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  1. Put those ListenForEvent calls in your master postinit callback function.
  2. Alternatively for those who don't have cloud storage solutions, you can copy-paste the files located in your user's documents folder: (docs)/Klei/DoNotStarveTogether/####/Cluster_#/*
  3. You'll want to contact Klei Support over not receiving in-game items for this: Note that Klei may not respond until after the weekend, as I believe they have weekends off.
  4. Would it be possible to increase the limit from 100 to something higher? Already pruned some of the ones I don't care for, but the rest are nice to keep archived.
  5. Whipped up an in-game UI mod so you can know if you're playing with fellow Hallowe'en 2020 participants and to see their submission: First UI-related mod, seems stable so far but let me know if your client explodes at any point. Data used here is a snapshot for comments, so all of the comments are preserved in time and space. Images however are linked to the Amazon S3 hosting Klei's doing, so if Klei ever nukes them from hosting then they're gone in that regard.
  6. Trying to find your post in the gallery? Assuming JoeW doesn't rearrange them, then find your Klei ID or post comment in this text file and do a math expression to figure it out: (#+1)/9, to the nearest integer rounding up always. Or in LUA: math.ceil((#+1)/9) Example for my case with "KU_bbC_qbDn" as my Klei ID brings up the number 2630! 2630+1 = 2631, 2631/9 = 292.333..., round up for 293. And there I be, on page 293 at the top right. (Also made this for in-game fun): KleiHallowe'en2020Submissions.txt
  7. Since mine was a Jack-o'-lantern made up of Jack-o'-lanterns, that means it just got a level deeper.
  8. Do a: .Physics:SetActive(false) + .Physics:SetActive(true) before the SetVel call and the thing moves.
  9. Hmm, I wonder if the physics thinking it's in the sleeping state. There's the IsActive function that can check if it is or isn't, and SetActive to set it being in the sleep state or not.
  10. Have you tried issuing a .Physics:Teleport(x,y,z) and/or .Physics:SetMotorVel(0,0,0) before SetVel? I haven't done much testing into this, and I don't know of anyone else besides you who has delved into the physics side as far as you have.
  11. I have the answer to this and it's really rather simple. But.. If you want to berate me for going out of my way to provide to you statements of fact, then that's your prerogative. I just won't help you further.
  12. 1] In-game client has access to Steamworks, and with it the Steamworks networking bridge. Dedicated servers do not as there is no authentication with Steam for Steamworks. 2] No Steamworks bridge means you'll have to port forward, as it's a more of a direct peer-peer connection. 3] UDP is socketless. I think this answers this question, it's hard to tell what you're asking here. 4] Ping is the round-trip time duration from client->server->client, notated in milliseconds. 53ping is 53ms or ~(53/2)ms to arrive from the client to the server and another ~(53/2)ms from the server back to the client. 5] Ping is a bad metric to go by alone for a quality connection, but a low ping indicates that the server is closer to a client than not- closer the server is the less bad packets will matter and the odds of bad packets decreases. Then there's other factors to consider like the hardware capabilities and such so the server won't suffer from tickrate loss.
  13. Using the highest of advanced mathematics and airpulling number theory, I'm going to assume that there was at least 831 submissions rejected to get this much accepted.
  14. Check or post your client_log.txt file located at: C:\Users\YourUserName\Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether\client_log.txt It should have some information as to its startup phase.
  15. Put that code in the master_postinit callback for a Listen Event for "temperaturedelta" callback.
  16. And if it doesn't because Steam's being finicky again, then verify the cache integrity and Steam'll recognize after that's done that there is an update pending.
  17. Sinker Wurt stencil. You folks got another dayish! (I'm not a pumpkin carver, so check thickness for structural integrity. Modify as need be.)
  18. Apologies if there's some dusting that happens, Joe, but I re-submitted mine with what I feel helps clarify the image more. +1 quality, I think. With framerates dropping to sub 10 fps, I'm done tinkering.
  19. Submitted mine. Though on the page I think it should be noted that the character limit is 80 characters for the comment. It let me upload and then told me I should go retry with the lower character count.
  20. Willow's fire immunity was nerfed because of PvP. Vito's words can be found here when I transcribed it from the dev stream: So Klei started buffing players in relation to PvE content after this point and if people want to PvP the option's still there but it's not balanced for at all.
  21. Aye, just came here to post about that. Noticed that my detector using that page for the versioning wasn't up to date.