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  1. The only odd part about the gems that drew my attention is that the one on Pugna's belt is a red one, but was carved to look like a purple. This was made consistent in the promotional poster, animation, and in-game; it must be important to keep the shape. He can teleport things into the arena, which the purple gem has the power to do. Perhaps he's able to replicate other gem types by carefully crafting one to look like another or to perfect one into being at or above the power of another. In real life, the creation of crystals is a process that is done easier with both time and heat to reduce the odds of creating impurities in the alignment of the hardening material. The longer time and slower the descent of temperature the easier it is to make crystals perfectly. The Forge is surrounded by seemingly endless heat supply, and clearly the area has a surplus of supplies to sustain themselves if they've gone to arena combat for entertainment purposes. So time they have, too.
  2. As per: What is or is not "inappropriate of offensive" would probably be handled by Klei and their moderation team for workshop content. For instance, there was a bunch of Nazi imagery on a specific Starbound workshop mod that got pulled by the Chucklefish team while it by itself wasn't "offensive" enough by the Valve moderation team to take action against. So you'll have to wait for someone at Klei to chime in on this as it's to their discretion. From my viewpoint I see little to no reason to have such (gore/violence/torture)-based mods, but I know some people are into it. To each their own in that regard.
  3. Hanging them up like a coat on a rack, or hanging like a rope around a neck? 'Cause one I wouldn't see much issue with, and the other would be done in poor taste.
  4. Making character afraid of webber

    Each call on the function FindEntity uses TheSim:FindEntities, which always iterates over all entities. It's best to have it in as few calls as possible, and optimally just one. The sanity component's custom rate function is called quite frequently, too, so this is going to be compounded by a lot. A bit of an obscure method on doing this is to create or hook into sanity auras with custom rates. Sanity.lua calls TheSim:FindEntities already and does the calculations based on proximity as-is for all entities that have these rates. May as well add a little bit of load here than to iterate more. Lines 288-296 of sanity.lua: And example of this here, for "winona" prefab which would be replaced with your character's prefab name:
  5. I personally came to the conclusion that the "gift" system is going to be renamed to "chests" and instead of sciencing them open, you must open them up at this person, or menu-person ala trade-in man. Klei's already made it so that we're getting event "chests" for pugna's arena in the gift system, it wouldn't be that far fetched to think that they'd be changing the system a bit. In addition, it would be a waste of their resources for them to make all of the pugna chest GUI scripts to not re-use them for things post the event. This includes player levels and an experience system. I wouldn't mind getting four chests with four items a piece per week myself, and from the thread here: It would seem to imply that the chest GUI is a bit dynamic in how many items are going to be neatly organized in the GUI panel. So, perhaps, that there could even be different rarity of chests that grant more items or such. This is all speculation of course and it may just be my imagination running a bit wild. Time will tell, if nothing else.
  6. Making character afraid of webber

    Instead of calling FindEntity multiple times, you can just use the function: TheSim:FindEntities(origin_x, origin_y, origin_z, radius, musthavetags, canthavetags, musthaveoneoftags) And populate the musthaveoneoftags with a table of each. Example: TheSim:FindEntities(x, 0, z, TUNING.SANITY_EFFECT_RANGE, nil, {"INLIMBO"}, {"spider","spider_warrior","spider_den","spiderwhisperer"}) Webber's special tag is "spiderwhisperer" from his prefab file, and the maximum radius negative sanity aura affects should be applied to is 10.0 units in-game, the value of TUNING.SANITY_EFFECT_RANGE. Then iterate over the list of entities returned by it if it returned not nil, and add onto a delta sanity counter to then do a delta sanity tick for your character. Or if you're just wanting the closest entity only to matter, then get the first entity index returned by the function- it's automatically sorted by proximity.
  7. Unfortunately for me, twice I had it happen and neither gave me any of the achievements to the related characters nor levels.
  8. I'm glad that the issue with the disconnect post boss was looked into and fixed. Real gut-buster having a win and then it being yoinked away. As an aside, you're so close to your "elite" post, Vito. Make 'er count..!
  9. If it were to be monetized in this fashion, then I would have to lean on the idea that the gate's at the server host and once people join in then they won't be left out as the 'worst case scenario' from a consumer standpoint. But this leads to the issue that dedicated servers, where the majority of regulars I see tend to go on, would be the main ones hit. Issue is that these people are the ones hosting for free as-is, and would be essentially slapped in the face by Klei to push them to pay more than they already are doing for the costs of hosting. I don't see why Klei wouldn't just put an in-game feature that lets you donate money to them directly from the Steam wallet with no expectancy of reward in return. Could then have on the main menu the total time played by the user and the average cost per hour played as a sort of a means to tell someone just how much entertainment they're actually getting per dollar spent.
  10. How does this code work?

    Do you have a workshop link? This looks to be precompiled lua bytecode obfuscated LUA code being loaded in a really sketchy way, like an attempt to hide something. I'd like to take a look at it. Top code portion from: Looking for bottom portion still. Found the bottom portion, and it's full of obfuscated files: Time for the real fun. Author of the file on Steam: Which is a sock puppet/alt of: Not sure why there's the use of the alt. From the message and me trying to understand Google's poor attempt at translation, it would seem to imply someone tried stealing the mod and so the author ran it through an obfuscation and isn't doing it maliciously. Will still look through. First layer of obfuscation broken on modmain2.lua. There are many layers. I'll continue unraveling this madman's work of art. Finished all the layers in modmain2.lua, and the code is just this in the end: modimport("td1madao/hehe/td1madao_ikaros_global_hehe.lua") "hehe" indeed, mod author. Good show of fun. I won't be going through each of these files to break into them, as it just appears to be the mod author trying to stop people from stealing their code.
  11. I don't have a system that does, but from screens/optionsscreen.lua: It's implied that it dynamically gets the monitor's native resolution and refresh rate settings to choose from.
  12. @Banbo Don't Starve isn't a huge graphically demanding game and I get a constant 60 fps no problems. I play on a GPU that's basically slightly better than an Xbox 360s (it's garbage) and I only ever get frame drops when some admin spawns in a stack of thousands of entities in a spot. To put it in perspective that card there is ~5-6 times more powerful/fast than mine is. The CPU is about 1.5 times faster than mine and with more cores, so that's good. Any RAM at or above 8GB should be fine for any game out ever, really. Even 4GB would suffice for most games. Something to note is that your monitor's refresh rate would potentially be a bottle neck if it's a 60Hz monitor- the hardware rendering at more than 60fps won't visibly display unless you have a better monitor like a 120Hz or one of those 144Hz. I think there are even 240Hz running around, but I haven't been keeping track on that.
  13. 'Bout the biggest gripe I have with the split is that the mod API and way certain things are handled in both versions means having two forks of codebases for mods to function the same/similar. In some cases the changes needed to make another version work can result in needing to use upvalues and the LUA debug library interface, which isn't the most elegant of solutions and can break during updates more easily than function wrapping/hooking. Being well versed in just one codebase doesn't necessarily mean that you can do the same in the other just as easily, and may take effort on your part to port it. Look at how many DS mods aren't in DST and vice-versa due to the incompatibilities. From a consumer standpoint I can see why some people would see the split as a bad thing, since it would from a layman's point of view be paying for two copies of essentially the same game. While this is not completely true, it's all about the perception of the buyer that really matters when the buyer is making the decision to pay at all or not. From a company standpoint I can see why Klei decided to split and if I were in a similar scenario I might have done the same if I needed more funds/employees/time due to budgeting concerns. Unfortunately real world constraints exist and it was decided that splitting was the best course of action at the time, and so it is so. As Joe pointed out there, they had also made a promise to the community. I respect those who keep to their words more than those who do not, and I feel that many others would agree. Something about loyalty comes to mind. It reminds me of other companies before they got too big to care. I just hope Klei doesn't hit that point any time soon when they get too big and stop caring.
  14. Why?

    Should make some sanity stations and judge others for their lowly inability to create such devices. Hmm.. #ShamelessPlug ?
  15. First and foremost turn off client lag compensation/prediction. It will let you improve your actions relative to the server's latency to you without you having to guess where your body is really at or if it needs to send more movement commands to continue moving. For instance, with it on and you click once to move to a place but you got hit on the server but not on your client then your body is where you were hit at on the server when on your client your body is where you clicked at. It's a huge desync issue that is solved by removing the lag compensation/prediction.