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  1. When Wicker is the most intelligent and distinguished but people do from her MILF
  2. Who normal ship Wilson with Wicker? Wtf. Also double wendy with webber in different order... Edit: @JohnWatson only Wicker with Max! Wilson with Willow are cute ♥
  3. I got one (Rhinos) from gift - just slept near christmast trees in night then after open i got it.
  4. Problem isnt price, just being fair to fans! People love DS and without any problem will buy figures or buy code and sell pop for collector.s Problem is lack of conscience and attempt to profit. They chanced "Proof Of Purchase" in to "Elegant" ONLY with Pop skins. Every sold item on market have % for Klei and Steam. Also selling Pops is % for Klei and Funko. Now its looks like attempt to profit from fans. With this thinking - WHY rest Proof skins cant be changed in to Elegant? They are worse or what? No, just Klei get all money from sell. Klei started selling skins in shop in-game as donation as a kind of help. But every next pack skins is more expensive - some1 can tell "if so much expensive so why u buy it". I bought skins for helping my lovely studio in growing. The type of assistance changes in to big costs. I dont settle Klei on how much they earn, but from the fact that there is less content for game and more paid skins. These figures and skins will be available in every country, so making tradeble Proof skins is just stupid ... For me more problematic is buy plushie in Klei shop than "stupid" figures.
  6. I think its the worst done action in the history of Klei products. Now i feel really bad because people can buy X pops only for sell skins in market and figures on special webs. But okey, I know why Klei did this. Every bought pop is % from selling for Klei, and next for EVERY skin on market will get them % from selling too. Klei lost some respect for this action in my eyes. I thought that although here, commercialism wont take over ... but its mistake. I hope it'll eventually be changed to "Proof Of Purchase" be fair to the fans, not to the money.
  7. Open 101 forge chest - 0 elegant :sad:

    2 elegants after 75 chests better than last year when i got just 1 after 120 chests!
  8. Probably u saw this, but I just remind! *yes DLC u can add as nominations too* Sorry for other language than english in screenshoot
  9. Same problem screens in spoiler.
  10. Silken Grand Suit, White or Green?

    gif by Instant-Noodles from thread about Skins
  11. Sure. U can. Write this. Because we have. Freedom of speech. So if u know about bigger win rate u must work in Klei? Because no one have these statistics now! Good for you!
  12. Why Willow have bigger pickrate? Because Maxwell shadows not working with faster atack but yes i played a lot Willow and a lot Max and with hand on heart i can tell - Willow's 10% is nothing aganist Maxwell shadows. And ah sorry so if leaderboard start picking Max then we will be OP? Stupid idea, as typical people going like monkeys for "better" because others played one set. Sounds like braindead but okey no one must can think btw thread is about buff characters not about leaderboad. But if people must everywhere put leaderboard...
  13. Sorry but u write kinda stupid things. I more like Max and he do more dmg than Willow. When i play him i have 50-60k per match. Rhino isnt problem, nah he is the best on Rhino!
  14. Fixed bug where more than one Blossomed Wreath can drop in a single Forge match. that was funny
  15. No one saw this? Hazard as Pugna's dolly!