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  1. Maybe Thulecite is rock that can powered any kind of magic. I heard about the theory that thulecite is plastic.
  2. Not Only Together ruins are much much smaller There are no "pure" biomes, only chained "squares" In together ruins have two branches, one to Ancient Pseudoscience Station, second to Minotaur Together has Atrium which is harder version of maze. And most important, In RoG player must pass the maze to reach Ancient Station on sacred biome. In together Station is in "corridor"
  3. Ruins in Together really need rework. Compared to RoG ruins They are poor.
  4. Why Is that update need 1,4 GB?
  5. I always think tiles are too big and pieces are too small P.S. In black set we can use Ancient Fuelwaver statue instead of kingly statue and in white - Moon statue.
  6. Oh IvoCZE according to you computer language you are Czech. Tell me expect these items names they have their graphics?
  7. Just as Gloomer's Goop I always considered farms as googd source of "special food" Dragon Fruit maybe is rare but can be multiplied infinitely and Dragon Pie it's only onefruit and three twigs.Of course Pie is the worst dish in S tier. But you still need to kill the (hard) boss. Jellybeans is the hardest dish to cook. One tomato which is common on farms, one ice, two rock fruits and +33 sanity. I was wondering if rolls should be in tier C but you can easily cook it in the full ocean so I classified them in B tier.
  8. Normal chess pieces exists I talk about boss trophy. This is interesting, maybe these items was replaced by Ancient Fuelweaver drop.
  9. I like new statue: But what's about shadow pieces, treeguard and spider queen.
  10. But also, according to frog legs quote he is french.
  11. If I didn't get the points / reels, but it still says "I successfully clicked this link", does that mean I already used those links?