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  1. I never knew that a buzzing robot noise could sound so anguished before I watched that video.
  2. I knew I was saving my Klei points for something important! Got 'em all now. Thank you for making them available this way!
  3. Maybe WX was Wagstaff's sibling or other relative, so they were both Wagstaff.
  4. As a Wilson main, I really like this idea. I like Wilson the way he is, I don't think he needs to be changed. But allowing him to change the game for other characters sounds really cool.
  5. I already have all the skins I want, but I wanted to say how generous it is of you to do this giveaway. Super nice!
  6. You have to craft a garden digamajig and make a farming plot to use the hoe on, if you haven't done that already.
  7. Wilson is 100% an alchemist/artificer. Maxwell would be a warlock with the pact of the tome. I agree that Wolfgang would be a barbarian. Not sure about the others. ^o^;>
  8. I first heard about Don't Starve because BaerTaffy played it. I'd been watching his videos for a while, and then I saw that, and it looked like a fun game to me, so I bought it for myself. I got it on Wii U first and fell in love with it. Then I bought it again on Steam so that I could play Shipwrecked. And then I got DST and Hamlet. And I also bought Don't Starve on Switch, even if, as mentioned in the post before mine, the ports aren't of the best quality. Don't Starve and DST are among my favorite games of all time.
  9. These are very useful charts! I think adding surf 'n' turf to the wobster one might be a good idea, since surf 'n' turf is a really good dish, and it just needs wobsters and monster meat to make.
  10. I got Ancient Guardian damaged enough that he started doing that jump attack. I died and came back later, and he did the jump attack across a gap in the floor and into the labyrinth and killed me again. Which was fine, my fault for getting so close so carelessly. But then he tried to go back into the arena and got stuck walking/hopping endlessly against one of the permanent pillars, which was in the middle of the only route into the arena. The endless hopping behavior looked like it was unintended, because he was stuck trying to get back inside, so I figured I'd report it. No mods.
  11. I couldn't fine né with one E in the English dictionary, only née with two E's. In French, it may well be incorrect. In English, there may not be an alternative.
  12. It's a word that means "formerly known as."
  13. I know a lot of people seem to be upset about the new crafting menu, and I hadn't tried it until today, and I was expecting it to be really bad based on what people were saying. But I didn't have any problems with it. To me, it seems mostly the same, just arranged a little differently. Yes, it will take a little getting used to, but it's not nearly as different as I thought it was going to be. Just putting that out there. One person (me) thinks it's fine. It's also fine if other people disagree. I'm not saying that I'm right or that anyone else is wrong. Just my opinion.