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  1. Retain usage of the databundle zip archive by deleting the loose script files you have, and if that fails then tell Steam to verify the integrity of the game data.
  2. It's been in the files prior to this beta.
  3. This appears to be an issue of semantics with respect to how popularity is being defined. In terms of pick rate versus in terms of how much a player likes a character- both are valid from the right perspective. The numbers only show pick rates, which I'd say that the highest picked character is popular. Not in the respect of how liked they are, but in how frequent you will see them. This is correct and an axis that should be used for balancing purposes. The numbers I push out are more for a generalization purpose. When one character is a chunk higher than all of the others consistently, then it's highly implied that the character is either too good or too easy. Likewise the inverse for characters not picked (wes). This is not to say that the character isn't fun. There's quite a lot of factors one would need to consider that pick rates don't show, and here's a list I thought about: Is it a DLC character, player's total play time, friends in the same server and their choice of character, whether or not "everyone pick one character only" indirect rule is in effect, join total day count on server, other players' choices of characters already on the server, whether or not the player is a "nomad" or "baser", overall goal of the player at the time (ruins rusher/boss rusher/lunar rusher/etc, base builder, farming simulator, cooking). But, ultimately, Klei is seemingly balancing around how fun a character feels and plays rather than the numbers game. Games are meant to be enjoyed as a form of entertainment. Too harsh a downside and it can push a character into unfun territory due to the upkeep. They also do seem to poke around the forums and other media like streams and such to gleam overall playerbase reactions on things as a bigger influence to change things, further enforcing the 'fun' factor theory.
  4. Wendy's popularity shot back up to #1 since around June 20th. As of right now, a snapshot at 1:30PM EST states: Players: 19744 In Lobby: 698 ( 3.535251%) Modded : 1948 ( 9.866288%) Vanilla : 17101 (86.613655%) wendy : 2662 (15.566341%) wilson : 1992 (11.648442%) wathgrithr : 1976 (11.554880%) walter : 1587 ( 9.280159%) woodie : 1444 ( 8.443951%) wickerbottom: 1025 ( 5.993802%) wx78 : 1022 ( 5.976259%) wolfgang : 923 ( 5.397345%) webber : 887 ( 5.186831%) winona : 824 ( 4.818432%) willow : 708 ( 4.140109%) waxwell : 589 ( 3.444243%) wortox : 462 ( 2.701596%) wormwood : 355 ( 2.075902%) warly : 338 ( 1.976493%) wurt : 215 ( 1.257236%) wes : 92 ( 0.537980%)
  5. Sources for the last two: -> [Twitter/Facebook/Instagram de-integration reward]
  6. The delivery on this news is definitely better than how Activision-Blizzard handled their mobile title. While I don't have a cellular/smart phone, I can appreciate that there are people here who'll give this an honest go and see how it plays out.
  7. Last reply here, but if you have griefers in your room then you have bigger issues to deal with.
  8. I mean if you're not willing to try things out differently solely based on appearance alone, then that's your prerogative.
  9. Still too early to let the numbers relax from new character excitement train, but currently Walter's fairly close to being tied for 3rd most pick character (-0.3% difference from Wilson). I do see in pubs similar results to those who pick Walter: Death due to something resulting from them being hit. People see Woby not as Walter's backpack, but just a free chester. They should try running without a backpack and use his fancy hats more.
  10. But nothing happens as far as I can tell.
  11. Take a look at the character example template for getting an already made framework done where you then replace images and such. Just ensure that the image sizes are exactly the same, else you'll get wonky animations when the pivot points don't match anymore. As for the programming of perks, most perk ideas are fairly trivial to create. Feel free to poke at the DST Mods and Tools subforum for assistance there.
  12. This is caused from the prediction engine being a dingbat. I'd highly recommend not using client movement prediction and getting used to the delays in inputs. It's better to see where you really are than having the game lie to you the entire time.
  13. Most likely, I use that getup and name combo. Timestamps from when I found it and some quirks: To do this isn't too hard, but it uses the wardrobe; there's no sanitization checks for what a user equips using it, unlike when the player selects a character to spawn in as. You can even equip unrenderables like "TheWorld" and other prefab names, it'll show thingamabob/prefab in the player inspect panels. And yeah, Klei devs know of this already but it doesn't really do anything but mess with the aesthetics a bit, so I'd imagine it's still pretty low priority to fix.
  14. If it's taking a whole gold shovel to do it, then it'd take time. Much quicker to get a torch and burn than to consistently dig a hole.