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  1. -- Given function somefunc(a, b, c) print(a,b,c) return b end -- Test1 print("_Test 1_") print(somefunc("test", "ing", 1, 2, 3)) -- Do local oldfunc = somefunc somefunc = function(arg1, arg2, ...) arg1 = "prehook changes arguments!" local retval = {oldfunc(arg1, arg2, ...)} retval = {"posthook changes return values!"} return table.unpack(retval) end -- Test2 print("_Test 2_") print(somefunc("test", "ing", 1, 2, 3)) For DST, table.unpack may just be unpack. Output: _Test 1_ test ing 1 ing _Test 2_ prehook changes arguments! ing 1 posthook changes return values!
  2. I'll go with the the first one. There's a very useful "feature" under Windows that if you hold the <action key> for picking up items you can click off the window and do some browsing- the game does not pick up the <action key up> event in this case and your character continues to pick up things in the background. This does not work under OS X, and as far as I know never has.
  3. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    I'm sure, then, that this makes you feel even more comfortable.
  4. image.png.6bc8c37fe008f3a3c92041be73feeaa7.png



    Just posting for the gaggles and jiggles.  And a recorded timestamp for the inevitable to come.

    1. CarlZalph





      Few more 'cause why not.  Wortox smellin' the air for souls 'n' all.

    2. Mobbstar


      Are you sending skin requests to achieve these things? I don't think a "The World" skin request would work at all. Whatever you do, it's amazing.

    3. Starlogy


      is that a JOJO reference?

  5. It is as you've heard- the game is made in Unity and as such a lot of the base code is exposed for people to edit to their whim. Having a global leaderboard would give rise to a lot of very low times and such and would, as you pointed out, need moderation. Mark, the lead dev for this project, made mention on the discord that the team thought about having a community-moderated board by having an 'overwatch' styled review system like Valve does with counterstrike or have elected people do moderation. Me, personally, after probing the leaderboards multiple times would say that a global leaderboard would be a really bad idea unless these safeguards were put in place well before the times were exposed to everyone else. It'd look bad to see all the cheats and frauds run amok the legitimates.
  6. Twigs HD

    Insofar as I know once the texture uploads to the GPU, regardless of initial format, it'll get converted to something the GPU handles more efficiently; it may do some form of DXT conversion on the fly to either some raw DXT block or DDS. This would also include it generating mipmaps if needed. So it may be more beneficial for you to do the conversion beforehand for some performance increase during loads/texture swaps, but I'm not sure how the engine+hardware handles such things exactly. This would also let you fine tune how much lossy compression is applied to your texture by visual inspection to see the degradation of the various settings at your disposal. Only making a mention of this since you've declared RGBA as a visual standard- it's good for things that have a desire to be edited, but baking into a GPU texture for rendering would increase runtime performance either during loading or texture swapping states.
  7. I need to meet more of your acquaintances; too many of mine find Hallowe'en to be not a jolly time period.
  8. Posting these things on this forum is forbidden under the name and shame rules set forth. However, information as to which server was affected and what actions were done are not. This being said, there's little to be discussed other than this post being a heads up if you play on public servers to be weary of similar activity.
  9. Options for everything is something I'd always advocate for. The issue comes with having too many options and not a clean enough way to present them. Currently the in-game options menu is nothing more than a bunch of checkboxes with no real order or grouping. If these features are to be added, then I'd also have to suggest a cleanup on the UI for the options to have some categorization. Someone looking to turn off sounds has no business reading about how they can change the resolution of the rendering window. Also shameful plugs for 1&2 in the time being:
  10. I wouldn't mind Klei adding it in the base game or taking my limiter verbatim. They did it for some performance related doodads in Hamlet when I put my mod up for that related to the vines and such which benefits people more than those who subscribed to one of my mods.
  11. I'd like to see something that isn't quite restricted to Hallowe'en time. Thematic, sure, but able to be summoned outside the set time frame.
  12. SetMultColour() issues in Hamlet only

    This seems to imply that the shader used in Hamlet differs from the non-Hamlet versions. When something goes wrong on the shader level the engine itself explodes as, as far as I know, when this happens the graphical context gets deleted- it's a runtime error on the GPU. The only things that I can think of that have special handling are the vines, light rays, and the black overgrowth spots in the jungle. Try setting in your options for the game to turn them off and see if your mod still explodes. If this doesn't help it, then I'm not sure- it's something with a shader somewhere not compliant with the rest of the game's assets.
  13. 64*1.2 = 76.8 units away from any player.
  14. Alternatively if you have multiple Steam accounts you can also, for the time being, offload items onto it via Steam trading. In case you don't want to melt items to the trade-inn person, or market them.
  15. There's a global sound mixer that has an audio volume output that's being added into it, so now they can make some sounds relatively louder than others easier, and the Front End is just a construct that houses all of the GUI, sounds, etc that the user sees directly and can influence.