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  1. I'm going to try contacting Klei directly about this. I'll post here if I learn anything new.
  2. We Switch owners have been reporting these problems for almost a year, and nothing has been fixed. Are we doing something wrong, Klei? What are we supposed to do?
  3. Thank you thank you thank you!
  4. This bug/glitch is still happening, even after the 1.0.4 patch. It's really quite game-breaking. You either have to enter the ruins on the first day of spring to avoid the season reset affecting anything or avoid the ruins completely. The crash also seems to affect thermal stones in strange ways, causing them to retain the affect of extreme temperature even when they haven't been heated or cooled recently, although dropping them on the ground seems to fix them. This thermal stone affect seems to only happen after the ruins season reset crash, but it may be unrelated. Lots of people have reported this ruins crash. It's really quite serious, and I hope that it gets fixed soon. I don't know what else to do to try to get this addressed, I've reported it myself several times. Is the Switch version not popular enough to warrant a faster fix?
  5. I take it back, playing another new RoG file and entering the ruins caused another crash, identical to the ones before the patch. I really hope this gets fixed someday.
  6. Something to write?

    You're saying you want something in the game to write down notes with? There isn't anything. But you could make notes on a real piece of paper, or on a word processing document on your computer, or on a note-writing app on your smartphone if you have one, to keep track of things you want to remember. There is also a lot of information on how every aspect of the game works on the Don't Starve wikia, including what each of the mushrooms do, both when they are raw and when they are cooked (since this changes how they behave significantly).
  7. This is still happening in the Switch version of Don't Starve. I was playing a new RoG game today, on day 70-something, the second spring of the game. I started to walk down a path into the prairie to go find beefalo, and the game froze. Had to quit to Switch menu and restart the whole game and lost all progress since the last autosave. I reported this last year. I hope it can be addressed in a future update for the Switch version of the game. That and the dawn/dusk music looping endlessly in Shipwrecked, which I've reported in the Shipwrecked bug tracker and posted about on the forum as well. Is there any way to know if these glitches are being addressed by Klei? The music thing is just mildly annoying, but the whole game crashing and making you lose progress when approaching beefalo sometimes (but not every time) is kind of a big problem.
  8. any kind soul

    Wow, this thread turned out to be a really nice story. Especially the six year followup. Not what I was expecting at all.
  9. While playing the Nintendo Switch version of Don't Starve, I went into a cave in RoG. Just broke open the plugged sinkhole with a pickax and went in. First of all, just "carving out" the cave took almost ten minutes. The Switch went dim from lack of input on the controller, it took so long. Then I started exploring the cave, and I came across a sunny spot, but within this sunny spot was the sound of flies buzzing that is normally around manure. But there was no manure. No guano, either. Not even grass or trees growing in the sunny spot. There was nothing there at all, but the sound of buzzing flies was LOUD. Kind of spooky. I assume it's a glitch or bug, so here is my report. There was a lot of guano in a different part of the cave, very far away from that spot, with the sound of many flies sounding exactly the same as the empty spot. Makes me wonder if somehow the sound effects attached to those pieces of guano was somehow displaced to another part of the cave.
  10. I wound up getting the correct current icon image from DST's Steam store page and manually set the game to use that icon in my Steam app, overwriting the Forge one. Removing the custom image makes it go back to the Forge again. Not really a fix, but at least I don't have that Boarilla (that isn't really there for me to fight anymore anyway) glaring at me every time I open Steam anymore. ^o^;> If someone knows a way to make Steam update the icon image properly, I'd be very glad to learn what it is.
  11. So, something must not be updating correctly on mine. What do I need to do to update it? The Winter's Feast event itself is working just fine in the game itself, just its Steam icon isn't updated.
  12. Maybe this is a Steam issue, but I'm only noticing this with Don't Starve Together, so I figured I'd ask here. The icon for DST is still showing the Forge, which has been over for quite some time. Is anyone else seeing this? Is there a way to force Steam to update the game icon to the current one? Or has Klei just not updated the game icon to reflect the current Winter's Feast event? This isn't a big deal, of course, but I'm curious if there's some easy thing I can click on to update it or something that I don't know about, or if it's supposed to be like this right now for whatever reason.
  13. I love the poem and the art that goes with it. And all of the beautiful new artwork in the game, the portraits and vignettes and everything. And also the lantern. Thank you for the beautiful lantern, Klei. ^_^
  14. Music for morning and dusk keeps looping

    This happens when I play Shipwrecked on Switch, too. Every single time, the dusk/dawn music just loops forever until the next period of the day starts (dusk or night). I was hoping it would be fixed with the last patch, but I tried it after the patch, and it's still doing it.
  15. I would like to know this as well. I wasn't able to find any patch notes for Don't Starve: Switch Edition version 1.0.4, which is what my Switch says it's on right now. I'm curious if certain bugs and glitches were fixed in this update. I can tell you one thing that definitely was not fixed: the Shipwrecked dusk/dawn music looping glitch. I just tested it. However, for what it's worth, I was able to go into the ruins in RoG, and the game didn't crash, and the season didn't reset to spring, which is what it did very consistently every time I entered the ruins for the first time in a game world before this update, so it seems they at least fixed what I think was probably the biggest problem with this version of the game.