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  1. I still can't believe what Klei done. An agreement with Tencent is like a pact with the devil. This company is powerfull tool in chinese goverment's hands (just as e.g. Huawei). 23% of their emploees are active members of Communist Party of China, 60% of whom are employed in managerial positions., so we can be sure that evveryone who install new home on telephone will be spied by friends from china. Other problem is Tescent want to control more and more market of video-entertainment and everythink what is inconvenient for china may be hushed. @Golden Pooch already mentioned e.g. Blitzchung incident (Tencent has ownership in Blizzard) but there are much more examples. Tencent is a vile bastard of chinese propaganda. It's sad to say but Klei treated Don't Starve like sh*t.
  2. It looks like Klei has no respect for his own game! And even clentaminator won't deal with it.
  3. And other shadow magic like evil flowers. Walter's sanity do not fall at these flowers but Bee Queen's crown is still effective.
  4. Slingshot seems to be dangerously similar to Pew-matic Horn, and it will be the worst character to fight with Queen Bee. But his own beefalo sounds great.
  5. Ranged attacker would be nice but it should be Wheeler Maybe Walter as a scout will have survival skills.
  6. True but already we got three non-human characters. I hope his slingshot won't be Wheeler's pew-matic horn reskin.
  7. Chlorine that can clean water inside the pipes or liquid reservoirs is quite ridiculous, so there are two different ideas to clean water: 1. Method using chlorine: 2. Method using oxygen:
  8. I think these events are based on game mechanics" Forge - Fighting Gorge - Cooking
  9. They are first villain and Moon is second villain. Survivors and other characters are only puppets.
  10. I wonder if passiflora has any uses? It spreads zombie spores so it can't be treated like decorative plant. Anybody has a idea?