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  1. While racing the rats, the song that plays kept reminding of me something. I finally realized it was reminding me very much of a song from Battletoads on NES. The song for the Rat Race level. Could this possibly be a coincidence? If so, it's one heck of a coincidence. ^o^;>
  2. Sailing Competition

    That boat race looked like fun! It was fun to watch. I notice the video says #1. I hope there will be more, I'd watch them.
  3. I think that you should be able to tame volt goats so you can get milk from them without killing them.
  4. Woodie - Killer confirmed?

    To be fair, Woodie does spent a lot of his time talking to an axe. Might make it a little less surprising if he does turn out to be an axe murderer.
  5. I'd be all for the Don't Starve radio idea, unless, in the middle of the music, it suddenly stops and offers me secret knowledge. Then I'm out.
  6. Are you satisfied with hamlet?

    I enjoyed Hamlet and feel satisfied with it. But I'm one of the ones who got it for free, so I'm inclined to be charitable toward judging it. @minespatch Wait, so... Maxwell's second sibling is his brother Jack who lives in California. His third sibling may or may not be hot-air Herald. ...Who's his first sibling?
  7. I found a huge pile of individual lucky gold nuggets near the middle of my map, as in, they weren't a stack, but all on top of each other in one spot. Like, 30-40 of them. I noticed I was only getting 2 lucky golds whenever I won a race, no matter how long it was, and I guess this explains where the rest of them were going. I assume this is the same glitch occurring. But I wasn't wearing a backpack when I picked up my carrat the majority of those times.
  8. Whenever new lore is teased, I am simultaneously super excited and absolutely terrified. Nothing official has contradicted my headcanon yet. Will this finally be the time that it does? Or will it fit in perfectly and be amazing? Anyway, you're great, Klei, for adding all this new stuff to the game for free, and I'm looking forward to all of the new stuff! long as you leave Wilson as he is, please; he's so wonderful and I love him just the way he is, please don't give us any more backstory for him, he already has an origin video, I don't mind a little refresh if you really think it's necessary but don't tell us anything else about his backstory, please...
  9. I'll keep making non-gold axes and shovels long after I have an alchemy engine and plenty of gold, purely because I love the gorge skins for them.
  10. Trees

    You can't stop the trees. Trees are alive. They are life. Life will not be contained. Life breaks free. It expands to new territories.
  11. If the idea is that, when you find Chester during an event, he and the eyebone have a different appearance to match the theme that otherwise has no effect on gameplay, I think that sounds like a really fun idea! He already looks a lot like a pumpkin, so a Hallowed Nights Chester could be even more pumpkin-y, maybe with a Jack o'lantern pattern on the side. Maybe Winter's Feast Chester could be white with red candy cane stripes. Lunar New Year Chester could maybe be red like a paper lantern.
  12. Better Starving?

    I like all of the thought that went into this idea. It's very clever. That said, I don't think anything like it should be added to the game. But I like the idea as an idea. It might make for an interesting mod.
  13. If you don't mind messing with the console commands, you can have the game warp you straight to a salt formation, and then I suppose you might immediately drown, but at least you'll find out where the salt is. I think the command would be something like: c_gonext("saltstack") You can learn more about console commands here:'t_Starve_Together_Commands I haven't done a ton with console commands (is that how people even refer to them?), so maybe there's a better way of doing it, assuming you want to go that route at all. That's my very basic understanding of it, though, in case that helps.
  14. I'm still hoping for skins for the meat effigy to look like other characters, because it just makes too much sense for that not to exist. I know that making one for every single other character would be a ton of work, so if I only got to pick one, I think I'd like to see one that makes it look like Maxwell. Assuming Wilson invented the meat effigies in the first place, since they're made to look like him and require beard hair, which only he can make on his own, it might make lore sense that Maxwell learned how to make them from Wilson before any other characters did, since they built the jury-rigged portal together. ...Y'know, ignoring the fact that every character makes a meat effigy shaped like Wilson completely independently from ever interacting with him in single-player Don't Starve for some reason, even though most of them say outright they have no idea why it looks like someone they've never met...
  15. When a gnarwail breaches from the ocean's surface, there's a sound like an epic rock guitar power chord. It's amazing, and I had no idea that was a thing until now, because I hadn't witnessed the awesomeness that is a gnarwail breaching before. Gnarwail Power Chord.mp4