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  1. The swamp

    I often use the swamp as a place to get lots of free loot from spiders and merms and tentacles as they all kill each other. I also like to bring Deerclops to the swamp so that the tentacles will take care of it because I don't like fighting Deerclops directly. The fact that you can't transplant reeds ensures that I always have a reason to go back there from time to time, because I like making honey poultices and other things that use papyrus as well as various blowdarts. I think there's plenty of uses for the swamp. That said, if they add something new to it when they add the new character, I'd think that would be pretty cool.
  2. There is. It's called "feeding the poor little things because they're only crying because they're so hungry."
  3. Don't starve quiz

    I think crock pot questions might be fun. List ingredients, give four possible outcomes. For example: What will you get if you cook 1 monster meat, 1 berries, and 2 eggs? a. meatballs b. pierogi c. fist full of jam d. bacon and eggs
  4. We need this to be a thing...

    I don't really have anything to add to this discussion other than to express my amusement at the idea and point out the first part of my username.
  5. Bottlenose Ballphin do not spawn

    All of the ballphin palaces I've encountered in my game seem to be empty, too. I haven't figured out how to get ballphins to appear from them. I have seen ballphin pods swimming around without palaces, but the palaces seem to be dark and empty all the time, with no ballphins around. I don't think they used to be like this.
  6. Gem farms without Vargs?

    You can get gold for eggs from the Pig King, and you can get eggs from birds in a birdcage with any kind of meat, even leafy meat, and monster meat if you cook it first. Even playing as Wigfrid, you should be able to farm plenty of monster meat from spiders and other monsters. Also bunny puffs will get you some gold from the pig king, and aren't really good for much else after you've built some bunny houses and maybe a fur roll or two. As for the gems themselves, imsomony's advice is good. Tumbleweeds and hound waves/mounds and walrus camps are renewable sources of gems. And earthquakes, though I feel like that's the least reliable method of the ones available, it is an option.
  8. I personally turn off the Antlion, because it takes so long to get rid of sinkholes. Feels a little too punishing if you can't quite get to Antlion in time. If the sinkholes could be manually repaired to get rid of them faster, I wouldn't mind so much. Or if they just went away after fewer days. But they don't. So, when I play, usually, off goes Antlion. That said, I love when the bosses force you to do something about them them, like Bearger and Deerclops. So maybe something more like another giant that actually seeks you out would add that element of keeping the players on their toes. In single player Don't Starve, all four giants will show up and bother you directly at your base, if that's where you are. Don't Starve Together limits Dragonfly to the desert and Moose/Goose to specific nesting places that they won't stray far from. So, more bosses that storm your base and force you to do something about it sounds fun to me. Especially something like Bearger, that actively seeks out your stuff and robs you. An enemy that genuinely makes you angry by violating your space and your property. More of those could make the game more interesting.
  9. I'd had an idea for a mod character based on me, but since I know absolutely nothing about creating a mod character, it was always just an idea. ^o^;> Basically, my character would love the rain. If it's raining, my character gains sanity as long as she's less than 50% wet or so. After that point, she'd lose sanity like a normal character, because wet clothes are no fun after a while. If she's wearing wet clothes when it's not raining, she loses sanity like normal, too. She'd have a bit extra inherent resistance to the cold in winter, but increased vulnerability to heat in summer, and she'd overheat easily and take more damage while overheating. She would also absolutely refuse to eat chili peppers. Any crock pot recipe made with chili peppers will be rejected, even if the pepper was just filler. But she'd get an extra sanity bonus from eating honey and sweet foods like taffy and cookies. Alternately, she'd have a separate Sweet Tooth meter that depletes over time, and if it gets to zero, she'll slowly lose sanity over time until she eats something with honey in it, which will fill the meter back up. If the character is really based on me, then I got lured into the Constant by being told that I'd get to hang out with Wilson there, and he'd be exactly the way I imagine him in my headcanon. And he'd be my best friend there, naturally.
  10. Map glitching / crashes on Switch

    I've seen this map glitch, too. Don't know what causes it.
  11. Picked Grass still shown as unpicked Grass

    I've noticed this as well, and also with twig saplings. It seems to happen when there is strong wind. The stuck grass/twigs looked like they were in the middle of a swaying-in-the-wind animation. Perhaps picking them at just the right time during that animation causes it to get stuck on that one frame, but just for appearance. Maybe the wind "harvesting" them on that exact frame can cause the visual glitch as well.
  12. The new salt lick version made with salt could be called the Super Salt Lick or something. The Salty Salt Lick. The Super Salty Salt Lick. ...I'll stop myself. ^o^;>
  13. Crumbling carved stone

    I haven't heard of that. It sounds interesting. Can you post a screenshot with it and the name showing?
  14. Maybe there could be a salt lick plus, made with salt instead of nitre, and it offers some better benefit than the regular one.
  15. Rainbow Jellyfish on Land

    Yeah, my camp is on an island right next to the volcano. Aw, guess I'll just have to enjoy my little nightlight while he lasts. Maybe I'll get another one someday.