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  1. @Scrimbles I think the point of the art style shift for the fight scene was to represent how Wigfrid felt while playing the character. Playing that operatic valkyrie made her feel like an epic animé warrior, which is why she cared enough about getting to play Wigfrid again that she readily accepted a deal from a mysterious shadow that magically appeared in her house. It may have also been representing how good she was at playing that role, that when she was on stage, that's how much she lit it up. Whatever it is, I think it meant something, rather than just being pretty colors and a flashy action sequence. Doesn't mean you have to like it, of course, but perhaps interpreting it that way might make it less distasteful to you.
  2. Separate from the way Wigfrid was changed in the game itself, which is a different conversation entirely and not the point of this thread, I just really love her animated short. Everything about it is beautifully done and very clever. The animation, the music, and all of the detail everywhere is great. Wigfrid's motivation is set up very clearly, and it's very believable that she would accept Maxwell's offer. In addition to just being awesome to watch, the fantasy fight sequence perfectly illustrates how playing the character "Wigfrid" makes her feel great, and you can see why she misses it so much. Every moment of Maxwell is perfectly dark and gave me chills, from the slow clap, to seeing the font he uses to speak again after all this time, to the newspapers that made Wigfrid so unhappy turning into a shadow of him. And that sly smile when he calls her "pal." I don't think we've seen Maxwell actually speak to any of the people he kidnapped other than Wilson so far, so I was delighted to see more of him being the crafty, charismatic puppet master that we all first saw him as. So, I just wanted to say how much I freaking loved that video. Amazing work, Klei, quite possibly your best animated short yet.
  3. So, this happened to me: I think that boats and sailing around is pretty cool, but being able to miss important things by that close of a margin is really frustrating, and something like a telescope or some other tool to look farther out to sea than the tiny radius around your boat would make it a lot less frustrating. Or just a bottle map or something that shows where Crab King is, some kind of clue or hint. Maybe even just something floating in the water in a larger area around him. That would reduce the frustration a lot, since I might have seen it when I sailed so close to him without knowing it.
  4. So, I sailed around my world for in-game weeks. No sign of Crab King. So I broke down and used a console command to warp straight to him, just to see where he is. I drowned immediately of course, but that put him on my map. Behold my frustration: In those screenshots, you can see my world map, and the circuitous route I sailed all around it. Then you can see the proximity of Crab King to my base. And then you can see how rage-screamingly close I came to finding it naturally. I think this is a real problem with the Crab King specifically and looking for stuff in the ocean in general. We need something to see farther while on a boat, or at least something to give a hint as to where Crab King and other important ocean stuff is.
  5. I'll make a close-ish circuit of the mainland, and I'll start near the Pig King biome. In theory, I should be able to find Crab King just by going around the whole mainland once, if I stay at about the right distance from the shore the whole time. Thanks for your help, both of you. Here's hoping it works! Also a crow's nest or something similar is a great idea! I hope some option to increase the range of sight on boats is available someday, because finding stuff at sea can be really frustrating sometimes.
  6. I like building boats and sailing around. I think both the Lunar Island and Pearl's island are pretty cool. My only problem with sailing is how hard it is to find anything at sea. The ocean is huge, you move slowly compared to how big it is, and you can only see in a small radius around yourself, there's no telescope or anything like in Shipwrecked. If you're looking for anything small and specific, like salt, or sea weeds, or Crab King, it seems like you just have to get lucky and blunder into the right place. You could be sailing right past what you're looking for without ever knowing it. I think either a telescope-like item or more clues to hint at where certain ocean-based objects are would make it much better.
  7. I've been sailing around my world looking for Crab King for quite a while, and I haven't found him yet. Is there a particular kind of place he appears in the ocean, or can his ring of rocks appear anywhere in the water? Does he appear more often near any other locations, like the lunar island, or Pearl's island, or a particular biome on the mainland? I know I could just use a console command to show me where he is, but I'd like to be able to find him by playing normally, if I can. But if it's just luck whether you happen to sail near the ring of rocks around him, with no hints or clues in the game to indicate where he might be, I might just use the console if I don't find him soon. Because the lunar island is relatively easy to find using the shape of the mainland as a guide, and Pearl's island is outright revealed on the map if you find a bottle. Is there even a tiny clue as to where to find Crab King in a given world?
  8. What I most recently learned from the cookbook is that seafood gumbo is ridiculously difficult to make, since, unless I'm misunderstanding something, it requires either eels or barnacles, otherwise any other combination of fishes will turn into surf'n'turf or something else. I seem to recall making seafood gumbo unintentionally a lot in Shipwrecked. What's different in DST? Recipe priority? Is this intentional or some kind of oversight? Either way, I'm still really happy with the cookbook. I've learned about a lot of dishes that I never made before that I probably will make more often now that I can easily see what stats they recover and what ingredients they use. Plus you get to see all of the foods in nice, high-quality art in the cookbook.
  9. I just want to say that I think the addition of the cookbook is brilliant. It gives purpose to cooking every unique dish in the game at least once. I never bothered making any of the recipes that call for barnacles, for example, because it's so much work to gather them, and the dishes themselves don't seem worth the effort. But now that they're required to fill slots in the cookbook, I was happy to have a new mini-goal to accomplish, and it was satisfying to finally cook the barnacle-based dishes. It also gave me a reason to finally play as Warly, who I wound up enjoying playing as while gathering ingredients for his special foods. And the clever thing about the cookbook is that DST itself is still the same, just now that the game keeps track of the foods you've cooked, it provides motivation to actually cook everything that's been available all this time. And I've been having a lot of fun doing it. Well done, Klei.
  10. There used to be, many moons ago. Ah, the days of my youth... But, yeah, I think that picture in the first post is probably just a picture of a TV with a screenshot edited onto it. It wouldn't make sense for there to be a TV ad for Don't Starve, especially several years before it was even made.
  11. You might also try clearing your cookies and see if that helps it to start over with new symbols.
  12. In what way are the sound effects different? Have you submitted a bug report if you think it's a glitch?
  13. I built a slanty shanty with the key to the city. I put some manure on the floor and went outside. I went back inside and picked up the manure, and the fly sounds didn't stop. I got rid of the manure altogether, and the fly sounds didn't stop. I could hear the fly sounds inside other buildings as well, where there was never any manure.
  14. All right. I'll just assume they got added correctly. Thanks!
  15. Do the spools just appear in your game without any gift box or anything when you boot it up? I don't remember how many spools I had before clicking the links, so I'm not sure if it worked. ^o^;>