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  1. You could gather all of the materials required for gift wrap, spawn in the amount of gift wrap you could make with the materials, and then burn the materials. So it would sort of be like crafting it, just without the actual event. Assuming that changing the event isn't possible.
  2. If you're willing to use console commands, and you're not able to change the event, you could just spawn in more honeycomb. Or actual gift wrap or bundling wrap, for that matter.
  3. I built a slanty shanty with the key to the city. I put some manure on the floor and went outside. I went back inside and picked up the manure, and the fly sounds didn't stop. I got rid of the manure altogether, and the fly sounds didn't stop. I could hear the fly sounds inside other buildings as well, where there was never any manure.
  4. I have a fond memory of playing in a public world with someone who was apparently playing the game for the first time as Woodie. This was before his refresh. They remarked how cool it was that they could chop wood so fast. The others of us in the world warned them not to chop too much, too fast. The Woodie player asked why very confused. We all just said vaguely that he was cursed without explaining what it was. Then the full moon came around, and they became werebeaver, and hilarity ensued. There is a kind of special fun that comes with seeing new players genuinely surprised by a funny, surprising thing like that in a game.
  5. I think there should be a way to get milk from volt goats without having to kill them. Perhaps either by domesticating them by feeding them like beefalo, or by using some kind of item on them while they're sleeping, like how you can shear wild beefalo with a razor.
  6. I don't think anyone knows. I've asked them about it through their contact email, but even though I received an email back from them assuring me that they were working on it, there hasn't been an update in maybe two years now. So it seems unlikely. I'd be very glad to be proved wrong, if someone from Klei would tell us otherwise. Maybe if they add Hamlet to the Switch version, they'll fix the bugs at the same time. I think they added Hamlet to one of the other consoles, or said they were going to.
  7. To anyone asking if this new stuff will be canon, it's clearly just a nightmare that Wilson is having while he's trapped on the throne. A horrible, horrible nightmare. None of it is really happening. None of it is real. That's what I'm telling myself anyway. *retreats to corner with headcanon* My precious...
  8. The vacant, slightly bewildered expression on that abomination's face cracks me up.
  9. I feel like Hamlet should stay its own separate thing. Having elements of it in DST feels like it would take away from both of them by making them less unique. Unless it was just Hamlet with multiplayer, without all of the regular DST stuff, like in a special kind of separate Hamlet server that doesn't connect to the regular DST worlds. That would be kind of cool. Same for Shipwrecked. But trying to include all of the RoG stuff, and all of the RoT stuff, and Shipwrecked stuff, AND Hamlet stuff on top of it feels like too much going on at once. At least, that's how it feels to me.
  10. I was willing to take what I could get. But yeah, if I could get my real wish, I'd want the picture of Wilson on its own. Didn't want to get too greedy. Or get my hopes up. ^o^;>
  11. I love this picture, particularly Wilson in his Victorian outfit. I just wish that the text wasn't on top of him. Is there a version of this image somewhere without the text?
  12. You might also make sure to rotate the camera anywhere you think you might have dropped it. It might be behind something where you can't see it from certain angles. Or it might be in Chester or a chest or a backpack.
  13. All right. I'll just assume they got added correctly. Thanks!
  14. Do the spools just appear in your game without any gift box or anything when you boot it up? I don't remember how many spools I had before clicking the links, so I'm not sure if it worked. ^o^;>
  15. But if Wormwood is a human, then it'll be a human rubbing poop all over his face, and... bleh.