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  1. Hope can help you! World settings need to change in worldgenoverride.lua not cluster.ini.
  2. Soooo its not data mining from game, but from steam supply base. Didnt see any similar post on DST forum, so I think I can add it here. Edit: If someone made similar post or thread then sorry for dupli-message!
  3. Nicks? Steam profiles? Pictures? Where was? Would be nice to know about who you wrote ^^
  4. Look like she is more crazy than before was Maybe salt water have bad properties for her beauty?
  5. [Game Update] - 370332

    More want "Space is here!" than "Oxygen Not Included"
  6. [Game Update] - 370332

    Hmmm wanted something else but HEY still nice for get any small loyal gift from Klei Thx!
  7. Potential Next Rework

    Someone asked devs when will be next rework but they responded with "we don't know", so probably they didnt work at rework yet or want make mysterious atmosphere. Still few old characters need rework (Wilson, Wolfgang, Wendy, Wx, Wicker, Wes, Max, Wig and Webber - yes every reviously mentioned personage will get rework). I think the most "useless" pick - at this moment - is Wendy but also Wilson and Webber arent so good. As everyone know Wes is OP so probably he will be last character to rework! For be more hardcore. We waiting for new character now! Last time heard something about "final touches" so he or she will come soon! But Klei soon is longer than we expect.
  8. I think we need to scream louder! First gameplays were make early 2019... @PeterA @JoeW
  9. Don't tell me anymore saw concept arts, later we got "sneaky" files during Hamlet beta and still my sea cucumber is just dream! Like rest good stuff... Also still wondering why Ro Bin doesnt have any transformation! Chester have 2 - snow and fire, Hutch have 2 - fugu and musicbox, Packim Baggims have 2 too - fat and fire!
  10. Trees above - all stages, shroom trees, pond and maybe white flowers look like DS assets too. Edit: Checked gameplay trailers and turfs look similar too! Also Im pretty sure I saw few other assets in other games ... or are similar. Edit: Also in 31:48 we can see antlion residue after atack - mean circle at ground.
  11. I really like new loyal skin! Look awesome and nice! But Im really disappointed too because we didnt get ONI (Oxygen Not Included) loyal skin when was release!
  12. Hello everyone! Since we get first character rework I wrote - we need to get new vignettes from animated shorts but it looks like no one care - becuase one "voice" is nothing. BUT! If we will get more agree "voices" then Klei can do it, I belive it! What we could get or what we want? Its simple we want new vignettes! From animated shorts we have a lot of great scenes which can be normal or animated vignettes (like normal factory changing in to burned one). I really belive if more than 1 persone will support me and this idea, we can change Klei mind and they will can add new vignettes! Lourder community scream from Constant! Few examples for vignettes: Don't Starve Together: Next of Kin [Winona Animated Short] Don't Starve Together: Possessions [Wortox Animated Short] Don't Starve Together: From the Ashes [Willow Animated Short]
  13. I really happy to see Woodie is the next character with rework! But any chance for getting one more mechanic for Woodie? I mean gathering syrup from trees like in Gorge (with bucket) and making tree syrup. First thing what I can associate with Canada are maple trees, maple leaf and maple suryp! Syrup can be super duper for manage with were-meter or as alternative for honey/butter. Woodie could start with 1-3 tree tapping kits. Syrup could be cooked in crockpot or make in refine tab as Woodie-exclusive item.
  14. Where is maple syrup?! I want maple syrup for Woodie!