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  1. This art is gorgeous and amazing! Whether or not you wind up finding a way to make a mod, you made some wonderful drawings!
  2. As someone who was also born in the Year of the Tiger, I would LOVE Year of the Catcoon to represent it. Maybe there could be a tiger-themed skin for the kittykit, too!
  3. I've had worlds where I don't think the orb meteor ever appeared properly. I think it may be a bug or a glitch or something. If the gonext command doesn't take you to it, then I don't think it exists in your world. Since you're able to use the console commands, you probably may as well spawn in the meteor with the orb in it, or the orb itself.
  4. I don't think "prestigiditator" is a real word, but prestidigitation means legerdemain, which means sleight of hand, which is used to create the illusion of magic. So a prestigiditator would presumably be someone or something that does magic.
  5. When I get tired of it, I play other games until I feel that Don't Starve craving again, and then I play Don't Starve. It always comes back, so just take a break, and you'll be back sooner or later.
  6. Maybe the lightning rod could be assembled and disassembled, so that when WX is around, they can take it down, then set it up again when they go elsewhere? A moveable lightning rod might be useful in general.
  7. Thanks for the recipes! And I have a question: If you learn a costume in one world, do you retain that knowledge in other worlds, like the cookbook recipes, or do you have to learn them again in each new world?
  8. I reported this a couple of years ago, but it's still happening with the most recent version of the game. I hope it's all right for me to report it again this way. The dusk/dawn musics loop repeatedly every time they are supposed to only play once.
  9. This bug is still in the game. I just tested it again to make sure, with the 1.0.6 version of the game.
  10. I always just listen to the in-game music and sound effects. I like to feel immersed in the Don't Starve experience. And I've been playing for upwards of 1,500 hours; I just have never gotten tired of it.
  11. Once you've researched the fire nettles with the gardeneer hat, you'll be able to recognize the sprouts, and I'm pretty sure you can dig those up safely before they grow big enough to sting you.
  12. She has less maximum health than Wilson, and she gets hungry a little faster. She both loses and regains sanity slower over time than other characters. But she doesn't mind being wet, so that's a perk.
  13. I still enjoy single-player Don't Starve. I like Shipwrecked and Hamlet, and I like the relatively simple nature of Reign of Giants compared to DST. There aren't so many bosses or things to do, it has the old style of farms, and bundling wrap is way easier to get. Plus you're able to pause the game when you look at the map. It's also a lot more challenging because you don't become a ghost and there's no rollback feature; if you die and didn't prepare for it correctly, then it's game over, your world is gone. And I like that challenge.
  14. I think it would be nice if bosses had less HP when only one person is playing. If larger groups of people feel like the bosses are too easy, then having the option to make them stronger sounds good, too. My experience is of playing alone most of the time, and I'm rarely able to defeat the bosses by myself, so that's my perspective on it. Perhaps you had other ideas of what increased difficulty means, though. My immediate thought was boss HP, but maybe you have other ideas?
  15. When examining the binding roots (which really startled me the first time they appeared, incidentally!), Wilson just says, "It's a... thing," like for other objects without a quote.