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  1. Screenshot showcase

    Those are Billy, from the Gorge event. You can just use console commands to spawn him in
  2. Screenshot showcase

    I swear, strange "crop circles" keep showing up everywhere in this world. Like this... very unique hound trap that was created on the same world, it's actually quite effective.
  3. Screenshot showcase

    It happened once more, but i was able to catch them in the middle of making it. Censored the name tho just incase.
  4. Walani in DST

    Agreed, give us a reason to go back to the DLC, DST is the reason why I don't play DS for RoG anyway. Some new characters would be nice
  5. (Idea) Crows nest

    Having something like a crows nest would make sailing go from a 2 person job (steering, and managing sails/anchor) to a three person job, and honestly i would love to see that. You would join the server's sailing crew and sail around the world in search of salt and the legendary malbatros. One person mans the wheel, one person mans the sails, and another is the lookout. I would love to see this included, maybe it can expand the FoW by x1.5 and let you zoom out the same amount, that would help with avoiding sea stacks that come out of no where
  6. Alt-tab Crop Sheet

    Yeah sounds about right
  7. Sailing is Fun!

    Nah but really, sailing is actually pretty fun. Now that there is an actual reason to go sailing around (Salt + malbatros), It can be pretty fun to just sail around the world. But it is a two person job. One person handles sails and another handles the steering. I recently did this on a server i commonly play on, and we spent almost all of summer just sailing around the world
  8. Hello my friendsss =)

    You are disgusting Im going to start using that now
  9. Hello my friendsss =)

    Ummmmm, not all of us can afford the wormhole emote but yes, it is better
  10. But those aren't items that are treated as another character, like Lucy for example
  11. Hello my friendsss =)

    :eyeball: :faketeeth: :eyeball:
  12. Im only talking about Ashley, Due to the nature of it being an actual name rather than it being an object.
  13. When playing as Willow, i commonly prefer to use the Ashley skin for bernie. But it can get a little annoying when Ashley is on the ground, and when a character examines her, that they call them "bernie" rather than "ashley" I know this is a stupidly small thing, but it would add a lot of character to bernie and ashley
  14. Funny enough, the only griefer's i have ever come across have been Wilsons.
  15. For the skin

    I think he is refering to the Lava Firepit skin in DST and that he bought hot lava only for that skin