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  1. I hope they don't make Abigail similar to Woodie, what means: " Abigail now has three different forms". I think Abigail should be Wendy's "battle trait".
  2. Wilba, Wheeler, Wagstaff > Walani, Woodlegs, Wilbur
  3. Night Light Useless but has a nice look.
  4. Koi as event-specific fishes are interesting idea.
  5. This effect looks odd only for lazy explorer when we have orange gem with purple aura.
  6. There is little problem with mini sign as the first skin for stackable item. Two different signs stack normally, but when the cursor is on the inventory again, the stack of sigs divides automatically,
  7. I had something similar. I had 36 lucky nuggetsin inventory and after I put these to chest the Carrat was giving me nuggets without problems.
  8. What do you think?
  9. I think Klei laughs at this confusion.
  10. Firstly - I don't think so the deerclops was crowned by Pope. Secondly - Poland history is not a necessary knowledge to play Don't Starve. There are indeed women with moustache, and men without. (it's due to hormones) Or it's saving of source code. They seem to like to sow uncertainty (Because Constant is dark and mysterious place).
  11. Spores = asexual reproduction Gametes = sexual reproduction The counterpart of sexual reproduction of Basidiomycota is somatogamy. Deerclops is female but has antlers. Moose/Goose is female but has antlers. Antlion is female but has mane. It look like Klei promotes transvestism.
  12. Spores are asexual form of reproduction.