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  1. You can post questions in this subforum [Don't Starve Together] General Discussion. Just try to make one post with all your worries, not multi with one question inside. Or you can post all your questions here - in this thread!
  2. Well, first Verdant collection was made for Lunar Year event for Year of The Warg. But they look more like spring skins than new year collection. Previous year we got wrestler packs as theme-event skins, and this year we got only bundle of item skins. Maybe later we can get new spring collection aka Verdant but personally I don't think so it is possible. I feel bit dissapointed, because I had hopes for new Verdant and new Valentine packs. And finally we didn't get anyone of them.
  3. I was sure you will release new content pack soon. I hope will be as cool as last Meep's pack or better!
  4. Someone want to bee my valentine im alone and I have chocolates
  5. Twitch has LoFi Dupe Hop Radio too -
  6. Hey @FuffledBeeQueen are you not looking for someone to help?
  7. I met few youtubers with double factor security authentication and they still lost their youtube accounts without any problems. So yea you can lost account so easily.
  8. Can't start the game

    Pretty sure yes, but for more help, you must wait for game devs and their instructions "whats next". Or maybe someone from community know whats the problem and how fix it.
  9. If true owner (Brothgar) wrote to youtube support then they can't delete his account. Last time a lot of people were hacked. And youtube helped in shorter or longer time (between week and 2 months). They most funny fact is that Youtube doesn't freeze accounts and after recover they don't take off limits or blockades made by hacker. So owner need to wait for end of all limits. Also try don't attack Litecoin (yes I dislike pyramid foundations too), they wrote on own twitter it's not their job. So someone else just using Brothgar to make bad opinion about Litecoin and took people LTC coins. Also it's warning for every youtube creator!
  10. Good to hear new music in menu! Also WHERE IS CANARY MIN GAME IN TRADE INN! I was pretty sure we can get new minigame! Time to test everything, buy skins, Happy New Lunar Year!
  11. It's shadow manipulator. Finally Klei made skins of which asked community - in bigger or lesser extent.
  12. Oh I fall in love with new skins ... item skins are my fav! Cannot wait for update!