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  1. Just updating this thread here, too, since it's the same issue as the other. My mod for disabling overlays has the option to disable the blur post processing effect:
  2. Wagstaff's blurr problem

    My overlays disabler mod has the option to turn off the blur which can be found at: Technically the blur removal was already done a couple of days ago, but I couldn't promote it after I mucked up all of the Hamlet overlays out of it. Thankfully there was a user who still had a backup of the old version before my blunder!
  3. Already ready and have the code to do it, just waiting to see if anyone has a backup of my overlays disabler mod with hamlet support in it. It's in and mod's all fully functional again, thanks to Amnesiac there on Steam.
  4. widgets/sandover is the file with all of its details. Good luck!
  5. Should lump that into an if-else to stop it from calling the below code immediately in case the netvar changes immediately. inst:AddComponent("edible") inst.components.edible.foodtype = FOODTYPE.WOOD inst.components.edible.woodiness = 0 inst.components.edible.healthvalue = 0 inst.components.edible.hungervalue = 0 inst.components.edible:SetOnEatenFn(function(inst, eater) if eater.prefab == "woodie" then if eater.isbeavermode:value() then eater:RemoveTag("beaver") eater.Network:RemoveUserFlag(USERFLAGS.CHARACTER_STATE_1) eater.isbeavermode:set(false) eater:PushEvent("stopbeaver") OnBeaverModeDirty(eater) else eater:AddTag("beaver") eater.Network:AddUserFlag(USERFLAGS.CHARACTER_STATE_1) eater.isbeavermode:set(true) eater:PushEvent("startbeaver") OnBeaverModeDirty(eater) end end end)
  6. The sandstorm effect is an animated overlay that is applied, whereas the blur in DS is a post processing shader.
  7. There's no pick and choose with the default code. I hear Island Adventures reworks the way spider webs is handled, so I suspect that the mod could also make snow on a per-tile basis as well.
  8. Most of it is hackish workarounds. We don't really have access to the shader part of the engine to add in more or edit existing ones from the mod api. Can, however, disable the game from changing parameters for these shaders on the lua side. See: Post Processor Disabler.
  9. I have found a repeat case for this bug: 1) Kill a spider to spawn a soul. 2) Teleport away before the soul is collected but after it starts following you- timing required. 3) Repeatedly teleport away until the following soul is 64*1.2 units away and goes into limbo. 4) Wait the remaining 6 seconds before the 'miss' timer calls. 5) Server crash because the owner isn't valid anymore (soul is in limbo or spawner is in limbo/deleted). This can be fixed by editing~ scripts/components/projectile.lua:167:: function Projectile:Miss(target) local attacker = self.owner if self.owner.components.combat == nil and self.owner.components.weapon ~= nil and self.owner.components.inventoryitem ~= nil then attacker = self.owner.components.inventoryitem.owner end To be: function Projectile:Miss(target) local attacker = self.owner if attacker ~= nil and attacker.components.combat == nil and attacker.components.weapon ~= nil and attacker.components.inventoryitem ~= nil then attacker = attacker.components.inventoryitem.owner end All of the other base code makes the assumption that the attacker field can be nil so passing nil to it won't be an issue for the '.onmiss' callback.
  10. Varg summon Depths Worms in cave

    The warg uses the world's hounded component to spawn things. In the caves the hounded component's prefabs that spawn are the worms. You've used the console to spawn a prefab in the caves that doesn't by normal game standards ever exist there.
  11. TheInput:IsKeyDown(KEY_ALT) always gets stuck

    One is a polling method and the other is an event driven system. In Windows when you alt-tab out of a program it no longer has focus and thus key events don't fire. So holding down a key and then switching focus won't fire the key-up event.
  12. Profile:UnlockEverything() It's better as it can be ran from the main menu like where you're at. L's can only be ran in-game.
  13. Judging from how 50/50 the poll is, this would make for a great option or mod.
  14. [Game Update] - 327257

    @Jason data/DLC003/scripts/prefabs/trusty_shooter.lua:155