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  1. wilson rework with a ton of actual changes that get reverted after a day/week stuff like, wilsons beard grows uncontrollably, never needs to prototype, can run on water, can kill shadow creatures in 1 hit, can get killed by shadow creatures in 1 hit. PVP is always enabled between Wilson and Maxwell and so on
  2. what i see in the short is someone putting themselves into WX. putting on the helmet wired to WX and then waking up as WX
  3. I found myself with 2 lavaproof bugnets and have no idea how. I cant even unravel or get rid of one If anyone knows how i got it or how to get rid of em, id like to know
  4. opting into the beta is basically a different game. its not going to have the same settings as the normal branch
  5. i guess this is good, but I still just wish WX's weren't motivated to eat gears at all, even with this change i still feel like i will need to lock/hide the gears away from any WX's. But at least now I can just kill them to get them back
  6. im sad this is still a thing, but at least its not "needed" anymore
  7. I actually think the strident trident is pretty useful, but not as a weapon, i use it as a tool. since its special attack can easily destroy rocks or bring items closer to you. Especially destroying rocks, being able to clear a path in front of you while still moving.
  8. I dont use the number keys because moving my hand to the numbers and preventing myself from either using my mouse or moving is worse than doing stuff just a little slower but still having control of the situation
  9. I definitely want it to be WX, and think it will be WX. I just hope that they fit him into an actual roll once and for all, as well as making him less resource hungry. like, obviously no one wants him to eat gears anymore, but also i say put him into a roll because I feel he is both a "scout" and a "tank" at the same time, he is one of the fastest characters in the game and can also get the most health in the game. For no downside other than making everyone else mad that they ate all the gears. And the teaser image makes me very curious what they will do
  10. the spawning is pretty annoying, ive had it where a group wanted to fight the eye, so they used the terrarium, but then the boss spawned on me, while i was all on my own picking tumble weeds, and they missed out on that night to fight the boss
  11. Im most curious about the fact the yellow glow is around the entire thing. Is it just to highlight the sprite? or is it important?
  12. Alright third times the charm Good evening everyone and welcome to my ocean fishing chart version 3! Now updated to include both figs and the new sweetish fish. On top of that, I have also included a handy "Quick look" version that is smaller (aka less compressed) so that people can have it on hand and at the ready. So, If you are looking for the full on "guide", you can just look for the PDF version in here: And if you are looking for the quick chart, you can look for the PNG version in here: And for everyone interested in checking out the old versions, here is a link to the archived post Thank you all for checking it out, hope you can all enjoy it or find it useful. If anyone finds any kind of mistakes or errors, please point them out so I can fix it! (No one pointed out any of the mistakes in the last one, there were so many that I found)
  13. Nope, they wont see anything. Unless that thing is summoning like... 300 deerclops... they will see those.
  14. I mostly play wendy as she is one of the best characters for sailing. Having abigail to help fight of sharks / cookie cutters, as well as provide light out at sea is very helpful.