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  1. How do you feel about Wheeler?

    Hmm what I think abour Wheeler? 1. Design I really love her curly hair but its bugged, few hats dont work well. Also ... why Klei trying to make new characters with darker tan. In Shipwrecked was same problem but their skin isnt so annoying. In Hamlet we have strong green Wormwood, EXTREMALY stron pink Pig princess [yea forgot name xD] and had Warbuck with TOTALY orange skin. I feel like Hamlet was make by totally diferent studio. What just trying to copy Tim Burton and Klei style. 2. Mechanics Wheeler is character with poor mechanics. • Smaller inventory? OMG why? With normal invenory and backpack is hard to carrying all items what we want. • Her gun? I dont have bad feels. Why? Because when I tried I had lucky and never lost ammo. I love idea with small container for ammo. • Dash? Sounds good, but Im not sure about working well. But I dont have idea about fix it. And its all? Oh come on Klei. You can add her mechanic which Warbucks had - with oincs. Or she can feel better in ruins. Or excavation of artefacts can adding more sanity.
  2. Ah so you saw bulky jacket in outline? Interesting... I wrote about outline and Winona short, not characters.
  3. No one told which one is Wagstaff, just community had own thinking. I never belived about "crazy scientist" with muscles, stereotypes rule in games. Also NO ONE TOLD that guy what is "eaten" by portal is Wagstaff. All was only community imagine. Guy from portal can be detective, Winona's friend, Wagstaff's collaborator, co-worker, seeker or whoever he wants. Best thinking can be just co-worker. When we watching Winona's short, we can see all co-workers have yellow gloves. Also Winona was helpfull, friendly and determined. Why she just cant help common guy?!
  4. Mimics would be nice! Like normal enemies or champions/mini-bosses. They can drop bundlewrap/s with common items and with chance for rare item/blueprint or special own drop.
  5. Why not? Twitch collection was made for promotion DS and DST on twitch. They are loyal skins, no limited. So Klei can turn on collection when they want, where they want and as they want. Loyal skins are make for doing something what Klei want and to get skin, no avaiable through X time. If they would want make timeless twitch collection they would add rarity like "Timeless" or "Limited" - yes both rarity names are in game and used for few skins.
  6. I think devs just did slimelung to powerfull. My one dupe started be sick after being expose to 1,2k germs in air ... Next he started cough with 1k (?!!?!) germs. Now rest my dupes are sick from germs what were made by sick one. Thats crazy! Just one housand germs is enough to being sick. I really like new system with diseases but its too powerfull at start or for newbie players.
  7. Ah! 28th May! I can't wait! Also amazing short and I have question. Last update during release will have 1-2 week beta before too like earlier versions?
  8. Usually I playing on my own world or with few friends on their server. I really scary about pub servers. Griefers are everywhere. I have enough after trying 2 pubs servers. One player just set fire in base because people had own near, second just stolen all items and tried it on own hand ... and a lot of people without any communications. Just joining playing few mins or few hours and then leaving without any word. If I play with people I want to build nice base and have nice time, jokes, ect ... not mourning mood.
  9. They wrote about adding info one week before. So I asked because I felt that round should end in next week. (From 14 March to 14 April - ofc if Klei doesnt live with light years time!)
  10. So when will be end this round? Just asking because soon will be one month after release.
  11. Guards Burning Everything

    Its hard to keeping aways from farms, when tall grass or other farms are generate by game near pigs city. I had nice aporkalypse on 2 day when pig guard fire consumed my 3 tall grass areas, because all were near first. Willow's praise.
  12. Guards Burning Everything

    First thing - you no need to writing EVERY word with big first letter. It looks creepy and weirdo. Second thing - this idea has been repeated a lot of times. For now we have just mods which can help. I hope Klei will do something with this true aporkalypse. Yes Herald's aporkalypse is nothing aganist guard pigs with torchs. Eg. Come on! This thread (bottom) is on first page when you will open Hamlet subforum
  13. Ah sure! I totally forgot about post communist time system... and one hour difference. My bad
  14. Hi hi! So daily gift should reset every 1:30 PM PT, I log in in to game and I dont have daily gift. Any change? I cant find any new news. Someone have similar problem or know more? Greetings!
  15. Dupli cant do job

    Thanks for answer! I found thread in bug tracker, good to hear it isnt just my problem.