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  1. Awesome! Beta will be available week or two before release?
  2. Oh I love new Dragonfly chest skin Also summer event! Something what I really wanted from last year or a bit more than year.
  3. Hey! I have similar problem, tried your proposal Eric but it doesn't work. I was reinstall game few times, deleting whole folder in Documents\Klei\OxygenNotIncluded. Finally found fix, after uninstall game had to go to Steam\steamapps\common and deleting whole OxygenNotIncluded folder. Looks like Steam when deleting beta left some files and game is trying to open them which results in error.
  4. I can't find one picture but maybe someone here has it or can dig for me. I really need rain icon from settings, but without background - only cloud and rain. If it's possible.
  5. Well, I did it but not in this form what I wanted. I'm pretty sure we can't do what I want. Anyways if anyone looking for solution to using spice dishes buffs in client form then you need this code: ThePlayer.components.debuffable:HasDebuff("debuff_name")
  6. [00:01:34]: MOD ERROR: workshop-2066854861 (ichi_dragonsoul): Mod: workshop-2066854861 (ichi_dragonsoul) [00:01:34]: Event data unavailable: lavaarena_event_server/lavaarena_achievement_quest_defs [00:01:34]: [string "../mods/workshop-2066854861/modmain.lua"]:50: module 'speech_ichi_dragonsoul' not found: no field package.preload['speech_ichi_dragonsoul'] [00:01:34]: [string "scripts/mainfunctions.lua"]:1105: variable 'global_error_widget' is not declared LUA ERROR stack traceback:
  7. I'm pretty sure space between ichi dragonsoul is problem. Fixed version bottom. STRINGS.CHARACTER_TITLES.ichi_dragonsoul = "ichi dragonsoul" STRINGS.CHARACTER_NAMES.ichi_dragonsoul = "ichi dragonsoul" STRINGS.CHARACTER_DESCRIPTIONS.ichi_dragonsoul = "*perk 1\n*Perk 2\n*Perk 3" STRINGS.CHARACTER_QUOTES.ichi_dragonsoul = "\"Yet another adventure begins.\"" -- Custom speech strings STRINGS.CHARACTERS.ICHI_DRAGONSOUL = require "speech_ichi dragonsoul" -- The character's name as appears in-game STRINGS.NAMES.ICHI_DRAGONSOUL = "Ichi" STRINGS.SKIN_NAMES.ichi_dragonsoul_none = "Ichi"
  8. Hey there! I'm looking for any help with my problem. I want to make client mod which will be show up small icons, when character will be say specified quote. Example: Character will say his start quote about getting buff after eat any Spicy dishs and somewhere on screen will show up small icon. When buff will end character will say his end quote and then icon will dissapire. I know how to make second part of idea - with icon. Because it's not too hard. But I have no clue how to do first part with character quote.
  9. Basically should reduce the load of your GPU by load just the most important stuff close to you. But I don't know how it works in DST. It's new option.
  10. Mr. Jason ... Any chance for getting more impossible to regenerate plant sproutings (like grass, sapling, berry bush and juicy berrry bush)? Which will work as stone fruit sprouting.
  11. I think something like Wurt with holding fish in her inventory bar? inst:AddComponent("itemaffinity") inst.components.itemaffinity:AddAffinity(nil, "PREFAB_NAME", TUNING.DAPPERNESS_MED, 1)
  12. Well this item giving HUGE QoL and outlook for future skins. For me the biggest and the best item in whole RoT or even in DST! But I waited for it since they released first skins.