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  1. Tencent ia s friendly company from China that never do anything bad. Good Choice. Don't Worry. It's part of plan.
  2. Maybe yes, but remember that now playing in Klei games you also support Tencent, its mission against freedom in china, expansion on game market and censorship.
  3. I didn't want to start a new thread. Thanks by the way.
  4. Maybe it's little late but I noticied Terra Firma still has think tank's sounds.
  5. Why Is that update need 1,4 GB?
  6. If I didn't get the points / reels, but it still says "I successfully clicked this link", does that mean I already used those links?
  7. And other shadow magic like evil flowers. Walter's sanity do not fall at these flowers but Bee Queen's crown is still effective.