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  1. I can't find one picture but maybe someone here has it or can dig for me. I really need rain icon from settings, but without background - only cloud and rain. If it's possible.
  2. Well, I did it but not in this form what I wanted. I'm pretty sure we can't do what I want. Anyways if anyone looking for solution to using spice dishes buffs in client form then you need this code: ThePlayer.components.debuffable:HasDebuff("debuff_name")
  3. Hm that's good idea. Also I want to notice that we have catfishes in few first seconds in trailer and next we have mudfishes close to this big tail fish. And both are really small vs this tail. Tail is like 3x or 4x bigger than both "medium" fishes. Also "tail" is in deeper part of ocean than mudfish and octopus, literally almost at the bottom of ocean. Or maybe it's Charlie as mermaid! Sneaky queen!
  4. I'm not sure if it's corn flounder, but still possible! Anyways I hope it's a small teaser for next update.
  5. What do you think about this "tiny fish" or maybe Mermaid or maybe a Fishy Boss?
  6. [00:01:34]: MOD ERROR: workshop-2066854861 (ichi_dragonsoul): Mod: workshop-2066854861 (ichi_dragonsoul) [00:01:34]: Event data unavailable: lavaarena_event_server/lavaarena_achievement_quest_defs [00:01:34]: [string "../mods/workshop-2066854861/modmain.lua"]:50: module 'speech_ichi_dragonsoul' not found: no field package.preload['speech_ichi_dragonsoul'] [00:01:34]: [string "scripts/mainfunctions.lua"]:1105: variable 'global_error_widget' is not declared LUA ERROR stack traceback:
  7. Well I more like idea to hunt Narwhals with bubble pile - something like Whales in SW - than have jumpscare with narwhal and seal hybrid trying to attack me on land
  8. Narwhals could be sea alternative for Koalefants.
  9. Well Crab King isn't super duper boss, his drop is quite useless - for now. But Trident has great outlook as first and - for now - only one weapon with two other damage stats and spell attack. By two - basically 3! - other dmg I mean, other dmg on land (27.2) and other on (68) ocean/boat and other with spells (85), and his durability is fine like for me - 150 as melee and 50 as staff. Celestial can be useful in next update/updates. His harder version is just challenge. Like Enraged Klaus. But maybe he can get any buffs later? Whos know. Btw Misery Toad isn't useless! She has bigger drop and blueprint for napsack. I can agree with you that Sea Sells Seashells is a bit boring. I know Klei is working at RoT. But I have feelings like first 3 updates of ANR was more interesting than first 3 of RoT. We are getting a lot of new stuff, but most of them haven't applicable. Also ocean is really empty. Everywhere rocks, I hate rocks on sea. Shoars are fine, but we need more flora and fauna. For now sea is only for get some fish - but you don't need to do it -, for get salt, fight with Malbatross and Crab King - but again no pressure to do it -, and get some kelps. Also still we have one boat, new one would be amazing. I'm the biggest supporter of nature in DST and I'm really dissapointed. But I hope next updates will bring new life into sea.
  10. Or if you want to check if you have Crab King on your world without teleporting, you can use this command: ThePlayer.components.talker:Say(tostring(c_countprefabs("crabking"))) After use, your character will say count of enemies on your world. If will be 0, then you don't have Crab King.
  11. I'm pretty sure space between ichi dragonsoul is problem. Fixed version bottom. STRINGS.CHARACTER_TITLES.ichi_dragonsoul = "ichi dragonsoul" STRINGS.CHARACTER_NAMES.ichi_dragonsoul = "ichi dragonsoul" STRINGS.CHARACTER_DESCRIPTIONS.ichi_dragonsoul = "*perk 1\n*Perk 2\n*Perk 3" STRINGS.CHARACTER_QUOTES.ichi_dragonsoul = "\"Yet another adventure begins.\"" -- Custom speech strings STRINGS.CHARACTERS.ICHI_DRAGONSOUL = require "speech_ichi dragonsoul" -- The character's name as appears in-game STRINGS.NAMES.ICHI_DRAGONSOUL = "Ichi" STRINGS.SKIN_NAMES.ichi_dragonsoul_none = "Ichi"
  12. Hey there! I'm looking for any help with my problem. I want to make client mod which will be show up small icons, when character will be say specified quote. Example: Character will say his start quote about getting buff after eat any Spicy dishs and somewhere on screen will show up small icon. When buff will end character will say his end quote and then icon will dissapire. I know how to make second part of idea - with icon. Because it's not too hard. But I have no clue how to do first part with character quote.
  13. Basically should reduce the load of your GPU by load just the most important stuff close to you. But I don't know how it works in DST. It's new option.