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  1. I'm seeing quite a few neat things that can come from the API here.  I'll have to tinker with it when I get some time.


    (Video source for the snippet):


  2. Added the two big offending overlays from this update to my overlays disabling mod if anyone else wants to turn it off client-side. Still all pick and choose with the mod config. The effect makes me queasy looking at it for too long. I think it's too fast and fish-eye lens is what's getting me.
  3. If you're hosting this with the in-game screens, then the server shuts down when you leave it. You'll need to host the dedicated server as a separate process to allow you to join and leave freely.
  4. It's bad form because then you have to worry about mod priorities when they're normally just plug and play "it just works" things. To edit brains in this way you'll need to do some iteration and checks on the parts you want to modify/remove/add. It's a bit of a hassle to do, but it help futureproofs your mod from Klei updates and other mods also wanting to touch the same thing. This is why when I see mods use base game assets heavily they'll create their own prefab with a custom name despite copy-pasting the majority of Klei's code for it with some edits. It preserves the prefab as it was without touching a base Klei prefab in a damaging way.
  5. One overrides the other depending on the mod load order. You shouldn't be flat out replacing prefabs, use prefab post inits and modify what you need to modify with function hooks.
  6. In eater component: self.inst:PushEvent("oneat", { food = food, feeder = feeder }) So listen for that on the hounds, and the event data "" for the food entity, and "data.feeder" if someone fed the thing. to determine food prefab type, etc. In edible component: self.inst:PushEvent("oneaten", { eater = eater }) So for this the food itself will report what ate it.
  7. You'll need to unzip them first most likely, to let Notepad++ or somethingorother do a find in files feature to scan over them. Game stores its loose assets in zips to lower disk read times.
  8. Nope, events are defined by anything at any time and if anything listens for them then great. So to see what all is possible, do a find in files recursive over the scripts for ":PushEvent(".
  9. If you ignore the animations, then combat becomes simpler: It is purely radius based.
  10. The vignette is the border shade effect, and colourcubes effect the saturation curves. If you're wanting the vignette off, or other overlays, then I do have a mod on the workshop to do just that: Configurable. As for colourcubes there's a few mods that also fix that, or disabling the PostProcessor does it too.
  11. Due to the unforeseen situation revolving around the spawn protection mechanics, Wortox players have quintupled.

    People apparently like jokes.

    1. minespatch


      Telepoofing is op.:wilson_sneaky:

  12. There are methods to detect and unload/kick clients that have them enabled, but this is a game of cat and mouse you're embarking on. Nothing you do can 100% stop mods or alterations due to how much access to the LUA state clients have.
  13. Which things are hard/impossible to differentiate between currently?
  14. 1] Creating a prefab, look at how healing salves are constructed. 2] Many ways but I think the most straightforward is to hook the damage application function that shoots off the event and modify the value before it gets sent based off of your criteria. 3] Look at any of the armour prefabs, they're almost all the same.
  15. Aye, they're not randomly selected but they're not directly controllable by the players. They're chosen by the server based on the client slot index, which when players leave they'll have the slot indexes needing to be re-used to fill the holes created by the leavers. The function GetAvailablePlayerColours() in networking.lua is used to control the table used as well as the default fallback for when there's no more entries to use, though I think it's sampled from the C-side. Not sure if it's dynamic in that the C-side doesn't cache the table on start. The colours the function returns are defined in constants.lua as the table PLAYERCOLOURS.
  16. As with any community there will always be a percentage of malicious actors in them. Having a larger playerbase doesn't make the percentage grow. Confirmation bias is a stickler when it comes to this in specific too, so be careful when what your perception is telling versus the sum total of players met. Most people would remember the bad more than the good since it stuck out so much when in reality it was such a small subset of the total. That being said I wouldn't mind if DST grew to high tiers, most public servers that play only play during the first Autumn/Winter. It would let more players play together in the end since it'd let more people band together during the early days of the season.
  17. ISteamUGC has no real limitation for any content's total size nor file counts that reside within them. ISteamRemoteStorage has the 100MB limit and other limits. Klei is now using the ISteamUGC interface.
  18. To ensure it's not a hardware problem: Does adjusting the stick to the right make it no longer have this effect? I know with joysticks they wear down over time through use and get what is known as drift wherein the stick has a free roaming tolerance area where it registers input despite not actually being touched. Most PC games have a setting called a deadzone for these joysticks where you can set a threshold that must be met before the joystick is said to be 'active' in use by ignoring all inputs until it is tilted to a certain point. (Usually this value is 0.25, or 25% of the rotation angle)
  19. The mod found at: Is causing a crash up the stack trace there. It needs to be fixed.
  20. Due to the new Victorian skins, Wurt players have doubled.

    People apparently like goats.

    1. minespatch



      People apparently like goats.


  21. No need to make multiple of the same topic. Apply the code to your use case in your original, it is not 1:1 copy-paste solution but it practically is. If you're unable to adapt the code to your needs, then I'd suggest learning more LUA and toying around with it.
  22. Priority to the inventory first, backpack, and then any equipped item. I think that'd solve that issue.
  23. It's heavily implied in the code that it'll stick around. The skins for beef re-use the Klei item infrastructure and have a special case for it to work when the event is not active.