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  1. Working music starts over when switching tasks

    Or just chopping one tree and then chopping another tree. In fact, I'm wondering if it might just be restarting on its own, not reacting to anything I'm doing, on an awkward cut-short loop or something. The activities I was doing when I noticed the restarting music before might have been a coincidence.The music is definitely misbehaving, though.
  2. Nectar just has Wilson's generic reaction of, "It's a... thing." I don't know if other characters have a quote for it, because I only played as Wilson.
  3. Working music starts over when switching tasks

    Crafting something in the middle of working music seems to make it restart sometimes, too.
  4. I noticed the working music sometimes starts over mid-song when I switch between different tasks that normally trigger the music and keep it going, such as switching between chopping a tree with an axe and then digging up the stump with a shovel. Digging the stump makes the music start over. It's a little jarring.
  5. This is all very useful and interesting information. Thank you!
  6. I think stabilizing lunacy and lowering lunacy are the same thing. Making the points in the meter go lower. Right? Or am I mistaken? Reducing lunacy makes you less sleepy and not able to be attacked by the ghost things, yes? Or does stabilizing mean something else? I genuinely don't know all how it works yet, so maybe stabilization is something different. In any case, that's super interesting to me, lore-wise. The island is basically backwards land in terms of sanity. So many implications about the beings that live there, and the shadows on the mainland.
  7. Thanks for the information! I had sort of intuited that the island was a bit like a new ruins. I'm glad to understand it all better now. And it seems that the island basically makes sanity work backwards. I have a new question: do things that lower sanity lower lunacy as well? Will people on the island be avoiding nice, cooked food and eating raw monster meat and raw green mushrooms instead, because it makes them feel better somehow? Will Willow avoid fire like the plague? Will everyone be hanging out in total darkness for as long as possible, going to the light only long enough to avoid being attacked by Charlie? Will Maxwell be at a horrible disadvantage, constantly getting more and more "enlightened" no matter how hard he tries? That... answers at least one of my questions about the lore that I didn't ask yet, if it's true. Is it?
  8. I understand that, obviously, this content is still in beta and might change, but the way things currently are, I have some questions. [SPOILER WARNING, I guess...] I haven't played the beta myself, but I've seen some videos (made by people who didn't really understand what was going on, either). I'm trying to understand the enlightenment mechanic. It seems to replace the sanity meter while on the island. Does being more sane equate to being more enlightened? Or is it the reverse? Or are they completely separate? If being enlightened makes you slow and sleepy and susceptible to attacks from a ghost thing, is there any benefit to being in that state? Is it just like being insane again, but with slightly different side effects? If you change your amount of enlightenment, when you leave the island, does this change reflect in your sanity, whether directly or reversed, or does it go back to the way it was before you went to the island? Also, what benefit does the island give, other than the unique crafting station and the materials needed to craft the exclusive stuff? Or is that the main reason to go there? I assume there is/will be a boss there as well, so, the challenge part, I can understand. But in terms of just playing the game, what do you gain by visiting the island at all? Why go to the trouble of going there? I'm not saying there isn't a reason, I just want to understand more what it is. Is it just like another, harder-to-reach ruins, with unique monsters and things to craft and probably one or more difficult boss battles? Or is there more to it than that? And don't even get me started on my questions about the lore. Just... Just don't even get me started. XD I'll try to hold off on my lore questions until it's in a more finished state.
  9. Chris1448, I feel like I'm so tantalizingly close to getting the information I'm looking for. Do you perhaps know the folders that those files are located in on a Mac? [EDIT: Never mind, I found them, I used Steam's "browse local files" option to locate them. Thank you for inspiring me to look!] Also, Bluegeist, thank you very much! I'm so glad you understand my fascination with this! ^o^;>
  10. Does holding alt change from the normal greeting to reflect the interactions between the players? I'll have to try that next time I play. Also, does anyone know if there's a way to just view these lines of text from the game's files without playing it? Because that would be ideal.
  11. Where? When? And then do what? I can see the normal quotes, but not the ones that reflect the interactions between the players.
  12. On the Don't Starve wiki, there are collections of examination quotes for the characters, which is cool and great, and I find myself checking it all the time for various reasons. But there's one thing about them that I find slightly mysterious, and perhaps someone here can explain it. The characters have examination quotes for one another that seem to be variable, but I've never seen them change when I've played the game. Are they unimplemented but still part of the game's files? Or perhaps I haven't done the actions correctly the make them change? For example, it seems that characters will acknowledge one another if they've revived each other, but I haven't seen those quotes even after interacting with other players when we've revived each other. They also have different quotes for when the other characters have attacked or killed them, but I haven't seen those either. Where are these quotes coming from on the quotes list on the wiki? Are they in the game, and I just haven't seen them because I didn't do it correctly? Or what? And this is all building up to me being curious as to what the characters' reactions are to Wortox, since those quotes aren't on the wiki yet. Can anyone please tell me the different reactions that the other characters have to him? Like when greeting him, and the other reactions that are listed on the quotes pages on the wiki. Because those are blank on the wiki I was checking. Doesn't have to be all of the characters, though that would be interesting. The one I'm most interested in is Wilson's. And if there's a way to see these quotes by somehow examining the game's files, I'd be willing to check it myself, if someone can tell me how to find them. Because I'll have the same questions about Wormwood and Warly once they're added to the game, too, and if I can just check myself, then I won't have to bother anyone about it. ^o^;>
  13. I'd like to be able to listen to just the nature sounds from the various biomes and times of day of Don't Starve, and perhaps also Shipwrecked and Hamlet, without having to be actively playing the game. Is there anywhere that these sounds can be heard outside of the game? Perhaps someone has extracted them from the game's files, or maybe they're available on a soundtrack somewhere?
  14. I chose "other" in the poll. All I'm hoping for in future animated shorts is that nothing will contradict my headcanon. I have quite an elaborate headcanon that I've developed over the years. ^o^;> I've been lucky so far. Nothing has contradicted it yet. Maybe I'll keep being lucky. I hope...