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  1. Catcoon den Klei server afaik. And yeah they do, but of course you'll get on the regulars' bad side if you go around torching or hammering things.
  2. need help for a MOD i need

    You can associate a server to a specific steam group in the settings. See: If you're thinking about putting a button to advertise your steam group for any server installing a mod, then, well, I'd advise against it.
  3. if #TheSim:FindEntities(x, y, z, radius, {"player"}) == 0 then -- No players in radius from coordinate {x,y,z} end
  4. To me Webber has the duality to contend with. A balance, if you will, between the human and monster side. Since monster meat is his bread and butter, I could see having him eat it shifts him to being more monster than human whereas human food would shift towards being the Webber as we have him today. This is sort of lore friendly now with Woodie's idols and such. Could dynamically shift his maximum sanity levels down the more monster he is and buffing stats like damage and damage reduction, for example, while letting him craft his new web-based inventions only while he's closer to his human self; humans make inventions, monsters use their natural abilities granted by their physique. Both states would let him benefit the team, from monster being more of a fighter and the human being an item producer. Since character-specific craft stuff can be seen as a "choose once and then choose a real character later with the portal" thing, I'd advise any sort of craftable be useful but at the same time disposable. Take the bundling wrap idea for example, since it came from Webber it would thus be a one time use wrap.
  5. @X-lem As per permission from nome there, this information is freely able to be posted. If you exclude the rowId from the query and leave it blank, then it will try to spit back all of the servers as one blob. Nome mentioned that it's undocumented behaviour that may vanish at any point in time, so mind that. From my test you have 2 minutes to download the file, or on their end the session times you out but doesn't disclose that it stops. This is a BaSH script I made a while ago that scrapes all of the major regions and spits them as json files for further processing: #!/bin/bash token='pcl-usc^KU_^DontStarveTogether^otherpartsoftokenhere' servers=(us eu china sing) for i in ${servers[*]} do curl -k -X POST -d \ '{"__gameId":"DontStarveTogether","__token":"'${token}'","query":{}}' \ https://lobby-${i} > \ /data/dst_${i}.json done On that drive I have a mount point /data/ for things like this. I use the '-k' field there to ignore any sort of cert errors since the data passed and received really isn't anything too sensitive that I'd lose time or money on if someone sniffed it out of the blue. Further parsing is on you, since json has so many third party libraries to handle it for you these days. You know I was asking someone earlier today how many platforms Klei was going to support because this 19 seemed arbitrarily high. Now I know the PS4 servers Klei hosts are superior in that they work for XBLIVE, PSN, and STEAM all at once..!
  6. Stick that tesla rod from the OP's post into any of Winona's generators to add lightning as an alternative power supply. Only issue I thought of is it sort of turns Wilson into another "craft and switch" styled character like Winona/Warly is sort of now. You do the stuff, get the rewards, then pick a "real" character to reap bigger benefits.
  7. Inside the server's session folder exists the world state and folders for each KleiID user (client). Encoded paths take the KleiID and transform them into a two-way encoding that's all uppercase characters. I think it was added to let OSes that are case insensitive handle the filepaths properly since KleiIDs are case sensitive which allows for duplicate looks IDs but with different case. When you switch it to the non-encoded then the server "loses" the characters as the game is no longer looking for encoded folder names but rather the KleiIDs individually. It's best to leave it encoded. As for the connection issue with the client failing to connect directly, the c_connect isn't super supported. It's just there as a debug leftover.
  8. What's the difference between this and: I haven't done anything with either yours or his, but seems like recreating a wheel if one already exists. Well, besides the mod apparently needing updated? Hah, it might be broken I 'unno.
  9. One day takes 480 seconds, and seeds take TUNING.SEEDS_GROW_TIME time which is 1800 seconds. So 3.75 whole in-game days to be more precise than the wiki. Seeds do not have a grower component, nor does the world facilitate it for when seeds get planted- the grower component is affected by weather and other things such as the richness of the soil. So Woodworm's seeds aren't affected by them. On the plus side he can plant them wherever, more compactly, and without resources rather than using a farm plot which has all of those downsides.
  10. 1) Cookie cutters. Just smack 'em with a pointy thing and they'll die before they cut holes into your cookie boat. 2) From scripts/prefabs/birdcage.lua:76-85: --If the food has a relavent seed type: --Spawn 1 or 2 of those seeds. local num_seeds = math.random(2) for k = 1, num_seeds do inst.components.lootdropper:SpawnLootPrefab(seed_name) end --Spawn regular seeds on a 50% chance. if math.random() < 0.5 then inst.components.lootdropper:SpawnLootPrefab("seeds") end So 50% chance on getting 2 seeds of the item given, and another 50% roll for getting a generic seed; independent rolls.
  11. DST is mainly a single threaded game, and there's really nothing you can do to change that with how the LUA state is handled.
  12. This cliff side beckons for someone to fall off of it.