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  1. My idea for WX's refresh

    Equipping in the head slot would make it a little more difficult but there is still the rain coat. But at least you wouldn't be guaranteed to not have any issues past winter from the eyebrella and would have to go out of your way to kill tentacles (assuming you dont have a reedtrap that your wicker took care of). But an alternative to gem cores could be to use socketed moon rocks, as it is known that WX just loves the moon, and could be equipped to the the head slot to provide effects, and instead of using up the gems, it could use up the moon rock instead, so that it would still cost something without taking all the gems. The effects could be balanced by not being too strong, or not lasting as long.
  2. My idea for WX's refresh

    Its not just because of griefers. Its mostly the fact that WX's Main perk does not help the team in any single way, in fact it only hinders the team with the fact that a robot just stopped you from making a flingo.
  3. My idea for WX's refresh

    It would be a unique downside, but it could be frustrating depending on its execution. Say if you couldnt see what you are crafting, and you dont know the crafting menu by memory, you could craft the wrong thing on accident. But other things could be that it would be more difficult to see your stats, thus making it harder to judge if you can rush into a situation
  4. My idea for WX's refresh

    This would be a great downside, but there is the fact that any "Visual downsides" could be removed using mods. Much like how i personally remove the insanity screen effects due to it giving me headaches
  5. My idea for WX's refresh

    Yeah this is the inherent flaw with any downsides that have to do with rain/wetness, is that the downside completely goes away when waterproof.. and with warly's new frog dish, WX wouldn't have to sacrifice a equipment slot to be waterproof. Essentially removing his downside completely.
  6. My idea for WX's refresh

    While yes, He does need a bigger downside. I feel that forced damage doesn't really do much. Taking forced damage from rain does not really change his playstyle. While yes it is quite the downside, there isnt too much you can do to counter this other than just progressing in the game. But the being scared of water could be a good downside instead. While losing sanity could be seen as an upside for some, the stress factor could have an effect, maybe preventing him from doing certain actions on/around water or while wet. This would be able to change his playstyle slightly. But it does prevent him from doing the typical world tour around the coast to reveal the map.
  7. Now, while most people don't think that WX needs a rework.. I think otherwise. The main issue with WX is that he doesn't have any way to truly support the team, he more plays as a solo character that is able to explore the world freely and quickly. But, the MAIN issue.. and I think we've all encountered this.. Are WX gear hogs.. The WX's who join in the world and instantly ask for all of the gears, or just start eating them without asking. While I mained WX for a few months, I can say I've never done this.. but that doesn't mean that I haven't seen others do this. My main suggestion is to remove the ability to eat gears, as.. well.. it only helps himself, and not the team. Now obviously we can't just remove this ability and call it good.. that would ruin WX as a character, But, I also don't have what I feel to be a "fitting" alternative. But even then, I will try to list my suggestions that could replace this gear hog ability. Suggestion 1: Gem socketing. While this doesnt fit with the character or lore, it could be a decent idea. The wx could socket a gem into either their armor slot, or a special new slot. And the gem that was imputed could has a temporary effect. And this effect would either work until the gem wore out, essentially giving it a time limit. Or, only while the gem was in the armor slot, giving a risk/reward without using up the gems. My ideas for what the gems could do are as followed: Red Gem: Creates a small heat aura around the WX, which can heat players nearby as well as himself While this could be a little too strong, basically making him a portable and cheap scaled furnace. it could be nerfed by making the temperature output not as high and/or not letting it produce light Blue Gem: Creates a small cooling aura around the WX, cooling players but not providing light. The other option could be to make him as a weaker fridge, where all of his slots. Where it could be a fraction of the strength of a fridge, but it slows the spoiling of food in all of his slots Purple Gem: While I have not created a satifying idea for the purple gem, my current idea is that it would work as a nightmare amulet, where it would make the WX instantly insane. Obviously this has its flaws, feel free to share your own idea for this one. Orange Gem: Creates a speed aura around the WX, speeding both him and any player nearby by a small amount. Could also increase item pickup speed. The speed boost wouldn't be strong, but could be a 10-20% boost Green Gem: Either lets the WX craft things for slightly cheaper, or let them craft items faster. Another idea is that it could let the WX craft things that they have not prototyped yet. This would not let them prototype them, but rather just let them craft while the gem is socketed. Yellow Gem: The WX would emit light as if he was super charged, but without the speed boost. Now... Obviously half of these ideas are lacking.. but thats why im throwing them out there, for maybe some of you guys could suggest better ones. Suggestion 2: Clockwork Alliance The Wx would be able to make an alliance with clock works around the map using either gears or some other method, as well as maybe craft more in some manner. The wx could then use these clockworks to help them. Ideas are that Knights could be used as just normal combat helpers like pigs or maxwell's spear shadow minions. The Bishops Could be used the same as knights, but they would have their range attacks to strike down more difficult monsters. And the Rooks would be able to charge at monsters, or even charge through large clusters of trees and rocks to help with gathering. They could either be allied by giving them a gear, or a frazzled wires trinket. And the alliance could last around half a day or a full day, and could be extended with more wires. =-=-=-=-=-= Thank you for taking the time to read this. While im not fully serious about these ideas. (as in i dont demand these are included) its more of a way to stir up ideas in the community that could help WX become a more team focused character and not just a lone wolf that steals gears to survive. Please feel free to give your own ideas or suggest changes to these ideas in the comments. While yes. WX doesnt NEED a rework.. and doesn't need a buff per say. But his playstyle does not perfectly fit with a team setting. Maybe his ability could play off of his "scout" style with his fast speed and not having to worry about spoiled food. But the gear eating ability just does not help the team effectively
  8. Who do you main?

    Before, I used to main WX. This was because I usually just ran around the world looking for things to do, and WX's perk of not having to worry about spoiled foods made it very easy to just bring a few meaty stews and be free for a while. Along with his high speed that he can get, this made exploring and hunting super easy. (Dont worry i was not a gear hog either) But, now i find myself maining Willow more than anyone, because being able to help protect people with shadows using bernie (and essentially having a giant bodyguard) is very fun. I find she is a great support character in that way, as she is able to take the aggro away from any monsters attacking your friends, and have a 2000 health giant take care of them for you. While yes she does go through silk fairly quickly with all of her sewing kits, she at least makes up for it with her constant nightmare fuel
  9. For me, I like to wear skins to show the fact that I've been playing the game for a while. I've noticed that people are often judged by what skins they wear, if at all. And the most common stereotype is that people who have no skins are new to the game. But one reason I know people try to get rare skins is for the small hope that they can sell it on the steam market for a few quick bucks. But some skins out there are worth more than $10. So greed can sometimes guide them into trying to get as many skins as possible. As for me, i just wear what looks good or if I am playing a particular role, I wear clothing to match that role
  10. [Poll] On Annoyances

    The one thing i hate the most is newer player's who think they know what they are doing. One experience i had was one player (a wendy) started to cook a bunch of monster lasagna, using up all of our monster meat. When asked to stop, she replied saying that she is just compacting our meat so it lasts longer. When told to cook meatballs with them instead. She then stated she new what she was doing and that meatballs were a waste of meat. It took a good 10 minutes to explain how the crockpot fully worked, she then apologized for not understanding
  11. With streamers getting the new warly update, and showing that the new Chef's Pouch being the same as the Insulated pack. It now makes the expensive and often overlooked Insulated pack even more overlooked. Its about time that this fridge backpack needs a buff, and here are my recommendations: 1) Make the insulated pack cheaper At the steep cost of 3 gears, its no wonder why no one wants to craft it, and with the new chef pouch being so much cheaper. It makes it basically worthless to craft. Maybe make it only 1 gear to craft, on top of buffing another attribute, as just a cheaper price wont make it any less useful. 2) Give it more slots With only 6 slots, it makes it the worst (and most expensive) backpack in the game, by just adding 2 more slots, it would make it comparable to the normal backpack and be even more useful than a backpack. 3) Buff its cooling effect Right now, the insulated pack doesn't stop ice from freezing and doesn't freeze thermal stones. If the insulated pack could do either of these, it would be a seriously needed buff. Even if the insulated pack only kept its 6 slots, but could keep ice from melting or freeze thermal stone, then even that would be enough of a buff to the pack. Until then we can only hope and wait for the pack to be buffed as its pushed even more into obscurity by the Chef's pouch.