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  1. Basic Don't Starve background is orange/brown and *im not sure* "All's Well That Maxwell" was last update (before QoL) for basic game. So how that can be bug? o.O More bug and problem can be don't have content from Quality of Life update, but verification files should fix it - if not then this is problem.
  2. And what is the problem? Because I don't know and can't see
  3. Hi everyone! I saw this contest made by few devs and I think its enough good for doing in DST. Namely contest emerges the best arts made by people which meet criterias. Next those arts are implemented in game and creators got in-game currency or special design icons/portraits as reward. I think that sounds good and will add small breath of freshness. I would love to see the vignettes or game loading screen with content creators arts! And they will be happy to get special icon profile or portait. What do you think? That have any chance or just no sense in DST? Or maybe you have other vision?
  4. If you really must know - no, my mind wont change. Why? Because I had option to get but I MISSED. So its MY PROBLEM, MY MISTAKE. I missed enough skins, items ect in other games. Half because I didnt have time, half because I forgot or didnt know. As I wrote you should wrote to Klei in 2017. Im pretty sure they will help as always. About twitch drops I wrote - you had 3 week per every one collection. Missed is your fault but as fimmatek wrote - Klei thinking about make twitch skins buyable. They wrote about this, but they dont know how and where add. Need to wait. But still no one will change this - Klei (or other game devs) gave skins, you missed or forgot - its your fault. And Klei dont must give second, third chance. Because its LOYAL and LIMITED skin. More sense have idea with able to weave items by using spools during event - but events last long time. Or just giving all previous skins as gift with next event, but those skins were made for event in specified year.
  5. With first problem you should write to devs as fast as you were able. Now we have 2019 and I'm not sure if Klei can help now. Second problem - with every new drop you got news in main menu and on forum too. First rounds lasting 2 weeks, Klei added encore rounds (lasting 1 week) for giving last chance to get for free those skins. But also they wrote about thinking to make those skins buyable. (Maybe as pack on twitch prime, no one knows) For me adding option for buying loyal items is kinda stupid. You had chance but missed. Gifts were free for all as reward for being with DST and Klei through all years! And now every common fresh user can have option for buy limited skins? I spent 5 years with this game (and I will spend more!) and I feel special with loyal skins what were available long time ago.
  6. Thanks! I totally forgot about that, because usually I remake place with oryginal turf. Hmmm i heard about carpets shop project if will add to game then that will make sense. Otherwise great idea will be adding small ash turf arena near Iron Hulks under charred trees, that will be looks more destroyed by a meteorite or something other than extraterrestrial.
  7. Hi all! I coming here with small suggestion and (maybe) with pretensions. Now without travel we can get all rare items from first Don't Starve DLC. But any rare item from SW isnt added to this shop. Also I think we have too big chance for getting bosses items in this shop and too much pedestials in few shops (from second pig town). 'The Sty' make Deerclop, Goose Goose, Dragonfly or Bearger unnecessary. I have big impression that Hamlet killing RoG and make this DLC unwanted. When SW havent any problems and still is in better position than RoG. My suggestions for fix are easy: • Change chance for getting rare boss drops in 'The Sty' • Make fewer pedestals in 'The Sty', The Boar's Tusk Weapon Shop, The Flying Pig Arcane Shop and The Flying Pig Arcane Shop • Add items from Shipwrecked to shops (e.g. boss drops in 'The Sty') • Add foods from Shipwrecked to The Sterling Trough Deli shop • Add coffee plant to Miss Sow's Floral Arrangements with expensive price • Add gummy slug and bean bugs buyable in Swinesbury Fine Grocer's with expensive price and medium chance for show in shop
  8. But im not sure if it works during Year of The Pig or other active event.
  9. The Lover and romantic date place! Last time we got more nice stuff to make date place and Wes is really really happy as top secret lover!
  10. [Game Update] - 307715

    Same! But I think default Wormwood head kill all. Tree horns looks amazing and small twig tail
  11. [Game Update] - 307715

    Totally i hate wormwood official version Old beta concept was cute and looks more in DS style, new looks too much cartoon style for me.
  12. How some1 can take this thread seriously?! Also I want Ice POOPcreams as dish! 12/10 idea!
  13. Maybe the royal family is under curse or only princess? Something like Snow White or Sleeping Beauty.