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  1. Ive honestly only found 1 use for the poop pellets... which is a decent one But its to steal eggs from tallbirds. If you take the egg, then shoot the tallbird with a poop pellet, it loses aggro on you for a few seconds, giving enough time to run away.
  2. there are usually links on update posts on the forums. They basically use these Klei points links to reward people for keeping up to date
  3. I personally like how they have recently been giving skins to items that currently dont have them. So hopefully they keep to giving character specific skins during the character refreshes, and give us those unique universal skins as twitch drops. But maybe IF the character refreshes are done, they could start doing it then
  4. If you can find the rock lobsters, you are pretty much good. They are Immortal beings that can help protect you from anything
  5. Practice. Turn on God mode and free crafting, give yourself some moggles, and just explore around. It's a lot less scary if you can see like it's day time
  6. I never really bothered with it. And now that I main Walter, I don't have much of a reason to try at all. Because of the fact that a fully fed woby runs faster than any beefalo without a saddle (according to the wiki, I've never actually tried it in game) it's almost better to be Walter than to tame a beefalo, at least in my opinion. Because I don't like to go through the hassle of taming a beefalo when I'm already too busy sailing. Of course beefalo have many other perks tho that all mostly have to do with combat.
  7. He is a frail old man after sitting on the throne for many many many years
  8. Wilson rework: -Wilson now starts with a science machine precrafted Thats it, thank you for coming, next rework will be Wes have a good day Honestly, it would make total sense lore wise, but he might just be called a 10% wickerbottom
  9. On the klei store. Neither the normal spider or dangling depths dweller advertise coming with any in-game item of any kind. Unlike all the other ones that come with something, clearly showing they come with a code for an in-game item
  10. Well you don't even need to go on the ocean, as the fish that spawn in the coasts and even the lakes are good enough. And small fish don't take much skill at all.. like really they are too easy to catch sometimes. And the only luck is them spawning. And they spawn quite often. And from my experiences, it's been so much easier to just catch a few fish for quick healing rather than having to wait for a bird to land just to put into the birdcage after someone forgot to feed the last one
  11. Well everyone else is arguing, I at least like the idea you gave, seems pretty in character for her. Tho it might not see much use outside of toadstool or klaus
  12. I just want to stop having to hide my gears from every single WX that joins my world's. That's all I want. Is it to much to ask for? And maybe give him some actually helpful team-based abilities
  13. I honestly love the strident trident. But the fact it's basically useless on land is what really weighs it down. If they would just let it do 68 damage a the time. It would give people the SLIGHTEST reason to actually make it. It's more durable than a dark sword, has a special ocean ability. And doesn't drain sanity... But it's just so expensive to craft And sadly it's one of those "it just makes sense" recipes because a trident has 3 prongs so of course it needs 3 horns. But the RNG of the gnarwails spawning makes it so time consuming and can take multiple in game days just to hunt enough for it. So if they made either the recipe cheaper or not be weaker on land. That would be at least a decent buff. And maybe make the malbatross bill do more damage than just an axe. Maybe as much as a battle spear or tentacle spike. That would make it at least USEFUL to non-sailors
  14. I still don't get why people keep saying Pierogi is S tier, while also putting Surf N Turf in B tier. I think they should be in the same tier at least. Either A or S. Because I feel they are basically side grades to each other. With pierogi, it requires a decent barrier to entry. Needing both a bird cage which needs gold, reeds, and seeds. And then needing a bird which you need to make a trap for. But once you have that, you can reliably make 30-health foods. While with surf n turf. You only need to make a fishing rod. Either the pond fishing rod, which has durability, but more reliable fish. Or the ocean fishing rod, which you can use forever, but you need to get a few seeds or berries every time you need some fish. But once you have 1.5 worth of fish (3 morsals, or 1 morsal and 1 steak) you can just use monster meat as filler, because it has a higher priority than lasagna. All to get 60 healing from one dish. That's 2 pierogi's worth of healing. So because of both being arguably the same amount of trouble to make, with one being slightly more reliable but the other healing more. They should be part of the same tier.