
  11. The main things I want are just more islands, and/or new types of boats of SOME KIND Like, armored boats or just a different shape.. LIKE SQUARE And personally, I would LOVE a world generation option to have biomes split off into their own islands. Like a swamp island or even a pig king island. (Much like that islandia mod or something) Obviously not everyone would want that, that's why I suggest it as just an option you can select while generating a world. That way sailing can be more useful rather than just a side thing and promote making better boats. Also, hopefully this would help with world generation being a jerk and generating land only a tile or two away from the very edge of the world. Which are nearly impossible to pass by without rowing with your anchor down.
  12. I would like to see a NEW dedicated ocean character. Maybe one that can catch fish easier. Or can find sunken treasure more often or better loot from them (or even their own special loot). As well as controlling boats easier. Or a really interesting idea, being able to place structures closer than normal but only on boats, which would make them a very good dedicated sailor
  13. Maybe it will be like wurt. Where she has merms instead of pigs. Webber gets spiders that do what he asks like fighting or maybe even chopping and mining. And much like pigs, they could have a sanity aura for Webber and you can put hats on then. Just speculation of what MIGHT happen
  14. Seems like everyone wants a WX rework next, and I'm with them on that, ive been waiting for WX to be reworked so I can finally main him again. He isn't good as a together character, so I hope they can make him more of a team player and not just the main reason gears are locked away.
  15. I'm going to keep my hopes down for this Webber rework, so that anything they do is exciting!